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Sex Education
Aya Shameimaru
post Jun 5 2009, 01:33 AM
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Parents are so silly sometimes that they shelter their children from the wrong things. If you're not going to be the one to teach your child everything about sex (And seeing as the parents themselves cannot teach the same as a real educator) you should let the school do it. Often it's the Christian parents that are so frightened of their children having sex before marriage that they fight to keep anything that isn't mainly abstinence only out of schools.

Anyway I agree with the majority here, sex education should be started at the beginning years of puberty. As they get older more of the subject should be revealed such as STDs and pregnancies.

Also along these lines I really think that the media should cool down on scaring parents over teens having sex and rather showing the result of not allowing your child full use of contraception. Both my parents are very lax with me but having a boyfriend is a huge ordeal for them. I'm terrified to ask my mother for permission to have birth control pills, but really wouldn't she rather have me safe then both of us sorry? >>;


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post Jun 5 2009, 06:20 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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From: Johto!
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sex ed is VERY important. Teens who KNOW about it, are less likely to engage in it then those kept in mystery. Plus, there is less chance of them being molested iwthout knowing it. But not the whole 'you have sex you will get deceases. Condoms break, so don't do it' crap. That was the kind of bullshit my highschool fed us. Thankfully my mom knew that we needed REAL education. Kids need to know about birth control, how to get it if they DO need it, be taught that condoms SHOULD be used(and it's NOT encouraging them) while still warning them of all the risks, and that even if yo udo take birth control AND use a condom, there is still a chance of getting pregnant, but it is GREATLY reduced and very highly unlikely. I mean, seriously, the chance of a condom breaking is rare unless it's old.

But I am against just not teaching your children anything about it, or just doing 'basics' yes, you have to think of how much information for their age, but I learned basics in fourth grade =/ no real DETAILS but enough to know to be careful. Then I didn't get it again until like...junior year(moved from cali to texas, god texas sucks at sex ed) I don't like using religious beliefs to deprive children of important information. Knowledge is power! And the more you know about it the less likely you are to do it until you are ready =) but seriously, as teens if they are gonna do it they are gonna do it. So might as well help them protect themselves. Teens are stubborn, and you are by no means encouraging it.


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post Jun 5 2009, 06:58 PM
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I'm in space...space...spacespace
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space team

QUOTE(Swordsalmon @ Jun 27 2008, 07:10 PM) *
Well, I was reading the news and came upon this horrible and disheartening article. Which led me to make this topic...I hope this is considered serious enough for a debate.

Horrible things such as this, I think could be prevented with more education on breeding in schools. However, there's been a controversy on whether this should be a course in schools. I have to support teaching young teens about pregnancy and prevention. Though this might increase the amount of young intercourse (Which I, morally think isn't right, but whatever), allowing these teens to know prevention could prevent more tragedies. If more promiscuous teens is the after-effect of lowering infantcide and abortions, I think it's worth it.

Sorry if this topic isn't "Debate"-worthy, but it's something I would like to discuss, considering how important it might become in the future.

In this day and age, a kid finding out about sex is inevitable. If the kid was internet access, he WILL find out about sex. Thanks to newgrounds, I knew what sex was before the 7th grade and I turned out just fine. I think it comes from the parents though. My parents didn't treat sex like taboo like most other parents seem to do. If there's even a HINT of sex on today's programming, parents will freak out.

Here's a hypothetical situation.
little johnny: "Hey ma, can little girls have babies?"
Mom: "Uh...oh...oh of course not Johnny, babies come from the stork."
little johnny: "Oh ok, thanks ma."
*When little Johnny was running outside, Johnny's mom overhears him shout "It's ok Suzy, we can keep playing that game!"*

It's not the knowlege of sex that is the problem, it's being misinformed.

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post Jun 8 2009, 11:15 PM
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Active Squad

First of all, I apologize if anything I post has already been said before.

