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Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 1 2013, 04:06 PM

The Preliminaries and First Round Match of Jill Laurent and Taggarty Lee.

Posted by: Yzarc Drowsnam Jun 2 2013, 12:30 AM

A battle arena would be a perfect opportunity for Jill to test her team against normal people. She already tried her hand (and failed) against a professional gym leader, so why not see how far she could get here? She read through the rules fairly quickly and was quite impressed that they could artificially modify a pokemon's strength to a particular level. This meant that this was not a pokemon battling tournament so much as a strategy tournament.

She got excited, thinking of all the possibilities. Admittedly, she had a somewhat gimmicky strategy, but it would probably be effective unless she went up against someone with great experience. So, she made her way to her arena. Not surprisingly, there was a particularly large crowd around her. She was just some nobody, and the kid waiting for her appeared the same. She wasn't dumb enough to start underestimating him, though.

The kid's eyes perked when he saw Jill walk into their arena. He smiled and approached her, holding out his hand. "Hi," he said. "Nate Guzman,"

"Jill Laurent," she nodded, accepting his handshake. "You do these kinds of things often?"

"Hah, no," Nate laughed. "Buddy of mine was interested, so I thought I'd give it a go too. Don't count me out, though. I've done my share of battling."

"Yeah?" Jill smirked. "You're, what? Sixteen?"


"Huh," Jill shrugged. "Sorry about that." He kind of dressed like a teenager. Baggy clothes, sideways hat. Maybe if he grew some facial hair or something. Maybe he couldn't grow facial hair? "So, uh, when do we start?"

"When the ref lets us know."

"The ref?" She didn't see a ref, but of course, just as she asked, a man in white and black stripes hopped up onto the arena with a clipboard.

"Howdy, folks," he said, continuing to look down at his clipboard. "So, we got- Jill and Nate. You two know which three pokemon you'll be using?"

"Yes sir," "Yeah," Nate and Jill said (simultaneously and respectively).

"Great! Go ahead and give me their pokeballs and I'll register them for this preliminary round."

Jill only had three pokemon, so the choice was easy. She handed over Pele (Ponyta), Vinyl (Weepinbel), and Flare (Vulpix). Nate also handed over three pokeballs (though she could see that he had six total). He had clearly already made up his mind because his decision was instant.

"Alright, perfect," the ref smiled, handing them back their pokeballs. "All set. This will be a standard one on one match. No doubles, triples or rotating. Three pokemon each, one out at a time. You can swap at any point. And go!"

Jill's first step was obvious to her, and would probably be the way she'd start every battle in the tournament, by summoning Flare. Flare had a special ability called drought, which intensified the heat and light in the area. Nate summoned a Kingler.

"The hell?" he exclaimed at Flare's ability. "Nice. That's pretty rare, if I recall." The fact that he understood her ability was worrisome. He clearly knew what he was doing. Moreover, she was at a type disadvantage (though somewhat nullified due to Water's attacks being weakened by the sunlight). Still, Kingler was a much more powerful pokemon than Vulpix. Even with the sunlight, this wasn't a good matchup. While Nate gave his command to his Kingler, Jill swapped for Vinyl, her Weepinbel. So Kingler's Bubblebeam did negligible damage, due to it being ineffective and weakened from the sun.

While Nate pulled back Kingler, Vinyl used Growth. Normall, it increases physical and special attack strength, but with aid from the sun, these boosts were doubled. Vinyl was officially an offensive beast, whose speed also happened to be doubled due to Chlorophyll in the sun. Nate's replacement was a Sneasel. "You got this, Ninja!" he called out.

Jill and Nate called out their commands. While Vinyl began whipping up his Weather Ball, Ninja immediately shot off a shard of ice. Chlorophyll wasn't fast enough to allow Vinyl to outspeed or dodge the Ice Shard, and it hit hard. Sunlight didn't negate any of the damage, and it was super effective. Vinyl was significantly weakened, though definitely not out quite yet. More importantly, his Weather Ball was flying towards the Sneasel now. As it flew, it picked up the effects of the drought and burst into flames, then immediately smacked into Ninja. The sheer power of this attack was enough to completely knock the ice pokemon out.

"Shit," Nate stepped back and pulled back Ninja. "Sorry, girl. Okay," Obviously, he couldn't send out Kingler again, so he sent his third pokemon out. It was a poisonous snake, Seviper. Jill just smiled. Vinyl was poison type, and so couldn't be poisoned. On top of this, his Attack, Speed, and Special Attack were all doubled. This thing didn't stand a chance even though Vinyl did already take Ice Shard and Bubblebeam damage. It would need to get off two attacks to finish him off.

"Again," she said. So Vinyl struck up another Weather Ball. It was definitely its most effective attack against the pure poison type, considering Seviper resisted Grass. The attack was incredibly powerful, but Seviper held on strong, just in time to shoot out an odd looking poisoned. It smothered Vinyl and soaked into its skin.

"Yes!" Nate shouted.

It seemed odd that he would celebrate, considering Vinyl's immunity to poison. "Vinyl, again! Finish it off!"

