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Ganymede "Tristan" Consus
post Jan 11 2013, 04:15 PM
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Ganymede “Tristan” Consus

Age: 21, born January 30th

Hometown: Born in Arthro Town. Lived in Baccate Town for 18 years. Currently, a small inn on a 14 acre piece of land. It’s home to travelers and a small breeding business. It’s about a day away from Starfall Field

Appearance: Starting from the top, Tristan has long, smooth black hair that reaches past his neck to his shoulder blades. It’s incredibly straight, requiring a full 10 minutes of work to produce one good curl in his hair (If he so decided to, you don’t know his life… yet). It’s a glossy black that upon first impressions must be fake, but it’s the real deal when it comes to melanin in your follicles. Outdoorsy is the best adjective for his face. There’s often a smudge of dirt on his masculine yet smooth jawline after digging holes for plants, and while his skin isn’t perfect, it’s tanned and usually soft to the touch (unless you touch the dirty part. Right there it feels grainy, like dirt).
His eyes are a deep Amethyst cut just the right amount so they shimmer when you get him in the right light. Otherwise they typically go unnoticed as gray or dark blue. His eyes bear the brunt of his charm, as they are his main weapon when attracting someone across the counter. But to a bystander, he looks like he’s plotting their murder (what a lovely shift in attitude).

His 6’4” body is not to be reckoned with (but roughing up is permissible). He’s slim and athletic, yet fails to gain any major muscle mass. His weight fluctuates around 190, which is acceptable for someone who eats mostly produce. When he stands, you may notice that his leg proportion is slightly more than that of a normal person, but it’s not distracting enough to hold your attention for too long (think, he’s good at leap frog, but he doesn’t look like a frog). He has rather large hands, useful when it comes to gardening (or arm-wrestling), and his nails are surprisingly neat and clean. However, his hands do get unnecessarily sweaty in random situations, so when someone offers a handshake he smiles and nods (like a weird person).

Tristan’s main adventure apparel starts with a tight, long-sleeved, white, deep V-neck shirt (whoa there adjectives) and he usually keeps the sleeves rolled up to the top of his forearm. Over that he wears a dark green T-shirt with a huge hole in place of a collar so that the deep V-neck can be seen underneath. It’s a lighter blend of fabric, so it doesn’t add unnecessary heat in the summer. Then as bottoms he wears higher-end (not high end) dark blue jeans. (I guess we’re skipping underwear for now). He has a loose chain that he threads through some of his belt loops (So no underwear?) that allow for easy access to his Pokémon. On his feet (I guess he’s going commando on this journey) he wears whatever he feels like wearing, which is typically flip flops (Can he not afford underwear? Does he fashion some out of leaves?). What he wears on his feet are typically whatever shoes he finds in the next town and is willing to buy (I imagine leaf underwear is uncomfortable. What is he accidentally chooses the wrong leaf? I mean, sure, biodegradable underwear, but what about chaffing? I imagine there’s some stuff on leafy underwear if not cleaned properly. Haha, what if it was made of lettuce underwear? “Hey Tristan, looks like you got some salad in your pants.” “Nah, it’s just my underwear.”).
He wears boxers.

Along with this outfit, he carries around his waiting uniform from the inn. It consists of a high quality black vest, a slimming, white button-up shirt, matching pants for the vest, and an apron. He forgot the tie at home, so he just goes with whatever he can find (a leaf?).

Personality: Tristan, alone, is a quiet, solemn person who enjoys lying in waving, sun drenched fields and falling asleep. When he’s in the company of others though, he’s rather aggressive when it comes to flirting. His childhood was a bland one, and when he eventually grew up, he found he was the kind of person that everyone looks at when he walks through the door. This attention on him was startling at first, but he quickly became very receptive to it. He tries to charm people merely to get a thrill from being desired, and often gets what he wants. However, some people aren’t wired to respond to him and they just get annoyed with him. But when he gets rejected, it’s devastating internally. He’ll brush it off and continue conversation as any normal person would on the outside, but he has a hard time coping with not being wanted.

He hides his utter lack of confidence in himself with a supreme bout of overconfidence. It’s hard on him when people call his bluff because it catches him off guard. He’s also very eager-to-please, however he doesn’t realize that about himself and covers up with an ego-centric façade. Whenever he helps someone, he unintentionally says he did it for his benefit.

