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Posted by: Nogster Oct 6 2009, 08:34 PM

Welcome to Daigake, the town at the edge.
The sign was put neatly next to the trail leading into a small town.

The town of Daigake was on the top of a tall cliff, overlooking the ocean to the north. Far in the distance, one could make out the clouds forming over the mechanical city of Daioh. But this little town was nothing like the big, noisy cities. It was originally just a lighthouse to keep ships away from the cliffs and the lighthouse still stood in the middle of the town which had been built around it, some of it even on the cliff-side. It was a tall lighthouse, stretching ten times higher than the houses below it. Even at daytime you could see it clearly, the bright red tower positively screaming for attention.

On the cliff-side there's an old man, living in a hut which very much resembles a wepear berry.
This man is the Name Rater of Furoh and even though he's gone somewhat bananas and looks like he's got the mentality of a slowpoke, he still sees the difference between a good, a bad and a marvelous pokémon nickname.

The latest addition to the town of Daigake is a Pokécenter.
It's still got that "new" smell and has everything your Pokémon would ever need.
At lest that's what it says on the advertisement by the entrance.
On a plaque in the small town square there's a map.

((So that people know where the heck I put this sweet little town))


Eric had walked for days now and a shower was way overdue.
Shinx had gotten tired of exploring the close surroundings and retreated to her pokéball several hours earlier.
Starly was still exhausted from getting stuck in the trap and had been in his pokéball since Eric caught him.
A relieved smile showed on Eric's lips as he read the sign next to the trail he was on. "Daigake." This meant there might be a shower nearby.

After going to the Pokécenter to get his Pokémon healed he went to search for someone with a shower...
Or a hose, or a towel. Eric wasn't picky.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 7 2009, 09:45 AM

After asking around town for a few minutes, Eric found that there was an old man, living in a small green hut on the cliff-side that might help him out. He was pointed in the direction of a trail which lead along the side of the cliff, soon changing to a descending metal walkway. Going down the cliff-side with Shinx balancing on the handrail, Eric passed a few doors leading straight into the cliff-side. There were windows as well so he thought they must be houses. Farther down the trail, he could see some huts that were built in outcroppings in the cliff. There were more than five of them, but he only saw one that was green.

The old mans hut was round and with its green color it almost looked like a gigantic wepear berry. It had small windows and an old chimney from which smoke was emerging. Eric looked up at it and nodded.
"Well I suppose he's home then." Eric walked up to the door and rang the doorbell which resulted in one of the strangest sounds he had ever heard. The sound was hard to describe, it was like the honk of a car-horn, mixed with a human scream. Eric felt officially weirded out. He was just about to turn around when the door opened. An old man in a bathrobe stood before him.
"You rang?"
The old man stared at Eric with that old and googly look that only old men can master.
"Yes, I was told to come here by-" Eric started.
"They guided you here too?" the old man replied.
"The who with the what now?" Eric was confused.
"The ghosts of the sea. They guided me to this town long ago." The old man looked down the trail to the bottom of the cliff.
"There's a cave down there. If I go there at night I can still hear them whispering." He said.
"Right.." Eric eyed the old man suspiciously.
"Well I was just here to ask if you had a shower and perhaps a bed for me to sleep in for the night."
The old man eyed Eric.
"Well, I suppose one night wouldn't be a problem." He nodded.
"Come on in. I just made tea."

Eric followed the old man into the hut, Shinx following along with a curious look on her face.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 8 2009, 09:24 AM

The sun had just risen on the horizon and the small town of Daigake basked in it's morning light.
Around the top of the lighthouse you could hear the cries of wingulls, circling it for a free lift on the warm air current.
It was a great morning in every way. Little kids were playing in the square. In the bushes, flocks of starlys and taillows were verbally battling it out. Shinx had escaped onto the roof of the wepear berry hut and even she lay curled up, basking in the sunlight but keeping an ear on the environment as she was told by her mother when she was little. Starly had gotten used to his pokéball and actually found it quite comfortable in there. And what was Eric doing this fine morning, you ask. Why, sleeping of course. Eric Dean Nogarius was many things but an early bird was not one of them.
Besides, last night had been quite a handful with all of the old man ramblings.
"Soap? Who needs soap?" he had gotten as a reply when not finding any of it in the shower.
"All a man needs is a bit of seaweed and a brush to scrub off the dead skin." the old geezer had said.

It was late afternoon when Eric finally woke up. The sun stood low on the horizon and Shinx had found a little girls skitty to play with outside the hut next door. Eric thanked the old man for his hospitality and left the little green hut. He quickly spotted Shinx not far away where she was balancing on the handrail right behind the skitty.
"Shinx!" Eric called.
"Shii-Shinx" The little shinx happily replied as it jumped down from the handrail and sped towards its trainer. Eric lifted Shinx up and lay her over his shoulders.
"What do you want to do today Shinx?" he asked, taking the pokéball with Starly in it from within his trench coat.
"Want to go exploring caves?" he asked after letting the little bird pokémon out.
"Shiinx!" Shinx said, happily.
"Staa!" Starly cried in unison.
Starly flew a lap around Eric before settling down on his head.
"Alright, then cave exploring it is." Eric smirked. The cave at the bottom of the cliff had interested him since the old man first mentioned it.
"Maybe there are some pokémon inside, or better yet..." Eric paused.
"Actually, I can't think of anything much better than pokémon." he chuckled as he walked down the walkway towards the base of the cliff.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 14 2009, 10:57 PM

Mack didn't know how long he'd been on the road, and that was what he realized when he reached the small, cliffside town of Daigake. Long enough, said a small voice that he'd prefer not to listen to. It must have been about a week, he decided when he caught a look at a wall calendar while healing up at the Pokémon center. Retrieving the tray which held his two Pokéballs - the only two Pokémon he'd yet acquired on his journey - he re-gathered his possessions and headed back out the door. He had some time to kill before he looked for a place to stay the night.

Once he'd made some distance from the cluster of buildings that constituted the village's center, he was content to release first Chuckie, who scampered along by his side, and then Queenie, who fluttered overhead and occasionally alighted on his shoulder. They made their way down a path, in the direction of the sea. How he'd missed the sea - seven straight days traversing a dusty path, with nights spent off the road on the dank forest floor had instilled in him a deep longing to set foot on soft, warm sand and plunge into the cool, invigorating surf.

It became apparent, though, as he approached the edge of the cliffs, that the beaches of Daikage were not the ones he had spent his childhood on back in Barley. If there were stretches of sand by the sea, they were far enough down and narrow enough that he couldn't easily see them from his vantage point atop the bluff. What he could see was a path, bordered by a handrail, leading down along the side of the cliff, and, along this trail a bunch of houses, some actually carved into the rock itself. He'd never seen anything like it - people living on rock faces, like this. Shaking his head in wonder, he began making his way down the cliff, followed by Chuckie, who peered over the side with some trepidation.

He passed a cluster of huts situated on an outcrop - an elderly man in a bathrobe was outside tending to flowerbeds in front of a rather oddly shaped green dwelling. Mack raised a hand in greeting, which was returned in kind as he continued down the trail.

At the trail's terminus, he could see a small, gravely beach and, most noticeably, a cave in the cliffside. There was someone moving down there - three shapes, in fact. One human, an adult, one a four-legged creature, indistinguishable from this distance, and the third a bird-like shape. Similar to the makeup of his own traveling group, Mack thought wryly. He quickened his pace, closing the distance between him and the foot of the cliffs - the downward path was fairly easy going. Queenie adjusted herself on his shoulder, digging her claws in slightly so as not to be jounced around as Mack transitioned into a jog. Chuckie followed just behind in leaps and bounds.

Cupping his hands to his mouth, Mack called down to the young man near the cave. "Hey! Hey there!"

Posted by: Nogster Oct 15 2009, 03:57 AM

"Hey! Hey there!" a voice called from the base of the cliff. Eric stopped dead in his tracks and looked carefully down the walkway at the cave. There was no one there, and no wonder. The voice had been taken by a strong gust of wind and passed him. All Eric heard was an echo.
With a confused look on his face, Eric thought of the voices that the old man had talked about the day before. "Now I'm hearing voices?" He would've scratched his head but there was a bird in his way.

The bird, however, had with his keen sense of hearing picked up the true origin of the voice and sat, facing the opposite way of Eric. He was looking curiously at the boy rushing down the path and quickly noticed something of interest on his shoulder. Shinx, who had jumped down from Eric's shoulders, had also heard where the voice came from and was tugging at Eric's pants leg for his attention.
"Not now Shinx, I think I heard a voice down there." he said, whereupon Shinx tugged harder.
"Yes. What is it?" Eric's tone of voice had changed. He was now clearly annoyed.
"Shiinx!" the little creature said, looking and tugging in the direction of the boy. Eric looked back, feeling Starly repositioning himself on his head. He now saw a boy hurrying down the walkway towards him. Eric felt dumb, there were no voices from the cave. It must've been the boy.
"Why, hello there!" he said, waving at the approaching boy.
"You're in quite a hurry. Did you need something?"

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 15 2009, 02:58 PM

"So I DID see a town here, glad to see I'm not completely nuts."
Sophie was spinning along next to him and started looking a little tired.
"Hey, Sophie, need a little rest? You look tired."
Sophie stopped and looked up at him as if that had been a stupid question before it jumped up onto his shoulder.
Frank stood by the sign and read it before before he followed the trail into the town. "I wonder where.. ah, there it is."
He was looking around the town and saw the pokécenter, he immediatley walked over to it, opened the door and went inside.
"Hello, Nurse Joy. I was wondering if you could take a look at these for me." He handed her the pokéballs containing Scorch, Electrike and Pebbles before grabbing Sophie and placing it on the counter.
"I think Sophie here needs a little rest as well."
Joy smiled and took the pokéballs and Sophie for a short while and then returned with them.
"There, all done."
Frank placed the pokéballs in the pockets of his belt turned around and started walking towards the door when Sophie jumped up onto his shoulder again. He raised an arm and said thanks before opening the door.
"Thank you. Hope to see you again." He heard Joy say before he closed the door. He looked through the little window in the door and shrugged. He always thought it sounded like they hoped that his pokémon would get injured when they said that. "The town at the edge it said. Hm."
He walked over to the cliff and looked out over the sea.
"Edge indeed." He said and fished for his pokéballs grabbing the one containing Scorch. He pushed the little button on the pokéball and it grew, then he threw it into the air and released the Chimchar inside before catching the pokéball shrinking it and putting it in its place again. Scorch immediatley jumped up onto the fence that Frank was standing in front of and looked out over the sea as well.
"I wonder if we can take a boat from here and just go out and relax."

Posted by: Spearow Oct 15 2009, 08:28 PM

Mack slowed his pace as he reached the bottom of the cliff. Bending over slightly, breathing hard and with a slightly ruffled Queenie readjusting her wings on his shoulder, he offered the other boy a smile. "No hurry. Just saw that you had Pokémon, and I thought - " Thought what? What did he want? Well, there was some solidarity to be found in other Pokémon trainers - a sense that they had at least common interests, if not common goals.

He shrugged, as if to complete his sentence with that gesture. Chuckie moved around at his feet, peering somewhat suspiciously at the other trainer's Shinx with his pig-like nose twitching. Glancing down at his Pokémon's reluctant sort of greeting, Mack seemed to remember something he'd forgotten. A week with little in the way of meaningful social contact had left his manners wanting, apparently.

He extended his hand in the direction of the other boy. "I'm Mack."

Posted by: Nogster Oct 15 2009, 09:50 PM

Eric laughed heartily as the boy got lost in his own sentence.
He pulled a hand through his dark brown hair and nodded.

"Mack, eh? I'm Eric." He shook Mack's hand.

"This here's Shinx. She's been with me for a few years now." Eric bent down and patted Shinx on the head. As he did, Starly took off from his head, flew a lap around the party and landed on the handrail closest to the Taillow, eying her curiously.

"And that over there's Starly," Eric nodded towards the handrail where Starly blinked and looked at him at the sound of his name.

"I just caught him a few days ago in a forest not far from here." Eric smiled. That had been an adventure. Shinx was partly hiding behind Eric's right leg, unsure on how to react to the pig-creature in front of her. This was reflected in her fur, which was glimmering slightly in the afternoon sun.

"You seem like you're in desperate need of company. I seldom run off, yelling at strangers." Eric chuckled. His eyes switched to the Taillow on his shoulder.

"I see you have a Taillow, and quite a little beauty, but who have we here?" Eric had spotted Chuckie. He had never seen a Mankey before. One could see the fascination in his eyes at the sight of a new pokémon species. He knelt down and smiled towards the little creature.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 15 2009, 10:24 PM

"Nice to meet you," murmured Mack as his handshake was accepted and reciprocated. He shifted his gaze first to Shinx, as it was indicated, then to the side where Starly was perched. Queenie tilted her head at the other bird and made a short, fluttering hop from her perch on Mack's back to alight on the handrail next to it. She chirped and ruffled her feathers in some sort of greeting, or so Mack imagined.

Turning his head back to Eric, he grinned at the young man's comment but didn't reply. Sure, he hadn't thought about company much while busy surviving on the road, but now that he encountered it it was a welcome development.

"Yeah, that's Queenie," he replied as Eric mentioned the Taillow. "And this guy is Chuckie. Chuckie the Mankey." Reaching down, he placed a hand atop the white-furred Pokémon's round head, ruffling his fur affectionately and also applying a pressure with his fingers that could be considered a warning: behave yourself.

Chuckie peered up at his owner inscrutably, then took a few hop-steps forward toward the stranger, snuffling slightly, taking in the unfamiliar scents.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 16 2009, 04:09 AM

"Mankey." Eric mouthed the word.

"I see why you named him Chuckie. It suits him better."
He smiled again and gave the pokémon a slight nod.

"Nice to meet ya, Chuckie." he said.
Eric stood up and went over to Starly and Queenie who were just done greeting each other.

"Nice to meet you too Queenie." Eric said, as he fished a few Wacan Berries out of his pocket, giving one to Starly before popping one into his own mouth.

"Delicious! Would you like one too?" Eric started to extend a hand with a berry towards Queenie, glancing at Mack as if for approval.

"Me, Starly and Shinx were heading for the cave at the bottom of the cliff, you guys can come too if you want." Cave exploration was fun, but also a bit dangerous. One should never go alone, Eric knew that. There was always the off-chance of an accident.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 16 2009, 08:22 AM

He thought he had heard someone laugh down at the beach but didn't really feel up to going down to see if there was someone interesting or not down there. He looked at Scorch and thought of an idea.
"Hey, Scorch, would you mind climbing down the wall and see if there's someone interesting down there? There's obviously someone there but It's not really worth going halfay down that walkway just to go back up again when there might not be anyone to talk to, no?"
Scorch looked at him for a second and blinked before climbing down the wall of the cliff. It took a little while before Frank heard Scorch's call, the call told him that there, at least, was one trainer down there so it might be worth while to go down. He turned to go to the walkway and bumped into something with his elbow. Afraid that he had hit someone he quickly turned around to apoligize and saw one of those tourist binoculars and hit his forehead with the palm of his hand. "Oh well, whatever." He turned around again and made for the walkway.
Walking down the trail he passed a hut that looked like a wepear berry, in front of the wepear hut an older man stood dressed in a bathrobe, holding a garden pruner. Frank nodded and said hello to the man which was returned in kind.
About 200 feet from the bottom of the trail Scorch jumped up onto his head from the cliff wall and patted his forehead. Frank chucked Scorch a cheri berry which was munched down in no-time. He saw the two trainers that Scorch had noticed, they had to be the ones since it didn't seem like there was anyone else down here, and started walking towards the two, he wanted to get a closer look at their pokémon.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 16 2009, 06:59 PM

Chuckie gave a small, nasal sniff, appearing to approve of this strange trainer in his curt way. Losing interest, he scampered up Mack's pant leg with admirable agility and perched on his shoulder as Queenie had done before, tail curled around the boy's waist and his nose now pointed out to sea. Mack gave an invisible sigh of relief - Chuckie could be... difficult in regards to first impressions, to say the least, and it was a good thing he hadn't embarrassed his master.

Seeing that Eric was kind enough to offer Queenie a berry, he nodded and smiled to show it was all right with him. It was more than all right with Queenie too, judging by how quickly she gulped down the Wacan. Mack shook his head slightly, grinning to himself. You'd think he didn't feed her at all.

"Sure, we'd love to come along, if it's okay with you," he said quickly in response to Eric's question. He was always ready to explore new places, and this cave seemed like a prime spot to do so.

He spotted motion behind Eric and the two bird Pokémon - another boy was moving down the trail towards them, accompanied by Pokémon of his own. Mack raised his hand and waved to the newcomer.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 16 2009, 07:52 PM

Eric turned his head to look further up the trail as Mack had looked in that direction and waved. At first he thought it could be the old geezer in the bathrobe, coming back to remind him that scrubbing behind the ears when showering is vital for staying healthy. The old man had been very strict with this and said it to him both once and twice after looking closely behind them when Eric had come out of the shower, not finding them to be quite satisfactory.

To his pleasant surprise, there was no old man staring back at him when he looked up the trail. In stead he was greeted by a two-headed... No, wait. There was a Chimchar on the mans head.

Good heavens. Eric thought.

I didn't sleep as well as I thought I did.
He looked at the new person's face and assessed that he was about his own age. Eric smiled, before realizing that the man was armed. There was a sword and a shield on his back. Eric's face turned blank.

"Who are you and what do you want?" there wasn't an angry tone to his voice, but he did sound suspicious of the man's intentions.

