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The future of GPX
post Mar 11 2015, 11:23 PM
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As you're all aware from the update post yesterday, Wymsy has decided to step down, and we all wish her the best.

She's not only been here for all 6 years of GPXPlus, but also all 8 years of this GTSPlus community. She was the third person to register on this forum, because she was here from the beginning, helping to lay the initial groundwork and then sculpt it over the years. She's done so much such as moderating the forum, creating artwork and sprites, building out the ideas for new features, managing those features like explorations and trinkets, and managing the other staff. That list doesn't even begin to give you a sense of how many hours she's poured into the site, especially during the last year or two when Jeff and I have been on hiatus. She may have been the only non-developer admin, but she was the only one that truly acted like a site and community admin.

It's a deep loss for the staff and the community, but it's a decision that I completely understand and respect. The site has had a good run, and took up a large part of our lives from late teenage years to young adult. It's not something we planned on running forever, and we always knew there would be a time when we'd all have to say our goodbyes. While Jeff and I never officially left, it's pretty clear we checked out long ago. A lot of other staff members have lowered their activity level to the bare minimum as well. Like anything in life, your interest level fades as your responsibility elsewhere rises. I know a lot of you don't want to hear that; it's always sad when your favorite band, TV show cast, or website staff team decides to disband.

As you can all imagine, there has been a lot of discussion in the back-end about how we're going to move forward. In fact, there's a rumor circulating right now about staff insider information confirming that the site will be shut down within the week. I'm here to quell those rumors... sort of.

First off, I will completely admit that we have discussed shutting the site down. There are a number of reasons for this: Jeff and I haven't had the time or motivation to update the site with new features the way all websites should endlessly grow, Wymsy leaving, activity dropping a lot over the last year, and because of that last point, funds drying up which we need so we can keep paying for our expensive dedicated server. Of course, the reason our server is so pricey is because we needed it to be a powerhouse back when the site was extremely active. I'm not asking any of you to rush in and start donating either, please don't read that this way.

Now that I've gotten that part out of the way... there's still a part of me that doesn't want to see the site close down. This site means so much to so many people. A lot of you have spent the last 6 years here, even without being staff. You've all made online friends, and sometimes more than that. I know I've made lifelong friends here, ones that I've met multiple times in person and still talk to daily. Even Jen, my girlfriend of almost 5 years, is someone I came to know thanks to this website. Last night I thought for sure this was the end -- we had made up our minds -- but then I stared at the Main/Party page of the site, refreshing with my spacebar, and thinking how terrible it would be if no one got to experience this anymore. It started to feel like losing a family member, and became all too real to me.

The option to shut the site down is still a possibility... but if we go that route, we will warn you all at least a month in advance so that you can do whatever you need to do before losing access. However, my goal is to keep the site going. My plan for the future is to move the website to a cheaper server, or cloud-based solution, which is why I'm not asking for a donation drive. We're okay right now, in fact the server's next three months of life are already paid for. Another step is to restructure the staff so that anyone who's inactive is removed and anyone who still really cares is kept around and possibly promoted. While Jeff and I still won't be around much at all to implement new features, I would make sure one or two people are put in charge, in almost the same role Wymsy had, so that the site can continue to have some new content. That content would likely include Trinkets, Explorations, and new Pokémon. There may even be more events going forward. I'm sure the SWSH is still something that would happen, as well as all of the other automatic events.

The site will, in essence, live on frozen in time, for all of you to continue to enjoy.

Who knows what the future will hold beyond this scope?

Edit: Please note that this post isn't asking for people to volunteer to help out. A large part of the problem is that handling contests and implementing new features is all code-based, and we would not be comfortable at all giving anyone access to that outside of myself and Jeff.

We've already got plans for how we're going to proceed with moderators and other staff. If we decide we need to bring more talent on board, that's something we'll handle when we get there. Thank you for your concern and the offers, though!

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Thanks to all of the people in this thread and this thread for the various avatars!

Note that I'm on an uncertain hiatus.

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