But, to her surprise, Seviper shot out a screech which significantly reduced Vinyl's defenses. He was weakened, and it was clear. Immediately after, Seviper was hit with the fiery ball and knocked out. "How?" She asked. "How did your attack hit first?"

"Gastro Acid," Nate smiled sending out his final (and first) pokemon, the Kingler. "It negates your ability, which I assume is Chlorophyll, yeah?"


Still, she had the advantage here. Grass beats Water, and she doubted Kingler could hurt too much due to the Sunlight. "Vinyl, Growth!"

But before Vinyl could even use its ability, Kingler charged. Without Chlorophyll, Kingler was faster, Vicegrip didn't care about the Sunlight. After a Bubblebeam and Ice Shard, plus his weakened defenses from the Screech, Vinyl was down. Now she had two fire pokemon against this Kingler, though Kingler's water attacks were weakened still.

Not wanting to give away her final pokemon quite yet, she sent out Flare, her Vulpix from before. Their trainers issued their commands and while Kingler used Hone Claws to increases her Attack and Accuracy, Flare used Will-O-Wisp to cripple her Attack. "Interesting," Nate shook his head. His Attack boost was wasted, but he still had the Accuracy boost. "Again!"

While Kingler sharpened its claws again, Flare shot off a Hex, a Ghost type attack which did increased damage to a target with a status effect (in particular, this Kingler). On top of the persistent burning effect, Kingler was hurtin', though it did have two Hone Claws under its belt.

Jill commanded Flare to use Hex again, but Kingler charged. Vicegrip would have done minimal damage due to the burn, but Guillotine did not care. With Kingler's increased accuracy, the notoriously slow attack landed before Flare got another attack off. She was knocked out instantly. "Holy shit," Jill sighed. "I didn't see that coming,"

"Good luck with your last pokemon," Nate crossed his arms victoriously, knowing that he was one Guillotine away from victory.

"Thanks, I don't need it though." She sent out Pele, her Ponyta. Even though Kinger had already taken some damage, a Ponyta couldn't break through the remainder of its health before a Guillotine landed. "Pele, Bounce!" As Kingler charged with its massive claw extended, Pele jumped high in the air. As the massive claw clamped closed, Jill could see the burning effect taking its toll. Pele landed on top of the Kingler, finishing it off.

"Pinch!" Nate shouted. "Damn. You're good, Jill. That Weepinbel, man."

Jill wanted to rub it in the kid's face. He had given her such a hard time that she wasn't ready to be a good sport, but apparently he was, so she couldn't let him beat her there. "Thanks, Nate. You gave me a really hard time. Was really close there at the end."

"Well, hey," he said, as they shook hands. "Good luck with the rest of your matches. I'll definitely try to see more of you. In the, uh. In the tournament I mean."

"Gotcha," Jill smiled. "Thanks for the battle, Nate."

So, Jill went to get her pokemon healed up and headed towards her next destination.

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 2 2013, 01:03 AM

The trip over from Baccate had taken a bit longer than expected, mostly because Dr. Adelaide Robinson kept darting off to check on things as if her scientific odyssey was the prime objective af her quest. Tag had rolled his eyes, chasing after her from time to time, but mostly he'd keep walking with Liz. They'd slow their pace and chat a bit more about contests, as Tag asked question after question of her while they waited for Adelaide to return and catch up.

They finally arrived at the Petropolis site, after a quick stop over at the Petropolis Pokemon Center, this time, sans incident. Once they arrived, Tag gently bid the two travelling companions farewell as they split up to their lines for registration.

"You must be Taggarty Lee."

Tag raised an eyebrow as he moved up to the table. The woman sitting there beamed up at him happily, holding out a clipboard.

"Do I know you?"

"I've seen you on TV. They televised your Gym Matches. Luke Ario covered it on the Channel 4 news. You've got two badges right? You're famous."

Tag sighed, signing the paper and filling everything out. He looked up at the woman, who retained the same unceasing smile. It was a bit unnerving.

"Thank you, Mr. Lee. I think I'm going to place my bets on you; you're one of brightest Furoh has to offer."

"Uh..." Tag frowned. "Thank you...I'm done registrating."

"Thank you. Looks like your first battle is on field...D-4. Take your Pokemon over to the Nurse, and she'll prepare them for you."

Tag nodded curtly, moving away from the registration tent, looking for anyone he knew. He noted that the field before him was spread out with dozens of Pokemon fields. Several battles had already erupted in their full ferocity, and trainers were moving in and out of the areas at rapid speed. It appeared that the organization had been quite efficient. Trainers were advancing or leaving upset at an alarming rate. Stopping over at a Nurse, she quickly and calmly took his Pokeballs on a tray, then slotted it into a Machine.

"This will set all of your pokemon to a standard level as set by the Tournament Committee. They will learn all the moves, they would know up to Level 50, but will be unable to evolve unless they were already at a level where they could do so." Tag took in the information and nodded, noting that most of his Pokemon were already around Level 50, so there wouldn't be too many new moves for him to play with. With a gracious nod, he moved over to let someone else to receive their procedure. Clipping the Pokeballs back to his belt, he moved into the array of Pokemon Battle Fields.

