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Pokémon Gen VII, the new Pokémons.
Dat Geechy Pie
post Sep 2 2016, 08:07 AM
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So hi everybody,

I had made a previous post about Pokemon Gen VII but nobody looked at it. So I decided to write another post, this one in detail about the Pokémons,

So without further ado, let's get into this post,!



Awww. This little owl starter Pokémon is so cute, mainly because it reminds me of Gichu-Paiyu, or simply Gich, a plushy owl that I still sleep with today. Really deserves to be first in the Gen VII Pokedex! I would pick it as a starter, but it is only rivalled by the next Pokémon...


MEYOW! I first discovered this Pokémon when playing Minecraft with the mod PokemonMD (won't get into detail because this thread is not about that), as Firecracker Litten. It is just... cute! Even though Litten looks less cute in original form, its ability to spit fiery furballs it just remarkable! And I also forgot to mention that I would usually pick Fire starters (Charmander, Torchic, Chimchar, Fennekin)... if I could play the games. I'm a cat person as well! However, Rowlet and Litten just won't be beaten by the final starter...


This little guy is cute, and I love its ability to create bubbles. Sadly, this little seal Pokémon is beaten by the two other Sun/Moon starters.

Now time to get to the part about 'regular' Pokémon!

Regular Pokémon!


Dang, this puppy looks cute, yet like an actual dog at the same time. And a great battling companion too, as it will never back down from a fight until the enemy has been beaten. I would certainly have one of these in my game if I ever could get one (game, not Rockruff.)


YASS! A wolf! This Pokémon usually lives alone, but when raised as a Rockruff, it is as loyal as can be! Its Mid Day form looks very much like Rockruff, indicating that they are connected by evolution. But this Pokémon's evolution method is unique, as it evolves into different form in Moon, pictured below, as it does in Sun, pictured above.
Dang, it looks like a fusion between Mid Day Lycanroc and Yveltal! Do you agree?


It's cute one again! This little koala-like Pokémon sleeps for most of its life, clinging to a piece of wood, yet can even move and even battle in its sleep! Awesome!


Every generation needs some kind of common bird Pokémon, and Pikipek is there to do the job. Plus, CUTENESS! This woodpecker looks like a great early game companion, and can even be found on Route 1! It likes to store shiny objects in tree trunks, which might be funny for trainers who own this Pokemon.


Another mongoose, but not as likeable as Zangoose. I doubt that Zerxer would make a novelty based off of this guy like he did with Zangoose/Zergoose. However, this guy doesn't have a rivalry with another Pokemon, it is known for its insatiable hunger. And it can evolve, too, into...


Even though it evolves from Yungoos, who is known for its incurable appetite, Gumshoos can survive for reeeally long without eating. It looks weird too...


Like bird Pokémon, every generation has bug type Pokémon. This little guy may seem weak, but when it evolves you will be surprised...


Well, one more evolution stage, then this guy will become awesome. And another one of those Bug/Electric types. Joltik, you are not alone.


HOLY CHICKEN is this guy cool! Totally beats other bug types!


Yay! A Dragon type! But this guy looks to peaceful to battle... when I found out where its name came from I could imagine a bunch of Dratinis asking it to tell a story for them. Sadly there is no such picture on the Internet... yet.


I only have one thing to say... is it supposed to be a fish with makeup?


Its name is self explanatory! A cute fly! When you're happy, they will gather around you, which will make you feel... annoyed? No. Uncomfortable? NO! THEY MAKE YOU EVEN HAPPIER!


You know that group of Pokemon called 'chus'. They are basically Pokémon that are tiny, electric types that bear some resemblance to Pikachu, like its evolutions, the Azumarill family, Dedenne and such. Well Togedemaru might become one. You can find these guys during thunderstorms, waiting to be struck with lightning. And NO, they are NOT stupid! They are cute.


I can imagine a Salandit saying, 'move over.' to a Charmander. Since they're both fire salamanders. However, when Charmader evolves into a majestic dragon, Salandit probably won't. Instead, it can poison stuff, and mind-control them. Wow, Salandit, you just made my Charizard dip its tail into ice water. But I forgive you, Salandit, and I still like you!


Oh, a teddy bear Pokémon! How cute! Teddiursas might like them. And they can evolve together, too, into Ursaring and the next Pokemon on the list, respectively...


This Pokémon looks cute, but is also dangerous! But once you catch it you can have free hugs every day! Hug me hard, Bewear! OW! not that hard.


Poor Mimikyu. Nobody loves it, so it decided to dress up as the franchise's mascot, Pikachu. However, its costume designing skills are not that good... maybe all it dreams of it to get into the Chu group. But I will play nice and classify it as one! What do you think?


Is this a fossil Pokémon? Because it reminds me of a trilobite. These timid creatures will only approach you if you don't move. They are also good at cleaning the ocean floor!


Hey, this looks like Cherubi! These adorable little Pokémon emit a calming, fruity aroma thats calms all, much like Chikorita. You can use them as air fresheners! Unfortunately, many Pokemon prey on Bounsweets, and nobody comes to their aid because they look like they're skipping casually when they are trying to run.


This Pokémon loves to pick flowers and make necklaces out of them. These necklaces soothe and heal both people and Pokémons alike, which is why it is frequently used in Pokémon Centers. And it looks like it should evolve from Bounsweet, like how Cherrim evolves from Cherubi. Aaand I forgot to mention, it is cute!


Is this supposed to be Ponyta's distant cousin? Because it somewhat does, and doesn't at the same time. This Pokémon NEEDS to live in a place with A LOT of mud (e.g. , swamp) otherwise it wont listen to you. It looks a bit derpy as well.


Yes, Mudbray evolves into this like Ponyta into Rapidash. He looks much more serious than his derpy little pre-evolution. This adamant horse Pokémon can kick powerfully with its mud-covered hooves, and can pull 10-ton loads for 3 days straight! I would want to ride these guys.


When you look at the outside of this Pokémon, the first thing you might think is da heck is this thing?. It actually looks kind of creepy... these things fly around in the sky eating debris and probably terrifying Rayquazas. But when they fall to the ground...
They become CUTE! Don't judge them from what they look like on the outside. Literally.

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post Jan 29 2018, 09:50 PM
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I first discovered this Pokémon when playing Minecraft with the mod PokemonMD .
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