Shinx heard the tone of voice that her trainer had and immediately took on a fighting stance, her fur started to glow brighter.

Starly, on the other hand, hadn't been around Eric for all that long and didn't know at all what was happening. A part of that was probably because is attention was on a certain Taillow next to him, to whom he was chirping ingenuously.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 16 2009, 08:22 PM

Frank stopped a few feet away from the two and raised an arm to about the same level as his chin and smiled as a greeting, not thinking of the fact that his mask covered his mouth and part of his nose thus concealing his smile.
"I'm Frank and.." He stopped mid-scentence when he noticed the Shinx and the fact that it's fur was glowing, Frank crouched down and looked at it.
"Whoa, nice. What does it mean when it's fur glows like that?" The tone of his voice showed the fascination he had at seeing a pokémon's fur change like that.

He shifted his weight slightly causing his sword to clang against his shield and he immediatley realised what he must look like and stood up.
"Oh, sorry if I've startled you. The sword is just for show and so is the shield, though I can use it as.. well a shield if need be. I'm Frank, as I started before your Shinx caught my attention, and this" he lifted his eyes as to show that he was talking about his Chimchar. "is Scorch. a feisty Chimchar and a great companion." A short "Chim" was heard from Scorch as a greeting, which frankly was quite unusual since he didn't really greet strangers immediatley.
"Sorry for my lack of presentation skills but I tend to get caught up in whatever catches my attention."
He scratched his head and laughed a little nervously, but froze as he felt Sophie on his shoulder.
"Whoops, sorry, Sophie." He looked at his Baltoy. "This is Sophie, a strange little Baltoy who's accompanied me for a few years and I have to say that I can't complain at all."

He shifted his gaze to the younger man's Mankey and cocked his head slightly. "Is that a Mankey? Or have I managed to mix up two pokémon again?" He pulled down his mask so it only covered his chin, a smile still over his lips.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 16 2009, 08:40 PM

Mack couldn't help but take a step back as this stranger approached. This man was apparently fully armed, after all. He remembered that his mother had told him to watch out for nutcases during his travels - of course, she'd also told him not to judge by appearances, but...

Reassured slightly by the young man's fairly pleasant introduction and the revealing of a friendly smile when he pulled his mask down, Mack gathered the courage to nod and smile back. Chuckie shifted his gaze to the newcomer from his position on Mack's shoulder, eyeing his sword apprehensively but choosing once again to stay put. Queenie, meanwhile, was engaged with her new friend Starly, and was burbling away happily with hardly a glance in Frank's direction.

"Yeah, he's a Mankey," Mack replied, reaching down to his hip to stroke his Pokémon's prehensile tail. "My first Pokémon." Uncertain, he shifted his eyes to Eric, wondering what his reaction to Frank would be - his Shinx didn't look very relaxed all of a sudden.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 16 2009, 09:26 PM

Eric was unsure how to react. This Frank didn't seem like a 'bad guy' and acted more curious than hostile.

"It means that it's warning you, not to get too close." he replied to the question about Shinx.
As Frank realized what had caught the others attention and apologized, Eric sighed in relief. This guy wasn't scary, he was just absentminded. Shinx immediately stopped glowing as she could feel the tension lift from her master.

"Shinx?" she said, brushing her tail against his pants leg.
She gave Eric a look, as if asking if he was alright. Eric responded with a smile.

As Frank's Chimchar greeted him, Eric nodded.

"Nice to meet you too Scorch!" he said, now beaming towards the little ape.
As Sophie was mentioned, Eric couldn't help to notice that Frank sounded like he'd never actually caught the little Baltoy.

"I'm Eric." he said as the other two were done talking about Chuckie.
"And that's Starly, next to Mack's Taillow. Queenie, right?" Starly had stopped his tweeting for a brief moment to check if there was anything his trainer wanted. But as Eric continued to speak, he resumed his conversation.
"And this here's Shinx." Eric lifted shinx up in his arms. Shinx was still unsure how to tackle the situation and peeked nervously at the trainers and their pokémon, her fur somewhat flickering again.
As Eric noticed this, he chuckled.
"There, there Shinx. There's nothing to worry about. It was all a big misunderstanding. Am I right?"
At the sound of those words, Shinx seemed to calm down, now looking around curiously.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 16 2009, 10:17 PM

"Nice to meet you, Eric."
Frank looked at Shinx. "It seems you've taken good care of your Shinx, since it's so quick to go defensive."
He turned around to look at the Starly and Queenie. "and you'll both have an easy time getting around later, I haven't managed to catch a flying type yet, they simply fly away, I figure that Sophie might be able to help me with that but it refuses to go into battle for some reason. I'm thinking it might have something to do with me never actually catching it." He poked Sophie softly, got a "baltoy" as a reply and chuckled. "But hopefully it'll come around eventually."

Scorch jumped down from Frank's head and jumped up onto the handrail and hung upside down, swinging back and forth, obviously restless. "What's up with you all of a sudden?" Frank asked Scorch with an eyebrow raised.
"Char, chimchar." Was all the response he got and he shook his head chuckling, almost as if he had understood what Scorch had said.
"Say, Shinx is an electric type right? Maybe it'd go along with another electric type." Frank grabbed a pokéball from his belt, pressed the button to enlarge it and released his Electrike. As soon as he was released Electrike started running around in circles, happy to be out of the pokéball. "Electrike, I might've found someone for you to play with."
Electrike stopped dead in his tracks and looked up at Frank and then around at the others, all of a sudden very surprised that there were more people and pokémon there. Frank laughed.
"He's very energetic and doesen't always realize what's around him unless he's in a battle, as you might see." He crouched down and petted Electrike, as soon as he did so Electrike became energetic again and looked up at Shinx which caught his attention.
"Trike" Electrike said moving a little closer, looking curiously at Shinx.
"Well, he's interested at least. So do you two have any other pokémon? Or haven't you found any other interesting one to catch?"
Frank looked at Eric and Mack.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 17 2009, 12:49 AM

"Queenie, right," Mack murmured as Eric indicated the Starly and Taillow, still fully immersed in their conversation. He felt Chuckie draw closer to him as this new Pokémon was released, an energetic Electrike. Mack made sure to keep a gentle but firm hold on Chuckie's tail - he didn't want the Mankey to become overstimulated and perhaps break his current record of not causing mischief.

In response to Frank's question, he simply shook his head, appearing unbothered. He hadn't been traveling long enough to have more than a few brief encounters with wild Pokémon, and was saving his first capture ball for a golden opportunity. He didn't explain this to either of his new acquaintances, though, simply because he didn't want to spend so many words - he'd already talked more in the past five minutes than he had in total since leaving home, it seemed.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 18 2009, 03:17 PM

Shinx started to panic as the Electrike was released. She did not like the mindless, energetic kind of pokémon and proceded to climb Eric as if he was a tree.

"OW! Stop it Shinx! Your claws are sharp, you know." Eric said, now with shinx balancing on his shoulder, staring down at what she thought to be something diabolical. This wasn't very comfortable for Eric, as she hadn't retracted her claws. He sighed as he reached into his trench coat, grabbed Shinx's pokéball and recalled her.

"I am sorry." Eric shrugged, not seeming the slightest bit annoyed.

"She tends to be a bit jumpy, I should have given you a heads up."
He went to lean against the handrail, removing the big black backpack from his back and rummaging through it for a disinfectant.

"No I don't have any other pokémon but I'm hoping to change that now that I have one that'll fight even though I'm not in immediate danger." he nodded towards his trench coat, in which he had put back Shinx's pokéball.

"She's got this thing against fighting, you see."
Eric found what he was looking for and quickly disinfected his scratch marks, put the disinfectant back in his backpack and chucked it over his shoulder.

"We were just heading for the cave down here..." he said, pausing for a few seconds and looking around if anyone else was about to pop up from behind some bush so that he'd have to explain everything again. "...and look around if it was inhabited by someone... or something."
Eric put on a scary face.
"Wooooooh." he threw back his head and laughed.

"Nah, we're just gonna go exploring. Wanna come along?"
Eric looked at Mack with a face which asked if he'd be ok with that.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 18 2009, 03:49 PM

"Electrike, return." Frank held up Electrike's pokéball and watched the pokémon turn red and return to the ball.
He pressed the button to shrink the ball and then put it back on his belt.
"Sorry about that, electric types usually go well together, but I guess seeing a strange pokémon which is that energetic would shock or scare anyone."
He said as he scratched the back of his head.

"So you haven't seen any interesting pokémon yet then. I need two more to complete my team."
He looked at both of them as he talked. He didn't find it weird that they didn't have more than two pokémon but for him it was natural to have more than two, even if he hadn't come across the once he has now the way he did he would've caught others within the same period of time, it's always better to have more than two forces to count on. At least according to him.

As Eric put on a scary face Frank laughed.
"Sure, I'd love to tag along, it'd be a chance to see and catch more pokémon. I don't think there'll be many flying types down there but, who knows?"

He grabbed a pokéball from his belt and held it up towards Scorch.
"Scorch, return. You'll need as much energy as you can muster in case we find a pokémon to battle down there." He put the pokéball back in it's place on his belt.
"So how far do you reckon we'll go? Caves are usually quite deep, aren't they?"

Posted by: Spearow Oct 18 2009, 04:25 PM

Mack nodded minutely as Eric looked to him, giving his approval easily. He had no problem with more company - three was a party, or a charm or whatever. In any case, it was a good number to have when going into an unknown cave. Mack probably would have gone in by himself had he happened upon the cave alone, but here with his new companions and their Pokémon he felt more assured and confident in the expedition.

He didn't recall Chuckie - the Mankey was behaving well, considering, and Mack thought he should be rewarded for that. He did call Queenie to his arm with a sharp whistle - she left Starly reluctantly to flutter to his arm, and Chuckie left his perch atop Mack's shoulder with equal reluctance to make room for Queenie. So, with his Taillow on his shoulder again (still chirping and tweeting over her shoulder at Eric's Starly, inviting him to come along) and his Mankey at his side, he moved toward the cave entrance, stopping before he entered to look back at Eric and Frank.

Reaching into one of the smaller pockets on his backpack, he retrieved a black metal flashlight, holding it aloft to show them. "I've got a light, so we can see where we're going at least."

Posted by: Nogster Oct 18 2009, 04:43 PM

Eric shrugged again as Frank asked about the exploring.
"I have no clue actually. I'd doubt that we'll be going too deep though." he said.

" Starly, get back here. we're moving." Eric said as he started walking towards the cave.
Starly took off from the railing and flew out over the edge for a few seconds, making a loop in the air before returning to Eric's shoulder. Eric rolled his eyes. "Showoff."

As Mack mentioned his flashlight, Eric nodded.
"Good. I think I have one, but it stopped working. Probably the batteries."
He continued walking, gesturing for the others to follow.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 18 2009, 05:18 PM

"Well, as long as we don't get stuck in there like I did once. I entered a cave to see if it led somewhere and ended up getting stuck between a bunch of Geodudes, Onix and the end of the cave. I was down there for a day, too afraid to move in case I'd end up getting attacked." Frank spoke with slight humour in his voice as he followed the two and their pokémon.
"I'm telling ya, I've never been as hungry as I was when I finally got out of there."

He looked inside the cave as he stood at the entrance, wondering what pokémon might live in there.
"I wonder what made this cave. I've heard rumours of giant Onix, but do you think they might be this big?" He looked up to the top of the cave and pulled his mask back up to cover his mouth and nose before he took a step inside.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 18 2009, 07:59 PM

Mack flicked on the flashlight, swinging the bright white beam into the darkness at the mouth of the cave. Actually, the darkness was more near the back, where his field of vision ended. The front was mostly grayish dust, illuminated by the outside light.

Mack followed the older boy into the cave, inspecting the rocky surface and the various obtrusions and depressions in the floor and roof with his light. Caves were an interesting business, and most interesting was how they came about, a topic which Frank happened to bring up in the next moment. Chuckie drew closer to Mack as he loped along, staring a bit nervously and also somewhat curiously into the damp, echoey darkness. Queenie, meanwhile, fluttered her wings and gave a disgruntled tweet as a drop of moisture landed on her back. As a creature of the sky, she wasn't entirely at home in an enclosed, dark space like this.

Mack shrugged in response to Frank's question. "Since it's close to the sea, I'd guess it's mostly water and wind that made it, but you never know." No, one couldn't know the history of ancient geological formations, just as one couldn't know what excitement or dangers lurked in their depths. The mystery was all a part of the fun.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 19 2009, 07:50 AM

Eric was the last person to enter the cave. He had once again decided to rummage through his backpack for the flashlight and so the others had passed him and gone ahead. Sitting just outside the mouth of the cave, he heard one of the others speak of the pokémon Onix. Eric thought it was Frank.

"Well, if there are stalagmites and stalactites, it's very old and was probably made naturally." Eric had been in two caves before and in one of them he had met a geologist whom had told him this fact.

Eric found his flashlight, put it in his left trench coat pocket and threw the backpack back over his shoulder.
He stood to his feet and entered the cave behind the others. Once in the cave, he decided to try the flashlight again but it still didn't work. Eric shook his head.

"I really need to get new batteries for this." he said, putting it back into his pocket.
Peering into the cave, Eric could see a few stalactites hanging from the ceiling.

"There we go." he nodded and pointed at them. "Probably not pokémon or man-made."
He followed the other two deeper into the tunnel.

Starly wasn't too happy going into the tunnel and just like Queenie, he fluttered his wings, peering into the darkness with worried eyes.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 19 2009, 06:34 PM

Frank walked a few steps behind Mack since he was the one who had the flashlight. As the light hit a stalactite he looked at it and made sure not to walk directly under it. Just as he thought that he wouldn't want to be hit by one of those he felt something hit him hard on the top of his head.
"Ow! What the?" A rock had fallen and hit him dead on. It wasn't big but it still hurt. He rubbed his head where the rock had hit.
"Stupid rock." He kicked it and heard it hit against a wall farther in.
He heard a soft "Baltoy?" from Sophie, as if she was asking him if he was okay. "Yah, I'm fine, as soon as the bump disappears anyway."

"So if this is made naturally, it must've taken forever to make, and just imagine the forces it'd take to create this. One wouldn't wanna get hit by that." He ran a hand over his belt to see that his pokéballs were in their places.
"Hey, if we meet any rock pokémon down here, what pokémon would be best, I know water types are super effective and fighting pokémon seem to be effective as well, but what other types are effective?"

Posted by: Spearow Oct 19 2009, 07:01 PM

Mack glanced back at Frank as he received a blow from a smallish rock that fell from the ceiling. "You okay?" he asked, trying not to sound overly concerned but raising his eyebrows and flicking his flashlight beam up at the section of the ceiling from which the rock had fallen. He dismissed it as a chip, a freak occurrence that had been waiting until they entered the cave to happen. Nothing to worry about. He turned his head back to watch where he was going and felt Queenie inch closer along his shoulder, her downfeathers tickling his ear. Chuckie was slightly ahead, though still making sure to stay within the radius of the light.

He shrugged as Frank asked the question, still looking ahead. "I think flying types are good, but I'm not sure. I never memorized my type charts that well." He grinned guiltily into the darkness.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 19 2009, 10:21 PM

Eric had barely held a laugh in as Frank got hit by the rock, covering the laugh by clearing his throat.
He heard Mack say something about flying types being good against rock.

"I dare disagree with you there Mack." He looked towards the boys shadow in front of him.
"I've seen a fight between a Graveler and a Pidgeotto. The Graveler didn't even break a sweat."
He nodded to himself.
"One attack. That's all it took. I'd advise you from pitching poor Queenie against a Geodude or something."
He scratched his head.
"And look at me. Electric and flying! Even if I got lucky, I couldn't take a rock type in a fair fight."
Eric went quiet for a few moments, the path ahead had now widened.
"Hey, I've got an idea." He said, fishing Shinx's pokéball out of his trench coat.
The red light reflected off the dark cave walls as she was released and then it all became black again, except for the bright beam emitting from Mack's flashlight.
"Shinx, use charge." Eric said, smiling. Slowly but surely, the immediate surroundings got brighter and in front of Eric stood Shinx, now clearly visible. Her fur was glowing significantly brighter than before.
"I didn't need a flashlight after all." Eric said, looking smug.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 21 2009, 06:14 PM

Frank shook his head. "Yah, flying types are no good against rock types. A trainer made the mistake of pitting his Pidgey against my Onix. Let's just say that he didn't even have time to realise his mistake."

As soon as Shinx used its charge the cave became a lot brighter. "Hey, effective. I'll have to teach Electrike that."
He looked further ahead to see if there was something there. "For a cave it sure is emp.." He saw a shadow move somewhere in front of them. "Forget what I just said. What was that?" He didn't recognize the shadow, it didn't look like an Onix or a Geodude or either of its evolutions. "Did either of you manage to see it?" The fact that all they had to fight back a rock or ground type pokémon was Pebbles made him a little nervous, it didn't matter how close to the exit they were, if there was one there'd be more. He grabbed a pokéball from his belt in case he would need it but didn't think of which ball he picked.

Frank heard a strange sound from where he saw the shadow. "Uhm, okay? That wasn't a pokémon I've ever met."
He walks forward slowly, more curious than nervous and the fact that he's very curious is seen just as clearly in Sophie who is very interested in what it is Frank has seen.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 21 2009, 06:41 PM

Mack smiled slightly as his theory was thoroughly refuted, not seeming too bothered by the revelation. "Well, good thing you guys know what you're talking about, at least. I should have paid more attention in school..." He lifted the beam of the flashlight a little farther into the darkness, grateful for the extra illumination from Eric's Shinx.