The only creatures that fully comprehend his self-destructive tendencies are his Pokémon and his father. It’s unfortunate because he doesn’t realize it himself and can’t explain it to those who just think he’s a big butthead.
Despite all the trouble he gets himself in when he’s with others, he’d give anything to have company at any given time, even though he finds so much more pleasure in being alone.

When he is alone or with people he’s really familiar with, he rarely ever speaks and the way his facial expressions change you would think he’s found nirvana. He daydreams constantly about a wide variety of things and talks in a tone that would lull a Gyarados to sleep.

Compare that to how cheesy and flamboyant he is around others and you’d think he has a mental disorder.
Aside from that, he’s incredibly smart. He’s not a genius, even though both of his parents received their doctorates before they were 26, but he enjoys mind games and riddles. He’s particularly gifted with teas and herbal remedies, but he’s not anywhere close to his parents level when it comes to botany.

And as a last bit of information, he has a tendency to forget societal norms. He’s rather blunt, but means nothing of what he says.

Biography: Ganymede Convolvulaceae Consus was born on a rather cool January 30th morning and quickly adorned with the name of a family of flower that binds together. He was then given the first name Ganymede, as “he was so sweet, Arceus would swoop down and snatch him right up.” Fast forward 7 years and Ganymede learned the real story of his name, he quickly became Tristan. Tristan was born during a plant safari in Anthro Town as his parents had decided they wanted to learn about what made that jungle so fertile.

A background on Tristan’s parents is in order, as they are crazy herba-geeks and have a huge influence of our main character’s life.

Both Yvanna Sorrel-Consus and Thaddius Consus were born and raised most of their lives in Floaroma Town, Sinnoh and were fascinated with plants. They both even attended the same University in Nimbasa City, Unova, but quickly returned after they graduated due to the lack of plants in the city. They both served as trainers under Erika of Celadon City, and Thaddius was quite popular for being a male training in the Celadon City Gym.

When they finished their training, they headed for Furoh, searching for new species of plants and happily settled in the fragrant Baccate Town in Southwest Furoh. Here is where Tristan lived half of most of his life.

Because of the amount of research his parents did, Tristan was always travelling to places of great horticultural influence. And this rubbed off on him. While his interest in the subject wasn’t as deep as it was in his parents, Tristan still picked up vast amounts of information about plants and Pokémon, including plant Pokémon. One popular destination for them was Gigarte, Furoh and, oddly enough, Lenolia was second most visited (Their permanent residence in Baccate Town was more formality, but they did live there for long periods of time). Since the Consus’ would go to Gigarte to see how plants would grow, they would take trips to Lenolia to study how they died as well.

During those many trips, Tristan found an interest in the ghost Pokémon that inhabited the dead city and pleaded to his parents for his first Pokémon. Despite the friendliness of the Baccate Town locals, it was a farfetched idea to not own a Pokémon that aids in plant life, and people were teased for not being on the same page. Reluctantly, on the 32nd visit to Lenolia Tristan’s parents caught a wild Shuppet for their 13 year old, and he’d never been happier.
He thought hard on what to name his Shuppet and came up with Melanthios, a mythological name that meant “Black Flower”, or Mel for short. He grew very attached to the Puppet Pokémon, and before his parents knew it, they could communicate without saying anything via facial expressions or body movement. After a few years, Tristan discovered that ghost Pokémon have the capability to establish a mental link with their trainer and can communicate without speaking. After months of meditation and training, Mel could make various connections that transmitted basic emotions, such as survival needs, hungry, thirsty, tired, etc. They continue training, but eventually they had to stop.
The locals of Baccate Town didn’t welcome the ghost Pokémon as warmly as Tristan’s family did. They would pick on Mel and Tristan. He eventually sucked it up and decided to take on another Pokémon after five years with what he believed would be his only Pokémon.

He rode out to Loch ranch to pick out a new Pokémon, as he had heard of the superior breeding skills around Town. He focused mainly of the grass types, in particular a Venasaur that wandered with a huge flower on its back. A few other options were Heracross, which would be able to find flowers with nectar, and a Scyther which seemed to enjoy cutting plants down to meticulously arrange them in beautiful bouquets. He scanned the ranch a last time before settling with a Caterpie, until he saw a reddish ball sitting in the corner of the ranch. He walked closer to see it was a Torchic. It would sit and stare at pokemon that walked by and cast ember on them.

