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Winner's Bracket: Kellor vs Cortoma, Round 2: Main Arena
post Aug 5 2013, 10:48 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Taggarty Lee

The main arena, a gargantuan Colosseum overlooking the vast sea, has separated into 8 fields, each with its own set of stands, while the higher seats have a lovely view of all eight battles. Each battle is televised on the giant screens located along the walls, giving spectators the nitty gritty close-up views of each battle.

The battles to come would be fierce, and with so many raging simultaneously, and to be distracted by the neighboring fights could easily spell a loss.

The Match for this field was slated for Darryn Kellor and Jill Cortoma. The field in question was...sickeningly sweet. The obstacles appeared to be stuffed pokemon toys, that upon touch, would release opaque, colourful bubbles into the air. The floor itself was so incredibly pink that...metaphors were not needed.

The referee, holding the trademark flags, floated nearby on what could only be described as a hovering disc; yet another technological marvel of Daioh Scientists. The ref tapped his fingers on his poketch, which revealed a rotating triangular pyramid on the main screen. Once it stopped rotating, it revealed a large number 1:

"This will be a three on three battle conducted in Singles Style If one of the combatants falls, the reserve must be sent in immediately. Trainers, summon your first pokemon now!"

This battle seemed ready to erupt. The stakes? Continuing participation in the tournament.

The crowd roared in anticipation.


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Aura Dynasty
post Sep 19 2013, 09:20 AM
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Guess who's back?
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Jill Cortoma

To admit it, Jill was surprised that her explanation about all of their pokémon being changed also counted for Darryn. She only had three pokémon to begin with,of which two were hers, so it wasn't hard to think of such things if you suddenly had six pokéballs at hand instead of three. Well, since he'd checked all of his pokémon, perhaps she should do that as well. Jill clicked her pokédex open and read through the names that appeared on the little screen. Azumarill and Bayleef, she already knew those, but the other four, especially the last one, made her heart jump from joy.

[Krokorok. Kricketune. Breloom. Bastiodon.]

Bastiodon! Her father had once owned a Bastiodon, so she knew their moveset as well as little kids knew the name 'MacDucklett's' Her hand already reached towards her pocket as her subconscious stopped her. Showing all your pokémon right now isn't smart. Right. With her left hand she scrolled through the moveset of the Bayleef she had received and already found a way to be of aid as well. Darryn's choice had fallen upon the left entrance, which indeed was the fastest way out of the arena, and had ordered the Probopass to start Earth Power.

"Through the Electrodes it is then! Bayleef, are you ready?"

The Bayleef nodded and looked at her with anticipation. The Probopass started to radiate a golden hue and soon the ground around him started to break, the cracks emitting that same golden light. The only thing those Electrodes could do to avoid it was to jump up, but Jill had already thought of a way to counter that as well. If she attacked from the sky, they would be forced to stay on the ground and get hit by Earth Power.

"Let's go then! Bayleef, jump as high as you can and use Magical Leaf!"

Bayleef spread its legs a bit and charged power before it catapulted itself into the sky with a majestic leap. Bayleef's skin started to glow green as it threw its head back, to thrust it forward again with a 180° turn. The leaf on its head had absorbed the green glow and now shot it back out with a burning intensity. Hundreds of colorful leaves rained down on the Electrodes before them. Those who'd jumped up to avoid the Earth Power, were hit immediately and crashed back down upon the ground. Those who were still on the ground couldn't jump up due to the continuing rain of brightly colored leaves.

"Keep it up Bayleef!"

The Electrodes had nowhere to hide from the Magical Leaf and Earth Power, so just keeping them there would be good enough to defeat the entire lot of them. Jill saw how Electrode after Electrode fell down upon the ground, badly hurt or knocked out. She actually felt sorry for them, since they hadn't chosen to be doing this, they were just being used as tools.

"Just a little while longer... then we'll be able to run for the exit. Darryn, as soon as you see a hole, we'll make a run for it, 'kay?"

Darryn nodded as he kept his eyes glued upon the field. Probopass was doing its very best and eventually a path revealed itself between the knocked-out Electrodes and those who had managed to still get up. With a smooth movement of his left arm he took out a blue pokéball with yellow markings and pointed it towards the Probopass, who got captured by the crimson light and disappeared inside it.

"At your left, close to the inner circle of the field, they've seemed to have opened up a gap! Let's go, quickly!"

"Okay, I'm right behind you! Bayleef come!"

Jill started running as soon as Darryn dashed forward too. Her Bayleef trotted behind her, finding it no issue at all to follow her. Even though, Jill searched for its pokéball and pointed it towards Bayleef, whispering a small thank you as it returned to its pokéball. It'd be safer this way, you'd never know whether they'd drop another load of Electrodes and who knows what would happen then?

It almost seemed as if she and Darryn had the same 'what if' thought, because both of them sped up even more, running down the deserted hallways of the Main Arena. All of the sudden the lights in the hallway faded away, which made the underground hallway they ran in pitch black. Swearing in mouth Jill pulled back her sleeve and pointed her right hand towards the darkness in front of her, which was suddenly lit up by a flashlight.

"Sometimes those pokégear-gadgets come in quite handy." she muttered as their environment slowly became brighter. There, in front of them, was the exit.

"We're out, finally!"

Jill exclaimed as both trainers ran into the bright light that shone through the open doors. She wondered what they'd be facing now, or what they were supposed to do. No idea what Darryn was going to do now, but Jill knew she wasn't backing down until she had gone to the bottom of this. And if her feeling for human understanding was correct, neither would Darryn, or any other trainer here.

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