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Challenger List 2010-2011
Kookie Monster
post Aug 19 2010, 06:12 PM
Post #61

Stalking like a Weeping Angel
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Group: Members
Posts: 170
Joined: 18-January 08
Member No.: 889


Name: Jagjit
FC: 2880 4548 1546

1. Togekiss
3. weavile
7. gengar
11. tyranitar

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IRC NICKS: Fudge, Kookie, Adam West, RedIce

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post Sep 25 2010, 04:48 PM
Post #62

Fear me, for I am the unmaker!
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Group: Members
Posts: 215
Joined: 5-September 09
From: Oh that town, you know the one.
Member No.: 61 700

And Old Ghost Team!

Name: Jacob
Game: Heart Gold
FC: 2794 4598 0973

1. typhlosion.gif (M) (Nickname: Cin)
2. kingdra.gif (M) (Nickname: Zeze)
3. roserade.gif (F) (Nickname: Bewa)
4. heracross.gif (M) (Nickname: Cross)
5. tyranitar.gif (M) (Nickname: Crash)
6. lapras.gif (F) (Nickname: Lisa)
7. alakazam.gif (M) (Nickname: Vanish)
8. salamence.gif (M) (Nickname: Targis)
9. aerodactyl.gif (M) (Nickname: Arrow)
10. spiritomb.gif (M) You'll know its him, only pokemon without an english nickname.
11. rhyperior.gif (M) (Nickname: Horny)
12. magnezone.gif (Nickname: Steely)
13. mismagius.gif (M) (Nickname: Ghosty)
14. lucario.gif (M) (Nickname: Lulu)
15. infernape.gif (M) (Nickname: Flare)

A few of these are subject to permanent change, depending on their performance.

This post has been edited by JacOat12: Sep 25 2010, 04:57 PM

What am I? (click to show)
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Shawn Blaze
post Sep 26 2010, 11:34 AM
Post #63

The burning Lucario
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Group: Members
Posts: 44
Joined: 26-October 09
From: Somewhere warm.......
Member No.: 70 112

HeartGold Party

My '10 list, i plan to be more active this time

HeartGold FC = 3395 5948 4525

1) typhlosion.gif Typhosion (M)

2) lucario.gif Lucario (M)

3) charizard.gif Charizard (M)

4) infernape.gif Shiny Infernape (M)

5) togekiss.gif Togekiss (M)

6) luxray.gif Shiny Luxray (F)

7) raikou.gif Raikou *

8) suicune.gif Suicune *

9) entei.gif Entei *

Reason for change:

9/26: Added number 7-9

This post has been edited by Shawn Blaze: Sep 26 2010, 02:18 PM


Shawn is a LUCARIO lucario.gif
My PEARL FC IS 0474 6237 6145
My HG FC is 3395 5948 4525

Great Banner by Darcy Wing!!
90% of teens would die if MySpace had a system failure and crashed. If you are part of the 10% that would die laughing, copy and paste this into your signature.
My Dragon (click to show)

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The Pokemon I am (click to show)
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post Oct 16 2010, 09:04 AM
Post #64

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
Posts: 54
Joined: 24-May 09
From: Sunny (Liez) Scotland
Member No.: 26 591


Name: Aaron
Platinum FC: 2793 9375 8951

1: Swellow (M) ~Machismo~

2: Ambipom (M)

3: Crobat (F) ~Batty~

4: Togekiss (F) ~Hax Attack~

5: Zapdos

6: Weezing (M)

7: Claydol

8: Probopass (M)

9: Blissey (F)

10: Lapras (F)

11: Hitmontop






Come read my WarStorys if that's your thing.

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post Nov 15 2010, 04:30 PM
Post #65

The Master of Aura
Group Icon

Group: +Donors
Posts: 278
Joined: 7-July 09
From: Hoenn
Member No.: 43 575


FC:3481 6379 3317

1. blaziken.gif Blaziken (M) Nickname: REFLECT

2. glalie.gif Glalie (M)

3. typhlosion.gif Typhlosion (F) Nickname: FIREY

4. feraligatr.gif Feraligatr (M) Nicname: Laker

5. zapdos.gif Zapdos (N)

6. shaymin.gif Shaymin (N)

I joined this site on July 7th, 2009. I feel old.

