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Olivia Prewitt
Master Houndoom
post Jun 24 2011, 09:30 PM
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Sad Girl In the City

Name: Olivia Anne Prewitt
Age: 23

Hometown: Olivia was born in Lilycove and traveled to Noverus when she was in Highschool. To her, it was simply a matter of learning a new route to school.

Appearance: Olivia keeps her raven-black hair short, grazing her jaw at its longest. She combs it meticulously, leaving it shiny and straight, but does not seem to be bothered if it gets mussed; she will not immediately seek to set it right, only doing so when and if time permits. She usually wears either a long white-grey overcoat over her clothing, or a white cape with a capelet (smaller cape) around her shoulders, like a shawl. Her clothes usually consist of long sleeve white shirts and a dark grey or black skirt, with a sweater if the weather is prohibitively cold. She keeps her pokéballs in a pocket in her jacket or cape, hidden. The jacket and cape both serve to hide her figure, which is on the average side of attractive. A pair of knee high black stockings and black flats round out her usual attire. Her skin is pale and without mark, and if she wears make up, it is so subtle as to be invisible. There is hardly ever anything more than a blank expression on her face, and the variations are in the mild negative strata of facial emotions: annoyance, confusion, and a hint of pervading sadness, mostly in her eyes. The one exception to her grayscale clothing scheme is a boater hat that belonged to her mother. It is white, but with a red band around it. When she wears it, there is a nearly undetectable spring in her step. She does not wear it often.

Personality: Olivia is very terse and stoic. She will not react to even the most grievous provocation, at the most giving the perpetraitor a raised brow as if to say, "you are confusing, go away". Her speech is terse and clipped, not because she is annoyed by the speaker, simply because there is no reason to her to put energy into conversation. The same goes for pokémon battles, and this is also where most of the emotional changes to her features come. She cares for her pokémon, but it is hard to see it because she seems incapable of grand emotions.

This is not to say that she will not step in and battle if she feels it is necessary, however she is more apt to stay out of battles that do not directly affect her unless asked or ordered to do so.

In situations where human interaction is required, she will stay as far in the background as circumstances allow. If it is a party or raid situation, some people, both with her group and opposing it, may never know she is there, despite the fact that her outer garments are always white. If forced to take the lead in any situation, she shows no fear. She is not afraid to be around people or to speak, she simply has no desire to seek those positions out.

Biography: Olivia was born to Thomas and Allison Prewitt in Lilycove City. Her father was a sailor, and her mother had a business raising and training pokémon for people who could not, or would not, do it themselves. This usually saddled her with hard-to-control pokémon, which Allison accepted gleefully, as she loved to tame them. She was not cruel in her ways, and the pokémon under her care learned to trust humans well, but there were the occasional injury from a frantic and violent pokémon.

When she was five, Olivia had been brought to work with her mother. This is how it was that she watched an abused and uncontrollable drapion, a then unknown species from a far off and mysterious land called Sinnoh, go on a rampage that ended with her mother's bloody death. Allison had had a panic button installed after she had gotten pregnant, and managed to get Olivia to safety, but was sliced nearly in half when the drapion went berserk. Help arrived too late: Olivia was found in a pool of her mother's blood, stroking her hair calmly. Though there were tear tracks down her face, she did not sob or call out, and was quiet as she was taken away.

Her father did not handle it well and ended up trapped at the bottom of a bottle. While she was still young, Thomas made an lame attempt at taking care of her, but by the time she had entered junior high school, Olivia was taking care of his basic needs; food, shelter, clothing when he would change. Despite all of this, Olivia excelled in school, partially because she did not participate in any extra curricular activities, and did not go on a traditional pokémon journey. When Olivia entered high school, her father disappeared. She was put in a government run foster care system when this was discovered (ironically, by her grades increasing), which elected to send her to a private school in Noverus. She did not seem to mind that, slowly, Noverus had become a police state, so long as no one bothered her directly.

