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Ash's Shiny Noctowl?
Verge of Chaos
post Dec 21 2013, 04:16 AM
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I'm not a curse!

So a link that was shared in the discussions here at GPX+ has relit my flame for the first two generations of the anime and something has caught my interest.

Of all the times Ash whips out his shiny Noctowl, particularly:

1.) During the Ecrutek Gym battle with Morty's Gangar
2.) To assist an older Noctowl in safely landing the plane which flew Ash and Co. to Olivine.
Especially in that second instance when the pilot even commented:

"Hey that younger Noctowl's not bad."

Not a single reaction to the fact that it's shiny! I in fact just watched the plane episode and was anticipating it the entire time. What gives?
And yet aspects like Sudowoodo's mimic and an usually powerful execution of even the most common attacks (Ex. the Murkrow trio's Double Team in 'All that Glitters') gets attention.
That seems kinda back-ass-wards to me. Unless somehow shinies are not special in the anime as they are to us as players of the video games.

The fact that Jessie and James view Pikachu as the prize over the shiny Noctowl is the only exception since they are pretty much supposed to be idiots. I have a feeling Cassidy and Butch would figure it out if Ash had to take them on enough. When they performed their "Pokemon Spa" scheme for example they actually examined all their captured pokemon for worthy qualities. They are much more clever that way.
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post Feb 26 2014, 11:48 PM
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I think the only reason why is that no one at that time really cared enough for shinies and thought that they weren't as important as more powerful Pokemon like Pikachu. I mean, its a freakin' kids show, so everyone has to act like they don't know anything about Pokemon. The watchers basically learn alongside the trainers. Us hardcore gamers think that shiny Pokemon are like gods and we want them all just for the sheer fact to show off what we have to make other trainers jealous. I already have like 8 shinies in my X game, most through Masuda Method and resetting.

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"Mondai nai." to tsubuyaita, kotoba wa ushindawareta?
Dou natta tte iin datte sa,
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Mou ikkai, mou ikkai.
Watashi o douka korogashite to
Shoujo wa iu shoujo wa iu
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"Mou ii kai?"
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Mou ikkai, mou ikkai.
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Iki o yameru no, ima.
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post Mar 12 2014, 10:07 AM
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Pokemon Pearl

i think the reason noctowl wasnt overly praised by others in the anime is if you think about it if it was praised everytime it came out of its pokeball they would have to go out of there way to deviate from the episode and take attention to it. the primary reason noctowl was even shiny in the anime was to show off a new feature of the games which they do every new game release


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post Jun 27 2014, 07:20 AM
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And I'm sure the other reason was to give Noctowl - the regional bird Pokemon - another appeal. Since, you know, Ash didn't evolve it from a Hoothoot. He caught it in its final evolution, so there wouldn't be anything to grow from. Giving it a shiny look definitely separated it from the other Noctowl, and at the time, I'm sure most people couldn't tell why exactly. Obviously its the color difference, but I'm intrigued how Noctowl is treated like an equal.


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