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Anyone still play X/Y/ORAS?
post Dec 5 2017, 09:32 PM
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Resident void screamer with sporadic forum activity.
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Random 'mons I like:

Just thought I'd ask if there was anyone else out there. I'm still using X because it's where all my good breedables are stored; haven't got around to transferring anything over yet. Plus, I don't like Alola all that much, mainly because of how slow all the native Pokemon are. ene


I have a storylocke going on currently [6/8/18], check it out if you want.

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post Dec 5 2017, 11:05 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Some of my Favorites

Right now I'm playing Pearl but I have yet to finish X so I need to do that at some point.

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post Dec 13 2017, 07:48 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Active Squad

I do still play Pokémon X once in a while. I didn't transfer my Pokémon so I can still battle and trade friends with X.

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Mikaku Onchi
post Dec 31 2017, 06:41 PM
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BEIEI has taken my soul
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I restarted my Y game before I got Ultra Moon and sometimes I still play it. I love X&Y and ORAS, I would replay ORAS but I lent my OR game to my cousin who's just got a DS now and never played GEN VI and VII. He's only played the games on emulators so he's happy about it happy.gif


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post Jan 3 2018, 11:26 AM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Active Squad

I have recently reset my save file on Pokémon X & started my journey with a Chespin. I do not have Pokémon Bank so I am lowkey crying over the loss of my Darkrai + Victini, lol. I took a break from it though to play other new games I have bought.
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post Jan 6 2018, 10:00 AM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Some of my favorites

I beat X and Alpha Sapphire so no, I don't really play those. I have not beaten Y yet so might go back and finish that. Don't have Omega Ruby so can't really comment on that. Really just distracted by Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon until the next game comes out. Been actively shiny hunting in them. Pre shiny charm. It's a pain, but I've already gotten a few with SOS chain.
Seriously considering going back and beating Y after finishing the Suns and Moons though.


Feel free to friend me! teehee.gif
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