Just as he lifted the beam, a shadow flitted across it - it was a strange shape, sort of circular with small protrusions, but with a very two dimensional look to it, Mack thought. The figure, though his glimpse of it had been brief, struck a familiar chord somewhere in his brain. A school lesson, perhaps, or an illustration in a textbook.

Then he heard the cry - a sort of pulsing, sparkling noise, difficult to describe, and recognized it immediately.

"Bronzor," he said softly, almost to himself, then a little more loudly so that both Eric and Frank could hear. "It's a Bronzor, I think. I remember watching a video about it in my history class." He took a step forward, and heard Chuckie's soft hissing beside him as an indication that the Pokémon had noted the new presence. On his shoulder, Queenie's feathers puffed up around her neck as she peered after Frank nervously.

Mack lifted the flashlight and brought its beam over toward where Frank was moving, hoping to illuminate the mysterious creature.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 21 2009, 09:12 PM

Eric didn't realize what happened at first, Frank was obstructing his vision in the lighted area. When they started talking about a Pokémon, he smirked.

"Shinx, Charge up some more." he knew the pokémon could get at least twice as bright without getting worn out too fast.
The cave lit up around them and one could now easily see a little Bronzor floating in the air, just a bit further into the cave. As soon as it realized it was spotted it flew farther in and out of sight.

"Drat, give chase boys!" Eric said with a low voice, moving up just behind Frank.
Starly seemed to forget some of the fear of being under ground and looked ready for a fight.
Shinx on the other hand hadn't really realized what the fuss was all about and had let the light coming from her fur fade a little bit. She looked at Eric with a confused face.
"Shi-shinx?" she asked with a low voice.

"It's a wild pokémon!" Eric said to her, all ecstatic. Barely able to keep his voice down.
Shinx didn't care too much.
They mind their business, I mind mine, she thought to herself.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 21 2009, 09:54 PM

Bronzor huh? That's a steel/psychic pokémon. That would be really nice to catch. I just hope it isn't too strong for Scorch since it's the only pokémon I have that is strong against it, as far as I know anyway.
"Guys, I'll take care of this one." He searched his belt for Scorch's pokéball and realized that he already was holding it. He took a couple of fast steps and got to the edge of the light. "Are you ready for this? Scorch, I need you!" He tossed the pokéball forward and saw it open as Scorch was released. The glow from Scorch being materialized helped in lighting up the cave and Frank caught a glimpse of the Bronzor. The white glow was replaced with the light from Scorch's flame and the Bronzor was visible levitating a couple of feet infront of him.
You have the advantage here, it's weak against fire attacks, so let's start by showing him your ember attack. Frank pointed at the Bronzor as he thought this and didn't notice Sophies eyes glowing slightly blue. He did, though, notice her jumping down from his shoulders onto the cave floor.

As if responding to orders Scorch leapt forward against the Bronzor and fired off an ember attack which lit up the cave and created an echo with his "Chim-CHAAAAAAAAAR!"
The Bronzor was faster than the attack, though, and moved out of the way, barely dodging the attack. Immediatly its eyes started glowing blue and Scorch was surrounded by a blue aura and lifted into the air.
"What the? Confusion?" Frank didn't have time to say anything else before Scorch was pushed through the air against the cave wall. "Scorch!" He and Sophie turned around as Scorch flew past them.

Scorch easily manouvered in the air as soon as the attacks grip was released from him and landed on all four, avoiding any harm.
Awesome, now, let's show him another ember attack. This time, get a little closer and make sure it can't use confusion on you again.
A confident "CHAR!" was heard before Scorch leapt past Frank and Sophie and ran in a zig zag pattern to avoid any direct attacks. As soon as he was no more than two or three feet away from the Bronzor Scorch jumped straight at it and fired off a barrage of embers with a loud "CHAAAAAAAAAAAAR", this time it hit dead on and the Bronzor winced, almost falling to the ground. Awesome, let's keep at it, don't give it even a second to recover.
As soon as Sccorch felt solid ground under him he let off another barrage of embers but missed as he miscalculated the speed at which the Bronzor fell and instead hit the cave roof above Frank.
Frank immediatley looked up above him but nothing fell down directly at him or Sophie, and there were no big chunks, just small pebbles. When he looked down again Scorch had been hit by the Bronzor's tackle and was sent flying hitting the wall pretty hard but soon enough stood up again.

"You're doing great!" It's starting to look weak so, let's keep at it. Go, ember! Scorch leapt forward again and fired off an ember attack that hit its mark but didn't seem to do anything against the Bronzor which had, yet again, caught Scorch in a confusion attack and sent it flying again.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 21 2009, 11:01 PM

Mack held his flashlight aloft, illuminating the battle and attempting to follow it as it surged back and forth between the two combatants. His artificial light was less needed now that Shinx and Frank's Scorch were providing their own natural sources of light, but he still kept it on for comfort.

He observed Frank carefully as the older trainer directed his Pokémon in battle, hoping perhaps to pick up some tips. It was strange, though - the young man simply pointed at the Bronzor and his Chimchar charged forth and attacked. There was no verbal command given that Mack could hear. Perhaps, he mused, Frank and his Pokémon were close enough that they had no need for words - they understood each other physically or had maybe created a set of special signals. It didn't seem anything all that elaborate, though. Mack crinkled his eyebrow, perplexed. He was fond of Queenie and Chuckie and got the impression that they liked him as well, but he knew their bond wasn't anywhere near strong enough yet for him to communicate his desires wordlessly. Perhaps Frank had known his Pokémon for longer - he was much older than Mack, after all - but then again, they were all still around their first evolution stages... it was a mystery, that much was for sure.

Mack couldn't stand around analyzing it for long, though - the battle was already too intense. The Bronzor and Chimchar were closely matched, but the trained Pokémon seemed like it would soon wear out its wild counterpart. Mack and Queenie were content to stand in polite silence as they watched so as to give Frank room for maximum concentration, but Chuckie felt like being a bit more of an active spectator, hopping up and down near Mack's feet and making short, nasal squeaks, his way of cheering.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 22 2009, 10:29 AM

Eric was just about to tell Shinx to attack when Frank said he wanted the pokémon for himself. A good thing too, since Shinx would've probably just looked at him with a nonplussed face. He knew she didn't like fighting. Eric, on the other hand, thought pokémon fights were awesome. As Frank started to battle the Bronzor, he stood just behind him.

"You can do it!" he yelled as the Chimchar attacked with Ember.
A few seconds later, Scorch flew past him, buffeted by the confusion attack.

"Don't let your guard down, you can beat it!" Eric said, as Scorch ran past him with a full frontal assault, leaping into the air and sending more embers flying at the Bronzor. This time they totally engulfed the pokémon, it was hit dead on, Eric grinned and nodded.

"That's it, show it how it's done." he said.
Shortly thereafter, Scorch used ember again, this time missing it's target, hitting the ceiling above him and Frank. Frank was missed by the debris but Eric got hit by falling pebbles.

Whoa, I better stand farther away from the battle. That attack could've hit me. he thought and took his eyes off the action. Looking around for a better place to stand, he realized that he saw less than before.

Shinx must've lowered her- Shinx? Eric realized that Shinx was no longer with him. He looked around for any clue to where she might have gone and found a narrow passage that they had passed but not noticed. It was now very visible since light was emitting from it. "Shinx!" Eric took off after the little explorer. This was not the time to spelunk.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 22 2009, 06:23 PM

"It's stronger than I thought, let's just hope that we haven't challenged an opponent we can't beat." Frank mumbled to himself as Scorch landed hard but gracefully several feet away from the Bronzor. Alright I want you to give it all you've got this time. It might be looking weak but it can still take a beating but not too much. I hope at least. I want you to try and wear it out by dodging its attacks. Just keep dodging until you see an opening to attack and finish it.

"Char!" Came as a response seemingly out of nowhere from Scorch as he set off against the Bronzor again. This time he just ran around it and dodged the occasional attack. Several times the Bronzor tried tackling Scorch but hit rock instead but it did manage to hit Scorch a couple of times, though not direct hits since Scorch was slightly faster.
That's it, you're doing great. Hit it with a weak ember attack to aggrevate it.

"CHAAAR!" could be heard from Scorch as he fired off a short burst of embers against the Bronzor and managed to hit it in the back, making it wince again. Now it looked angry and tried using confusion on Scorch but failed and ended up lifting a smaller boulder instead.
"NOW!! Attack it!" Scorch stopped dead in its tracks and fired of a barrage of embers at Bronzors back with a deafening "CHIIIIM-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!"

Bronzor was hit dead center of its back and was for the first time sent flying into the wall and ended up on the ground.
Frank grabbed an empty pokéball and was just about to throw it when the Bronzor got up, but it didn't have much fight left at all.

"Ok, Scorch. Get as close as you can to it and attack it again. I know you can do it."
Scorch was looking very tired as well but leapt into the air straight against the Bronzor and managed to grab onto it, and with a quick look at Frank which seemed to say 'Is this close enough?' it mustered what strength he had left and hit Bronzor right in its face with embers and jumped off, watching the circular pokémon sink to the floor.

"YES!" Frank tossed the empty pokéball at Bronzor, hit it and watched it dematerialize and go in the pokéball. As the ball wobbled it seemed to take forever and Frank got ready to use Pebbles against it since Scorch wouldn't have enough energy to attack it once again. When the ball went silent and still Frank relaxed and Scorch fell to the ground, exhausted. Frank held up Scorch's pokéball and let him return. "You did great, Scorch. Take a long rest." He pushed the button to make the ball smaller and put it in its place again before going to get his newly caught Bronzor.

"Heh, you put up quite the fight, but we were too tough for you. Now you're one of the team, welcome." He smiled as he shrunk the ball and put it in its place beore turning around and going back to Mack and Eric.
"I did it. And it feels like I could use a little rest myself. Getting that caught up in a battle really drains you, doesen't it?"
A weak "Baltoy" could be heard from the ground and Frank looked down and saw Sophie, she was really tired.
"Hey, you got yourself really worked up like usual huh? I'm surprised that you won't battle when you get so worked up whenever one of the others battle." He said as he bent down to pick up Sophie and place her on his shoulder so she could rest.

He looked at Mack and then at Eric, or so he thought. Eric wasn't there. "Hey, where's Eric? Wasn't he right next to you?" He didn't see Shinx anywhere either and only just then realized that the only light was from Macks flashlight. "He can't have wandered off can he?"
He walked up to Mack and looked around.

Pokemon captured (click to show)

Posted by: Spearow Oct 22 2009, 07:05 PM

Mack gave the flashlight for Chuckie to hold briefly as he clapped slowly but loudly after the Bronzor's defeat, the sharp sounds echoing deep into the cave. Regaining custody of the flashlight as the victorious Frank approached, he grinned at the other trainer. "Nice job," he said somewhat shyly, scuffling his foot. Queenie chirped, offering similar sentiments to Frank and Sophie as they came nearer.

When Frank brought his attention to Eric's apparent absence, Mack looked around sharply. He'd been so caught up in the action unfolding in front of him that he'd failed to notice the other trainer and his Shinx slip off. "Uh... I... I dunno. One minute he was here, and now he's gone." Biting his lip, the boy creased his brow with the beginnings of worry. "Hope nothing happened to him. We should stick together, we don't know what - "

He was abruptly distracted by the movements of Chuckie a few feet away. The Mankey was hopping up and down frantically in front of a narrow passage in the wall of the cave, screeching excitedly. Mack swung the beam over toward his Pokémon and the fissure, which was wide enough for a person to fit through but not nearly as large as the tunnel they'd been walking through thus far. The Mankey pointed in a very human gesture, flicking his tail in the direction the passage took for extra emphasis. Mack peered in and searched the passage with the aid of his flashlight: he couldn't see much of anything, except what he thought was a faint illumination a ways into the channel, perhaps the electric glow of Shinx?

"I'll trust you on this one, Chuck. Thanks," he notified the Mankey seriously. Chuckie responded by sliding into the cave and waving his tail, clearly gesturing for the humans to follow. Queenie puffed up and released a nervous cheep, staring apprehensively into the closer confines of this new tributary.

Mack gestured to Frank as he stepped through into the crack and began following its path. "Come on, I think he went this way!"

Posted by: Nogster Oct 22 2009, 09:54 PM

Eric had followed the narrow and slowly descending passage for maybe a minute, walking pretty quickly to catch up with Shinx. He had put Starly back in his pokéball again as he didn't seem to like the cave all that much. Shinx had stopped further on ahead and Eric didn't realize why until he caught up with her. The sight was breathtaking. In front of Eric was a lake, stretching maybe fifty feet from one side to the other and the ceiling was a gigantic dome. There were enormous stalactites hanging from the ceiling and huge stalagmites sticking up from below, some of them even met halfway, forming humongous pillars.

Shinx was down by the water, sniffing it but not drinking. She raised a paw and attacked the water with it.
Water rings spread over the still water.

"Be careful Shinx." Eric said with a whisper.
"You never know what lives in underground lakes." or lakes in general, he thought.
He looked out over the water, the rings were fading and nothing else seemed to move about.

A whisper was heard near Eric.
He was surprised by the sound which he thought came from over on the right side. He looked in the direction of the sound but ended up looking at nothing. Now there were steps behind him. Quickly, he pulled Starly's pokéball from within his trench coat and spun around, ready for a fight.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 24 2009, 02:25 PM

Frank scratched his head at what would make Eric walk in there. If it were just curiosity, wouldn't it be common sense to say something first and wait until everyone in the group could go? Maybe he was one of those people that just get caught up in their curiosity and don't worry about anything else.

When Mack stepped through, following Chuckie, Frank did so as well. The passageway was wider than he thought and it didn't take long before there was some light at the other side.
"I wonder where this leads." Franks curiosity was starting to awaken as he walked a few steps behind Mack.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 24 2009, 03:32 PM

Mack sped up to follow Chuckie's scampering, his narrow shoulders occasionally brushing against the uneven walls of the passage as his flashlight beam bounced up and down, illuminating select portions of the dark, winding path before him. Chuckie was a white blur, a purposefully moving ball of fur which Mack caught snatches of in his vision. Queenie cheeped, sounding a bit peeved about their quickened, haphazard pace, and tightened her hold on Mack's shoulder, holding on for the ride.

And then, quite suddenly, the passage opened up into a dome. A huge, incredible dome - a geologic wonder even to Mack, who had little knowledge of rock formations. He was caught by awe for a minute, the flashlight beam falling uselessly to the floor as his hand fell to his side.

Then he caught sight of Eric, and Shinx, both apparently safe. Eric was turned around with his Pokéball out, and looked very alarmed, which was strange. Mack held up both his hands, one with the flashlight in it so that it pointed straight up at the ceiling to illuminate a stalactite. "Hey, it's me. We followed y - "

He broke off, his attention being caught by a flash of movement just behind Eric's head. He thought they looked like eyes, flashing in and out like a hologram, or a wisp of smoke. Eyes widening, Mack pointed to the spot of the ghostly, barely-there apparition behind Eric. "There's - behind you - "

Posted by: Nogster Oct 24 2009, 07:58 PM

As Eric turned around, he saw Chuckie running out of the narrow passage, shortly followed by Mack. Farther into the passage there were more steps, probably belonging to Frank. It took Mack a short while to notice Eric as he stood, baffled by the view.

"Hey, it's me. We followed y - " Mack started, but with the shine from Shinx behind him, Eric could clearly see the surprised look on Mack's face and the shifting of his eyes as he cut himself off.

"There's - behind you - " he said.
Eric looked over his shoulder, there was nothing there, maybe 3 feet away was where Shinx sat, still preoccupied by the water. Something had caught her eye down there.

Eric turned to look back at Mack and was intending to ask him what the heck he was on about, but he never got that far.

"GAASTLY!" An inch from Eric's face was a big purple sphere with a pair of gigantic eyes and two big fangs on a large smiling mouth. Through it, Eric could see Mack if he looked closely, but Eric did not look closely. He was too busy panicking, shrieking and hopping backwards. So busy, in fact, that he tripped over Shinx and fell into the water.

Within seconds, Eric realized what had caught Shinx's eye, for within seconds he was dragged down by a massive undertow and had disappeared from sight.

Shinx had also fallen into the water and disappeared, all that was left was big water rings, once again floating out over the still lake.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 25 2009, 06:56 PM

As Frank closed in on the exit he tripped on something, hit his elbow on a protruding part of the wall, spun around and fell with a "Whoaa, this is go.. OOF!!" Unintentionally he had grabbed on to Mack who had stopped just outside but didn't hold on, as he didn't want to make him fall over as well, and hit the floor with his back first.
Since he fell onto his back, his shield hit the ground first but didn't dampen the fall at all.
The sword, which hung on his back behind the shield, caused him even more pain as it hit his vertibrae.

A muffled yet loud "OW!!! Owowowow!" told those that would hear, that he had lost his breath. He tried gasping for air while rolling over, but wasn't able to, and laid still on the ground attempting to breathe. After about 15, or so, seconds, which felt like an eternity for him, he finally managed to take a short and rasping breath.

After about a minute when he was able to breathe properly, he got onto his knees and then onto his feet and looked at Mack. "Sorry about that. Didn't mean to hit you when I fell."

He looked around, not at where he was but to see where Sophie was. He saw it a few feet away, laying down. He hurried toward it and picked it up carefully. "Are you okay?" A short "Bal" told him it was hurt but not badly. Holding it in his arms he looked around, only now noticing where he was standing.

"Wow, this place is HUGE. This must've taken an eternity to create."
He looked at Mack and then looked for Eric. "Uhm, where's Eric?" He asked when he didn't see him anywhere.
He spun around a few times before stopping and looked at Mack again.

