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My first RMT team, 'sigh'. Weavile...
Elegant Flare
post Apr 4 2010, 08:31 AM
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Cuties 'n' beauties

Before you read this RMT, i'd like to state that I am expecting bad critism, and I am willing to accept the hardest of responses. I am mainly posting this for help, for I am at my wits end pokemon team wise. Oh, and I don't know their EXACT EV distribution, but I know roughly what they have been trained in.

This team is mainly used for PBR random wi-fi , and also for friend matches, like battle requests at the battles forum. This team is meant for double battles.

Okay. Here goes...

Typhlosion w/ Focus Sash
Nature: Naive
Ability: Blaze
EV'd in Speed and Special attack
-Focus Blast

My early game sweeper. Has Eruption for high damage at high HP, and Flamethrower + Focus Sash + Blaze for high damage at low HP. Focus Blast is for hammering what fire can't, mainly Rock. Protect if I suspect something like Explosion or any other move I don't want Typhlosion being harmed by.

Amphraros w/ Shell Bell
Nature: Modest
Ability: Static
EV'd mainly in Special attack and HP. A little in defence.
-Signal Beam
-Light Screen
-Power Gem

Another sweeper who can fit into any moment of the battle. Thunderbolt for some nice STAB, Signal Beam for Grass enemies, and Light screen to assist both it and it's teammates in defences. Power Gem... is a filler. I know it doesn't work well, but I don't know what would be better. Protect maybe? Shell Bell is there to keep up it's good HP, and it benefits from amphraros' power.

Togetic w/ Leftovers
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Serene Grace
EV'd mainly in Special attack and Special Defence
-Water Pulse

My main supporter. Serene Grace boosts the odds of confusion from water pulse to 60% and a boost from AncientPower to 20%. Wish to heall a previously used ally. Metronome is there as a last resort, and at least the effects that come out can be boosted in likeliness with Serene Grace. I usually like to keep this pokemon in wait of someone who uses ground moves.

Espeon w/Light Clay
Nature: Timid
Ability: Synchronize
EV'd mainly in Special attack and Speed. A little in Special defence
-Shadow Ball
-Helping Hand

A back-up sweeper that benefits from others taking out Dark types. Psychic for STAB. Shadow Ball to take care of psychics/ghosts. Reflect to make up for this teams rather questionable defences. Helping Hand is there for when an ally can inflict good damage, but Espeon can't

Houndoom w/Shuca Berry
Nature: Modest
Ability: Early Bird
EV'd mainly in Special attack and speed. A little in HP.
-Dark Pulse

I didn't see the need in two similar fire type sweepers, so I made Houndoom a little different that what most would expect, turning it into a bit of an annoyer, as well as an attacker. Flamethrower and Dark Pulse can inflict good damage, will-o-wisp to drain attack power, and Taunt to shut down non-offensive pokemon, particuarly trick roomers.

Celebi w/ Sitrus Berry
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Natural Cure
EV'd mainly in Special attack and HP. A little in special defence
-Magical Leaf
-Leech Seed

Intended to give a decent attack while taking a bit of a battering. Psychic and Magical Leaf simply for stab. Recover to keep it's health high. Leech Seed to drain away at those who find it hard to take down Celebi. The Sitrus berry is used for giving Celebi a chance to heal before it is knocked out.

Before I end, i'd like to say that I can't identify any specific weakness. This team get countered by basically every strategy imaginable, and I just can't find out why. Please lend a Helping Hand to this team.


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