Before long, the tattooed trainer found himself standing in line at field D-4.

"Next up...Taggarty Lee and Pistol Jones!"

Why was that name familiar.

"Hey, big tattoo jerk!"

Tag moved out to the battle area, looking up as the voice pierced the air. He recognized the look immediately. Self Proclaimed Ace Trainer Pistol Jones, whom he'd faced in a tournament over in Petropolis.

"Yeah. I remember you." Jones crowed from his side of the field. "You beat me last time, but I'll get you this time. I've been training hard since-"

"Don't care, idiot." Tag called back across the field. "Talk doesn't win battles."

"Arrogant asshole. One win against an Ace Trainer and you think you're all that. I'm gonna wipe the floor with you!" Pistol Jones screamed across the field, immediately losing his cool. He flung his hand out pointedly at Tag before twisting his entire body in a throw. The Pokeball landed on the field, bursting out to reveal a very ferocious looking Charizard.

Tag sized the fire lizard up calmly, noting that the Charizard he'd faced over in Arasam under Otis had looked much fiercer. Even with their power levels similar, Tag was pretty sure that any one of his Pokemon could easily take on any of Pistol's Pokemon.


The pokeball dropped on the floor next to Tag, as he slipped his hands into his jean pockets. The pokeball hit the ground, opening and shooting a burst of light onto the field. The flashing light died down, revealing Tag's adorable Slowpoke. The dopey Pokemon made an yawn-sounding "Sloooooooow", as he stared vacantly at the enemy trainer.

"Taggarty Lee versus Pistol Jones, commence!" The referee raised his flags sharply, accompanied by a sharp whistle.

"I hope you're ready to feel the burn! Sure, you chose a water Pokemon, but what can that Pokemon do..."

"Tonbo! Rain Dance!"

Before Pistol had a chance to finish, Tag turned the tides of battle in his favour immediately. Sure, he had to type advantage to begin with, but he wasn't going to leave anything to chance." The Rain localized around field D-4, drenching the arena with cold, wet water.

"Hey, dude,where's your etiquette?" Pistol seemed visibly irritated that Tag hadn't even allowed him to finish the statement.

"Idiot. This is a battle. Fight or get out. You don't have any other choices." Tag growled, still irritated that Pistol was still talking and not taking the battle seriously.

"You asked for it! Charizard! Shadow Claw!"

With his claws glowing with fierce shadowy energy, the Charizard flew forward, slashing downwards at the slow moving Slowpoke. Tonbo received the attack, pressed into the ground from the shadow trails of energy that emanated from the claws.

As Pistol's Charizard retreated, Tag noted that Tonbo looked fairly unpeturbed. He had taken the hit in the way that he always took hits, and barely even registered the pain.

"That's better." Tag nodded, a satisfied smile appearing on his face. "Water Pulse!" Opening his mouth as if he were yawning again, a swirling ball of water shot out, and with Tonbo's psychic powers, curled up into a whirling ball of watery energy.

"Poke." With a mental command, the pulsing, tightly woven ball of swirling water lanced forward. In the rain, it continued to grow, taking the falling water into itself, swelling to nearly twice the size and ferocity. The Water Pulse slammed heavily into the Charizard.

"Charizard! Use Air Slash!"

There it was. Pistol Jones stopped trying to talk, he was finally ready to battle.


The two attacks met with a heavy clash. Charizard's aerial slash met the blast of psychic energy from the Slowpoke. Both attacks showed little sign of giving way, since near equal force had gone into each one. Instead, the resulting explosion did nothing but scatter some of the rain around.

"Charizard! Shadow Claw!"

Tag sighed, not wanting Pistol's Pokemon to land another hit. While Tonbo did not have the mobility of the Charizard, he at least had a distance move.

"Water Pulse!"

"Cut through it!"

Rookie mistake.

Tag watched as the Charizard attempted to meet the move head-on, and watched with grim satisfaction as Tonbo's attack engulfed it entirely. The ensuing watery explosion cleared, revealing that the mighty Charizard had been knocked down in two clean hits.

"Charizard is unable to battle. Tonbo wins! Taggarty Lee, please proceed to the Island Arena to meet your next opponent."

Pistol Jones looked crestfallen and wet as he recalled his Charizard, glaring once more across the arena at his victorious opponent.

"Next time, you're mine, Lee!" He croaked sadly, clutching the pokeball with his companion in it.

"I look forward to it." Tag nodded respectfully, not wishing to gloat over the match. With that, he turned and headed to the Island Arena, as he'd been instructed.

* * *

Following the ever-present and helpful event staff, Tag made his way down an elevator and across a bridge, heading over to the "Island Arena."

It appeared to be nothing more than a carefully crafted rock formation out over the salty waters. At the center, a lovely seafoam green arena made a perfect circle, obviously resembling a pokeball. It certainly lived up to its name of "Island Arena", even if it was a bit more of a peninsula than anything.