Recently, she was approached by a pair of pokémon who had been traveling together, a purple feline with large white marks on her body, and a small black fox-like creature with bright red fur on her head and feet. Seeming to find kindred spirits, the purrloin being aloof and the zorua being able to avoid detection, Olivia felt a kinship with them that she had felt for no living creature before. She found herself seeking them out, giving them food, even talking to them, until, one day, they followed her back where she was staying, and she allowed them to come in. Since then, they never left her side. She bought her first pokeballs and captured them.

Olivia had been emancipated soon after leaving Lilycove city, and lived in an apartment provided by the foster care system, which was a Magma front. When she discovered some of the research that Magma was doing, she ran from the apartment and found hiding in the poor district. This is where, in a seedy diner that she found work for food, she was introduced to the concept of a returning rebellion. Curious, she followed one of the patrons who had mentioned it to his home and confronted him. Despite his fervent denials, she insisted, until finally, believing himself trapped, he arranged a meeting with his superiors. The plan had been to capture her and hold her, to see if anyone came for her, or if she was a spy for one of the two organizations in Noverus. Instead, she was quiet, unassuming, and unasked for.

A perfect operative. She was recruited on the spot.

Preferred Faction: The Rebellion

Starting Pokemon:

Isra, Purrloin
Ability: Prankster
Mother: purrloin - Father: meowth
Level: 10
Moves: Scratch, Growl, Assist, Sand Attack, Payday(egg)

Isra had been one of a pokémon kennel that had been shipped to Hoenn for study. Unlike the daycare, the kennel bred pokémon in bulk and in unhealthy conditions. Her mother and father, a liepard and a persian, had been taken from the streets, but unlike the other "breeders", had been competition pokémon before that, leading to strong bond and litters of strong pokémon. In Isra's youth, she bonded with a female zorua, and managed to get into the same crate. The crate ended up in Noverus, but a botched interception mission caused the crate to be lost and broken. The pokémon scattered, and the two made their way in the new city.

As Olivia's pokémon, Isra is the more outgoing of the two. She will be the one that warns Olivia of danger, and is the first to jump into the fray, unless Olivia gives her the command to stand down.

Nyx, Zorua
Ability: Illusion
Mother: Zoruark - Father: Ninetails
Level: 10
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Pursuit, Fake Tears, Extrasensory (egg)

Nyx had been one of a pokémon kennel that had been shipped to Hoenn for study. Unlike the daycare, the kennel bred pokémon in bulk and in unhealthy conditions. Nyx had been caught from the street to be a breeder, but she was deemed too young and left with the kits to grow. The shoddy keeping of the kennel meant that she was forgotten, and she ended up bonding with a purrloin in that kennel. When packed in a crate to be shipped to Hoenn, the purrloin snuck in and joined Nyx, staying with her out of loyalty. The crate ended up in Noverus, but a botched interception mission caused the crate to be lost and broken. The pokémon scattered, and the two made their way in the new city.

Nyx is as quiet as Olivia herself, and will use her illusion powers to hide, either changing into an unobtrusive pokémon, simply not allowing people to see her. Though both are quiet by nature, Nyx is oddly able to get Olivia to talk. She does this in the privacy of their chambers, turning into a young version of Olivia of the approximate age of 5.

Various potions
Pokeball x4
PokeNav (White)

Additional Notes: It seems that Olivia has several pockets lining her cape and her coat, which, both being a bit larger than she is, can hide most of her gear.

Olivia HAS emotions, but her reactions are subdued. A Rebellion doctor worries what might happen if something happens to illicit a much stronger reaction from her.

[align=center]Uprising Mod

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Jay Lange||Olivia Prewitt

As of January 29, 2010, at approximately 7:50am CST, 2gamers helped me complete my pokedex!

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Umbrae Calamitas
post Jun 24 2011, 09:38 PM
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Team Rogue: Espeon
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Tuesday's Pack

Approved! You know what to do.


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