Keeping a journal archive since 2013.

"The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." -Mewtwo

Tributes, Awards, and Otherwise (click to show)
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post Jan 16 2011, 07:51 PM
Post #66

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
Posts: 19
Joined: 29-November 09
Member No.: 74 598


I only just got wifi in my house, but this seems like it could be fun. I don't expect to win much though... T_T
Okay, here's my roster:

SS Friend Code: 3310 2276 6350
Trainer Name: Cole

1. Charizard, Male
2. Swampert, nickname Atlantic, Male
3. Lucario, nickname Kami, Male
4. Absol, Female
5. Sceptile, nickname Shiva, Male
6. Luxray, nickname Kali, Female
7. Weavile, Female
8. Roserade, nickname Rose, Female
9. Gallade, Male (duh)
10. Empoleon, nickname Poseidon, Male
11. Infernape, Male
12. Torterra, nickname (Japanese version of Torterra), Male
13. Staraptor, nickname Talon, Male
14. Mismagius, Female
15. Typhlosion, nickname Hades, Male

This post has been edited by Feralninja: Jan 20 2011, 09:58 PM

The banner of my novella: Blazing Heart (sequel in progress)

An author is someone who never left their imaginary friends behind.

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Fusion Kirby
post Mar 1 2011, 06:14 PM
Post #67

Pokémon Trainer
Group Icon

Group: Newbies
Posts: 2
Joined: 30-August 10
Member No.: 112 112

Active Squad

1: Charizard charizard.gif Male Lv 100
2: Flygon (GONFLY) flygon.gif Male Lv 98 (to be changed when Lv up)
3: Empoleon (Penguin) empoleon.gif Male Lv 100
4: Dragonite dragonite.gif Male Lv 56 (to be changed when Lv up)
5: Gardevoir gardevoir.gif Female Lv 56 (to be changed when Lv up)
6: Swampert swampert.gif Male Lv 100
7: Typhlosion typhlosion.gif Male Lv 75 (to be changed when Lv up)
SoulSilver Code: 3911 4903 8689

Empoleon from Platinum, Dragonite and Gardevoir from HeartGold.
More to be added and Edited later.

Do Not Take these Eggs!
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Black Yin
post May 15 2011, 02:40 PM
Post #68

Group Icon

Group: Members
Posts: 31
Joined: 27-July 09
From: Roc Nation
Member No.: 50 524

Active Roster

Game: Platinum
FC: 0046-3496-9555

1. Azelf
2. Jirachi
3. Umbreon (F)
4. Gyarados (M)
5. Electivire (F)
6. Dusknoir (M)
7. Metagross
8. Uxie
9. Tyranitar (F)
10. Gengar (M)
11. Infernape (F)
12. Lucario (M)
13. Swampert (M)
14. Snorlax (M)
15. Skarmory (F)


This awesome sig was done by CDB. Check his stuff out here.
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Neo Altaria
post May 20 2011, 05:52 PM
Post #69

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
Posts: 91
Joined: 28-November 08
From: Under cyceling rode
Member No.: 3 241

Active Squad

Trainers name: kyle
Game: Heart Gold
friend code: 1936 1390 6794











11. FLYGON (f) *

12. Snorlax (fluff ball) (M) *

13.vespquen (bumble bee) (F) *

14. dugrio (m)


This post has been edited by Shadow garchomp: May 30 2011, 10:26 PM

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post May 22 2011, 06:02 AM
Post #70

Evil Marshmellows from Neptune
Group Icon

Group: Members
Posts: 86
Joined: 30-November 08
From: I am in my happy place...
Member No.: 3 251


Version: Pearl
IGN: DTeice
FC: 0516 8340 9400


Gallade gallade.gif "Ray" Male
Gardevoir gardevoir.gif "Lucielle" Female
Ninjask ninjask.gif "Ninja Bug!" Male
Electrode electrode.gif "Slowpoke" Unknown Gender
Metagross metagross.gif "Meta" unknown Gender
Tyranitar tyranitar.gif "Tyrant" Male
Machamp machamp.gif "Champion" Male
Alakazam alakazam.gif "Spoonosis" Female
Kingdra kingdra.gif "King Horse" Female
Blissey blissey.gif "Blissful" Female
Swampert swampert.gif "Swampy" Male
Infernape infernape.gif"Blaze Kong" Male
Heracross heracross.gif "Heracles" Male
Empoleon empoleon.gif "Emperor" Female
Muk muk.gif "Sludge" Female