He sat down, watching the match in progress with mild interest. Both trainers looked young and inexperienced, and still seemed a bit unsure as to what their Pokemon could actually do at such a high level. Perhaps it had been flukes that either of them had made it; he didn't really care either way. The kid with an Oshawott finally landed a knockout blow on his opponent's Swablu, ending the match.

"Next up! Taggarty Lee versus Jill Laurent!"

While perking up at his own name, he felt a smile come over his face as he heard the name of his opponent. She had made it past the preliminaries, unsurprisingly. If the rest of the trainers were as uncertain as the two he'd just witnessed, it made sense that she'd passed sans problem.

He strode to his side of the field, taking up his usual relaxed posture. Unable to wipe the small smile from his face, he let out a small wave. "Hello. Good to see you again."

"The contestants will now decide which style of battle they would like. 3 Pokemon each. Will it be...Single Battle? Double with Reserve, or a Triple Battle?"

"How about a Double?" Tag shrugged "Just like fighting a gym leader, right?" It seemed about right. The last time they'd seen each other, they'd both just lost to Chloe in gym style fighting. This seemed like a good time for both of them to hone their skills.

Posted by: Yzarc Drowsnam Jun 3 2013, 06:56 PM

When Jill saw Tag, her heart sank. There was no way she was beating this guy. He was a freakin' professional! She just started on her journey. Granted, their pokemons' powerlevels would be about even, but Tag was still by far the better trainer. Still, she had to pretend to be excited to see a familiar face.

"Hey, I know you!" She smiled, convincingly. She listened to the announcer suggest a few battles types, and then Tag suggested a double battle with a reserve. He had a nice face on (or at least a sincere one), but he was cunning enough to be just as full of shit as she was, and she knew it.

While at that moment, she couldn't figure out what kind of advantage Tag would have by playing a double battle, she knew he had one simply by the fact that he suggested it. This was, indeed, Round 1 of the battle. "I think I'd rather do a full three on three." She may have failed in her attempt at sincerity this time.

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 4 2013, 12:18 AM

"Hey! I know you, too!" Tag responded awkwardly, given that he had just moments before stated that it was good to see her again. He hadn't been sure if she had been joking, and witty responses weren't his forte. Tag seemed rather taken aback at Jill's decision for a triple battle, but it stood to sense. With her Sun-Summoning Vulpix, she'd empower all three pokemon on the field in one go.

"That's...acceptable." he tilted his head at her, squinting his eyes. From the look on her face, she didn't seem at all happy to see him. Only at that moment did the notion sink in that they were fighting for keeps. This wasn't just a friendly match, no; there was some semblance of stakes. Jill was in it to win it, and Tag was probably the worst opponent for her. Two tacticians on the field, with equally powerful Pokemon. Superior tactics, and perhaps a bond between trainer and Pokemon would be deciding factors.

Taggarty Lee, the man now known through Furoh as "That-guy-with-face-tattoos", and, in the popular music circles "Tiki Man", steeled himself in the face of his opponent. He had seen her moves back in Gigarte, but with the temporary power boost, what sort of tactics would she approach him with. Jill's advantage was that Tag's Pokemon were quite close to the strength at which she'd already seen them; it would probably be difficult to surprise her.

Rolling through his memory, he knew that she'd seen...Suzu, Uchi, Bachi, Tobi, and Tonbo, at best. If he wanted to surprise her, he'd have to go with Kyoko, Orin, Kana or Enka. None of the latter four seemed like appropriate choices, especially if she was still running with a Ponyta, Vulpix and Weepinbell. Knowing that the sun would immediately start off as soon as her Vulpix entered the field, he'd have to be ready to counter...or not. Two permutations of his line-up flip-flopped around in his mind, until he settled on the line-up.

"Suzu! Bachi! Tobi!" Tag's pleasant and sincere face faded into one of no expression. The calm veneer of a seasoned battler fell over him, as he awaited the arrival of his three pokemon before neatly catching each of the three pokeballs on their return trips.

Appearing in the center, Bachi released his stentorian roar before fixating his eyes on Jill across the field. The Poison Pin King was ready, and with his Poison/Ground typing, he seemed the best choice defensively against Jill's team. Suzu appeared to his left, floating gently in the air, even taking a moment to wave at Jill with a smile on her face. To Bachi's right, Tobi appeared. He had changed the most since Jill had seen him, having evolved into a Ninetales in Baccate. The regal nine-tailed fox arrived on the field, seated on his haunches. He looked calmly over at Jill, his tails swishing idly on the floor.

Tag waited, crossing his arms as he leaned his weight to one side. Now that he had begun to rev up for the battle, he didn't exactly want to give Jill the first move after letting her see his team. Keeping his peripheral vision on the ref's flags, he kept himself at the ready to bark out his first set of commands.

Posted by: Yzarc Drowsnam Jun 4 2013, 07:48 PM

She saw his team, but it didn't matter. She already knew which three pokemon she was using. "Pele, Vinyl, Flare!" She tossed out her pokeballs, summoning Ponyta, Weepinbel and Vulpix respectively. In front of them stood Ledyba, Nidoking and Ninetails, the latter two of which were particularly intimidating, and Jill had seen enough of Suzu to know that she was one of Tag's favorites.