He thought of several possibilities, some were nothing more than his mind making stuff up for him and not even close to what could actually happen.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 25 2009, 07:42 PM

Things happened at once. That was the only way to describe it - Eric and Shinx were there one moment, and then they weren't. Mack would have thought they were spirited off somewhere by the ghostly eyes, had not he seen a splash before the water became still once more. He stood there, shocked, hardly noticing as Frank came barreling out of the passageway behind him and took a painful-sounding fall. He didn't even notice when the taller boy clipped his shoulder accidentally with his hand.

Promptly snapping out of his dazed state as he heard Frank come up to his feet, breathing heavily, Mack spun around to face the other boy. In answer to his question, he could only wave a hand frantically at the spot where Eric had been standing, sputtering, "He fell in!"

No time to tell about the weird noises and the eyes - Mack had worries only for the present danger, and that was finding Eric. Chuckie seemed strangely calm, sniffing around the water's edge intently. Mack stared into the blackness of the water, through the quickly fading rings of disturbance. Should he go in? He knew how to swim, but... somehow it was different, in a cave. And he wasn't sure if he was ready for what he might find down there.

He steeled himself, pulling his pant legs up slightly and preparing to wade in, when he was startled by the apparition, once again, of those narrow, thin-pupiled eyes. Yelping slightly, he stepped back as a wispy form emerged from the surface of the lake. He knew what it was, immediately, even as it stated its name in a thin, ghostly wail. "Gaaaastly..."

Queenie chirped in alarm beside Mack's head, and he felt her look to him, knowing that she was waiting for permission to fight this wild creature if need be. "Wait," he murmured, more to himself than anything. Chuckie was staring up at the creature, but surprisingly not with an unfriendly expression.

Chuckie "talked" and made gestures at the water, urgent screeches and purrs that were of course unintelligible to the humans, but the Gastly seemed to understand. Almost smiling, the ghost Pokémon floated up over the heads of Mack and Frank toward the passage they had come from, whistling in its strange way before it disappeared through the crack. Mack looked to Chuckie, and the Mankey made a short nod. Mack was sure he could trust him. The Mankey had never led him wrong before.

Mack started to jog back through the crack, looking over his shoulder to Frank and indicating with a jerk of his head that he should follow. "Come on. He's gone back out the cave, I think. The Gastly knows where he is." It sounded sort of crazy, but Mack could only hope that the other boy would trust him.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 25 2009, 08:14 PM

Eric shot out of a hole in the cliff side, breathing again after what felt like forever. He felt relieved until he opened his eyes, seeing that there was a ten foot drop into the ocean.

"AAAAAgbbblb-" He hit the surface head first.
As he resurfaced, Eric coughed, spat and got a few convulsions as he swam to catch Starly's pokéball, floating out of reach. He had swallowed a mouthful of saltwater and didn't feel too well after hitting the walls of the prehistoric water slide. His elbows were bleeding and he had hit his hip and knees.

"Shiinx! Shiii-" Splosh!
The sound was heard as shinx flew out the same hole and landed close to Eric.

"Shinx, return!" Eric had pulled the pokéball from his wet trench coat in a second while trying to keep afloat with his legs.
The pokéball opened and he heard the sound of Shinx returning to her ball.
Poor Shinx had probably gotten as hurt as him. He should get her to the pokécenter as quickly as possible.
As he swam towards the beach near the cave entrance, Eric looked back up at where he fell from and noticed a waterfall spurting out of the cliff side.

Once at the beach, he ran up the trail to the pokécenter. Slipping and almost hurting himself further on the metal walkway. He was exhausted and soaked from water and sweat once he reached the top. Walking the last bit to the pokécenter, breathing heavily, Eric didn't care about people staring at him. He dragged himself through the doors and slammed Shinx's pokéball on the desk.

"I... Need this... fixed." Eric looked at nurse Joy, she was fading in and out of focus and the wounds had started to hurt. "Shouldn't we take a look at you too, you seem pretty badly hurt." nurse Joy said, eying Eric where he stood.
"I'm fine... I just need to sit down for a bit." Eric turned around, searching for a free seat.
"Sir! What about your Shellos?" nurse Joy asked behind his back. Eric turned back around.
"My.. what?" He looked at her with a confused face.
"There's a Shellos on your backpack. Didn't you know?"

Eric did not know this, and he didn't even know what a Shellos was.
"Yeah, whatever." he said, discarding nurse Joy's comment and assuming she was joking.
He turned back around, found an empty seat and sat down. More people were staring at him now but he didn't care.
He just wanted to heal his pokémon and get back to his newfound friends, if they were still alive...

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 26 2009, 06:02 PM

Frank stood there , clearly confused. He had no idea what was going on at all. Eric had fallen into the water, but, why hadn't he come up? And why hadn't Mack jumped in to try and save him?
At Mack's notion to follow him he was even more confused before he thought of the fact that Eric might've been pulled out of the cave via some underwater tunnel.

He'd been looking at the flying.. head? for a while and then at the crack in the wall where it and Mack had gone through. Was that thing a pokémon? He did know about ghost and dark types of pokémon, but to see one that was basically just a floating head, somehow he couldn't picture that. Didn't all living things require an entire body? A minute had passed after Mack having gone through the tunnel that they had just went through. Were they now supposed to go out again? Oh yeah, Eric. He slapped himself to 'wake' himself up and started walking towards the crack.

Inside the 'tunnel' again he sped up to try and catch up to Mack. His back still hurt like heck so he couldn't walk too fast.
"Well, you did ask for an adventure out of the ordinary." He told himself.
He looked down at Sophie who seemed to feel a lot better but still looked weak.
"Don't worry, I'll get you to the pokécenter as soon as we get out of here."

Back outside the 'tunnel' he saw Mack and walked as fast as he could towards him.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 26 2009, 07:41 PM

Mack was still holding his flashlight, though the beam's erratic jouncing across the cave wall as he ran rendered the light near useless. He just had to follow the beckoning whistles of the Gastly, which floated steadily along through the cave. Being more or less incorporeal, it didn't encounter the same resistance from the twists and rocky turns that Mack and Chuckie had to deal with. The Mankey leapt over corners and ocassionally skittered hand-over-hand along the uneven walls, aided by his dextrous digits, while Mack stumbled as best he could with one hand held out in front of him to prevent himself from encountering the fate Frank had met just a few seconds earlier. Queenie kept her grip on his shoulder, ruffled but carrying on gamely nonetheless.

He flashed an occasional look back into the tunnel, hoping Frank was following - Mack was in possession of one of the only available light sources, after all. But he knew he couldn't wait for very long. Eric had gone under, he could be drowned by now, the only link to him they had was this strange ghost creature...

Abruptly they were out in the main cave. The Gastly had paused, waiting for the slower humans and Pokémon to catch up. Mack heard Frank's footsteps behind him just a few seconds after he emerged into the draftier, more expansive run of the cave. Sighing in relief, the boy checked back to see the older trainer and his Baltoy and gave a quick waving gesture with his hand toward the mouth of the cave. The Gastly was already floating in that direction, in its unhurried yet unfailingly direct manner of movement.

Mack followed at a decent pace, somewhere between a walk and a run. It seemed to take a lot less longer to get out than it had to come in, most likely due to the new urgency of their situation. Mack flicked off his flashlight as the light from the entrance came into view. He couldn't help but fling an arm in front of his face - though it was only a somewhat sunny day, the light of the outside world was blinding compared to the dimness his eyes had grown accustomed to.

The Gastly was floating just outside, and Mack thought it looked a bit more faded, less "there", though it was hard to tell. It stared at him, as if waiting for him to do something. He looked around. The gravely beach was empty. There was nothing on the horizon, nothing out in the visible expanse of sea for him to see.

Helplessly, Mack turned around to look for Frank back at the entrance of the cave. He was visibly confused, though not ready to give up hope yet. "He's not out here. Eric's not here."

Posted by: Nogster Oct 27 2009, 04:10 AM

Eric had waited a few moments, trying not to think about the pulsing pain in his hurt limbs.
After about a minute, nurse Joy called him. He stood to his feet and walked back to the counter, leaving the now soggy and wet seat behind him.

"Your pokémon are fully healed. Please come again." she said, as per automation. Not even looking at Eric as she handed his pokéballs back on a tray.
Visible in her eyes was a clear irritation that he wouldn't let her help him.
Eric collected the pokéballs and put them into his trench coat slots again, forcing a smile to act polite.
"There's still-" nurse Joy started, glancing over the top of his head before cutting herself off.
"Oh why do I even bother." she turned to a man standing next to Eric.
"How can I help you?"
Eric turned around and left the pokécenter, his sneakers creating a certain squishing sound as he walked.

As he got outside into the afternoon sun, Eric examined his clothing.
The trench coat had large scratch-marks and the jeans were scrubbed at the knees.
Apart from that, everything seemed to be intact.

He felt the need to remove the clothing on his upper body to inspect his elbows since they hurt more than the rest of his body. He walked behind the pokécenter to get out of public view before chucking the bag off his shoulders and dropping it to the ground.

"Shellos." A muffled sound could be heard from under the bag as Eric removed his trench coat.
Eric was too busy with the pain from his elbows to hear it, though.
A minute passed and Eric had managed to unbutton his bloodstained shirt, slowly removing his arms from within it.

This time, the little voice was louder and Eric heard it, turning back around towards his backpack, not seeing anyone. He had just removed his shirt and tie when his backpack fell over, revealing an east sea Shellos behind it.

Eric looked at it for a second. Unsure of how to grasp the situation. This was obviously what nurse Joy had been on about. The Shellos seemed to be eating seaweed which had gotten stuck to Eric's backpack. It was probably the reason for it latching to it in the first place.

Eric examined the pokémon. It was seemingly ignorant of Eric's presence, munching away without a care.
Needing the little bottle of disinfectant again, Eric slowly reached for the pack.

The Shellos reacted in a heartbeat, switching it's attention to Eric and creating a ball of water in it's mouth, releasing a pulse of water which threw Eric to the ground.

"I need that disinfectant!" Eric said as he crawled over to his sprawled out clothing, rising to a kneeling position and pulling Shinx's pokéball from within the trench coat.

"Shinx, don't fail me now." he said as he pressed the button to enlarge the pokéball throwing it at the ground in front of the Shellos.

The Shellos had resumed eating and ignored the commotion as a flash revealed Shinx. Her fur glowing as she knew her master was hurt.

"Shinx!!" she grunted, challenging the Shellos.
The Shellos just kept eating, not caring the least about Shinx's challenge.

"Shinx, use Charge beam!" Eric said, pointing at the Shellos with his left hand and feeling for Starly's pokéball in the trench coat with his right.

Shinx's fur started to glow brighter, catching Shellos' attention.

"SHIIIIIINX!" she barked. Sparks flew from her fur as she released a beam which hit the Shellos dead on before it got to react.

Shellos took the blow, sliding off the backpack and into the wall behind it. It took a second for it to retaliate, hopping over the backpack and spraying mud in Shinx's face. She tried to jump out of the way but the stream of mud was too fast and hit her as she jumped, making her fly back a few feet and land on her side. Both of the pokémon were breathing quite heavily and shinx had gotten some mud in her eyes, making it hard for her to see clearly.

Eric had found Starly's pokéball and had with some effort managed to get to his feet again.
"Shinx, another Charge beam!" he yelled.

Shinx stood to her feet and started to glow brightly again as she released a second beam, missing the Shellos and even the building behind it completely. Eric thought it looked a bit like a shooting star in reverse as it bolted up into the afternoon sky.

Posted by: Proby3 Oct 27 2009, 06:46 AM

Alex Slasher had only been a young boy. He had liked pretty normal things really, such as playing with Pokemon and playing football. That was, until be began his Pokemon journey.

Now, Alex had had Blaze, his favourite Pokemon and best friend captured. He'd been cornered by Team Deception, some evil villains, and on top of that, he'd been chilled to the bone in a haunted house.

Yeah. You could say that Alex had been lucky to have this adventures. I mean, who else gets the extraordinary chances of getting a Pokemin friend, starting as great Pokemon journey, and stopping villains from getting to his best freind? Surely that was worth celebrating!

Not so.

For Alex, his whole journey since he left Daas, his hometown, had been almost like hell. He'd gone through quite a substantial bit of pain after Blaze had been kidnapped, and still hadn't quite recovered from the nightmares that he had had warning him about this, he knew they had been. Alex was surprized he'd made it through all this. That was his thought right at the point of the beginning of this chapter in his story. Then he looked artound him and realized why he'd managed to go through his ordeal.

Friends. Freinds were the meaning. Blaze for one, was a great freind. His other Pokemon Swamps the Mudkip, Stryk the Starly and even Cross the heracross had made a little impact to his happiness. Then there was Drew, a young boy who Alex now called freind, a young farmer's son of 13 years, a year younger than Alex. Drew had always been encouraging, he'd always tried to make Alex happier. Presently, Alex spoke to his companion:
"Drew, we're almost in Lenolia. I think we'll be there by mid-afternoon."
Drew nodded slightly, and the two boys continued to walk in the heat of the sun, which was burning brightly above their heads.

Soon, they had arrived in Lenolia. Alex remembered his mother's words about Lenolia. All the pollution and bad stuff. After a while of wandering through the city, Drew offered to sit down somewhere and have an early dinner. They found a small hot dog stand. Two tough looking guys were working. Almost everyone in Lenolia was very tough looking, broken nose, teeth missing, black eye, you name it. Drew ordered a hot dog with a side of fries.

After they sat down, Drew asked, "Alex, I know you are from Daas. What's it like?"

Alex mulled Drew's question over in his head for a while. You see, Alex didn't really know how to react to it. You see, he loved his town, it was host to a large amount of lovely, peaceful memories. however, it also did contain quite a substantial amount of negative ones.
"Daas... Oh Drew, it's great. It's my hometown. And I don't think I would have wanted it to be anywhere else. Daas is a town full of activity. I don't think there was a single minute in any day in that town where there wasn't some kind of minor drama. People were alwaysturning up at my mum and dad's house, and of course my house. My mother was a gardener. She had a very special job. In the spring, she planted Roses and Tulips and all kinds of beautiful flowers. She made the place look nice, and smell nice. Even in the winter, when fragrance came from the scented candles that filled Daas, she made flowers out of ice and snow. A Winter Wonderland. Yes. That was what Daas was when the weather got cold.

My father was just an ordinary man, he was the baker. Each day when we sat dwon for dinner, I could smell two things. The first was Mum's fragrences, she was also the beautician, which she squeezed from flowers to created perfumes and soaps and things like that. the other was my dad's breasd, constantly baking in the huge baking oven he owned. We never had processed bread from the shop. Only some wary people of Dad did that. There were few nasty people in our town. But I suppose, that even in the most peaceful and goos place, there must be evil, and that evil seems worse than usual becuase od the serenity that usually exists.

The reason why I ran away from Daas, which is what I call it, is because of the evil. In my case, it was in the shape of the akwardly named Team Skull. They played a lot of Mystery Dungeon, and had grown to like the evil team. Their leader was my brother James, younger than me by two years. The other two; his evil friends Bob and Josh, who I am convinced were exactly like the Zubat and the Koffing in the mystery dungeon games. They beat me every day, me and my freinds, and eventually, I grew scared, and so ran away. I couldn't bear the torture of day-to-day life. Now I've been through worse torture. In the form of REAL evil. If my brother and his ragamuffin gang are team Skull, then team deception are the evil future tyrant Primal Dialga. Which means that you and I may be the Poképals. And we have to stop them. But these are only my speculations. I mean, where would Dusknoir, Wigglytuff, Chatot, The whole guild and Grovyle come from? It doesn't matter at this stage of our journey. Let's concentrate on Lenolia first, eh, Drew?"
There was silence for a couple of minutes, as the two boys ate, and as Drew absorbed all of Alex' words about basically his whole life, and as Alex filtered through his memories, remembering. Then, Alex asked Drew a question in return.

"What about you, farmer boy? What's your life been like?"

"Well, I was born in the great region of Kanto. North of Vermillion City was where I lived. Just like know we had a farm, but that farm was on a major trail that led into the city. Many different species of Pokemon and their trainers walked past our house. I would wake up at five in the morning and work til dinner. Than we played cards, usually it was pitch, but sometimes it was poker or euchre. We didn't have a television. We only had a newspaper, only the newspaper kept us intact with society.

"Than we moved. I still to this day have no idea on why we moved. We moved to Northeast Barley. Than when I was ten, sitting in the empty farmer's market of Northeastern Barley, a stray Tyrogue ran right in front of me. I chased it down to old Peterson's farm when we ran into a Usaring. I wasn't thinking back then and I stepped in front of the Usaring. The giant bear almost ripped me into shreds if it wasn't for old man Peterson. He caught the Tyrogue and later gave it to me.

"Than, one day me and dad were picking oran berries on the far side of the farm when our barn started on fire. My sister and my mom were inside milking the Milktanks. They died, some of the Miltanks got out though. It was sad," a tear or two dropped from Drew's eyes. "My dad made me drop out of school permanently. He never gave me time off, he worked me to the bone. And that's why I left."

There was more silence as both boys finished off their hotdogs. Then, Alex got up, breathed in the cold air, and walked. He walked over to the fountain in the mifddle of the square. There were quite a few people there. A Couple, kissing tenderly near the far side of the fountain, two girls, gossiping, and keepng on darting glances at the couple, there wer a couple of rough looking boys.

