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Vernon Green
post Jun 20 2014, 09:52 PM
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Blue Nuzlocke

Name: Vernon Green

Age: 13

Hometown: Arthro City, Furoh

Appearance: Vernon has absolutely no concept of hygeine. His hair is messy and hasn't been cut in months, his skin is rather pale, his eyes are baggy, and teeth are somewhat yellow. He weighs 142 pounds, and is 4'11.
He wears rather dirty and a somewhat broken pair of blue jeans, as well as dark green long-sleeve shirt. He has an extremely ratty grey hoodie tied around his waste. He also wears a black cap that's a few sizes too big for him on his head, apparently it was a gift from his father.
Both his eyes and hair are brown.

Personality: Vernon doesn't trust strangers at all, due to having to hide from them all the time.He's also rather wary of making new friends, preferring the company of Pokemon than humans. However, if his pokemon, likes you, it's rather likely he will, too.
On the other hand, he's actually a rather caring person, not liking to see other people be hurt or suffer. He's also rather curious, constantly trying new things, purely because he finds it exciting. This is especially true regarding food.

Bio: Vernon was born in Lenolia Town as the result of an affair between two members of rival gangs. Out of fear of being found out and possibly booted out of the gang (or worse), his mother, Sophia, hid him in the basement for the first few years of his life, until she was capable of scraping enough money to move him somewhere else. He was given a pokemon to keep him company, a Venonat.

After 4 years and numerous close-calls, Sophia had finally raised enough money to send him and one other person to the closest town outside either of the gang's influence, Arthro Town. He was sent their with his Uncle (Father's side), since she figured that if either she or his father suddenly left, people would come to investigate their dissappearance. The Venonat came with him.

His uncle, while loving, was also rather senile. He kept on spouting nonsense like "The Biscuit's name is Scheherazade". Vernon eventually gave up trying to connenct with him, and instead played with his Venonat and his uncle's Finneon.

About a week after his 13th birthday, he heard someone talk about being a "Pokemon Master". Deciding that it sounded like fun, he set off for adventure, taking both his Venonat and his uncle's Finneon along for the ride.

Class: Trainer

Starting Pokemon:
Venonat (Gnatalie)- Female, Level 9. Knows Supersonic, Disable, Foresight, and Tackle. Has Compoundeyes as her ability.

Vernon's friend since the age of 2. She's rather cheerful and affectionate, and a lot more friendly than her trainer.

Finneon (Bubble)- Male, level 8. Knows Watergun and Pound. Has Storm Drain as his ability.

Originally his uncle's pokemon, but Vernon was allowed to take it with him on his journey. Bubble loves to be the center of attention when he's around, and thus he's often kept in his Pokeball.

Items: Flashlight, 3 net balls, a dusk ball, two antidotes, a Furoh map, and a super potion.


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post Jun 21 2014, 10:54 AM
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And a Golurk

So we hear of Vernon's mother and uncle. Where is his father in all of this? Might be something to add.


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