Naturally, the light and heat in their area intensified. This was advantageous to all three of her pokemon, but also to Tobi, Tag's Ninetails (who, although the same level as Flare, was fully evolved and much more powerful).

She did quick rundown of threats. Tobi was a threat to Vinyl due to his boosted Fire attacks. Suzu was a threat to her whole team, but could be eliminated quickly due to her Fire weakness and the Sunny Day effect. Bachi was a threat to both of her Fire pokemon simultaneously due to his Ground typing, but a strong Earthquake would also probably knock out Tobi, so that would more than likely be a last ditch effort. She figured all of her pokemon could at least take a hit from Bachi, but giving Suzu time to set up strategy when one hit could probably knock her out would be devastating. Moreover, she couldn't let Tobi knock out her fastest pokemon, Chlorophyll'd Vinyl.

"Flare, use Flamethrower. Pele, use Flame Charge. Target the Ledyba. Vinyl, use Sleep Powder on Ninetails."

Sleep Powder was certainly an inaccurate move, Vinyl's speed would allow him to get it off before Tobi could counterattack. If it was successful, then Tobi would be out for at least a few turns. And unless Suzu had something up her sleeve (which, of course, Jill suspected) she'd be hit by at least one of the intensified and effective Fire attacks aimed at her. Of course, Suzu was faster than Flare, so if Pele's hit missed, failed, she'd at least get to react before Flare's hit landed.

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 5 2013, 01:33 AM

As soon as Jill's Pokemon appeared, the heat swept into the field, something Tag had been ready for. His opponent's Vulpix's rare ability was what made or broke Jill's team, and Tag had to neutralize all threats immediately.

Having wanted the first move, Tag grumpily acquiesced to Jill's faster barking. On the fly, he shifted his strategy immediately to accommodate for the string of words.

Tobi! Imprison! Suzu! Encore! Bachi! Earth Power on the Ponyta!"

While Vinyl was undoubtedly the fastest Pokemon on the field, Sleep Powder was not an aerodynamic move. Tobi closed his eyes for a moment, essentially placing a psychic barrier on the field. His eyes glowed a fierce blue as Imprison took hold, locking off all of the techniques that he and his opponents shared in common. To Tag's knowledge, this would be all of the moves that Flare possessed. Unless she had an egg move genetically passed down to her, or any moves that Jill had taught her via tutor or TM, Flare would be locked into "Struggle" until Tobi was removed from the match. Pele, the Ponyta, would have a few moves blocked off as well, but very few that Tag was particularly interested in.

The series of events that followed seemed to blur together for a moment, due to the extreme rapidity of Pokemon moves exploding all over the field. The powder settled over Tobi, gently sending him off to sleep. Pele charged forward, slamming into Suzu with the powered-up Flame Charge. Why Jill had chosen that over the more powerful Fire Wheel or Flare Blitz was beyond Tag; perhaps she'd forgotten that her Pokemon had learned new attacks? Suzu shrugged off the painful damage before floating over to Vinyl and clapping her hands happily. Vinyl, the speed-demon Weepinbell, was now stuck to using the low accuracy Sleep Powder on repeat. Suzu buzzed back to Tag's side of the field, but with Tobi's Imprison in place, the Flamethrower from Flare never came.

To round out Tag's debilitating first round, Bachi raised a glowing fist, slamming it into the ground. The terrakinetic energy shifted through the island field, causing a ripple into the ocean area, until it burst up from the ground in a pillar of power, aimed at an angle at the Ponyta. Tag had chosen a supereffective move, but it operated off of Bachi's lower, but still good, special attack. Once the attack subsided, Suzu shifted positions, placing herself between Bachi and the sleeping Tobi, ready to take cover from the next fire attack behind one of her allies.

The tattooed trainer crossed his arms, smiling. Whether or not the Earth Power actually hit home, he felt a surge of confidence from the first round of battle. How was Jill going to respond to this?

Posted by: Yzarc Drowsnam Jun 7 2013, 07:22 PM

Jill sighed when she saw that Flare had been Imprisoned. None of her attacks were useful, and she was essentially only there to buff the heat. It was significant, except that Vinyl was now locked to Sleep Powder, and locked on a target who was already sleeping. She now had only one pokemon capable of doing anything significant, Pele, who was staring down a Nidoking summoning an explosion directly beneath her.

Fortunately, Flame Charge had landed. It didn't do as much damage as she thought it might (given that it was super effective and boosted by the drought), but it did have a side effect, in that it boosted her speed like mad, which would allow her to react to her impending doom.

"Pele, Bounce!"

And bounce she did. She leaped up high into the air just as the Earthpower exploded beneath her. Pele's descent was towards the Ledian. Having taken significant Fire damage earlier, and the fact that Pele would be able to attack from above (which was effective against bugs), it would surely knock her out. Unfortunately, Tag had two pokemon capable of fighting, while Vinyl was spitting out Sleep Powder at a sleeping pokemon and Flare was mindlessly throwing herself against her nearest target (which happened to be Ninetails).

