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post Mar 22 2011, 07:06 PM
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A Beautiful Sunrise
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Hello My Fellow Spriters!
Welcome to the Insanity!

Livestream: http://www.livestream.com/insanitysplices?t=152056



One day, I had an idea, I said, "ZOMG I just thought of an idea!1!! 8D" (Ask silverdragonchild, she'll tell ya xD)
What is this supposedly awesome idea? Well, I'll tell you. Imagine you owning a sprite, just a random pokemon sprite.(Like Vaporeon) Imagine many other people owning many other sprites, and then... THEY MULTIPLY!!!!! crazy.gif xD I had to do that. Now all the pokemon are breeding and their offspring is a mix of the them... need an example?

Bob: I own a female Spoink
Joe: I own a male Victini
(I poof in through PMs)
Me: (To Bob) Your pokemon (image of Spoink/ your pokemon) has bred with Joe's male Victini! (image of Victini/ their pokemon)! There will be 2 eggs (one that belongs to you and one that belongs to Joe), and they will hatch on March 24.
Me: (To Joe) Your pokemon (image of Victini/ your pokemon) has bred with Bob's female Spoink! (image of Spoink/ their pokemon)There will be two eggs (one belongs to you and one belongs to Bob), the eggs will hatch on March 24. You have earned two credits towards the shop back at the main topic. (What are credits? Keep reading!)
Bob: ZOMG awesome!!!
Joe: Sweet! I am now closer to what I want from the shop!

On March 24...
Me: (To both Bob and Joe) Congrats! The two eggs hatched safely into a female Victini () that belongs to Bob and a female Spoink
() that belongs to Joe! They will mature into adults on April 1, and will be able to breed then!
Bob: Nyaa~ I love those colors cat.gif
Joe: Wow xD it looks so stupid. ( You don't always win!)

Now you may be wondering, "But Marsh! Isn't it boring with only basic pokemon?" (Not evolved) Yes, yes it would be. So every once in a while (5-10 days) I will have a little random generating fun and evolve those lucky pokemon! (With their owners consent) So those pokemon's owners will get a message like this.
(Through PM again...)
Me: Your pokemon, *insert name/ species name here along with picture* is evolving! Will you spam A to continue letting this pokemon evolve, or press B to stop it's evolution?
Tommy Boy: B, I like it as it is.
Me: Congratulations! Your pokemon *insert name/ species name here along with NEW picture* has successfully evolved! (or...)
Me: Huh? Your pokemon *insert name/ species name here* has stopped evolving...

Form To Get Your First Pokemon!
[b]I want my first pokemon, Marsh![/b]

If I feel that we have too many of this pokemon in circulation, or if I just don't like the idea of someone owning that pokemon so soon, I WILL deny it.

Pokemon Species:
Password I Sent You?:

The Shelter
There appears to be 0 egg and 0 pokemon in the Shelter...
If you want to receive an egg/ pokemon from the shelter, post this form
[b]Ooh, Gimme Gimme[/b]
Name?:(If pokemon)

You can only obtain 1 pokemon/ egg from the shelter a day...

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
I will have an owner's list set up soon that only I will be able to change so if there is any confusion, I can settle it.
Link-Owners List
Shop in Next Post!!!

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DeviantArt <3

(Made by NoM)

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Marsh   ... Did you see Feu's? That he named after me?...   Mar 24 2011, 07:35 PM

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