Alex sat down on the fountain's edge. He liked the slight peacefulness. Lenolia was recovering a little from its misfortune. More and more nicer folk were coming here and rebuilding the town. The archetecture seemed to be being renovated, and Lenolia had a slight charm to it. But Alex felt, it would be a long time until Lenolia was back to the way it had been before the sewage incident.

Just as Alex was about to finish his sit on the fountainside, one of the two boys came up.
"Get orf my seat." he said. When Alex paused slightly, the boy pushed Alex into the fountain. He and his friend started laughing nastilly. Alex felt himself being held underwater, and started fighting back. But the boy would not stop. Alex let out Swamps. Swamps quickly grasped the situation, and jumped at the boy, surprising him long enough for Alex to get himself out of the water and jump out of the fountain. Alex shook his head like a dog, ridding himself of some of the water. The sun would take care of the rest. Swamps had already jumped to Alex side.

The boy snarled.
"You arsked fro dis." said the ruffian. "GO, CRUSHER!"
It turned out that "Crusher" was an Aron. But that was how Alex' battle began. From his opponent trying to drown him.

"By the way, my name is Carlos, weakling!" shouted the boy against Alex. Alex replied with his name as he looked at Crusher.

Arons, Alex knew, were weak against Water, which was Swamps' type. He smirked slightly.
"Swamps, use Water gun"” he shouted. Swamps made a tiny sound in agreement, and started spouting water at his foe. The Aron winced slightly as the water hit it, and it jumped back out of the way of most of the attack.

Alex gritted his teeth together slightly as he realized that this boy could actually fight pretty darn well. He prepared himself for the next move, which would come from Aron.
"Crusher, use Shock wave!" shouted Carlos. Alex' eyes widened. Obviously a Tm move, he realized, seeing as Arons didn't learn electric moves. The move came so fast from the little Aron that Swamps couldn't avoid it.
"NO!" shouted Alex. "Swamps, come on!" luckily, Swamps was a good fighter, and didn't give up after a nasty hit. The little Mud fish Pokemon stood up, a defiant, angry look in its face. Swamps still had HP left, about half, so Alex wasn't worried too much about him.
"Swamps, use water gun again!" said Alex.
This time, before Alex had even finished, Swamps was firing water at Crusher the Aron. It was visibly hindered, seeing as it started to look weak after Swamps had finished the attack. But neither did it give up.
"Go, use Take down!" shouted the Aron's trainer.

The powerful Aron barged into Swamps so hard that Swamps literally flew through the air a little. It looked spectacular, but Alex knew that Swamps was a good tactician in battle. By allowing the attack to hit him and therefore make him fly through the air, Swamps had cushioned some of the attack; it would have hurt more if Swamps had stayed there, muscles tensed. But unfortunately Swamps was still almost K.O, Alex could see it in his Pokemon's eyes. The good thing was that Swamps still had an inkling of life left in him. He looked into his Pokemon's eyes.
"Swamps, anything, just as long as it's a water attack."
Swamps nodded, and used Water gun before Aron was ready. It was surprised by the power of such a small Mudkip. But Alex knew Swamps' trick. Swamps had Torrent, which meant he was much more powerful when he used a water attack and had little HP left.

Crusher's eyes turned into K.O.d crosses, and it fell, knocked out. Carlos slowly pulled out his Pokeball, and returned his Aron.
"The battle ain't over yet. Go, PIKO!" he shouted. Out came a Pikachu.
Alex returned Swamps and sent out a random Pokemon from the other three in his bag.
"Go, STRYK!" he shouted. Out came Stryk, the Starly, looking proud, and ready to fight.

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Posted by: Ariadan Oct 27 2009, 05:14 PM

When he finally caught up to Mack, he sighed and looked tired. He looked around when Mack said that Eric wasn't around he thought of several possibilities.
"Maybe he came out somewhere further down the beach." He looked down at Sophie.
"If he made it out I'm sure that he's up at the pokécenter, if he is able to move that is. Why don't we temporarily split up? I have to get Sophie to the center and Scorch needs to get some rest as well. I'll head up there. If I find him I'll send down Electrike to get you. Otherwise I'll come down as soon as Joy's done with my pokémon."
He started walking slowly towards the path that led up to the town.

"I won't be much help anyways." He sighed and looked out over the beach, hoping that Eric wasn't in the water somewhere.
"Either way I'll see you in a little while." He started walking as fast as he could towards the walkway.
When he reached the walkway he thought of something and shouted towards Mack.
"Hey! Why don't you use your mankey to try and track him down? It worked before didn't it?"

If Mack replied Frank didn't hear it, he was on his way up.
"Don't worry, Sophie, you'll be healed really soon."

Posted by: Spearow Oct 27 2009, 09:52 PM

The Gastly was still floating calmly, almost expectantly in place. It mostly watched Mack as if waiting for him to do something, just as he had watched it for direction before. He noticed that its eyes flicked out to sea, to the cliffs, to the white puffs of cloud above, as if it had never seen any of these things before. The ocean breeze caused the edges of its wispy self to stutter like a dying candle. It seemed - smaller, yet not dwindling. A child in a large world.

Mack was watching the ghost creature with a sort of sleepy befuddlement brought on by a combination of shock and the resulting exhaustion. It took the combined forces of Chuckie, tugging relentlessly on his pant leg, and Queenie administering a gentle but insistent peck to his earlobe to wake him out of this stupor. Shaking his head, Mack looked up in time to see Frank heading up the path, and to hear his shouted suggestion.

Mack sighed and scanned the horizon once more. There was nothing, as expected. What would be the right thing to do in this situation, he wondered? Call for help, maybe. But who was here to help? If his dad were here, he would know what to do - him and his two Gyaradoses, a small but effective rescue team on their own. But he wasn't. Mack felt a twinge of something like pain in the deep parts of his chest. Some distant and faraway feeling, which he didn't care to give thought to at the moment.

He would have to work with what he had - which, at the moment, was this short stretch of rocky sand, the sea, the cliffs, and two (possibly three) Pokémon prepared to do his bidding. Mack pointed to the sky. "Queenie. Think you could fly up and do some... y'know, scouting? Come back and tell me if you find anything. Or get Frank, whoever's closer." With a chirp to the affirmative, the Taillow took off from her trainer's shoulder with two flaps, sailing on a heady gust up and over the edge of the cliff, out of sight. Mack watched her go before turning his gaze back to the business at hand.

Chuckie was sniffing around the edge of the water. The beach didn't go much farther down - the end, where it was blocked off by a mass of jagged, slippery rocks, was visible from where Mack was standing near the mouth of the cave. The Mankey looked up after a few seconds and gave a short, sharp, shake of his head. Nothing. He moved further down the water away from the cave, repeating the ritual. Mack could do nothing but follow somewhat half-heartedly, kicking his sneaker prints into the wet-packed sand.


Above was above, where Queenie was, and where she loved to be. The winged creature pinwheeled on a shifting swirl of air currents, transferring her featherweight onto a higher thermal and riding that up over the trees and clustered buildings of Daigake. She circled down, lowering herself before she could overshoot the area she had been asked to examine.

She came low enough to see people's features, barely - the color of their clothing, at least, was clear. She winged low, cruising at a comfortable but brisk velocity. Here there was a woman outside at her mailbox, two children running down the lane, the swinging of a storefront window, and there the distinctly patterned roof of a Pokémon Center -

Queenie squawked in fright as the familiar crackling of electricity approached, tingling the roots of her feathers. She veered sharply, and a yellow blast of concentrated charge disappeared into the blue void above her. A close call with that most dangerous of substances for birds such as herself - it frightened her so much, that artificial lightning, grounder of the airborne, that it almost made her angry.

Ruffled in annoyance, she looked down to find the source of the electric attack - and was shocked to see a creature she recognized. Two creatures, in fact: a Shinx and its bespectacled trainer. Queenie wheeled down swiftly, chirping, hoping that Eric would recognize her as she came to a bumpy landing in the grass beside him. He looked to be engaged in something having to do with a strange, slimy creature that she did not recognize, but she hoped he would take notice of her anyway. Mack would want to know that his friend was alive and well.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 27 2009, 11:24 PM

As the Charge beam passed over the rooftops and went out of sight, something familiar caught Eric's eye, almost making him forget about the battle. A Taillow fluttered down and landed in the grass beside him. She was chirping at him for a few seconds before he understood.

"Queenie? Is that you?" he kept his voice down, but made sure the pokémon could hear him.
"Make sure Mack and Frank know where I am." he added, not waiting for a response. His mind had turned back to the battle.

Just as Eric looked back, Shellos shot another wave of mud at Shinx, making her flinch and fall to the side. This time she seemed to have lost sight of the battle completely. Her eyes were completely covered with mud and she was facing the wrong direction.

"Shiiinx!" she cried.

"Shinx, return!" Eric yelled, as he threw her pokéball again, this time watching her dissolve and disappear into the pokéball.
He caught the pokéball in his left hand as it flew back, throwing his other pokéball into battle with the right hand.

"Starly, GO! you can do this!" he yelled.
Starly's ball hit the ground and the little bird appeared in a flash, lifting off from the ground in a second.

As Starly was called in, Shellos once again used his Mud-slap attack, it totally missed Starly and even if it had hit, a ground move wouldn't have done a thing to him.
Starly ad stopped in mid-air, waiting for instructions.

"Starly, use growl!" Eric yelled.
"Show him you mean business!"

Starly made a shrill cry and dove down over the Shellos, making it a little frightened.
Starly turned and flew a lap around Eric before coming back for a second round.
This time, the Shellos was ready for him. A pulse of water barely missed Starly as he did a barrel roll to avoid it.

"Starly, Peck!" Eric said, as Starly came closer to his target.
Starly flew down on the Shellos, pecking it on the head, before flying off again.

The Shellos looked pretty worn out. The electric shock had done a lot but this looked quite a bit worse. One more attack, and maybe he could catch it.

"Starly, have another go!" Eric yelled, as the Starly circled around him again.

Eric rummaged through his trench coat pocket and pulled out five pokéballs and an old eraser.
He threw away the eraser and examined the pokéballs. There was one premier ball and the rest were regular pokéballs.

As Starly locked his aim on the Shellos again, Shellos looked him straight in his eyes and as he came closer, Shellos yawned widely, causing a chain reaction on Starly.

Starly managed to peck his opponent again but as he turned to do another sweep, Starly suddenly lost all balance and fell like a rock to the ground, sleeping.

At first, this caught Eric by surprise, but then he remembered the pokémon attack "yawn".
He had seen it on TV during a pokémon battle once.

This is my chance! Eric thought, I think I can catch it.
"Here goes!" he said, throwing one of the regular pokéballs at the shellos.

...the ball wobbled once...

...the ball wobbled twice...

A "poof" was heard as the pokémon broke free from the ball.

"Just my luck!" Eric said, as Shellos shot more mud at the sleeping Starly, not producing any direct effect.
Shellos was just about to send another Water Pulse flying towards Starly when Eric managed to throw his only Premier ball.

...the ball wobbled once...

And that was it. The Shellos was caught.
Eric could hardly believe it. He had won his first real pokémon battle, without having to use traps on low-level pokémon.
He recalled Starly and went over to pick up the premier ball with Shellos in it.

"Welcome to the team, Shellos." he whispered to the little white ball with red lining, before putting it into the trench coat slot next to Starly.

As the battle was over, he remembered why it began in the first place.
The disinfectant he thought, hurrying over to his backpack to look for it.

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Posted by: Proby3 Oct 28 2009, 10:29 AM

"Stryk, quick, use Peck!" shouted Alex. Obeidiently, the Starly rushed towards the Pikachu, and started pecking at it like mad. Piko the Pikachu, frustrated, started to build up sparks around his cheeks.
"Piko, let loose a thundershock!" commanded Carlos. The little electric mouse zapped Stryk, who winced a couple of times, clearly hurt by the attack. But Stryk was a fighter, so she rapidly recovered.
"Wing attack, Stryk!" but as soon as he had said the order, Alex realized that it was a mistake. Stryk hurt Piko a little bit more, but as he had feared, Piko had static, and Stryk was paralyzed.
"Shock wave!" said Carlos, and Piko fired an electric wave. Stryk fainted. Alex returned her, and Carlos returned his Pikachu

"What's next then, Carlos?" asked Alex.
"One last Pokemon then... Go, Chop!" exclaimed the boy.
Out came a Machop.
"Well, I guess Blaze can have a go... go, Blaze!"
Out came Alex' Torchic, his most faithful companion, a gleam of happiness in his eyes. he was battling with his trainer again. Alex winked at his little friend, then said a single word.
"Ember." and on that order, Blaze breathed a tiny, little, hot flame onto Chop, who lifted his hands in front of his face to sheiled the flames, and staggered back, before blinking and jumping back to his spot.
"Chop, use Low Kick!" cried Carlos. Chop nodded, and kicked Blaze at the legs, making him fall. Blaze stood back, up shaking the dirt off himself.
"Blaze, use Peck." said Alex. Blaze rushed towards the Machop, and pecked at it. The Machop was visibly injured by the hit, fell over. Alex was watching him intently, wondering was he K.O.d? But then, Chop got up, altough he was very weak, and Karate Chopped Blaze, who got hurt more as it was sudden and unnexpected. But Blaze was alos starting to flag, and Alex remembered Blaze's ability: blaze, which meant that like Torrent, fire moves were better when you had bad HP. Blaze knew this, so used ember without needing to be told. Chop looked dizzy, and suddenly flopped, fainted.
"YES!" shouted Alex, very happy.
"Well done..." said Carlos, returtning his Machop. Alex returned Blaze, and the two bous shook hands. Alex felt very proud at his first well erned victory. the others, he figured, had been luck really, and just mad fighting with impossible odds. He was happy to have finally won a well earned battle, using good tactics and the right Pokemon.

After Blaze had settled down on a bench, Drew Nelson, his companion, came up to him.
"Blaze, I have to go. I... I have decided that I want to go to Fidona, and seeing as you are headed towards Gigarte, I cannot fufil that. I'm sorry, but I must leave."
Alex contemplated this next loss of a freind in his head. Then, with a sigh, he answered his friend.
"Good luck, wherever you are going, Drew." And with that, Alex left Lenolia through the North gate, and Drew through the west one. It would be a long journey from now.

A few days after walking along the route to Gigarte, Alexsaw a building. It was a very large, but very rustic building. Immediately, he was determined to see what it was. He rushed towards it, excited. He ran up to a man, who was satnding outside the gates of what looked like a farm for Pokemon. Alex frowned. What was this? He reapeated what was on his mind to the elderly man.
"This," said the old guy "is one of the three daycare centres in the region of Furoh. Daycare centres, take at least two of your Pokemon and raise them, in our case we take a maximum of five Pokemon, then come back quite a while later, and your Pokemon will have grown quite substantially in level. Occasionally, we sometimes find eggs, a sign that two of your Pokemon have bred. These we give to you for no charge. If you want to take back any Pokemon that you have deposited, then you pay us 100 Pokedollars plus 100 times the amount of levels your Pokemon has grown by."
"That's so cool!" exclaimed Alex. "Can I drop off one of my Pokemon, please?"
"Feel free to, Son. Just go in the building and talk to my wife, Sally. I'm Mark, by the way."
"Thanks!" said Alex, before going into the building. Once inside, he saw a house basically, and guessed that this was where the couple lived. Then he saw the smiling face of an old woman at a desk.
"Let me guess, you've talked to mu Husband. Well, do you want to deposit a Pokemon in the Lenogarte daycare?"
"Yes please, can you take care of Cross, my Heracross?"
"Certainly." the old woman replied. Alex gave her Cross' pokeball, and she smiled, before inviting Alex to come into the daycare garden. Alex followed her, and he saw a lushious green garden. There were lots of Pokemon there. Alex felt joyful. Then Sally opened Cross' pokeball. Out came the beetle Pokemon.
"Cross, I want you to stay here for a while and train, OK? I'll come back soon, but for now, stay here and listen to Saly and Mark. Got that?" asked Alex
Cross nodded a "Yes".

And then, Alex left the building.

Posted by: Ariadan Oct 28 2009, 10:38 PM

Halfway up the walkway, Frank was starting to feel exhausted.
Trying to get to the pokécenter as fast as he could while his back was hurting so bad that he could only walk. The battle with the Bronzor and not having slept well the night before, was also starting to take their toll on him.
From his arms he could hear a worried "Baltoy".

"Don't worry about me, Sophie. I'm just a little tired." He looked down at his Baltoy and gave it a smile. From up at the town he could hear the sound of people talking and walking around, but he could also hear the sounds of what seemed to be a battle.

He caught himself thinking, I wonder what pokémon they're using and who's winning. He shook the thought out of his head and concentrated on getting up as fast as he could.

It took him a couple of minutes but he finally made it up to the top of the walkway, breathing heavily. He wanted to stop to catch his breath, but instead he continued walking. No time to stop, Sophie could be hurt worse than it looks. And Scorch and Bronzor also need to get to the center.

It seemed that the battle had ended but he didn't look around to see if he could see who had been battling. He saw the large P on the pokécenter and made his way straight for it. He bumped into two people on the way and apologized without turning around.

Well inside the center he placed Sophie and Scorch's and Bronzor's pokéballs on the counter. "Please, my Baltoy needs healing right away and these two are in need of some rest."

Nurse Joy looked at him and smiled. "Don't worry. I'll take care of them for you." She blinked and looked a little concerned now that she saw that Frank was in pain. "Say, you look like you could use some rest and healing as well."