I believe that Sex Ed should be more focused on, as it teaches about important bodily functions, and that both parents and schools should teach it. You can't expect not teaching people about this to have them avoid it; if anything, it draws them in (opinionated, yes, but based on personal observations). It should be something explained by the parents, however I understand that for some it might be awkward to explain something as intimate as sex to a child; however, if the school teaches about it, the instructors should be able to take the responsibility to teach the students.

And the education should be thorough and cover everything involved. My school didn't teach Sex Ed until the second year of high school. It was a two-day course, about an hour and a half each day, which briefly explained the female monthly cycle, and that was basically it. They showed pictures of the female reproductive system, and told us what each part was for in enough words for maybe a sentence or two each. Not once was anything other than the monthly cycle discussed. Not once was the male side even mentioned. Not once did they explain the side effects of engaging in sex. In reality, even though it was called Sex Ed, it was simply a short lecture on the female's bodily functions, which by that time everyone already knew about (I was the youngest in the class, at age fifteen, and I already knew about my own body functions).

My parents didn't even attempt to take the time to cover what the lecture didn't. What they did was basically say, "Sex is bad, don't do it." What little I learned from someone else was explained to me by my grandmother over the phone, and that was also more of a talk about growing up and bodily functions.

Everything I learned regarding the subject, I learned on my own, mainly through sites like Wikipedia (and before anyone says anything about it, yes, Wikipedia is an online "encyclopedia" that anyone can edit; however, they have many moderators on the site that prevent false information from being posted, and quickly work to reverse any false edits or page vandalism so that the pages display only correct information (and the information not fully verified is labeled as such)).

If the parents don't take the responsibility of raising and teaching their children, then the school should at least take some responsibility for teaching them. I've moved around a lot, and the high school I went to from sophomore year to graduation was the only one that even remotely offered a Sex Ed course. School should be a learning environment, and Sex Ed is no different. I personally believe that Sex Ed should be a mandatory class as early as fifth grade, and should be a required course every year or every other year; the information changes all the time, and it would also help ensure that students actually learn about it. It would also help to ensure that people are ready for everything involved should they chose to have sex, both the positive and the negative, before they engage in the activity.

Not to mention that when younger children do ask about sex-related situations, the parents seem to typically treat it like it's a taboo subject, as Reyo said. The media is allowed to show violent scenes (such as mutilation, torture, ect) and it simply be brushed off as "just another show"; however, the moment something sexual comes up, it's immediately banned from the public. And when it's not banned, it's usually so unrealistically depicted that it becomes more of a grotesque horror scene than anything else. In the instances where it's not banned or unrealistically depicted, the book/show/movie/game is rated so high that only someone eighteen and older can see it.

Everyone says it's to "protect the children". But how is preventing Sex Education protecting them? Teach, and they'll learn and understand, and be more responsible in their decisions; prevent, and they'll be curious and experiment with it (opinionated, yes, but based on personal observations).

And I'm going to stop there, before I end up writing an essay.
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post Jun 10 2009, 09:11 AM
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The voice inside your head.
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Astro Boy's Homies

I thought all schools did sex ed in year 8 (12 - 14 year olds)

Besides which, why the hell hadn't her parents spoken to her?

I started learning about the birds and the bees when I was around 6-ish. My son is 9 and knows what causes pregnancy and whatnot.

Where the hell are the parents of kids like that?

I really wish they would stop leaving it to the schools to teach their kids E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. It's pathetic.


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post Jun 13 2009, 07:32 PM
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Psychologist in Training
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The Bros

I had sex education in fourth grade to teach me about the female body. Then again in 8th grade to learn about both. And again in 10th grade, because it was mandatory or else I wouldn't graduate.

I'm pretty sure I know the consequences of having sex without protection.
I don't understand why people don't get it...

I didn't get to see the article since it was probably taken down, but from what I've read, it sounds pretty horrible. If it was about a 14 year old having a baby (without knowing she was pregnant) and then stuffing it and flushing it, she's a complete... [insert extremely bad swear here].

