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Millefeuille "Millie" Comeau
post Nov 7 2012, 12:19 PM
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Name: Millefeuille « Millie » Comeau
Age: 15 years old
Birthdate: June 7th (Gemini)
Hometown: Nacrene City. Her family are immigrants from a country west of Unova, the same one as Fantina.

Appearance: The first thing people notice about Millie is her hair. A thick mane of long, bright orange hair which is her pride and joy – when physical looks are concerned, anyway - she styles them into two wavy, poofy twintails reaching the sides of her waist. She is of average height and slender build for a girl her age. Fittingly for a redhead, her skin is pale and clean except for a bunch of freckles on her nose, cheeks and arms. Large, expressive hazel eyes, a small crooked nose and a perpetual smile on a round-shaped face complete the ensemble.

Millie sports black-rimmed glasses she doesn't even really need. Yes, she IS slightly farsighted, but she mostly wears them for the style. She is also never seen without her trusty black hat, no matter the outfit she wears. She favors clothes that she likes rather than being a fashion plate, with a penchant for dressy shirts and vests, colorful bowties she wears loose, monochrome tones with dashes of purple and red and the combination of shorts, ankle-length boots and thigh-high socks. The one things she'd never wear? Skirts and high heels. She's also not a fan of jewelry, the closest she has to it being a small black ribbon around her neck. As for notable accessories, she has a purple and black Xtransceiver on her right wrist and a black messenger bag with a white Pokéball motif. She likes to spruce up said bag's strap with colorful pins of which she has an impressive collection.

Personality: Millie is, first and foremost, an aspiring explorer and archeologist. She has always been fascinated by history and unresolved mysteries, especially when ancient and/or legendary Pokémon are concerned. She actually dreams of meeting one of those ancient creatures someday, or, at the very least, uncover ancient ruins. Her greatest trait is her curiosity: while a subject catches her eye, she can spend days studying it, giving her extensive knowledge on it. Said curiosity can also be a curse, as she tends to put her nose in others' businesses. While around people, she has no trouble breaking the ice and is very talkative. She's also very honest, even blunt. The ones who are not taken aback by her bold demeanour, however, meet a loyal, caring and dependable young girl with an optimistic outlook on life. Ambitious and determined, Millie rarely gives up when she has a goal in mind. Even when she should.

She keeps a personal journal she updates on a daily basis with notable events happening around her. She also collects pins of various colors, shapes and sizes. Despite her name being Millefeuille, she has an aversion to sweets, preferring spicy food. She also enjoys Pokémon battling and training, winning her battles with a combination of smarts, calculated (most of the time) risk-taking, and trust in her Pokémon.

Biography: Although she'd never admit it, Millie had a pretty lonely childhood.

In case you were wondering: no, her parents weren't bad people. They loved their daughter very much, they treated her with love and care and all the good things parents can give to a child. But there was always work to do at Passerby Analytics HQ. No matter how much work they did, there was always more to do the next day. Work left no time to play with Millie. As a result, the young girl spent her childhood nights alone, with TV shows, books and the care of a nanny for sole company. Mostly books, to be honest. Oh, and a few colored pins, of which she'd started collecting when all the kids were doing it in school – a hobby she kept long after the « pin fad » was replaced with something else.

During her sixth summer, on July 1st to be more precise, she was standing in front of the window, fascinated by an odd scene. There was a big truck in front of her house, with Conkeldurrs taking tables and beds and sofas from the truck to the neighboring house. Just beside the truck were standing an old woman and a little girl with pitch-black. Millie had never seen them before. « Who are they, and why are they doing this? » were the questions she asked her nanny that day. She explained than a new family were going to live here, and that they had a girl her age, yes, it's that girl with the black hair and the old woman is her grandmother or something, so why didn't she go and see them, she'd make new friends, it would be fun! Believe it or not, Millie was very shy when she was young - thus, it is sheepishly than she knocked on her new neighbors' door, bringing them homemade cookies from her nanny.

She never regretted it.

Since then, she routinely visited her neighbors after school, mostly because of the stories the old woman, named Mrs. Carmine, would tell her. Mrs. Carmine was an adventurer in her younger days, with a passion for archeology. Pokédex in hand, she explored countless lands: Unova, Kanto, Sinnoh, and even the desert region of Orre. She would told her how she discovered various stones and trinkets, when she met the Stone family, themselves famous explorers, how she hoped than, one day, she would meet one of those ancient Pokémon she'd read so much about. Even if she was old and fragile, she still had that dream. Also, Mrs Carmine still had her Darmanitan with her, her fellow partner during all these years. Millie, despite her insistence, never knew how she met the gorilla. The only thing than the old woman would respond, with a soft smile, would be that she "met him in a dream a long time ago."

