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Posted by: Bogart Jan 10 2011, 12:15 AM

UPDATE: Due to Bogart's absence, feel free to ask any of the other PANE mods questions. We will be happy to help wink.gif

Have you ever thought, 'I like PANE so much that I want to experience it twice as much?' Well then, this is the thread for you!

Second characters have come to Furoh, but first, some ground rules. Not everyone will be able to have a second character, if only because you must prove your worth as an RPer to have it considered.

The process of applying for a character is simple, but places a fair burden on the RPer himself. The first thing you must do is complete and have graded at least two (2) RPs in which you've received a 10/15 grading or higher; sorry, but I can't consider RPers who haven't shown a modicum of dedication and given us an example of their roleplaying skill with others of the forum. If the RP dies partway through, it must at least have been of decent length by then to be considered as fulfilling this step. Please link these in your post.

The second bit is where this thread comes in. We've got an example of your first character in action, but now you've to prove that you can clearly roleplay two different and distinct personalities. When trying to earn a second character, chances are that you've got that character in mind already. You've got to demonstrate the differences between these two characters: begin with a non-combat situation and write at least three (3) good sized paragraphs for each character, demonstrating their different personalities and thought patterns - I'd suggest playing up internal dialogue, chances are it'll help a bunch. But, seriously, don't make this about battling, cause I'll outright reject you for even a bit of that - your characters are different even when there's nothing to fight (or they should be.) Remember, you don't need to post your profile here, just your credentials and your differences.

Once that's done, I'll consider your post, and either allow or disallow your second character. Of course, I'll try to work as fast as possible, but any post in the thread / any PMs to the effect of hurrying me up will count as an automatic rejection for the heckler. If you're rejected, you must complete another graded RP to re-fulfill step one and then try again.

Assuming that you're approved, however, you have full right to post a second profile in the profile forum for approval, and may roleplay freely with that character. However, that character must be start at basic levels - 20 levels to spread between two to four Pokemon.

Now, this is a trial. After four months, we will take stock of the situation, and make a ruling on whether or not to make second characters permanent, or to extend the trial period. Anyone who is in the middle of an RP with their secondary character when the cut-off time for the trial is through is allowed to finish that RP. Pending our decision, they must return to their original character afterward

Don't message the other mods with questions, or post questions in this thread. PM me with questions. This thread's only to be used for applications.

Posted by: Living Arrow Jan 10 2011, 05:11 PM

Living Arrow Second Character Application - Character Comparison: Darryn Kellor vs. Lori Pardare 15/15 15/15

At some point in the PANE universe, no matter how unlikely, Darryn Kellor and Lori Pardare happened upon a single Pokemon that captured their interest. Here is how both reacted.

Darryn Kellor (click to show)


Lori Pardare (click to show)

Posted by: Master Houndoom Jan 10 2011, 11:31 PM 11/15 14/15

RP Examples! Scenario: Acceptance to Furoh

Jaima (click to show)


Branwys (click to show)

Posted by: Umbrae Calamitas Jan 10 2011, 11:58 PM 10/15 15/15

Second Character Application: Roleplay Differential Samples

Scenario: Lysander and Tuesday are both preparing to leave home for the first time, to begin their adventure. They each have different outlooks on this particular event.

Lysander (click to show)


Tuesday (click to show)

Posted by: Bogart Jan 12 2011, 02:31 AM

@MH: Denied, unfortunately. You have to link the gradings of the two 10/15's.

Sorry, maybe I should've included an example. (Remember, you don't need to post the profile here).

First, the gradings to prove a certain level of quality:

Scenario: Finding Somebody's Wallet.


"Sure, that's one way of looking at it. But it's totally wrong." Set scene - early morning, post jog. Beside one tall, red headed boy in short red running shorts emblazoned with "Arasam Soccer" stood two puffing Pokemon - both spherical in shape and splayed across the ground like roadkill. They're gasping for air as if just rescued from drowning. He's holding his phone with one hand, the other holding two fingers too his neck to count his pulse. The conversation he's having is a serious one, by his tone.

"No, listen. They both need each-other. It's interdependency, y'know?." He listens. "Oh. Maybe you don't." He begins to stretch, starting with wall (well, tree) stretches and segueing to back stretches.