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I just need to sit down for a while." He turned around to walk towards a couch and sit down when he lost his balance for a second. He didn't regain his balance in time and hit the counter, his shield clanged against it and pushed the sword against his vertebrae again. This time Frank didn't utter a single word, his face simply got twisted in pain, his eyes were spread wide open and his mouth open as if he wanted to scream. It took no longer than a second before he was on the floor, his knees took the entire impact, that was too much for Frank and he fell to the side, the last thing he saw was two pairs of legs hurrying over to him, then everything went black.

The two men who had seen Frank fall and pass out from the pain carefully lifted him up, after removing his shield and sword, and carefully carried him to a stretcher and then carried him into a room, following what nurse Joy said. A younger man had picked up Frank's sword and shield and carried them into the room where Frank was lying down on a hospital bed, Joy had just placed a oxygen mask over his mouth.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 29 2009, 12:53 AM

Queenie chirped once and bobbed her head sharply, a very human gesture she had adopted from Mack. She hopped and flapped vigorously away from the Pokémon center, taking off somewhat awkwardly in her hurry to be clear of the battle and haphazard bolts of electricity being thrown about. Soon she was a small dark shape in the sky above the town, moving down toward the edge of the cliffs and then shooting sharply down towards her target at the foot of them.


Even Chuckie’s adept senses couldn’t detect much of anything on the weatherworn shore. Any scent must surely be muddled by the constant ebb and flow of the saltwater tide, and perhaps the traffic of seabirds as well, Mack reasoned as Chuckie lifted his snuffling pink nose and sighed in defeat. He turned red eyes to Mack, mournful and somber, a rare expression for him. Mack shrugged somewhat half-heartedly. The enterprise was drained out of him once more. He had no idea what to do.

A high whistle from behind him caught his attention, and he turned to be reminded once more of the Gastly’s presence. It seemed barely there – only its eyes were very clear, hovering patiently near the cave entrance. Mack remembered how it had helped them, despite no obvious promise of gain on its part. “Thanks,” he told it, though he wasn’t sure if it could understand.

He might have said more, or fiddled around in the outer pockets of his pack to see if he had a suitable trinket or treat to give the creature for its trouble (what sorts of material things did ghosts value anyway?), had not he been interrupted by a cry from above, and then a whirl of blue and white and red as Queenie alighted nearby.

She chirped excitedly, hopping in place, almost seeming to forget he didn’t speak her language. The news she had, he gleaned from her demeanor, was obviously good. So Eric had to be alive. Mack approached her, accompanied by an equally curious Chuckie. Hardly waiting for them, she flapped twice and took off, floating some ways up the path to alight about midway up on the hand rail. Chuckie and Mack jogged to keep up. They followed her hop-soaring guidance up the cliffs, back into the village.

In this flurry of excitement, Mack forgot about the small, quiet being, who was left floating by himself down on the beach, watching the departing group with that same vague expression.

The three arrived at their destination – the Pokecenter, which seemed just as Mack had left it a couple hours before, until Queenie led him eagerly round to the side, where he saw the object of his search, looking a little worse for the wear but in generally good spirits.

“Eric!” he called, trotting over to the older boy. “Jeez, I was looking all over for you. Glad you’re okay.” He tried not to sound too relieved – he feared he had been making himself look like a right old lady with all that worrying.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 29 2009, 03:36 AM

Eric had just found the disinfectant in one of the side-pockets in his backpack as Mack came around the corner and he was applying it to his elbows.
He had spread out most of the other things he had in the backpack on the ground to dry. The bag was water resistant, but that didn't help if the bag was lowered in water, it was more of a disadvantage as the water got trapped inside.
Some of the things on the ground included the rest of his pokéballs, some canned food, an umbrella, a lighter and a jar of tinder blocks.
A lamellated map of Furoh, three pairs of pants, a second trench coat, seven pairs of socks and six of underwear hung on a clothesline which he had pulled between a nail in the wall of the pokécenter and a tent pin on the ground. The place looked like someone's back yard. Eric's flashlight lay next to him, for some reason it had started working after the accident, Eric had no clue why. He had hung his regular trench coat over his now emptied backpack. The old and bloodstained shirt was lying in a bundle on the ground and in Eric's lap lay a new one. It was wet, but Eric would rather be wet than semi nude.
Next to Eric's flashlight lay an open med-kit, in which he had put the bottle of disinfectant.

He looked at Mack as he came closer.
"About time one of ya showed up." he said, jokingly.

"From your dry clothing I assume you didn't jump in after me?"
Eric smiled as he said it and was just about to laugh as a sudden sting came from his left elbow when he disinfected it, making his face look like if he'd just eaten a lemon.

"Goodness! I hope you'll never get to experience that water slide I went through." he said, with a nudge of his head towards the cliff.

Eric's expression changed as he realized that Mack and his pokémon came alone.
"Where's Frank?" he asked, putting some bandaids on his elbows before standing to his feet to put the shirt on.

Posted by: Proby3 Oct 29 2009, 02:23 PM

As soon as Alex left the Daycare, he headed north, towards Gigarte, seeing as that was his next destination. He reluncatnly stopped at midday, especially seeing as he was starting to feel hungry. He took out a cheese sandwich from his bag and starting eating. Once he'd finished that, he took out and apple, and after that, a packet of crisps. Finally, he got a Yorkie out, and stood up, wating that as well. Then he put his bag back on his back, and started walking again.

It was nearly evening by the time Alex stopped once more. He only rested for a couple of minutes, when a boy approcahed him.
"Hi." said the boy.
"Erm.... Hi." said Alex. This boy seemed very kind and talkative, and Alex liked him quite quickly.
"I'm Tom. Tom Hawk. Who are you?" asked the boy
"I'm Alex... Alex Slasher. I'm on a Pokemon journey." replied Alex.
"Same! Hmmm... can I come with you?" asked Tom.
"I suppose... OK."
"Thanks. Where do you want to go?" asked Tom.
"I WAS heading for Gigarte... but it looks like you came from there. Do you have an updated map?"
"Yep." Tom showed him the meachanical map on his Poketch. Alex immediately saw three various new small towns.
"How about the one closest to here, that "Daigake"?" asked Alex.
"Yeah, that's good."
"Let's get there quicker. Do you have a flying Pokemon?"
"Yes. Stryk, my Starly."
"I'll teach her fly."
And with that, Alex and Tom Hawk forged a friendship that would last for a long time.

They weren't flying for long. Soon they arrived in Daigake, and were looking around, when Tom suddenly exclaimed.
"Look, the name rater's house! Let's go there!"

Posted by: Spearow Oct 31 2009, 12:51 AM

Mack glanced over Eric's makeshift camp somewhat bemusedly. Chuckie leaped up onto his shoulder, not seeming particularly interested in or excited about the denouement of their little adventure, but seeming mildly pleased that his quarry had been found, if not by him. Queenie, meanwhile, was hopping up and down by Mack's feet, quite pleased with her performance during the whole ordeal and how directly she'd led Mack to Eric.

He grinned somewhat as Eric spoke, watching him tend to his wounds with measured interest. "Well, yeah, I was about to dive in, but that Gastly - the one you saw earlier - led us out the entrance instead. I guess he must have known about the underwater tunnel." As he spoke of the ghost Pokémon, Mack remembered he'd left it on the beach. Too bad, he wouldn't have minded it sticking around; it had been a friendly enough creature, anyway. But he could only assume it was more than capable of taking care of itself, it having lived in the cave for all that time on its own. He decided it was best to put the ghost out of his mind. What were the chances of him seeing it again, after all?

Snapping himself out of his own thoughts to answer Eric's question, he found that the answer was not readily available, nor very satisfying. "Ummm... he said he was going up here. To the Pokémon Center, that is." Mack felt his brow crinkling despite himself. "You mean you haven't seen him? Huh... maybe he went inside and missed you."

Not this whole separation business again, he hoped. He didn't know what he would do if Frank went missing as well in so short a time.

Posted by: Nogster Oct 31 2009, 02:24 AM

Eric was concentrated on buttoning his shirt and simply nodded when Mack explained the situation. He was happy that Frank hadn't jumped in after him as his shield would've probably gotten stuck in the tunnel and caused him to drown. As Mack answered his question about Frank, Eric had just gotten done with the last button and looked up at him and his two pokémon.

"Well, since he was going to the pokécenter, I'd suggest we go look there first. There's probably not any trouble, though. Frank is old enough to be able to take care of himself." Eric smiled, unaware of how wrong he was.

"Well, I've had more adventures..." He added. Picking up Starly's pokéball from where the three of them lay behind his still soaked backpack and trench coat.
"...But I won't say a word about it until you're both present." He pushed the button on Starly's pokéball and let it drop to the ground in a very undramatic way. As it hit the ground and Starly was released in a small flash, Eric looked at the clothes on the line, nudging his head in it's direction.

"Starly. Could you flap your wings at the clothes to make them dry faster? I'd prefer if-" Eric stopped mid sentence, smacking his head with the palm of his hand as he looked back down at Starly whose tail feathers were pointing to the sky. Starly lay stretched out on his belly, making nasal tweets as he slept.

"Oh right." Eric said.
"I need to get back in there and heal my pokémon."
He pointed towards the wall next to him with the hand which wasn't currently sliding down his face.

"Could you keep an eye on my things as I go fix them up?" Eric asked Mack, as he pinched his nasal bridge in an attempt to think clearly.

"Starly, return." he said as he activated the pokéball with his foot, making the sleeping Starly dissolve to a red silhouette and beam back inside. He picked up the ball, the pain causing him to display a strained face as he bent over. He gathered the other two balls from behind the backpack, making sure to hide Shellos' ball from Mack's view. He looked at Mack, awaiting a reply.

Posted by: Spearow Oct 31 2009, 04:07 PM

Mack smiled slightly as Eric announced (but refused, at this moment, to reveal) the mysterious happenings that had taken place between the time they had been separated and their reunion. Oh, well. Mack knew he could wait. Stories and explanations would come in due time.

His grin spread wider as Starly proved to be out of commission for the time being. The poor bird was exhausted enough to sleep through being summoned by his trainer. Even Queenie gave a cheep of mirth as the sleeping Pokémon "snored" actively from his position on the ground.

"Sure, no problem," he replied as Eric asked him to watch his stuff. He moved over to the Pokémon center's stucco wall and leaned against it, followed by a cheerfully hopping Queenie. Chuckie, meanwhile, went over to sniff curiously at Eric's drying clothes. Mack kept a careful eye on the Mankey, lest there be mischievous thoughts brewing in the Pokémon's mind.

Posted by: Nogster Nov 1 2009, 05:11 AM

Eric looked at the Mankey, as he started sniffing Eric's drying garments.
"Yes Chuckie." He said, pointing fleetingly at the clothes.
"They do smell like rotten seaweed."
He laughed as he turned around, raising his left hand.
"I'll be back soon then. Talk to ya in a bit."
He went around the building and walked inside, trying to look respectable this time. Nurse Joy hadn't seemed too satisfied with his behavior last time. Once Eric got to the front desk, however, she wasn't there. Standing in front of him was in her stead a pokémon which he identified as Chansey.

"Chansey, chansey!" she said, hopping happily as she spoke.

"Um, hi..." Eric started, being unsure of how to handle the situation.

"Uh.. Is nurse Joy about or should I just wait?" Eric looked around, searching for but not finding Frank.
Something he did manage spot was the seat on which he had sat earlier.
It still looked very soggy and dark, standing out quite prominently compared to the seats next to it.

"Chansey! Chansey-chansey!" Chansey replied, causing Eric to look back at her. She was waving her little paws, holding a tray.

"I should leave my Pokémon with you?" Eric asked, getting some hopping and a pitched "Chansey!" as a reply.
Eric nodded, leaving his pokéballs on the tray.

"By the way, You don't happen to have seen a guy pass through here? Pretty tall, wearing a ninja mask-thing, looking sorta childish with a sword and shield. Usually has a Baltoy on his shoulder too." Eric said. He seldom spoke fondly of people he didn't know well, and he always spoke his mind especially if the person he said it to couldn't tell anyone what he had said.

"You see, he's a friend of mine." he added.
The Chansey lit up as if she recognized the description.
"Chansey!" she said, putting the tray down and walking over to a door leading into a back room.
She opened it a little as to tell Eric that he was allowed to go inside before returning to the front desk to take care of Eric's pokémon.

Eric walked into the back room. It was filled with beds and hospital equioment.
There were a few pokëmon laying on some of the beds, Eric recognized a Golduck and a Pachirisu.
Something he found even more familiar was a sword and a shield, laying on top of a table in the back of the room. As he walked closer, he could see into a second room on his right. Inside of it he saw the familiar features of nurse Joy, and on the bed next to her was...

Eric couldn't believe his eyes.

It was Frank!
Eric ran into the room, almost stumbling over a bucket on the way.

"Frank! Are you OK?" he yelled, looking at his friend, Sophie the Baltoy spinning around to look at him from where she sat on the bedside.

"He's out cold sir." nurse Joy explained from right next to him.
Eric calmed down, seeing as she seemed rather annoyed at him for yelling.

"I'm sorry, it's just that Frank's a friend of mine." he said, looking at Frank.
"What happened?" he turned back to look at nurse Joy.

"He seems to have had hit his vertebrae on several occasions. Would you happen to know anything about that?" she asked.
Eric hadn't been present at any of the occasions that Frank hit his vertebrae so he just shook his head with a baffled expression.
"Nope. He seemed fine the last time I saw him." He assured her.

"Will he be alright?" Eric asked, looking a little concerned.

"Yes." she replied. "He just needs some rest."

Eric nodded.
"Alright. Well if he comes around, could you tell him that Eric and Mack have set up camp behind the pokécenter." he said with a smile. " It is alright that we stay back there, right?" he asked Joy.

"Yes, of course." she replied. "It's public property. You just go ahead."

Eric pulled a hand through his hair and smiled.
"Alright. I'll just go back out there and get my pokémon." he said.
Looking back down at Sophie, he nodded. "Take care of Frank now, y'hear." he said to the little pokémon, turning around and walking back out to Chansey.

His pokéballs lay on the counter and Chansey smiled towards him as he picked them up, nodded and walked back towards Mack and the camp.

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Posted by: Spearow Nov 1 2009, 09:02 PM

Mack slid down into a sitting position with his back against the prickly stucco, thin knees poking up to the sky. Queenie hopped about nearby, poking in the grass and dirt for unidentifiable things - worms, perhaps, or discarded shiny objects. Mack left her to her own devices and twiddled his thumbs as he waited for Eric to come back. The thought occurred to him, brief but significant - where would he be going after this? Presumably somewhere with Eric and Frank, barring something that would cause them to part ways.

He leaned his head back into the wall, suddenly feeling the weight of the busy day pressing down on his body and his eyelids. He watched Eric's belongings, his clothes fluttering in the wind through half-opened eyes. Presently he felt the warm weight of a furry body against his arm as Mankey hunkered down next to him, having tired of inspecting Eric's sea-smelling attire.

His catnap hadn't progressed long before Eric returned. Mack saw him approaching as he turned the corner of the building. Pushing himself off from the wall with some effort, he looked up at the other boy. "How'd it go? Find Frank anywhere?"

Posted by: Nogster Nov 2 2009, 03:07 AM

As he got back to the camp, Eric spotted Mack as he stood to his feet. He scratched his head as he got Mack's question.
"Well, I found him." Eric started. "But he wasn't really looking too great."
He paused for a second, contemplating what he just said.
"Unless you'd think that being unconscious is great, I suppose." he added, walking over to his clothes on the line, shaking his head.

"Nurse Joy says he'll have a full recovery and that all he needs is some rest." he said, smelling a pair of pants and starting to cough.

"You know, these clothes can't stay like this. I need to rewash them."
Eric said this as a note to himself just as much as information to Mack.
"You don't think they'd have a washing machine in the pokécenter, do ya?" he asked, starting to take the things down from the line, but leaving the map up there.

"Oh, Yum!" he suddenly exclaimed. He got a disgusted expression on his face and removed his hand from his left pocket faster than he'd just put it in.
"The berries in my pocket are squished."
Eric shook his hand to make some of the red and blue substance fly off it.

"If you'd want to, you could go check on Frank, he's in a back room at the pokécenter. I need to pitch the tent before it gets dark." he said, cleaning his hand off as well as he could in the grass, being clearly annoyed at what just happened.

He walked over to the tent-bag on the ground and started unpacking it.
"Oh, and if ya swing by the center, please do ask about the washing machine. That'd be great." he added, starting to unfold the tent.

Posted by: Proby3 Nov 2 2009, 02:11 PM

Alex slowly followed Thomas into the name rater's house. It wasn't exactly dark inside, but it wasn't bright light either. Inside, it was just a normal house, full of usual stuff, such as a cupboard, a clothes drawer, a bed, a table and a couple of chairs, a TV, an oven etc... the man standing inside all of this normality looked like her didn't belong. He was a semi-young man, in mid-thirties at a guess, which wacky, green, spiked up hair, a lip percing and ripped clothes. He looked very "punk."

Thomas seemed to be puzzled at this.
"Are you the Name Rater?" asked Alex' companion.
"Oh, no... that's my dad. But he's out doing the weekly shop at the moment, so I'll be good at this."
Thomas placed his Pichu on the desk. Alex phazed out, and looked out of the window. He loved the charm that this place seemed to have. It was quite pretty actually, and it overlookedf the sea. Alex hadn't been to the seaside much, only a couple of times, and he'd liked it over there. He liked the sea generally. It was fresh and it was one of the links back to his old life, the short one he'd had in Mauvile.

