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Battle with a noob (won)
post Jul 10 2012, 07:29 PM
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There was this noob I fought once. I had a Charizard, Blastoise, Blissey, Espeon, Archeops, and Serperior on B/W.

This guy had a Wobbuffet, Mew, Raikou, Haxorus, Celebi, Victini, and Salamence with Dragon Dance+Outrage (what it was banned for)

He wasn't actually too hard. This is a summary of the battle:

Turn 1: My Charizard used Dragon Claw on the Haxorus. It killed it.

Turn 2: He sent out the Raikou. I thought I'd be able to kill it with an Earthquake. But, alas, it used Thunderbolt before me. Charizard died.

Turn 3: I sent out Blissey. I used Egg Bomb for a start-up. Not even at yellow. Raikou used Crunch. Didn't hurt me a ton.

Turn 4: My Blissey used Sing. Raikou fell asleep.

Turn 5: I switch out for Archeops. I use Stone Edge, and it's on low red.

Turn 6: He switches out just as I use Acrobatics, and it's the Mew. Barely to yellow.

Turn 7: It uses Focus Blast. Archeops dies.

Turn 8: Espeon goes out. I use Signal Beam. Mew's at red. It doesn't have anything to counter, so it uses Recover. Back to green.

Turn 9: Signal Beam with a critical, it's at very low red.

Turn 10: He sends out Wobbuffet. I use Signal Beam, and it uses Mirror Coat, thus killing Espeon.

Turn 11: I send out Blissey. Counter fails, and I use Softboiled. At full HP.

Turn 12: He switches for Salamence. I use Thunder Wave, and it is paralyzed. He uses Dragon Dance.

Turn 13: I use Stealth Rock. He uses Dragon Dance.

Turn 14; I anticipate an Outrage, so I use Softboiled(as he's faster) He uses it, and I'm on red. Softboiled kicks in, and i'm at the pinnacle of yellow.

Turn 15: He uses Outrage. I die, he's confused, and my Blastoise is out.

Turn 16: He hits himself, and goes to yellow. I use Ice Beam, and it's done.

Turn 17: Celebi is hit by Stealth Rock to yellow. He uses Psychic, and I survive. He's hit by Ice Beam. Celebi is killed.

Turn 18: Wobbuffet is sent out, and I switch to Serperior

Turn 19: Mirror Coat fails.

Turn 20: I use Leaf Blade. Mirror Coat fails. Wobbuffet's at yellow.

Turn 21: I use Leaf Blade again. He uses Counter, and my Serperior is at yellow.

Turn 22: Mew is sent, I am faster and use Aerial Ace. He dies.

Turn 23: Victini is sent. I switch to Blastoise, and he switches to the asleep Raikou, he still snores, and Surf takes him out.

Turn 24: He is left with Victini, and he uses Psychic. I'm at red, but I use Surf and he's at yellow.

Turn 25: HE MISSES WITH PSYCHIC, HOLY CRAP and I use Surf. I win 6-4.

I'm ShadowSword from TPM, just to confirm.

Now hunting for a Shiny Solosis! (I really hope it won't be like when I kept dying on Sephiroth :U)

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post Aug 2 2012, 10:10 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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A strange team...?

Seems like they used an uber or two...

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