"Well, yeah, I know that. He does awful things to Tom. Nasty, hell's bells, even sadistic things. But that's fine, as long as tha- hold that thought." He'd espied a bit of shiny leather on the ground. Handing the phone to the exhausted Gulpin on the ground, he moves to check it out. It takes a bit of effort, but after a moment's exertion, he holds a slightly soiled wallet. He pulls out the wallet. Nick Cormack...never heard of him, but I bet he misses his wallet. And Hell's Bells, he's loaded! Just from one compartment was around $5000, a small fortune. This Nick also had a sizable array of credit cards, which the boy knew could fetch about $1000 each. A crisis of morals overtook him for a moment.

On one hand, he could really use the money. His Arasam Soccer shorts were too small about a year ago, and he and the two Pokemon at his feet had been subsiding on bread and water for about a week. On the other hand, he hadn't been brought up that poorly. His mind is made up, and he drops the wallet into his backpack.

He gestures to the two Pokemon that he's moving again. They both affix him with looks of agony, and sighing, he returns them to their Pokeballs, cradling his phone in the crevice between neck and ear. "What was that? Yeah, Kat, I'm back..."


"That was a damned decent thing you did there, son." The police officer has a magnificent mustache, perfectly groomed and bushy enough to keep a pencil in for easy convenience. He sits at a tall desk, nursing his sizable belly with large Krispy Kreme donuts and gallons of black coffee.

Woodrow Spencer shrugged, one strap of his backpack casually laying across his shoulder. "Just doing what anyone'd do, I guess." The officer shakes his head, not accepting the shove-off.

"Still. Things like that should be rewarded. Care for a donut?" A moment of silence, then from the backpack, an enormously loud stomach grumbles. Woodrow's first to react.

"It was my Gulpin, I swear." They laugh. "Got any of the vanilla ones with sprinkles?"

With a grunt, the well-dressed woman smacked closed the door to her office. Grumbling obscenities under her breath, she rounded the corner of her desk and sunk into her chair, cupping her face with her hands. Hell's bells, does nothing go right in this company? Lightest blonde hair frames viper red eyes, lightly kneaded. Sunlight, shining through the ceiling-to-floor windows, cast the woman's shadow onto the mahogany desk before her. It writhed in the sunlight, making motions its owner didn't. After a moment, it spoke.

<You seem a little stressed out. Perhaps I should take a snack...?> "Can it," she muttered back, smacking her shadow, which was grinning in contrast to her own somber visage. The Shuppet tore himself away from it, twirling around in the breeze. He fed off of negative emotion, and in all honesty, allowing him to indulge would probably lift her bad mood pretty effectively.

But a bad mood is something to be savoured, and shared. Friday Hastur might be a great deal of things, but greedy was not one of them.

"We're taking a walk," she announced suddenly, lifting her face from her palms. <Don't mind me, I'll just hitch a ride,> replied the Shuppet, who with a spin plunged back into the woman's shadow. The shadow pulsed, taking on an almost purple hue. Friday rose, grabbed her overcoat (with the weather being as fickle as it had been, it paid to be prepared), and swept out of the office. To her protesting boss, she blew a kiss and waved goodbye - what were they going to do, fire her? She might even welcome it. But there was no chance of it - her parents owned the company, after all.

<Where to, then? The Diner? The Weather Station Trail? Forest?> Friday shook her head, buttoning on her overcoat. It was growing far too chilly, and her phone alerted her of a chance of hailstorms. Stars and stones, she thought, replacing the phone in her pocket. This day just gets better. "No, Eames, we're going to the river." To all the world, it seemed as though she was talking to herself. But today, this day of days, Friday could care less.

The river path was silent, not a soul excepting a runner wearing far too little clothing for such a cold day. Make no mistake, Friday was a great fan of running, but when she did, she wore clothing a bit more modest (or at least warm). After the runner, though, there was very little to distract her from her foul mood. She seethed, relating to the Shuppet in her shadow all of the unfairness endured through the past week. He knew it all, of course, but listened for politeness' sake.

Out of disgust for Hastur Dynamics and herself in general, she kicked at a rock, scuffing her custom Armani shoes. The rock bounced along the path, but did not roll to stop with a satisfying noise. Instead, it sounded as if it had hit some kind of cloth. Friday investigated, finding a wallet nestled in a crack in the tarmac, where grass and tar fought for dominance.

She opened it, scanning the ID with disinterest. It belonged to Nick Cormack, who was one of her former bosses. He was also an enormous creep, and had skirted the edge of sexual harassment with the red-eyed woman more than once. The right thing to do is to to give this back, but if I do, it'll give him another chance to hit on me. For a moment, Friday was caught in a moral debate. She tapped the thick and heavily scented leather to her lips once or twice, deep in thought, before drawing a conclusion. A small smile twisted her face.

