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Evelyn "Eevee" Fell, If I need to add anything, please tell me
post May 11 2014, 09:38 PM
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Name: Evelyn "Eevee" Fell
Age: 14 Years Old
Hometown: Goldenrod City

Eevee is a slight girl with a small, but strong build. Her shoulders are slender and wide and her arms and legs are thinly layered with thick muscle. She has bright, expressive gray eyes and black eyebrows that always seem to furrow when she begins to daydream. Her skin is a creamy white, with only bare hints of reds and yellows, due to the fact that she's mainly nocturnal. Her hair is black and usually pulled back into a quicky, and often poorly, fashioned braid. She tends to sneak around in ratty, old clothes that have at least a few tears here and there, and sports a black messenger bag that she hardly digs into unless to pull out something extremely important. Her shoes are thread-bare and the soles are quite thin. The gray of the leather has turned into a blackish brown from dirt and grime.

When she was younger, Eevee was quite charming. She was very inquisitive and curious about most things. Even if her questions were answered, she had more already thought up. Enough was never enough. She smiled quite often and she liked to play with her mother’s cyndaquil often. Neither of them were meant for fighting, so they played hide-and-seek, tag, and explored around her mother’s property. Her favorite things were listening to heavy rains, and going out to play in them. She’d have to sneak out in order to do so, but her mother never could stay too mad at her for it even when she was caught.

After the fire, Eevee’s demeanor changed drastically. She stopped playing and she didn’t care about anyone but herself. She didn’t care about her own curiosity and she didn’t care much about what happened to her as long as she kept that cyndaquil alive. Her main goals, every ounce of her will, went to watching out for her mother’s cyndaquil and keeping the egg that she managed to rescue safe and uncracked. Eevee is not above stealing and she’ll pickpocket whenever her own pockets are lined with nothing but air. She’s aggressive and it isn’t hard to get her to lash out. After losing a few dozen fights, she began winning more and more, and now she’s quite confident in her ability to grapple with others. She’d rather fight hand-to-hand with other people than allow her pokemon to battle, but there aren’t instances where she’d rather battle as a trainer.

Evelyn was born on a warm September night, a strong babe with a small body. She was the picture of health and it was fairly easy to get her to giggle. Her mother raised her alone on her small ranch, where she raised growlithe and ponyta for racing and protection. She was a proud mother and cared for her very well. She raised her daughter up to be polite and respectful, but was careful not to give too much for fear her child would become spoiled and bratty.

She homeschooled her girl for basic math skills and good reading skills. Evelyn was able to work on the ranch at the same time, and it taught her to be hardworking and to respect the pokemon she worked with. When she was eight, her mother came home with a cyndaquil, and she allowed her daughter to play with it whenever she liked. The two quickly bonded and soon it was like the cyndaquil was never her mother’s to begin with.

Shortly after her tenth birthday, Evelyn’s life changed for the worse.

Her mother, Cassidy, was helping a mother Arcanine give birth to it’s litter of pups in one of the barns. Evelyn was sleeping in her room, with the cyndaquil, whom she named Cinder, sleeping at her feet. In the early clutches of night, a blood-curdling scream woke her.

The young girl jumped out of bed and into the yard, only to find one of the barns engulfed in fire, part of the roof caved in to block the only exit out. Fear gripped at her chest and made her heart pound. Her mother was trapped in that flaming building, and she had no way to get her out. The child screamed for her mother and even tried forcing a hand to the burning wood to move a part of it away, but the fire ate right through her flesh and the pain became so intense that she fell unconscious.

When she woke, she was swathed in thin white blankets and gauze that made her hand throb in pain. She was told she received a third degree burn and that her mother had passed away. The ranch that was her mother’s was now her’s, and her uncle was going to take care of her there. She’d never met the man before, but she didn’t care. All she could think about was how she’d never see her mother again, that she’d left her alone with only Cinder to share her fears and sorrow with. The small creature never left her side, always curled up beside her, or threatening the nurses and hospital staff with growls and sparks of embers if they got too closer without her bidding.

She was sent home not too long after that, only to find worst had gotten worse. Her uncle, John, was an uncaring man that prodded at the pokemon in the ranch cruelly, and didn’t think of her much differently. He drank constantly and she realized she didn’t know what he was like when he was sober.

It wasn’t long until he caused a bruise to black and the tiny Cinder lashed out with every bit of flame his small body could manage. The man cried out, realizing not only his skin was scorched, but his shirt had caught aflame as well. Eevee was terrified, not sure what to do, and bolted to her mother’s office, locking the door and forcing a desk in front of it. She stood against it, trying to stop the tears and ease her rushed breaths. Cinder stood against her leg, giving his best attempt to soothe her, but the only thing Evelyn could think about was how her mother had left her with this man as her only family, and she was alone now without anyone.

She could still hear his screams out in the room quite a distance from her. The girl sobbed with aching lungs, trying to think of what to do with blurry eyes as she scanned the room for options. She saw a strange looking egg on the desk her mother worked at, with a tall lamp directing light onto it. When she passed a hand under the light, she realized how warm it was. She wiped her eyes hastily and scanned the room with a clearer mind. Her hands quickly gathered her mother’s messenger bag, a coat, and it’s scarf. She dressed quickly in the winter gear and she forced the bag open and pushed the scarf inside. The girl licked her lips, looking back at the door she had blocked off, realizing she couldn’t hear her uncle anymore, and made her mind. She grabbed the egg, put it in the bag, and found her way outside through the only window in the room. Thankfully, her mother’s office was on the first floor.

After that night, she never even considered turning back. Cinder’s been with her through it all, and no matter how cold the nights have been the small creature never let her get too cold, and she never let her loyal friend get too hungry. Out of necessity, she began to steal and fight for food and money, and after the egg hatched into a small mouse-like Pichu, she fought for shelter and stole for more warmth to provide the infant pokemon.

Class: Other

Starting Pokemon:

-Gender: Female
-Level: 5
-Nature: Mischevious

-Volt Tackle
-Tail Whip

-Gender: Male
-Level: 15
-Nature: Bold

-Quick Attack

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post May 14 2014, 06:38 AM
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And a Golurk

Everything looks good, but why is she in Noverus, or Hoenn for that matter?

Fair warning: the last RP post was in January. I can't guarantee that there will be an RP to play in. The mods are working on what to do about that, but it's likely going to be pretty dead for a while.


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