It wasn't looking good, but she was still in it.

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 7 2013, 11:48 PM

That was why Jill had chosen Flame Charge. Pele was now outrageously fast, easily outspeeding Tag's entire team. Bounce had been an effective means of evading Bachi's Earth Power attack, easily leaping up into the air and over the powerful ground attack. However, Tag was familiar with the attack, and knew that it gave him just a little time to prepare before Pele descended.

"Suzu, Acrobatics on Vinyl. Bachi, Poison Jab on Pele!"

He glanced over at Tobi, who sighed peacefully in his induced sleep, even as another spray of the pink powder settled on him. He showed no signs of stirring, which meant he would sit there for a little bit.

Suzu lanced forward, streaking through the air aiming at Jill's Weepinbell. Acrobatics was a move boosted by lacking an item, though it operated off of Suzu's low physical attack. Hopefully, the high attack power, STAB and super-effective status would help score some heavy points on Vinyl.

However, regardless of her success of the attack, as she moved back to her place, Pele would slam down on top of her in what appeared to be an incredibly forceful way. Suzu screeched in pain from the impact, slamming hard into the ground with a Ponyta on top of her. Before Pele could fully re-acquaint to being on terra firma, Bachi wound up, launching a venom-steeped arm directly at the fire pony.

Tag recalled Suzu, knowing that she was the gamble in this line-up, but as always, she had performed admirably. As a Ledian, she was often overlooked by opponents, which was one of Suzu's advantages. Jill, who had seen Suzu face a Staraptor, as well as Chloe's team of Pokemon, did not overestimate Suzu's tactical ability.

"Thank you for your hard work, old friend." Tag whispered softly as he re-clipped her pokeball to his belt. He now had Bachi on the field, but hopefully Tobi would wake up soon.

Posted by: Yzarc Drowsnam Jun 9 2013, 01:15 PM

Pele landed gracefully on top of Suzu, but immediately took a well aimed Poison Jab from the Nidoking. It was powerful, but not enough to seriously wound her. Suzu's Acrobatics, on the other hand, was a very effective attack on Vinyl. Coming from a strong flyer, it would have possibly knocked him out immediately. But Ledian's power was laughable at best, and her strength was clearly that of a strategist. It hurt, but Vinyl was very much in this fight still. More importantly, with Suzu out of the picture, Vinyl was ready to continue fighting, and not shooting endless spores at an already sleeping opponent.

With Tag's Ninetails asleep, Jill's Vulpix Imprisoned and Tag's Ledian fainted, this was now a two on one, though it was possible that, with Vinyl ceasing his Sleep Powder, Tobi would wake up soon. It was clear that her biggest threat on the field was Bachi, but knocking out Ninetails would free up Flare. Also, Tobi needed to be knocked out before he woke up. Hopefully she had more than just one turn of it being asleep to take care of that.

"Pele, Bounce! Vinyl, Growth!"

With his Chlorophyll boosted speed, Vinyl was able to pump himself up. The sunlight doubled the effects of Growth, effectively making him a powerhouse. He was fast and powerful, both physicall and specially. Even though he lacked any particularly effective attacks against Ninetails, Growth would allow him to hurt still. And with Pele jumping in the air, Nidoking's only target would be Vinyl, against whom he lacked any devastatingly effective attacks.

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 10 2013, 12:11 AM

Once again, Jill's Ponyta sprang into the air. Tag had now inflicted some damage on the other team, and even though he was technically down a Pokemon, the Struggle-locked Flare on the other team was essentially a non-combatant in his eyes until Tobi was out. For just a moment, he felt a pang of impending defeat; Jill was gaining the upper hand. Steeling his nerves, he continued his analysis of the situation; the thoughts in his head stepping out clearly in the heat of the fray.

He looked over to the aforementioned Ninetales, who still appeared to be sleeping soundly. Tobi showed no signs of waking this round.

The turn on Jill's side was fairly quiet, with the Ponyta airborne, and the Weepinbell choosing to boltser its attacks. Tag's only viable target was the Weepinbell, since Flare posed no threat, and Pele was out of reach by Bachi.

His hands resting gently in his pockets, Tag calmly issued his next command.

"Bachi, Poison Jab Vinyl."

Weepinbell possessed Grass's Weakness to Poison, but Poison's resistance to Poison, which canceled out, leaving Bachi's Poison Jab a good choice for neutral damage. The move's high power combined with Bachi's Same-Type-Attack-Bonus would make the technique somewhat decent against the Weepinbell. Tag didn't need the knockout; he just needed to whittle it down a bit.

With Tobi still asleep, he didn't feel the need to issue a command; he just had to wait for Pele to return to the earth in tandem with Vinyl's next attack. Bounce would have no problems hitting a stationary target, considering Pele's aim when it had come to hitting the smaller, more mobile Suzu. With his only move complete, he waited for Jill's next set of commands.

