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Ghosts, Music, and Hijinks, Private between flarp22, Douken Sota, and Yzarc Drowsnam
Douken Sota
post Aug 9 2013, 12:32 AM
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Space Force? Pirate? Outlaw sounds nice...
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"Don't worry, it won't take that long, " Seican commented back to Jill, who seemed to have gotten caught up in a mess herself. "Now, Grass Whistle!"

Giving off a bow, she put her hands together, blowing to let out the soothing whistle. To Seican, a good way to help ensure its effectiveness would be to use the speaker the Rotom crashed into, so right after she began performing, he put a mic in front of her. Startled by such a sudden placement, she hopped back before getting the mic moved closer, Seican letting her know it would be alright. Calming down, she continued her play as the Rotom took the moment to charge up a shock wave. And it almost worked too, if the electricity didn't also hit Seican and the mic, which shot out a loud ring through the speakers and into everyone's ears.

"What is up with all this noise?!" suddenly shot through everyone's head before a Sableye walked though a box to se the situation. "And why is it this freaking hot?! Goddamit... Princess!" This caused the lead singer to turn her head to the Sableye. "Didn't you promise me that you would of been decently quiet without ruining what I got going here? I mean, seriously! Don't you know I got a guest over and if things went right-"

"SAB!!!!" A sudden snowstorm seemed to began brewing behind the Sableye before a Froslass came into the picture. "I thought you said this would be a romantic night! Full of music and partying before settling down to a quiet dinner and a satisfying ending. Well, I think that night was just not tonight."

"But babe..."

"But nothing! You will just sleep on that couch over there tonight, kapeesh?"

"Yes ma'am..."

Unfortunately for the pair, the crowd was able to hear half the conversation said, having the Sableye forgetting to break the connection with the others. However, body language may of been able to fill in the other half. And as the little drama performed in front of them, Seican slowly scooted behind the distracted Rotom before tapping the Pokeball on his head, attempting the capture and using his own hands to prevent the Pokeball from opening back up (even if he had to handle the shaking) until it pinged successfully.

And, if to make matters worse, the sounds of the police sirens were quickly getting louder. "Oh, what now?!" Sableye muttered as the barking of Growlithe soon followed to the entryway.

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