This post has been edited by dteice: May 22 2011, 06:03 AM

Edge and Rydia (click to show)

GTS+ Gym badges (click to show)

Did not know:
that Poison was weak against Ground
Gust was a Normal type move in Generation 1
Slash has a 60% crit. rate in gen 1 when it was only supposed to be 30%
Cut (The HM01 move) can be used in the overworld to clear tall grass in Generations 1-3

think you know something i wouldn't about pokemon tell me and I'll add it here! grin.gif ^_^.gif
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post May 26 2011, 08:19 PM
Post #71

Dark Gym Leader in Unova.
Group Icon

Group: Members
Posts: 88
Joined: 1-October 10
From: Unova
Member No.: 115 947

Shiny and Proud

Name: Dominic
FC: 0389 3079 1037

1. electivire.gif male
2. lucario.gif male
3. arcanine.gif female
4. blastoise.gif female
5. blissey.gif female shiny
6. salamence.gif male shiny
7. typhlosion.gif male
8. tyranitar.gif male
9. luxray.gif female
10. charizard.gif male
11. venusaur.gif female
12. milotic.gif male
13. latias.gif female
14. articuno.gif genderless
15. raikou.gif genderless

This post has been edited by Rushking: Nov 14 2011, 09:14 PM

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my pokemon team (click to show)
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post Jun 25 2011, 07:44 PM
Post #72

Pokémon Trainer
Group Icon

Group: Members
Posts: 29
Joined: 19-June 10
From: Chicago
Member No.: 101 513


Black FC: 3954 6894 7477
Name: Cobalt
1. Dynamic (Male Shiny Aerodactyl)
2. Khalifa (Male Shiny Lucario)
3. Breezy (Female Shiny Milotic)
4. Kane (Male Shiny Arcanine)
5. Soldier (Male Shiny Dragonite)
6. Pine (Male Non-Shiny Sceptile)
7. Weavile (Male Non-Shiny Weavile)
8. Cobalt (Male Non-Shiny Swampert)
9. Phantom (Male Shiny Gengar)
10. Sparky (Male Non-Shiny Electivire)
11. Horizon (Female Non-Shiny Virizion)
12. Hydreigon (Male Non-Shiny Hydreigon)
13. Steve (Male Non-Shiny Krookodile)
14. Titan (Male Non-Shiny Empoleon)
15. Razor (Male Shiny Absol)

Within all darkness is light. But within all light is Darkness.
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Apple Bloom
post Jul 5 2011, 06:56 PM
Post #73

Hi am a Apple Bloom fan
Group Icon

Group: Members
Posts: 218
Joined: 21-August 10
From: America
Member No.: 110 919

Ponies <3333333333

code:5114 1299 3658

This post has been edited by Birdy Seafann Artita: Jul 6 2011, 12:31 PM


Art made for me(credit for the creators) (click to show)

Awards (click to show)

Previously Sweetie Bloomaloo,Apple Bloom,Mizuhisa,Mizuki Himeji,Lucky Star 9,Kenitchi Shirihama n Mari, Birdy Seafann Artita,pallkia
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Me Gusta
post Oct 31 2011, 12:20 AM
Post #74

Hockey Brawl!
Group Icon

Group: Members
Posts: 111
Joined: 19-October 11
Member No.: 152 455

Me Swamsta

Trainer: Me Gusta (DrGusta)
FC: 0905-5936-4957
Game: Platinum

1)swampert.gif Swampert (M)
2)ninjask.gif Ninjask (F)
3)starmie.gif Starmie (-)
4)gyarados.gif Shiny Gyarados (M)
5)weavile.gif Weavile (M)
6)yanmega.gif Shiny Yanmega (F)
7)jolteon.gif Jolteon (M)
8)dragonite.gif Dragonite (M)
9)scizor.gif Scizor (M)
10)electivire.gif Shiny Electivire (M)
11)machamp.gif Machamp (M)
12)forretress.gif Forretress (M)
13)metagross.gif Shiny Metagross (-)
14)infernape.gif Infernape (M)
15)magnezone.gif Magnezone (-)

Click Them
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