Posted by: Yzarc Drowsnam Jun 10 2013, 09:16 PM

While it's true Tag didn't need the knockout right then and there, he did need to whittle down Vinyl. Doing so would put him on the defensive (a necessity given his absurd offensive power). The sooner he got to fainting, the closer Tag got to victory. If Vinyl could be knocked out before Pele knocked out Tobi, then victory was all but assured.

It's possible that Tag did not foresee Jill's following strategy. Growth was effective at making Vinyl an offensive. While in the Sun, three of his stats were doubled. However, Weatherball wasn't Vinyl's only unique attack. "Vinyl, Synthesis!"

This exchange all happened in a matter of seconds, as Pele was still in the air. So, even though Bachi's Poison Jab hit home, Vinyl immediately absorbed the intensified sunlight, essentially healing him to full health. Just after that, Pele landed hard onto Tobi. It wasn't an exceptionally powerful attack, and it would take a few hits to eventually whittle down the Ninetails, but Jill was clearly prepared for the long game. Both of her remaining pokemon had heals, both of which were intensified in the sunlight.

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 11 2013, 12:14 AM

There it was. Even as Poison Jab landed, Tag heard the command for "Synthesis" over the roar of the Pokemon. Vinyl had just healed himself, getting back to full in no time. Tag had not been prepared for Jill to resort to healing her team with the use of sun-boosted recovery moves. This oversight would potentially cost him the match, which meant he needed a paradigm shift immediately.

The hit landed on the sleeping Tobi, but it seemed just enough to jar him back into wakefulness. A few turns of sleeping with a gentle powder falling on him had drifted him off nicely, but now he snapped back away, looking a little disoriented, but nevertheless ready to fight.

Tag had everything he needed for the moment to make the next strike count. He needed to rid Vinyl from the field, simply because the Weepinbell was now the most major threat on the field. Tag took a split second to ponder whether or not one Sunny-Day boosted Flamethrower was enough to fell Vinyl, but he decided that he needed just another moment for that.

"Bachi, Flatter Vinyl, Tobi, Psych Up!" In danger of losing the match entirely, Tag decided to risk everything on this next move.

Bachi genially waved a claw over at Vinyl, causing a spotlight to form around the poisonous plant. The King of Poison Pin Pokemon flattered his poisonous kin, showering him in words of praise. The effect raised Vinyl's attack significantly, but also would render an instant confusion.

Tobi's eyes began to glow a brilliant orange, before flaring up in a flame like pattern. Using Psych Up, which copied all of the opponents stat changes, Tobi had copied Vinyl's Stat growths, which included the Attack and Special Attack raise from Vinyl's Growth, the Speed from Vinyl's Chlorophyll boost, and the second increase of Special Attack from Bachi's Flatter. The radiant Ninetales was ready to unleash devastating fire attacks, one of which could probably fell Vinyl in one hit.

Tag looked over at Jill's three Pokemon on the field. His strategy had evolved into two separate paths, and Jill's next round would determine exactly how he was going to play the rest of the battle.

Posted by: Yzarc Drowsnam Jun 15 2013, 03:35 PM

OOC (click to show)

"Ah," Jill caught herself gasping while taking a step back. Vinyl's attack was immense due to to his Growth earlier, so if he attacked himself in confusion, it would do a lot of damage. However, his Special Attack was now through the freakin' roof, so if he landed a Special Attack like Weather Ball, its damage would be insane. Unfortunately, Tobi resisted both Grass and Fire (and little did Jill know, actually absorbed Fire damage).

Bachi didn't, though. Jill figured that, with the Sunlight boosting Fire damage, Vinyl's and Pele's speed boosted, and Vinyl's Special Attack boosted three stages, she had enough power to take down the Nidoking, making it a two on one (although with an immensely powerful Ninetails) Meanwhile, of course, Flare would just sit there. Honestly, it was frustrating how effective one move was. If only it was a 2v2, she could call her back and rid the effects. Oh well. She was the one who made that decision.

"Pele, Flame Wheel. Vinyl, Weather Ball. Target Bachi."

Both of her pokemon were fast enough to land the hits before their target and his ally could react. Now it was just a matter of if the hits were strong enough, and if Vinyl would stay coherent enough to hear her. Turns out, he did. As soon as she made the call, he blew out a ball of wind which exploded midair due to the heat surrounding it. Pele charged the Poison Pin pokemon and, as she did so, fire began circling around her. The impact would be spectacular.

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 17 2013, 12:56 AM

My Bad! (click to show)

Jill had easily gained offensive dominance on the field. Tag's decision to utilize the sun to his advantage had not worked in the way that he had planned. Briefly, he regretted not sending Tonbo out to switch the weather with Rain Dance. He had no choice but to commit to his decision now; victory was teetering on the brink, and his hesitation would not make it better.

A small part of him hoped that the physical contact made by Flame Wheel would invoke Bachi's Poison Point, but it didn't matter now. While Pele could heal herself with Morning Sun, Jill had not chosen to do so, leaving Pele still damaged from Bachi's powerful Poison Jab from earlier. Calling for another Earth Power would give the faster Pele a chance to dodge using Bounce once more, and calling for Earthquake would eliminate Tobi from the field, re-opening Flare into the mix.

