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Alfie Sellyn
post Jun 12 2009, 12:22 PM
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Name: Alfie Sellyn

Age: 10

Hometown: Arasam

Appearance: Alfie is 4'8", and 70-some pounds. She has short bobbed black hair with fringe and light brown eyes, and has a light tan year round. Alfie has a round, young face with a small mouth and nose. Her mouth turns down at the corners naturally, so it looks like she 'pouts'. She has the build of a slight boy; she is skinny with very slight muscle definition. Alfie has little to no bust, and usually dresses in baggy blue shorts and a long snug fitting white shirt with a thin blue sleeveless vest jacket. She wears a red paper boy cap, from her prior job as a paper boy, and carries a generic red backpack.

This sprite was created by me, and is hosted at my deviantArt account. Please do not use it without asking for my consent.

Personality: Alfie is a joker; she calls each person she meets sir, regardless of gender. This earns her respect from males and disdain from females. She walks and acts like a boy, and claims that she is 'manlier' than any male who happens to be with her. She has a short fuse temper, and when angered, she broods. Things that annoy her include being told to be feminine, references made to her height, or being told that she pouts. She despises being told to do things because she's a girl, like cooking, cleaning and washing clothing. In tense situations, she just furrows her eyebrows and stays silent (and pouts). She holds grudges forever, but is generally a friendly person to everyone. She can be crude sometimes, without meaning to be. She comes across as a loud, take charge tomboy. During a battle, she acts just as she does out of one. She trash talks for fun. She claims to have no romantic side, but this has yet to be tested.

Biography: Alfie was born and raised in Arasam, and has a mother and a father. Her first Pokemon, Cyndaquil, was given to her by her parents in her first year; she loves her Pokemon fiercely. Her mother and father work as scientists who observe the mountain habitats, so they are almost never home. Every day, she studies Pokemon out of her parents' books, and then she leaves home at noon to explore the area around the caves. When she goes home, she does some more studying and sleeps until the next morning. She wanted to get a job as an assistant to her parents at one point, but she was turned away because she was too young. She instead got a job as a paper boy for Arasam, and has been earning money this way for nearly a year. She's well known around Arasam because of her job, and she has several friends. Recently, she's grown sick of the town, and has taken to hanging around the gym with Otis, who has encouraged her to go out on her own adventure.

Starting Pokemon:

Level 5 - Cyndaquil
Level 5 - Taillow
Level 5 - Squirtle


x10 Potion
x5 Full Heal
x5 Pokeball
x3 Escape Rope

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is Bertha.
Other Notes: Alfie is very often mistaken for a young boy. She does know some martial arts, but isn't flexible at all. She has back problems, which can leave her in pain for quite some time. The back attacks haven't happened as often as they used to, since she's stopped exploring the mountain area.

Extra Note (not pertaining to profile):
A couple days ago, I accidentally posted my Uprising profile here... I'm really sorry mods, to cause extra trouble.

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Troy Bolton
post Jun 12 2009, 10:45 PM
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Approved. Enjoy PANE!

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