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Gathering at "The Gateway", LA, Kam, Kitty
Living Arrow
post Apr 20 2014, 03:57 PM
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Team Rogue: Pidgeotto
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PANE: Darryn Kellor

Travelling back to Port Barley after the events at the Petropolis Grand Invitational had been a long and gruelling affair for Lori. Well, it had involved public transport which inevitably meant sharing elbow room with all manner of undesirable and social reprobates. If she was not worrying about her bag being stolen from off of her shoulder, the young Trainer was replaying the events of the tournament again and again to find the moment that had made her act so foolishly.

*Who really thinks they can play the hero and go down some stupid hole to save random people they’ve never even met before!?* She demanded of herself for the fiftieth time as the stench of body odour from her latest ravel companion drifted her way. Holding back a gag, she politely turned her head the other way and cried inwardly. *At least Cesc smelled good!*

*Hey! Stop thinking about him, dammit!* Lori blushed in spite of herself, heat rising in her cheeks to decorate her skin with blotches of ruby embarrassment.

The coach pulled up to a stop at the edge of the town in the later hours of the sunny morning, a couple of miles from her final destination, and freedom announced itself as the coach doors clunked open.

*Close enough!* Lori told herself, springing up from her seat without a backward glance for the stinking hobo next to the window. Cuddling her bag close to her chest with one hand while squeezing the length of her intensely red hair in the other, she hurried to the front of the vehicle.

“Thanks!” She smiled and bowed her head politely to the driver (a sweet old man who she doubted spoke any English) and skipped down the steps to the sidewalk. The coach pulled away with the hiss of its brakes releasing to leave her drinking in the fresh air of the coast. It had been a while since she had been in Barley, and the town hadn’t changed a bit, but she felt like a different person to the rookie that had picked fights with bullies on her first day in the town.

*Never again, Lor.* She reminded herself of the boys that had threatened to cut off her hair when she’d defended another beginner trainer at the bus station. She shuddered at the memory, pushing those thoughts down to her toes where they couldn’t plague her thoughts anymore.

“Pipster,” Lori clicked open the green-capped Pokeball of her Piplup and grinned as he materialised in front of her, “we’re back in Barley.”

“Lup, Piplup!” His cheery reply was a welcome change to the dismal mutterings of the ‘people’ on the coach.

“And you know what that means, right?” She prompted him. A blank expression was her response. She rolled her eyes and pumped her fists energetically, the infectious enthusiasm of her naturally bold demeanour finding its way back to the front of her otherwise woolly teenage brain. “It means we get back on a ferry and go to Fidona! That Gym badge won’t win itself, y’know?!”


“So, let’s go!” Lori cheered, breaking into a run down the final slope into the town with her Penguin Pokemon close on her heels.

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post Aug 13 2014, 11:29 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Taggarty Lee

As Lori wrapped up the last battle, the group of suited men simply turned and walked away. There were no parting shots, no jeers, or yells as they retreated. Tag shook his head, almost in wonder, at the confidence they had walking away, even in such a lopsided defeat. All four of them had been beaten by the random group, and they still walked away as if they had won.

"Not even slinking away." the tattooed man muttered as he turned to Marwan and Lori.

"Well. Uh. Thank you for sticking it out with me there. Sorry to drag you into that mess." Placing a hand on the back of his neck, he looked at the two expectant faces of the young trainers. "So...shall we head to Fidona now? Can I treat you to some ice cream or something as thanks?"

He stared blankly at them, not really sure how to go about explaining that they were most likely thugs hired by Team Deception to bring him to Omar, who would most likely kill him. Ice Cream hardly seemed like an adequate thanks, but it did seem like a good way to downplay the severity of what had just occurred. The less they knew, the better.

Once response had been received, he headed up to the ferry. Despite the weary glances from the ferry workers, they accepted the groups' tickets and allowed them passage on board their ship. Heading down below decks, Tag spotted Roxxy nearby, and moved to sit a close (but still at a comfortable, Tag-distance). He'd make a beeline for the Pokemon Center in Fidona, but Enka would be resting well in her Pokeball until then.

Not sure how to initiate further conversation, Tag simply rested his back into his seat, letting out a long sigh as he felt the boat start to lurch forward.


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