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Region History, Courtesy of Velyoukai
post Jul 1 2008, 11:34 AM
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Fifty years ago, four amazing individuals made their way to the island of Furoh from each of the four main landmass areas. The first was a strong woman from Kanto that brought with her many musclemen and women along with many fighting and rock pokemon. The second was accompanied by many intelligent businessmen and women who brought their psychic and dark pokemon with them. The other two were a calm and creative man and a wild but cunning woman, with artists, flying and normal pokemon and tribes members, fire and grass pokemon respectively. The four had left their mainland areas in search of a new place that they could call their own and hone their skills, while seeking to start up a new area of living for others. They each claimed a fourth of the island as their own and set out to make it hospitable for their people, maintaining a more or less neutral relationship with each other as they worked, for they desired no squabbles to interfere with their progress.

For the next twenty years, the four great trainers had their areas cultivated, reworked and constructed into personalized centers of populations that matched their own personalities and likes.

The woman from Kanto, Blue, ordered for the mainland area in the north to be hers, sending her strongest to there in order to stake her claim. None of the others objected to this, so she immediately began to create a grand array of towns along the northern shore, amassing them all until they connected like a chain to the town that she had made near the top a mountain near the center of the island. It was here at that mountain that Blue decided to make her home base a gym as well for aspiring trainers, and it was here that she remains in order to keep testing the strength of those that come against her and train under her.

The creative man that specialized in flying pokemon laid claim to the eastern shore, where he too had a noticeably smaller number of towns created with plenty of open space in the skies for the flying pokemon, as well as open running fields for the non-flying pokemon. He strove towards balancing his pokemon training with his younger students with his artistic visions, teaching many of them how to blend the two arts into a beautiful mixture of life and expressive joy. He made his gym alongside a tall cliff face next to the shore, where the winds were wild and the skies free and clean. However, with the recent pollution dealt to his area due to the industrious Western city, he and his people were forced to abandon their first major city to a lesser one that was built underground. This left a foul bitterness between the people and those of the West, but built up ties with their northern allies, who lent them aid and ground pokemon to make sure that they made it out of the polluted lands safely.

The Amazon warrior and the various tribes that had journeyed with her took to the island that laid in the crescent moon's space, where many wild animals and pokemon were cowed by their primal might, vicious cunning and powerful pokemon. With no real opposition to stop their progress, the tribes set up on the island and began to build up, creating astoundingly difficult defenses and traps that made it difficult for any outsiders to make it through their island to their chief's gym without inside assistance. Surprisingly though, the Amazon chief struck a deal with the leader of the industrial city down south, making it so that none of the CEO's machines set 'foot' on their land, and in return, they would send down rare materials that they found. So far, despite the complaints of her other two leaders, the strong Blue and the homeless Silver, the Amazon chief, Ruby, has kept a neutral, yet productive alliance with the CEO of the industrial city, Dusk.

Lastly, the psychic and dark pokemon trainer from Sinnoh, Dusk, claimed the south-western portion of the main island as his own. There, he cleared the fields and the forests and built a massive city, littered with skyscrapers, business offices, apartments and other cold, impersonal buildings that towered into the sky. Jobs of all kinds began to sprout up, and in the beginning, the other three trainers and their people were happy with the city. However, about twenty years ago, the pollution spewing from the city that had merely been a minor annoyance previously grew into a serious problem when it forced the people of the south-eastern city of Lenoilia to evacuate. Ghost pokemon and honor-less, heartless criminals took over the area of Lenoilia, and when faced with complaints about it, Dusk refused to aid anyone, earning him the contempt of Blue and Silver both. Currently, Dusk runs his city still with an iron fist, allowing no crimes and no misdeeds, lest they be eliminated by the pokemon task force.

Just four years ago, the four trainers met with the only one to ever beat them, their champion who had taken the island to the far north as the place of training, and debated on whether or not to restart the pokemon trainer challenge. While Dusk and Ruby were for it, Blue and Silver were too bitter of the loss of Lenoilia to agree with them, leaving the decision up to the Champion. The meeting raged on for a good two weeks, until the Champion finally made the decision to begin the challenge. Despite their anger and distaste of the whole matter, Blue and Silver did agree to obey the Champion's decision, and barely even two months later, the pokemon challenge was enacted throughout the entire island.

That was then.

This, today, is now.

And today is your day to begin your pokemon journey, be it to collect as many rare pokemon as you can, to win fantastic contests with your pokemon to prove their appeal, or even to defeat the Champion! This is your time, and you've none of it to waste.

Go now, and claim your destiny!

Go and become...a pokemon master!

Note: Names may be subject to change

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