Alex phazed back into the discussion, and Thomas was looking happy.
"Why don't you have a go, Alex?" asked Thomas.
"No, I'm all right, thanks." he replied.
"Ok, fine. Thanks, Mr. Name Rater." and the boys left the building.
Alex wanted a new Pokemon. He really did now. So, he told Thomas this and Thomas agreed to go into the long grasses to have a look. So, both boys went into the grass near the east of the town. Thomas simply battled, whearas Alex was looking more specifically. Suddenly, a Treecko jumped out of the grass at Alex. Alex was shocked, but quickly threw out Stryk's Pokeball.
"Go, Stryk!" out came Stryk like usual.
"Stryk, use peck!" shouted Alex. The Starly nodded, and pecked at the Treecko. It lost quite a bit of health. Then it used absorb on Stryk, only gaining back a little bit of HP.
"Stryk, quick attack!" exclaimed Alex, and Stryk responded with a powerful quick attack. The treecko staggered back, but still had a tiny amount of HP left. Then it ponded Stryk, who was hurt a little. Then, Alex threw his Pokeball.

One roll...

Two rolls...

Three rolls...


Alex shouted jubilantly, and ran towards his new Pokemon. He picked it up, and talked to the Pokeball.
"You are now known as Treecky." he said.

Later that day, after some more Pokemon training, Alex Slasher and Tom Hawk were in the Pokemon center. They were sitting near a boy who looked very injured. They were quite worried for him, but were concentarting more on their next journey. They were going to go to Barley. And from there, who knew?

Posted by: Ariadan Nov 3 2009, 05:39 AM

Frank woke up and blinked to get some focus. He felt like he had been at a party, gotten drunk and accepted a bet to see how many sledgehammer blows to the head he could take, he didn't even dare think about what his back would've had to endure.
As Sophie came into view, looking healthy and happy he remembered what had happened and realized that he was in a hospital bed, not his own.

"Wow, I really need to be more careful from now on." He looked around and saw his sword and shield.
"Maybe I should go home and leave those there, to be honest I have no clue why I even brought them, well, the shield could be useful, but the sword?"
A soft "Toy" from Sophie made him look at the Baltoy.
"Baltoy bal bal-toy." Frank shook his head.
"You know, I honestly have no clue what you just said." He said with humour in his voice.
Maybe this'll help you. What were you trying to say, Sophie? He tried sending his thoughts to Sophie and was taken slightly aback when he saw Sophie's eyes glow faintly blue. He hadn't really noticed that before.

I said that I also did not know why you brought those with you. Never have I seen you use them, nor have I noticed any situations where you would need either of them.

Okay, first of all, you're cute when your eyes glow like that. He smiled. Also, I guess I brought them with me since I've always been fascinated by those sorts of things. But what do you think, should we go home to Arasam and leave those with my parents?

Sophie started spinning and moved down his chest and lied down to rest next to him.
If we are nearby, maybe. For now I think we might want to stay in the company of those two. I enjoy their company, for now it is a pleasant change of pace. We have yet to have the company of others, except for battling their pokémon.

As he was listening to what Sophie had to say he realised that this was the first time she had ever 'spoken' to him.
You're right. Hey, why haven't you spoken to me like this before? I've had the feeling that I'm psychic, but I haven't been able to communicate with you like this before, come to think of it, I haven't been able to do so with any of my pokémon. He tried to sit up but the pain in his back was too great so he gave up trying and simple lay there.

Because it tires me. And also, you are not psychic, I am. At least I do not think that you are psychic.
Sophies words took Frank aback, yet at the same time they made sense since he had tried to communicate with both people and pokémon alike but never managed, all he had received were weird looks, looks as if people thought that he was crazy. But in that case, why had he managed to give his pokémon 'orders' via thought whenever they battled?

Because I have been transmuting your thoughts in battles, it is, as you say, a dead giveaway that giving silent orders to your pokémon would be an advantage as your opponent would be able to react only when when he would see the attack. Now, I wish to rest, this is tiring after all.
"Well then, rest. I don't think I'll be able to get out of this bed anytime soon anyway."
He closed his eyes and tried to lay still.

A few minutes later he felt that he was just about to drift off to sleep when he heard a noise that made him open his eyes and try to see what had caused the commotion.

"Drat, this bucket is always standing in the way of people." Frank recognised the voice as Nurse Joy's.
"Oh, you're awake." She said to Frank as she apparently noticed his trying to get a better view at whatever was happening. "How are you feeling?" She continued.
"I'm alright, I guess." He said as Joy came into view. "I have a splitting headache and my back is killing me, but other than that I'm peachy." His voice was strained from his being tired and the headache having gotten worse from the bucket banging as it fell when Joy entered the room. The sounds outside didn't relly help either. Joy had left the door to the room open, thus letting all the sounds from the center enter the room.
"Would you mind closing the door, nurse? All those people talking, it sounds like there are a million of them out there, not to mention the pokémon."
"Oh, of course." She said and hurried to close the door. Frank heard her turn on a faucet and filling something with water. When she came back into view she was holding a white plastic cup in one hand and something else, which he guessed were pills or something, in the other. "Here, take these, they'll help a little." She placed a hand at the back of Frank's head and helped him get to a better position to drink and take the pills that he now held.

Frank placed the two pills on his tounge and drank the water, swallowing with a look of disgust. He quickly layed down again as the pain in his back was even worse in the previous position.
"Urgh! Worst tasting pain-killers I've ever taken."
Joy giggled slightly as she took the cup and threw it into a trash bin. "The worse they taste, the better they work, I always say."
Frank looked at her. "In that case those'll work a miracle then."

"Ah, yes. A friend of yours was in here earlier," She looked at him and continued. "He was quite concerned and wanted me to let you know that Eric and Mack have set up camp behind the center."
Frank blinked and was quiet for a second. "Ok, thanks." Well, at least it seemed like Eric was alright, so he wouldn't have to worry about him. Now he just had to get out of the hospital bed and join Eric and Mack.
"I told him you just needed a little rest. And rest you need, I'm going to have to keep you here for the night, at least." Frank was alright with that, he wouldn't wanna walk around with his back hurting the way it did. "Well, I have pokémon to take care of as well, if you need any help, just press this." She continued and placed something on his chest.

Frank didn't reply, he simply closed his eyes, wanting to sleep and wake up feeling better.
He heard Joy close the door as she left the room. He could hear different pokémon from outside the center and tried to figure out what pokémon they were before he drifted off to sleep.

Posted by: Spearow Nov 5 2009, 09:52 PM

Mack was already walking along the wall of the center as Eric spoke. He turned the corner, nodding to his companion as he went. "Be back in a bit." He made a 'stay' gesture to Chuckie and Queenie, and they obliged, hopping around and hovering near Eric's work. Chuckie, gifted with more prehensile limbs than Queenie, even made small "murring"-sounds and gestured at the tent equipment with his tail, looking up at Eric. He seemed to be indicating that he'd be willing to help set up the tent - this rare lapse in his contentiousness probably indicating that he had taken something of a liking to the other trainer.

Meanwhile, Mack slipped through the door of he Pokémon Center and headed to the front desk. He wasted no time in addressing the curious-looking nurse directly. "'Scuse me, I'm looking for my friend Frank..."

"Ah, yes." She cut him off, smiling. "He's in the back, in the intensive care unit." Seeing Mack's eyebrows arch, she shook her head and her smile deepened further. "It's just a nickname, really. Kind of a... a medical in-joke. It's the place we keep Pokémon with more long-term conditions. There's nothing seriously wrong with him, he just needed a bit of bed rest was all." She gestured to the door with a small circular glass window in it, through which Mack could barely see the whiteness of hospital beds and plastic curtains. "Go on through."

Mack complied, pushing through the door. He spotted Frank quickly; the tall young man, with his distinctive clothing, was hard to miss. Mack approached his friend's bed tentatively - the older boy appeared to be sleeping, and Mack didn't want to wake him. Quietly, he hovered near the bed, satisfying himself that Frank was quite alive and well, and wondering if he would wake soon or if he should just leave him be for now and return to the campsite.

Posted by: Nogster Nov 6 2009, 08:17 AM

Eric had started to get the skeleton of the tent in place when Chuckie gestured that he could help.
"Well, I don't think I need all that much help on the tent." Eric said, measuring the length of one of the poles.
He turned to look back at Chuckie.
"I do need some water for washing my hands and possibly my clothes." he thought aloud.
Eric barely avoided to once again stick his hand in the berry jam trap in the left front pocket.
"Hey! I know." he said, remembering that he too had pokémon.
He put a hand in his right pants pocket, taking out Starly and Shinx's pokéballs.
After a few seconds of thought, he decided not to release Shellos and chose to keep his pokéball hidden where it was, concealed in his left back pocket.
In two bright flashes of light, Shinx and Starly were released.
Eric almost put Starly's ball in the berry pocket as he shrunk them and put them back.
"Chuckie, would you and Shinx mind to team up and help me with the beds?" he asked, pointing over at two plastic bundles on the ground. He walked over and unrolled them, revealing them to be inflatable mattresses.
"You just push here repeatedly to force air into the mattress." he said, pushing on a square bulge with an air intake on the center of the mattress.

Shinx found this quite interesting and quickly took over by jumping on the square.
"Shiinx!" she said happily as the mattress slowly inflated itself.

"Starly, you and Queenie could fly a lap around the town and look for a well or some other means to get clean water. Is that OK Queenie?" Eric asked, turning his head over to where the birds sat, now once again deep in conversation.

"Staa!" Starly replied after hearing his trainers orders, looking at Queenie for a cue to fly off.

Eric resumed the tent-pitching, making the skeleton complete with two final poles.
As he crouched to pick up the tent sheet, he felt a strain on his back pocket.
"Oh, right." He exclaimed, removing Shellos' ball from the pocket and deciding to hide it under his backpack.

Posted by: Ariadan Nov 7 2009, 11:20 AM

You have a visitor, Frank. Mack is standing next to you.
Frank could hear Sophies voice, it seemed to come out of nowhere and seemed more like a dream than anything else.
It is rude to sleep when you have visitors, I thought you knew that.
He turned his head and opened his eyes. It took a second before he could focus on what he was watching.
There was someone standing next to him, he recognized the person but it took a few short seconds before he realized that it was Mack.

I guess that wasn't a dream then. "Hey, Mack. What's up?" His voice was a bit darker and hoarser than usual, most likely from his throat being dry, and because he just woke up.
He tried sitting up but couldn't and stayed down. His back didn't hurt as much now, but it was still a bit too soon to be moving it. He rubbed his eyes and blinked before smiling at Mack.

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Posted by: Spearow Nov 8 2009, 12:59 AM

Chuckie acquiesced, moving over to the airbeds and beginning his assigned task of filling one doggedly, albeit a bit less enthusiastically than Shinx. He stamped with his three-toed feet rhythmically and fiercely, giving small grunts of satisfaction as the mattress began to inflate.

Queenie chirped in acknowledgement of Eric's request, and made a short gesture and twitch of her head to Starly as he looked to her. With a couple flaps of her wings, she was off and circling ever higher above the buildings of Daigake and trusting her companion would follow. She had not been long in the air before she spotted something that might fit their needs - a stone cistern near the eastern edge of town, not far from the Pokécenter itself given the community's closeness. She let herself drop, hoping that Starly would see where she was going, and circled down closer to the well.

Mack, meanwhile, found himself smiling shyly and shuffling from foot to foot in mild embarrassment as Frank woke. "Sorry, didn't mean to wake you. I just wanted to check that you were okay and stuff." His eyes flicked to Sophie. "And I was gonna say I thought you might get lonely, but I guess you have a friend or two with you after all."

Posted by: Golden Lucario Nov 8 2009, 11:26 AM

Alex and Tom finished their dinner, and then decided to rest in the town for a while. Alex had decided that he wanted to stay here for a little while, so why not? He reasoned.

So, both boys scanned around town, looking for places where they might rest for the night. When they didn't find anything quickly, Alex cursed silently, but the boys carried on looking. it was quite annoying for Alex, who was really very tired. Finally though, they found a weird, empty tree house.

Alex and Thomas climbed the rope ladder, and inside were two beds, and some food. Alex was too tired to care about how weird this could be, so feel asleep quickly.

However, Thomas couldn't get to sleep quickly, and kept pacing about, unsure about the safety of this tree house. He just couldn't stop, it seemed. The food, the beds, the comfortableness of it all was very eerie to him. But finally, he managed to calm himself and get to sleep.

While all this was going on, Alex was having a weird dream. The dream seemed like a random collection of images, thoughts and emotions. At first, he saw himself aged two, coming on the boat to a new Land. He felt a weird sickness, and a slight excitement, but this was all far too immersed in youth and childhood that he almost didn't detect it. The voice of his mother. "This is going to be brilliant." Then the image moved, to his many childhood days, the friends he made, the pain and hardship of bullying, the loneliness he felt at times, mixed in with joy and happiness of his friends. He missed his friends now. Then to more recent events; Blaze's capture, the meeting of Drew and Melody, Melody leaving suddenly, Drew leaving shortly after that. they meeting of Thomas, the capture of Treecky, the frustration of not having a bed to sleep in.

Then Alex saw something weird. He saw what he could only describe later as the future. He saw himself meeting three people, along with Thomas, them having great adventures together. He saw himself winning gym contests, and even taking on the Elite four. He saw himself inside a grand plot of some sort, and finally the last image left in his head.
He saw himself as an old man, surrounded by fully evolved, friendly Pokemon, about to die after a peaceful, long life.

Posted by: Nogster Nov 9 2009, 12:00 PM

Starly had taken off and followed Queenie into the air.
"Staa!" he cried as he gained altitude, feeling the swift wind from the sea on his feathers.
This was what he lived for. There was nothing like flying.
Keeping a short distance to Queenie, he quickly realized as she changed course for the cistern and followed her.
In stead of following her in a circle around it, he decided to land on the edge of the cistern, looking up at Queenie as she circled around him.
He peered down into the cistern to check how full it was and as he saw, he signaled to Queenie.
What he saw, however, was not to his satisfaction. The tank was almost empty. There was a little water at the bottom but not nearly enough for Eric to wash his clothes in.
"Starly! Staa!" he said to Queenie, waving his wing in the direction of a larger building a mile or so from the town.
It was a water tower.

<O}---------------------------------~~:| = |:~~---------------------------------{O>

Eric had just hidden the premier ball containing Shellos under his still wet bag when he heard a pitched "Whis-mur.. whis!" from behind him.
The sound was quite loud and Eric didn't at all recognize it for what it was as he turned around and saw...

This was all that came through Eric's mouth. He had a deep hate for the color and didn't like it the least.
What really hit Eric's retina was the image of a Whismur. It stood behind him and seemed to want to play.

"Get away from me!" Eric shrieked, nigh incomprehensibly.

The pokémon didn't understand what Eric said.

"I said get away!" Eric yelled, standing to his feet.
"Shinx, Charge beam!" he said, pointing at what he thought was a pink abomination.
The Whismur was actually close to purple and had yellow ears, not that Eric cared.

Shinx, who had stopped inflating the mattress and stood clueless next to her master, not understanding the reason for his reaction, had reacted automatically to the command. The creature might not be aggressive, but my master's getting all worked up about it, so I better help him. she thought as she charged up electricity, sending it towards the pokémon.

As the bolt of lightning hit the ground in front of Whismur, it shrieked and started to cry, running off into the distance.

"Thank God!" Eric exclaimed.
"You saved my life, Shinx."

Posted by: Ariadan Nov 11 2009, 04:24 PM

He looked at Sophie, who had fallen asleep and was tossing and turning in its sleep, shortly and then looked back at Mack.
"Well, I appreciate the thought, and I'm fine. Well, my back hurts and I still have a slight headache, but I should be fine by morning."
He cocked his head until a soft cracking sound could be heard.
"Yeah, the beauty of having pokémon, you're never really alone. And besides, nurse Joy comes in here every once in a while to check on me, so don't worry about me being lonely in here." He said that with a little chuckle.
He noticed that he couldn't see Eric and looked around.
"So, is Eric by the little camp you put up?" He turned his head to look at Mack again.

Posted by: Spearow Nov 14 2009, 11:40 AM

Queenie landed on the edge of the cistern as Starly gestured to her. Following his gaze to the bottom, she mirrored his chirp of dissatisfaction. This certainly wasn't what Eric had asked them to find. She looked up quickly with her customary erratic jerk of the head as Starly gestured with his wing to a structure in the distance. She recognized it as a human invention, a place to hold water. Barley had one or two that she had seen from a distance as a wild Pokémon and later learned the function of from walking about town with Mack. She had never been up near one, though - and she wasn't entirely sure how to access the water that was supposedly inside it. Still, it was a better bet than this dry well.

Without hesitation, she took off from the edge of the well with a few gusty flaps of her wings, gaining altitude as quickly as she could and riding drafts and currents towards the water tower. Again hoping that Starly was following, she alighted on the metal railing that circled the tank at the top of the tower.


Mack nodded as Frank spoke to him, his eyes idly searching the small room they were in - he could see the recognizable sillhouettes of Pokémon in the beds near Frank. So this was a sort of "recovery" room, it would seem, for those who couldn't be quickly and neatly healed by a machine.

"Yeah," he said in response to Frank's next question. "Yeah. He's just setting up the tent and stuff... actually, I should probably be helping him with that." Mack turned towards the door, grinning somewhat apologetically at the young man as he made his exit, pushing his way out the door. "Hope you feel better soon! We'll come back to keep you company as soon as we can, if the nurse doesn't let you go before then."

Posted by: Nogster Nov 15 2009, 01:50 PM

Starly took off and followed Queenie to the water tower, but as they reached the tower he didn't land.
In stead he circled around it, looking down at Queenie and the structure.
After confirming that the tower was operational, he signaled for Queenie to follow as he headed back in Eric's direction, showing off some aerial tricks to the female bird as he flew.