“That Torchic’s an odd fella. He’s a bit ornery, tryin’ to pick fights with pokemon that walk by. He’s really just playful, a bit misunderstood.” You could hear the peeps of villainy after a nearby Pokémon would dance around the hot coals. Tristan made his mind up and took the mischievous Torchic home.

When he returned, he was ridiculed for bringing a fire Pokémon to an essentially plant-run town. He merely responded, “You must have missed one of the most important lessons a planter should know. Fire brings destruction but when a forest of tall magnificent trees burns down, the underbrush, covered in nutrient-rich ash and blessed with the light they were denied before now have a chance to thrive. And so, with life comes death, and with death comes life.”

That’s when he decided on the name Thanatos, meaning “death”, for the Torchic. When he told the Chick Pokémon its name it puffed itself up proudly and coughed out a hearty ember.

Skip ahead a year and the Consus family hears of a location called Starfall Field and the many wonders surrounding the near catastrophic event that occurred there. With an overwhelming drive to investigate the local flora, the family relocated to a run-down farm about a day’s journey from Starfall Field. And with meticulous hours and long days, the 14 acre lot was made hospitable (with help from some family friends they made from prior excursions, of course).

Since they were no longer working in the Baccate Fields, they decided to renovate the barn into an inn, complete with 6 rooms, a lobby, and a dining area complete with a bar. Figuring Starfall Field and its many wonders were an attraction for trainers and families, it was a very astute change of profession for the once lower-middle class family. With the extra income they received, Yvanna finally had the opportunity to start breeding Pokémon as a hobby. Naturally, she breeds only grass and a few select bug Pokémon, but she’s made herself a part-time business with how well she’s become at it. Thaddius still works with plants, but spends most of the week in Starfall Field, studying the ash, meteors, and the newly discovered Underworld in search of a miracle soil that will grow any plant in any climate.
Tristan spends his days tending to the inn and performing errands for land and his mother’s breeding hobby. Eventually he worked up enough money that he hired a chef to help prepare food and do other things when the workday was slow. This left him to the bar in the evenings, where he became quite skilled with mixtures of beverages and charming the customers. Once a quiet person, Tristan found himself in a new light, where everyone’s eyes were on him, and despite how uncomfortable he was at first, eventually grew to accept, and embrace it.

When his 21st birthday rolled around, he grew tired of his daily routine. He told his parents he was ready to explore Furoh and learn what else was out there besides soil and plants. His dream was to eventually reach Petropolis and “settle-down” in the hustle and bustle of the city life. It would be a huge change in what he’s used to, but after 21 years of cutting plants open and looking at chlorophyll, he was ready to take on a journey.

Class: Tristan isn’t sure of what he wants as he travels Furoh. He knows he wants his Pokémon to get stronger and develop a closer bond, so he typically addresses himself as Trainer. Even though he isn’t as interested in plants as his parents are, he does have a fond appreciation for them and Pokémon he hasn’t seen before, so he also goes by part-time Researcher. And he’s always wanted to try out Coordinating, but that’s just for fun, nothing serious.

Pokemon (click to show)

• A larger sized backpack filled with mostly “necessities”. He never plans on sleeping outside for whatever reason. Inside the Backpack are:
• Oran Berry x 6
• Pecha Berry x 3
• Rawst Berry x 1
• PokeNav in leafy pattern
• A mixer in case a drink needs mixing (very useful in the wilderness)
• Empty Tea Bags x 50 (never know when you’ll need to make tea with whatever you find growing around)
• Oddly enough he’s sans Water bottle. I don’t know how he lives like that.
• But he does have a miniature watering pot. For, you know, when you need to water wild plants.
• His wallet because he doesn’t like stuff in his pockets.
• A very worn field guide book to plants
• A box containing 100 microscope slides and complimentary scalpel. *coughnerdcough*
• Again, sans microscope. I should’ve added “lacks forethought” to personality.
• And his bartending clothes, which serve as padding between all of the fragile knick-knacks in is bick-pack backpack

Biscuit: Scheherazade

(nothing yet)

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post Jan 11 2013, 04:21 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Approved! Post in the current levels thread and have fun!

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