Bachi roared in pain as the Weather Ball, followed by the Flame Wheel hurtled in to him. Tag's command, however, was swift: "Bachi, Counter." Looking like he was on the brink of unconsciousness, Bachi nevertheless reached forward.

While the damage from Weather Ball would not be added to it, the Sun-Boosted, Stab Flame Wheel had done some hefty damage, and now Bachi was about to return it two-fold. As the Ponyta made impact, Bachi would reach out and grab the Fire Horse, attempting to slam it viciously into the ground. The Poison Pin King was on his last leg, which meant that Tag had to inflict as much damage as possible; hopefully this was the best way. With Pele weakened, perhaps it would be enough to finish her off. If not, Bachi would fall in the next round of combat; Jill's Pokemon, on even level with his, were clearly more powerful than the Nidoking. Once the technique had been completed, successful or not, Bachi toppled to the ground, his energy entirely spent.

Meanwhile, with Pele occupied, Tag quickly ordered for one of Tobi's most devastating attacks: Flamethrower. While not wanting to risk a Fire Blast or Inferno, due to their lower accuracy, Tobi's Flamethrower, boosted several stages thanks to Psych Up, STAB, and the intense Sun, would be enough for a one-hit knockout. Just like Jill had seen back in Gigarte, Tobi let out another devastating blast of flame from his maw.

The recall beam lanced forth from Tag's pokeball as the flags shot up. Even as the referee announced the Nidoking's condition, Bachi was already being recalled. Tag sighed; he had hoped for Earthquake to be his last-ditch attack, wiping the entire field clean, but Flatter had proven a boon to Jill. Hopefully, the confusion would help him in the next round, considering that he only had Tobi remaining, and three pokemon to face on Jill's side. His face, however, did not show any of the frustration or agitation. As usual, he remained perfectly calm, staring into his opponent's eyes from clear across the field. There was still chance for victory, and he would not surrender this time.

This battle was swiftly approaching its end.

Posted by: Yzarc Drowsnam Jun 23 2013, 09:18 PM

Flame Wheel and Weather Ball hit their marks and Bachi fell. He fell grasping at the pony, but to no avail. She was faster, and he was on his way out of consciousness. His counterattack was ineffective. However, unbeknownst to Bachi (as he had been recalled by the time it was apparent) his poisonous spiny body had done its work. Flame Wheel was a full contact move and it forced Pele to shove her entire body against Bachi's. Perhaps Jill should have anticipated it, but she did not. Pele was poisoned, and after all the beatings she took, without taking a moment to heal with Morning Sun, the small damage from the poison was enough to bring her down.

Jill gasped quietly when she saw it happen. It wasn't easy watching her childhood friend fall to something which looked so painful. Reluctantly, she accepted Pele's fate for this battle, and recalled her. It was now one on one. A weakened, but empowered Tobi against a confused and empowered Vinyl. The next successful attack would probably decide the battle.

Tag then called out the command for Flamethrower, which would be devastating if it landed on Vinyl. Vinyl, although confused, was still faster, and so if he maintained his composure, could react to the attack. In the very least, he could get off a powerful counterattack. Acid, Jill figured, was his best option. Tobi's Fire type would not resist it. It gained a STAB boost, and a triple boost due to Flatter and Growth. Tobi had already taken some damage from Pele's Bounce, so it would probably be enough to knock him out.

So, Jill made the call. Vinyl paused for just a moment, to think through the concept. It didn't seem to click, though. He stood there awkwardly as Tobi's maw began to glow with flame. Then, just before Tobi could shoot out an explosive string of fire, Vinyl lifted his little leaf, which appeared to be razor sharp, and smacked himself in the fact. Jill sighed, pulling him back.

That left Flare the only remaining target. The Vulpix, still imprisoned from using any of her moves, was just sitting there. Sure, she could have used Struggle to get some damage off, but it would have hurt herself more than anything, and she wasn't about that. In any case, Tobi's Flamethrower hit, and it hurt. Flare resisted the attack, but cutting an attack in half which is already boosted by the sun, STAB, and 3 boosts from Psych Up, isn't really enough. More importantly, however, Flare was never really in this fight.

The Flamethrower hit, and Flare was knocked back, but it didn't knock her out. Regardless, Jill recalled the Vulpix as the fight was over. She stood for a second, looking at her three pokeballs. Honestly, they did well. It came down to what was basically a 50/50 chance, and she lost. She could live with that. So, she sighed, then looked up at Tag. She didn't smile, but she didn't show anger or resentment either. Just nodded towards him, then approached with her arm extended.

"Good battle. Good luck in the rest of the tournament."

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 24 2013, 11:40 PM

Jill recalled each of her Pokemon in fairly quick sequence. Tag wasn't sure what had happened, but he had pulled off a victory. As she moved towards the center of the field, Tag recalled Tobi, moving to meet her. Meeting her with the same stoic face, he took her hand in a firm grip.

"I agree, and thank you."

After an awkward pause, the two of them virtually ignoring the crowd, Tag let out a smile: "Grab a drink? I could use one after that."

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