<O}---------------------------------~~:| = |:~~---------------------------------{O>

As the little creature disappeared from sight, Eric regained his composure.
"I wasn't scared." he told himself, clearing his throat.

He looked around for a few seconds before realizing what he did before the strange incident.
"The tent." he said, looking at the tent sheet.
"I need to get it done before it gets too dark."

He took the sheet and pulled it over the finished skeleton, anchoring it to the ground with tent pegs.
"Hey, what is this?" he exclaimed, as he realized he was one tent peg short.
"Shinx, did you run off with one of my tent pegs?"

Shinx had not, but she knew exactly where it was.
She walked over to the clothes line which still hung down from the pokécenter to the ground.
"Shinx!" she exclaimed, pawing at the tent peg keeping the line in place.
"Oh, right." Eric said, realizing that he was the one who misplaced it.
He walked over to the line and removed the peg, making the line and the map on the line shoot like a rubber band towards the pokécenter wall.
"Oops." he said, barely audible, walking over to the map and picking it up.
He looked up at the nail in the wall which the other end of the clothes line was attached to.
"I'll let Starly get that one once he comes back." he said as a reminder, walking back to the tent and finishing the tent pitching with the final peg.

"There we go." he said, satisfied with how the tent turned out.
"Now all I need to do before I sleep is to get those clothes cleaned."
He left the map by the tent and walked back to the pile of clothes next to the clothes line.
"What to do with these?" he asked himself, removing and cleaning his glasses before putting tham back on his nose.

Posted by: Ariadan Nov 16 2009, 09:21 PM

Frank nodded as Mack turned to leave the room. Even if he'd wanted to say something to him he wouldn't have had the energy. When mack had left the room, Frank turned his head to look out the window a few feet away from him.
He didn't notice himself fall asleep, so when he found himself in a forest he was, to say the least, confused about where he was and how he had gotten there.

As he looked around he saw a flock of Staravia and Staraptors landing in a tree, they bunched up against each other as if they were going to sleep. It was only then that he realized that it was getting dark and started looking around to find the edge of the forest to go and find shelter.
He started walking north, at least he thought it was north.
He heard a rustle in the bushes next to him and stopped to try and see what it was.
Suddenly a yellow pokémon with red cheeks and a tail shaped like a lightning jumped out of the bushes.
It was a Pikachu, but it seemed slightly smaller than what he would've guessed that they were, judging from the pictures he had seen.
The Pikachu ran straight by him and jumped into the bushes on the other side and disappeared.

"Wow, did you see that, Sophie?" He looked at his right shoulder where Sophie always was when wanting to rest, but Sophie wasn't there.
"Sophie?" He looked around. "Sophie, where are you!?" He turned around several times but couldn't see the little Baltoy anywhere.
"I'm here." He heard a voice that he barely recognized, turned to his left and saw a girl about his age, dressed in a light blue, hooded college sweater with poké ball prints on the shoulders, the sweater was tight enough to show off her figure, yet loose enough so she could move as she wanted.
She had a darker blue shawl wrapped around her head and light blue loose pants, with the same poké ball prints, as the shirt had, on the knees.
She was holding a golden poké ball in her left hand and her right hand was correcting the square glasses she wore.

"Sophie? Is that you?" He recognized her as the girl that he had become friends with back in Arasam.
"How are you Frank? It's been a long time." Her voice sounded happy, and her smile would confirm that she was.
"Wow, it really HAS been a long time, hasn't it?" He couldn't help but let his gaze fall to her knees and back up to her face, she looked beautiful.
She even seemed to glow, either that, or she was standing in the way of the setting sun.

"Hey, follow me." She said and started walking deeper into the forest. "There's something I wanna show you." She continued.
As she started walking, Frank had to put his hand up to block the sun which was now right in his eyes.
It took him a second before he followed her. "What is it?"
"You'll see. It's right over here." He could hear her voice, but he couldn't see her.
"Where? I can't see you." He started walking a little faster and looked around to try and see her.
"Over here."
He started walking even faster. "Sophie? Sophie, quit hiding."
When he broke off into a jog, he felt as if someone was tugging on his shirt, but he couldn't turn around to see who it was.
All of a sudden he was pulled backwards into darkness, blinked and opened his eyes.

He was back in the pokécenter and realized he must've fallen asleep.
"It was just a dream, huh?" He asked himself quietly before closing his eyes and falling back to sleep.

Posted by: Spearow Nov 17 2009, 07:03 PM

Queenie couldn't resist leaning forward to give the side of the tank a quick peck. It made a satisfying metallic thunk, signifying at least that it probably wasn't anywhere near empty. Satisfied, the Taillow took off, flapping quickly to gain elevation and catch up with Starly. She chirped happily as he performed a few tricks and matched them with some acrobatics of her own. Executing a careless barrel roll past the other bird, she rocketed down towards the camp by the Pokécenter, "braking" just before she reached the ground and fluttering to land with a soft thump.

Mack rounded the corner and came upon Eric finishing cleaning up the site just as Queenie landed. Chuckie looked up from where he'd been fiddling with the tent posts - despite the Mankey's good attitude toward Eric, he had not felt attached enough to the trainer to bother stepping in when a Whismur appeared - and besides, Shinx had done a well enough job herself. The Mankey scampered quickly towards his trainer to leap and alight on his shoulder nimbly. Mack caught the flying weight of his Pokémon ably, then looked about to survey Eric's handiwork. "Looks good," he commented lightly, approaching the other boy and peering down at the pile of clothes at his feet. "But... what are you going to do about those?" Unknowingly, he mirrored the young man's question from just a moment before.

Queenie chirped and hopped insistently to catch both of the trainers' attentions, intent on sharing her and Starly's discovery with them.

Posted by: Nogster Nov 18 2009, 03:08 AM

After a series of acrobatic feats, Starly landed on the ground next to Queenie. He was also interested in telling Eric the news but since Queenie was so worked up about it, he decided to keep a low profile and just tweet a little in agreement.

Eric had just put the glasses back when Mack came around the corner.
"I was hoping you would know." he said as a reply to Mack's question.
"I suppose there was no washing machine in th Pokécenter then?"
He started folding his clothes, having to get one of his socks back from Shinx who evidently had declared it her arch nemesis and attacked it, pawing at it and throwing it into the air and catching it.

After this brief distraction, Eric heard ecstatic chirping and turned around, finding Queenie and Starly back again with news.
"I'm getting nothing." he said, looking over at Mack after ten seconds of listening to Queenie's chirping.
"It's your bird. What is she saying?"

Posted by: Spearow Nov 18 2009, 11:27 PM

Mack cocked his head to the side quizzically, then started slightly as he remembered what Eric had asked him. "Oh! I was concentrating on finding Frank and I forgot to check," he told Eric with an apologetic wince. He opened his mouth to say more, but was interrupted by the frenetic chirping of his Taillow on the ground nearby.

Tough question, Mack thought as Eric asked what Queenie was trying to say, but stepped forward toward the Taillow anyway, bending down to read her body language better. Of course he couldn't decipher exactly what she was saying, but it wasn't hard to see that she was certainly excited about something. She jerked her head up to the sky, flapping her blue wings twice, and Mack got the message. "Looks like she and Starly've found something they want to show us."

Queenie chirped once, satisfied, and beckoned with a wing to an object off in the distance, which Mack recognized as a water tower. "Okay... so this town has a good supply of running water." He looked back towards the pokécenter entrance from which he had just come. "So I'd say it's probably a good guess that the center has a washing machine. Want me to hold down the fort and you can go check?"

Posted by: Golden Lucario Nov 22 2009, 04:37 AM

The next day, Alex Slasher woke up to birdsong. It was a lovely, fresh, crisp air that he breathed in, and the woody feel of the tree house that he touched as he lifted himself from the ground. That morning was one of the cleanest, nicest mornings in the whole of Alex' life. As if he were aware of this, he made sure he paused and took in all the beauty and nature around him. It was truly magical.

As Alex looked out of the open-air window, he thought he saw something weird but brilliant. He thought he saw Ho-oh glide across the sky. But it seemed that Alex' dream-like morning wasn't over surprise-wise. Just as he was about to get ready to leave the tree house, a little shiny Farfetch'd flew up to him, chirped a few times, and left. Alex thought that that was just brilliant.

Later, once Tom and Alex were ready, they left the tree house. As Alex walked away, he remembered the Farfetch'd, and smiled.

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Posted by: Nogster Nov 24 2009, 08:21 AM

Eric nodded.
He knew what a water tower was and knew what he was looking at, but had no actual idea of how it worked.
"We could do that, I guess." he replied to Mack's question, looking off at the structure in the distance with a confused expression.

Shinx brushed up against his leg, looking at what was happening as Eric gathered all the clothes together, leaving out the leather trench coats, as they'd never survive a wash.
"Oh God! This smells horrible." he said, picking up the pile.
"You know, This might start walking on it's own if we leave it here for a week."
Eric laughed as he walked off with the heap in his arms, dropping a sock from the pile but not noticing.
Shinx, who did notice it, reluctantly picked it up with her mouth and followed her master.
Starly didn't even see him walk off.
He had gotten into a new conversation with the Taillow and was chirping away quite loudly.

Three dropped socks and one pair of underwear later, Eric had gotten into the Pokécenter.
Getting through the door was definitely the hardest part.
He ended up having to use an elbow and a foot to get it opened, feeling somewhat happy with what he had achieved as he entered the center.

"Excuse me!" he said, closing up on the front desk.
"But you don't happen to have a working washing machine around? Or anything else to get my clothes clean for that matter."
Eric put the pile of clothes down on the floor.
"Well we have a laundromat, if that's what you mean." nurse Joy replied, looking at the clothes.
"Why so much laundry?"
Eric looked over at the nurse and chuckled.
"One could say that I had a splash of a time today and, frankly, my clothes didn't like it." he said with a smile.
"In other words, I took an involuntary swim in the ocean."
Nurse Joy couldn't help but to smile.
"I see, well the laundromat is right in there." she said, pointing over to a door to her right.
Eric thanked the nurse and picked up the clothes, proceeding through the door and into the room with the laundromat.
As he let the clothes fall to a heap on the floor, he spotted Shinx and couldn't stop himself from bursting into laughter.
She was wearing the underwear as a cloak and had four socks sticking out of her mouth.
"Fiiif!" she said happily, not really understanding what her master was laughing at but sharing the joy.
This was to much for Eric who fell over on the ground, laughing his heart out.

Posted by: Spearow Nov 24 2009, 06:58 PM

Queenie was returning Starly's conversation actively, cheeping merrily, apparently in good spirits from the success of their brief mission. Their varied twittering was so quick it could only be interpreted by a bird Pokémon - Mack certainly had not idea what they were talking about.

He grinned at Eric as he left with his stinking pile of clothes. As soon as the older boy disappeared, Mack set to tidying up the camp - not that it needed much of it, simple as it was. The tent was pitched, the mattresses ready - Mack yawned, a wave of exhaustion flowing through him. It had been a full day, that was for sure. He plopped himself down to sit on one of the mattresses, his feet on the grass and his hands on his knees. Chuckie, who had been poking through his owner's backpack where it had been tossed near the tent, bounded over to join him.

Mack hardly realized it as he slipped back into a reclining position the mattress. Soon he was breathing rhythmically, dozing lightly, slipping in and out of vague consciousness. Weariness had overwhelmed him at last, it seemed.

Posted by: Nogster Nov 26 2009, 10:23 PM

Eric had put the clothes in the machine and followed the instructions of how to wash the clothes from a sheet of paper on the machine. Once done, he sat down on a chair to wait for them to get washed.
Shinx stood in front of the laundromat, watching the clothes tumble around inside.
The room in which Eric was sitting was dimly lit with sort of a warm feel to it.
The white walls were bordering on yellow and though the repetitive whirring noises from the machine were pretty loud, Eric slowly drifted off to sleep. Forgetting where he was and what he was doing.
All of a sudden, he was standing in an alley.
Fear spread through his body as he realized he was in a city. The cities were places that Eric avoided.
There were strong trainers in the cities and they didn't care about fair play. They just wanted to win.
As he walked through the alley, Eric looked around with wild eyes, expecting to see a trainer around every bend.
He rounded a corner and what he saw scared him more than any trainer would.
The alleyway was full of pink pokémon and they seemed intent on hugging him.
Eric closed his eyes and prayed they would go away.
When he opened his eyes, he was no longer in the alleyway.
He was a helicopter, flying over the ocean. He heard the rotor blades of the helicopter spin, but there was a sloshing sound that he couldn't really identify.
Some time later, the sound stopped and Eric was falling. He was about to hit the water, the rotor had stopped spinning. He leaned forward to brace against the water surface when, with a thump, he fell out of the chair and hit his head on the floor.
Eric awoke again, unsure of how long he had been out. His head hurt a little from the fall, but it was nothing compared to the bruises he had from earlier.
The laundromat was done and Shinx had curled up on top of it and fallen asleep.
As Eric stood to his feet, she woke up and with a weak purr, stood to her feet and stretched.

Eric removed the clothes from the machine and put the bundle of damp clothing in his arms, telling shinx to follow as he walked out the door. In the lobby of the pokécenter, Chansey stood, tending to a young man's pokémon, Eric just walked by, not saying a word as he left the pokécenter.

Well outside, Eric realized that it was pitch black, he wouldn't have been able to get back to the camp if it wasn't just behind the center. Eric started to walk there, keeping one elbow on the wall of the center to stay on course.
Shinx was following right behind him.

He had gotten halfway around the center when he heard voices.
"Shhhhh!! Keep your voice down Hector. How would it look if we were spotted like this?" a female voice said.
Eric crouched down and listened closely.

"They said that we should get it in there and get away as quick as possible. They told us that." a deep male voice added.
"But is it really alright to do this? I mean-" "Shut up Hector. We do what we're told. Never question the orders."
The female voice interrupted an annoyingly nasal male one.
"The orders are orders." The deep male voice filled in.
"Yes, Vance. Now Stay quiet both of you. We can't risk being caught." the female voice said with an annoyed tone.

Eric held his breath as the steps came closer.
As they went past and disappeared, he let out a sigh of relief.
He stood to his feet.

Who were those people? he thought.

And why were they hiding?

He walked around the pokécenter, taking several steps towards the tent but stopping as he became unsure of his location.

"Mack?" he called out.
"Are you there? Did you put the mattresses in the tent?"
He spread the clothes out on the ground while awaiting a reply.

Posted by: Spearow Nov 28 2009, 06:31 PM

Mack started, sitting up from his position on the mattress, his upper body inside the tent while his legs hung out. Brushing an arm across his eyes to wake up, he peered up at Eric, or at least the point where Eric's voice came from. It had grown dark while Mack was napping, or at least darker than it had been before.

"Oh - yeah. Everything's ready," he said in response to Eric's question, yawning. "And I'm just about ready to hit the sack, I think." Shifting over so that he could feel for his pack and pull his sleeping bag from it, he felt Chuckie poke his shoulder. When he turned to face the Mankey the creature held up his Pokéball with a somewhat irritable expression on his face. "Oh yeah, sorry buddy. I guess you're pretty tired too." He pressed the button on the center of the device, encapsuling the Mankey in a manner of seconds. Mack stowed the ball in his pack and pulled his sleeping bag from it as he did so. Within minutes he had it spread out atop his mattress. Peering out of the tent, he called softly, "Queenie?"

A soft chirp from a nearby tree answered his call. Queenie often preferred to roost out of her Pokéball and keep a sort of watch whenever they camped outside. "Okay," Mack said. He pulled her capture ball out of his pocket and laid it on the ground just outside of his tent. "Your pokéball is here if you feel like going inside." Queenie was proficient enough with the operation of the release button that she could let herself into the ball with relative ease.

Remembering that Eric was still outside the tent in the dark, Mack pulled one final object from his pack - his trusty flashlight. Flicking it on, he spread the beam across the grass so that Eric could hopefully see where he was going and what he was doing.

Posted by: Nogster Dec 2 2009, 09:41 PM

After spreading the clothes out, Eric had followed Mack's voice as he was talking to his pokémon, making his way to the tent entrance and getting there just as Mack turned on the flashlight.
"Whoa! Bright!" he said, pulling a hand in front of his eyes as he entered the tent.
After crawling to where his mattress lay, he called out to Shinx.
"Shinx, you're on guard duty tonight. Wake Starly if you're getting tired." he said, remembering that he had no clue where Starly was.
"Starly? Are you around?"

The little bird made a sleepy chirp from where he sat next to Queenie in the tree.

Right. Eric thought.
I think we're good.
He said goodnight to Mack before turning around on the mattress and falling asleep.
Eric never slept in a sleeping bag unless it was completely necessary.
As he drifted off to sleep, he remembered the three voices he had heard in the night.
Who were they?

Posted by: Spearow Dec 6 2009, 01:33 PM

"Sorry," Mack murmured sleepily as he flicked off the light and tossed it back into his pack. Turning over, he slid into his sleeping bag's polyester interior easily. The weight of the day was already pressing down upon his eyelids and his limbs, and he could feel himself releasing hold of his consciousness even as he reciprocated Eric's good night wishes with a soft, hum-like mumble.

His sleeping mind, untroubled by questions or doubts, was thoroughly permeated by the gentle wildness of the sea, the washing crash of waves punctuated with the forlorn cries of seabirds. He breathed slowly, falling as all animals must into the familiar rhythm and stirring loneliness of unconsciousness.

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