As for Alicia Carmine, the black-haired girl and Mrs. Carmine's granddaughter, they became the bestest of friends. They both shared the same passion as the old woman for explorations, and it wasn't rare for them to organise mock explorations to Pinwheel Forest or even the Desert Resort - with the Carmines' Darmanitan as protection, mind you - to uncover various "legends" of their own. Notably, the origins of the rare bird Sigilyph, whom the then eight year-old girls believed to be some kind of forgotten legendary Pokémon.

Unfortunately, the gift of life isn't eternal. The day Millie just turned ten, Mrs. Carmine passed away in her sleep. Her faithful partner, Darmanitan, died a few hours later.

Millie cried for days, so much than her parents asked for a one-month vacation just to confort their daughter. Even worse, Alicia couldn't stay in Nacrene, as her only living relative was in Lacunosa Town. The girls promised they would met each other again someday, than they would write to each other everyday. Unfortunately, after two weeks, the e-mails were few and far between before they disappeared outright. The young girl was starting to feel lonely again, and while her parents were there for now, she knew that she'd end up alone, sooner or later...

...until she learned than Mrs. Carmine left her a peculiar heritage: a red egg with yellow spots. A Pokémon egg, but of what? After taking care of it for days, the egg finally hatched, revealing a small, round red creature with expressive yellow eyebrows. It was a Darumaka, and, as Millie'd guessed, probably the child of Mrs. Carmine's Darmanitan. Thanking the spirit of the old woman for the gift, she called the little red ball Marron.

Four years have passed since. While Mrs. Carmine was dead, her passion for history lingers in Millie, who became more passionate on the subject than ever. She visited museums and read history books on a daily basis. She also took a liking to Pokémon battling, a hobby Marron shared. After obtaining her Trainer License at 12, she battled and befriended Noisette, a Scraggy who gave her a good scare in the Desert Resort. Although she had fun during that time - and made a few new friends during her middle school years - she was wondering what happened to her now gone childhood friend. Maybe they'll meet someday, as they had the same dreams.

For a few years, she looked for a interesting region to start adventuring, but nothing caught her eye... before stumbling on an article about Mt. Carello. Said volcano, being very old, was said to attract formerly extinct Pokémon, and legends even state than legendary Pokémon, like Moltres and Heatran, had made their home there. Maybe there were fossils hidden in the volcano, too! Old legends, maybe, but Millie saw it as an opportunity, as few people dared to explore those ruins. Further reading would've revealed the presence of a cluster of criminal teams dwelling near the mountains, but the young girl was way too exicted to care. A whole new region, famous landmarks and accounts of ancient ruins and Pokémon? What more could she ask for?

Her Pokémon in tow, she took the first boat to Furoh to investigate.

Class: Trainer and aspiring Explorer/Archeologist

Starting Pokemon:

Level: 10
Nickname: Marron
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Naive
Moves: Tackle, Rollout, Incinerate, Rage
Spoiler (click to showhide)

Level: 10
Nickname: Noisette
Gender: Female
Ability: Moxie
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Leer, Low Kick, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack
Spoiler (click to showhide)

- A dozen of Poké Balls, with a few Premier Balls thrown into the mix
- A dozen of Potions, a few Antidotes (about 6) and Repels (about 3)
- A purple and black Xtransceiver.
- A red and black Pokédex, updated with the most recent data from Unova. Said Pokédex also serves as a passport.
- "A Tourist's Guide to Furoh", with maps of the island and major cities.
- "The Great Book of Pokémon History", with custom notes scribbled in the margins and sheets with related Internet articles tucked between the pages.
- Her trusty journal, updated daily.
- Basic first aid kit
- Basic camping supplies: Food supplies for at least two weeks, a compass, spare clothes, a white and red coat for colder days and a bedroll
- Berry pouch with mostly Pecha and Cheri Berries.
- A wallet with her Trainer Card and about 5,000 Poké.*

*I'm basing myself the currency in the games, where a Pokéball costs about 100-200 Pokédollars. If this is not okay, let me know. happy.gif

What is the biscuit's name? Scheherezade

Other Notes: She speaks French as well as English. She speaks the local tongue fluently, although with a slight accent. She reverts to her native language when angry.

Bleh. I hope my grammar is not too tacky. English is not my first language, and I want to practice. happy.gif

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post Nov 7 2012, 01:41 PM
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English is not your first language?! You could have fooled me! This is approved, providing you make the changes that you PM'd me about (chaing Trapinch for a Dwebble?)

Great profile happy.gif

I hope you enjoy PANE!


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post Nov 8 2012, 01:13 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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