With a mighty wind-up, she chucked the wallet into the river, where it fell with a satisfying plop! <You're too cruel,> came a voice from her shadow, but she ignored it. Instead, Friday Hastur straightened her tie and turned on her heel, walking away from the river with a spring in her step.

Posted by: Bogart Jan 12 2011, 02:31 AM

Approved, Bogart.

Posted by: Bogart Jan 12 2011, 02:17 PM

Properly edited, MH's is approved.

Posted by: Bogart Jan 12 2011, 04:25 PM

LA is approved.

Posted by: Bogart Jan 12 2011, 10:21 PM

UC is approved, but from now on, guys: just post when you've got the comparison up. I don't get alerted to edits, only replies.

Posted by: Haunted Jan 12 2011, 11:14 PM

Haunted's Second Character App
'Cause there's an app for everything. 15/15 15/15

Everyone is different. It's one of those little quirks that have kept the human race alive so long - our ability to adapt, to change in accordance to our situations. Those placed at the top of the social hierarchy are no different. It may seem like they simply avoid the struggles of life, but they do, in fact, play a deadly game not so much unlike that of basic survival.

And when you're on the top, you've got a lot more to lose.

Cameron Ramirez (Eron Ingress) (click to show)


Gilbert Alleen Haydn (click to show)

Posted by: Bogart Jan 12 2011, 11:17 PM

Chirp; chirp. Approved, Haunted.

Posted by: clock lock works Jan 13 2011, 12:37 AM

A Profile In Which CLW Tries Out

in which both are from uprising, as per bogart's permission.

in which Celino Molenaro and Llewellyn Cassius Haydn go shopping when they don't have enough money on their persons.

Celino Molenaro (click to show)

Llewellyn Cassius Haydn (click to show)

Posted by: Bogart Jan 13 2011, 12:39 AM

Yep, you're good, clocklockworks.

Posted by: Kamaitachi Feb 23 2011, 02:15 AM


RP grades: 15/15 14/15

Scenario: Taggarty Lee and Francesco Rojas find a penny.

Taggarty Lee (click to show)


Francesco "Cesc" Rojas (click to show)

Posted by: Bogart Mar 11 2011, 05:14 PM


Posted by: Douken Sota Mar 22 2011, 11:26 PM

First off, level check: 15/15 15/15

Next up:

Douken Sota (click to show)


Seican Serroc (click to show)

Posted by: Kamaitachi Mar 23 2011, 12:53 AM

J'approve! You're good to go.

Posted by: Proby Apr 30 2011, 05:26 AM

It's time to Unleash Zack Edgars upon Furoh.

RPs: 11/15 12/15

Scenario: Well, leaving home really. That's the theme, if you like. Except it's Alex's brother who's doing it, and not Alex, he's still on Holiday at home.
Zack is basically starting his journey.

Monsieur Slasher (click to show)

Monsieur Edgars (click to show)

Posted by: 2gamers Apr 30 2011, 09:15 AM

I'm afraid I'm going to have to deny this one. Here's why:

1. The point of this exercise is to show the differences between your first and second characters in the same situation. Instead of comparing Zach to Alex, you compared him to James, an NPC. That's not going to work. I want to read about how Zach is different from Alex, not James.

2. In Zach's entry, you kept calling him Alex. Not only does that make reading the entry really confusing, it implies that you can't tell the difference between the two. If you can't tell the difference, I can't either.

I'll let you try again without penalty.

Posted by: Proby Apr 30 2011, 02:56 PM

It's time to Unleash Zack Edgars upon Furoh.

RPs: 11/15 12/15

Scenario: Well, leaving home really. That's the theme, if you like. Except it's Alex's brother who's doing it, and not Alex, he's still on Holiday at home.
Zack is basically starting his journey.

Monsieur Slasher (click to show)

Monsieur Edgars (click to show)

Is this better?

Posted by: 2gamers May 1 2011, 09:46 AM

Sorry, but you will likely need to rewrite both entries. Alex's entry is a simple synopsis of events. It tells me nothing about who he is and his personality. The same goes for Zach. You tell us about cutting down trees, a jittery teacher, and a bunch of scared students. THere's barely anything on Zach. As far as I can tell, he's Alex with some sort of mental illness and/or asthma.

