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Boomer Groves
Crazy Boris
post Jan 26 2013, 04:40 PM
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Name: Boomer L Groves
Age: 34
Hometown: Born and raised in Oreburgh (Sinnoh) and recently moved to Petropolis

Appearance: Boomer casually wears his work clothes from the mines; orange cargo pants and a dark-teal coat that has been tattered and faded with age. Unlike the other workers, he does not wear a helmet, but he keeps it in his bag. He wears black fingerless gloves on his hands and carries a carabiner on his belt as an accessory. He wears old brown boots that go up to his shins which he tucks his cargo pants into. He also carries a small side pouch on his belt for important items (pokeballs, wallet, phone, etc).

Boomer is missing his pinkie finger and ring finger on his left hand, both of which he lost in a demolition accident. He is a stocky man of average height with functional musculature from years of work. He has an unkempt short boxed beard that covers up burn scars and short straight dark-brown hair. He hasn't been getting as much sleep as he used to, thus resulting in bags under his tired, hazel eyes. His hands are heavily calloused due to the uncomfortable work gloves he used to wear.

Personality: Years of working in demolition has taken its toll on Boomer. He no longer jumps at sudden loud noises or bright flashes, he covers his face with his arms out of reflex. He has developed a minor twitch that comes up about once per day; he hopes it will fade with time. He doesn't get much sleep due to guilt and often has nightmares, waking him in the middle of the night. When he can afford them, he buys sleeping aids. He shuns alcohol and avoids it like the plague since the day it ruined his life, he has been sober for a little under a year now and the withdrawal symptoms have gone away.

Boomer is moderately social, and recently starting to lighten up a bit. Boomer can easily carry on a conversation about ground pokemon, television, or any of the cities he's been to. He does not disclose what happened that fateful day of the accident; he is too ashamed. He non-subtly will change the topic to something else, or leave the conversation all together. Safety, focus, and responsibility are the three ideals Boomer lives by now, a complete 360 from Boomer a year ago.

Biography: Boomer was born and raised in Oreburgh, destined to become a miner like most of the town's youth. He found a knack for explosions and was very quickly filtered into the demolitions crew. As a newbie, he made a few costly mistakes; a wayward explosion costing him the pinkie and ring finger off his left hand and a burn across his chin. The trauma from losing his two fingers lead Boomer to moderate drinking which would increase over time.

Boomer found his company being contracted out to locations across Sinnoh, and even outside the region on a few occasions. He enjoyed traveling and made quick friends with his fellow miners. His drinking increased, causing major setbacks in his life in the realms of women, job promotion, and on a few occasions, the law. His drinking and recklessness came to a head a year ago.

Boomer was back in Oreburgh city, drunk on the job. Poor placement of explosives and a few overlooked safety measures caused the death of two fellow workers and countless injuries, all by Boomer's hand. He was taken into court, but the company was legally blamed for the deaths and injuries. Boomer was absolutely despised by the community, he was beaten senseless the few nights he stayed in Oreburgh after the incident. The demolition company payed dearly for his mistake and had to declare bankruptcy, putting half of Oreburgh out of a job.

He fled Oreburgh, sick with himself and severely burdened by guilt. He chose to live on and spend his life trying to atone for his mistake by secretly sending money to the families of the victims and to the town itself. He has taken a focus on improving construction and demolition safety, but his name has spread across the mining community and he can rarely enter a work facility without being recognized by name or face. Time, his new beard, and Pseudonyms have allowed him to assess flaws in mining facility safety without being recognized as often.

He moved to Petropolis because of the construction jobs available there. He has been weary about entering back into construction but now that he is sober and focused, he has proved himself to be a potent worker. He doesn't hold a job long due to his reputation being found out, but he sends most of what he makes to Oreburgh.

Class: Worker

Starting Pokemon:
Level 10
Back in Boomer's late twenties, he was out on a contract position by Mt. Coronet. The demolition work was supposed to not bother the local wildlife, but an overlooked family of Swinub and Piloswine were displaced, leaving behind a forgotten baby Swinub. Boomer took it upon himself to raise the Swinub and has proved to be a loving and competent caretaker. The two have been together through thick and thin; Boomer sees Swinub as one of the few remaining positive aspects left over from the life he used to have.

Level 7
Before leaving, Boomer took one of the company's Voltorbs with him. The company trains these Voltorbs to assist in controlled explosions and actually had a surplus of untrained Voltorbs. Once the company closed down, the Voltorbs were either auctioned off or released into an abandoned salt factory on the outskirts of Oreburgh.

Items: Carabiner, work helmet, goggles, rope, a few pokeballs, and flashlight.

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post Jan 27 2013, 12:16 AM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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