Spend some time figuring out how these two are different (character-wise). Then compose a scenario that will emphasize these differences. Try to put them both in the same scenario (both are waking up, both are starting their journey for the first time, etc). That should help show how the two are different. wink.gif

Posted by: Yzarc Drowsnam May 26 2011, 10:42 PM

Jill Laurent 14/15 15/15

Scenario: Bowling Date

Justin Smart (click to show)

Jill Laurent (click to show)

Posted by: Kamaitachi May 26 2011, 10:59 PM

J'approve! Post a profile in the thread for approval round 2!

Posted by: Pinsir Jun 28 2011, 12:09 PM

Scenario: First day at a new school.

Jasmine Reed (click to show)

Zach Schmidt (click to show)

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 28 2011, 01:38 PM

Approved. Post your profile for step 2!

Posted by: Dragonwish2 Jun 28 2011, 04:45 PM

Scenario: A day at the Beach

Elizabeth (Liz) Nadira Shir (click to show)

Hailey Pierce (click to show)

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 30 2011, 12:00 AM


You don't really show us any palpable difference in personalities. What you've done is basically given a list of tasks that Elizabeth and Hailey would do if they found themselves alone on a beach. There is some minor, inferred personality difference in say, their attire and the means in which they acquired them, but other than that, the two are not that different.

I'll give you one chance to re-write these, with these adjustments in mind. Try to show us some thought processes, or even different reactions to similar conditions.

Posted by: SaphireShadows Jun 30 2011, 12:43 PM

Christine Tennebraum
Scenario: Stuck in a bar in a downpour

Twila Reanne (click to show)

Christine Tennebraum (click to show)

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jun 30 2011, 03:48 PM

Approved. Post a character profile in the profiles for second round verification!

Posted by: Dragonwish2 Jul 10 2011, 02:28 PM

Scenario: Shopping at a book store.

Elizabeth (Liz) Nadira Shir (click to show)

Hailey Pierce (click to show)

I rewrote them, since I don't think the situation showed their major differences very well. Enjoy!

Posted by: 2gamers Jul 10 2011, 05:29 PM

Approved. Post the profile.

Posted by: Angels Fall First Jul 25 2011, 03:45 PM

Angels Fall First's Second Character Application: : +13/15 : +12/15

Scenario: Rescuing a Skitty from a tree.

Finn Oakley (click to show)


Liam West (click to show)

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jul 25 2011, 08:32 PM

Accepted. Post the new profile in the profile thread for step two!

Also, mind you, be careful of changing pronouns when dealing with pokemon. For Kyla, you switched between the female "she" and the neutral "it". I have this problem too, or else I wouldn't have noticed.

Posted by: Tekno Sep 5 2011, 04:55 PM : 11/15 :13/15

Finally got around to do this, even though it's probably gonna get rejected. :P Worth a shot.

Scenario: Recovering from an accident.

Tyson Ealdwine (click to show)

Royce Strife (click to show)

Posted by: Kamaitachi Sep 5 2011, 05:18 PM

I'm just the slightest bit iffy on this. The situations are...similar. They're both, as you say, recovering from an accident. On the one hand, those accidents are very different. Breaking one's arm is a bit more commonplace than being torn apart by a Drapion. However, I'll give you credit insofar as there is a bit of personality difference between the two. However, I've read enough of your stuff to know what Tyson is like as a character, and I can see that Royce Strife is different, even if you didn't do a stellar job here of proving it.

This is a very shaky approval, but approval all the same.

Go ahead and post your character profile for the second round of approval.

Posted by: Ozzy Dec 20 2011, 03:40 PM

This is being edited. Will make a new post when I'm finished.

Posted by: 2gamers Dec 20 2011, 08:11 PM

The first thing you must do is complete and have graded at least two (2) RPs in which you've received a 10/15 grading or higher

When I said you could use that RP for this application, I meant once it's been graded. Since it hasn't even been submitted for grading, it's not technically done.

(Since Amissa has apparently taken an extended absence without telling any of the other RP members, I would allow anyone in that storyline to submit the RP.)

Posted by: Toogee Jan 10 2012, 07:23 AM 14/15 12/15

In today’s second character entry, two people enter the Pokeking of Gigarte City, having a hankering for meat.

Pandora Gibbs (click to show)

Darius Dovakin (click to show)

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jan 10 2012, 09:55 PM

As a vegetarian for the past 8 years, I'd say that tofu is delicious.

Tangent aside, you're approved!

Posted by: The Rose Crusader Jul 8 2013, 02:13 AM

Scenario: Going shopping

Melinda Rose (click to show)

Aaron Zephyr (click to show)

Posted by: Kamaitachi Jul 8 2013, 02:29 AM

Approved for Second Character!

Would you like me to revive Melinda Rose's old profile as well?

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