Currently a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying in the field of psychology.
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post Jun 13 2009, 07:36 PM
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Haven't had sex-ed yet but my mom says:"Don't get pregnet until you're ready"If i have a baby at 18 my mom is going to kick me out of the house.


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post Jun 15 2009, 10:28 PM
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I think they're wouldn't be a NEED for sex education if parents would just be up front with their children. For girls, 'the' talk should come with the first period, and for dudes, 'the' talk should come... I guess whenever the guys go through puberty, the only real indication of that that I'M aware of is the whole voice-changing thing. xP

But, the fact is, parent's don't speak about it. They keep their mouths shut and hope that their children will make the correct decisions, without being well-informed on which kinds of decisions are actually the 'correct' kind.

So, how do we stop all of these 'bad choices?' We have classes in school, which take away from ACTUAL school time (I personally think Health classes should incorporate Sex Ed, which is the case in many schools, but not all), and inform students. HOPEFULLY, they inform students well enough to know that if you have sex, you can get pregnant / get a girl pregnant, or get STDs, or what have you.

((As for the article, I didn't get the chance to read it, but I think I caught the gist of it. That's just wrong. xP And another 'bad choice' that a student can make because they haven't been informed enough.))


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post Jun 15 2009, 11:26 PM
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Skarmory Squadron Supreme
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Skarmory Squadron

The talk should come before the first period. Ya know how freaky it is to bleed from your nethers?

"My Little Red Book." More than one case of hiding one's period.


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post Jun 17 2009, 05:34 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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It's a Trap

it would be helpful, that much I can be certain of.


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White Blaziken
post Jun 24 2009, 05:32 PM
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The Cold Blaze
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Active Squad

I think sex ed. should be both; taught at home and school but when kids are still kids not when things are already happening; meaming that everything must be taught when they are between 9-11 not 12-13 cuz they might get confused or misslead.

Also I think the best way to learn is with experience (NOTE: I'm not sayng sex ed. classes should be a teacher telling a bunch of eleven-year-olds "Take off your clothes..." you get the point.) cuz the fact that you know what to do doesn't mean you know how to put it into practice; Let me use an example: when you are learning to write someone tells you how to grab the pen and how to ovet to create a letter you will not understand untill you have a pen in your hand.

To this I'd like to add that kids should see how things actually look like. (NOTE: Again, I'm not saying kids have to whatch explicit videos.) What I mean Is that teachers should show realistic pictures of healthy and unhealthy genitals so when they reach the age to be doing things there are no surprises.

People tend to learn form others so testimonies of people in their teens with unwanted kids could go to schools to talk with the students so they realize they could ruin their whole life by mistakes that could be avoided easily.


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post Jun 24 2009, 05:52 PM
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The Idiot of GTS.
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My Fantasy Team

I was taught it when I was 12 and I always knew by my parents but this past year (would be freshman year in america, 3rd year in ireland) a came in to talk about us and said what do you want to know anything, and know one said anything so I started i said STI's coz I barely knew about them, then the loud and faggots (annoying fuckwits) started going on about , anal sex, sex toys, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc, all the stuff you knew about but didnt want to LEARN about so yeah we learnt, a bit late mind you.

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post Jun 26 2009, 05:06 PM
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Skymins PWN
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I don't know about 6th grade, but apparently 5th is to young(or maybe it's too late? I don't know exactly, keep reading). We had to watch films (that had pictures of naked boys and girls in them) And you wanna know the comment of one boy in my class? 'The girls boobs were jiggly' I think that's all he noticed. I state my point.

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post May 21 2010, 10:26 AM
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~my favs~

Something should be done about current sex education because most of the young I know think it's a laugh.
Some of my classmates just stole some condoms when we had lesson on this matter and then just went
ahead and had fun with some random. Really thick if you ask me.
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post May 21 2010, 10:37 AM
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It of course is very important. I myself am 15, and I know many of my "friends" or better said, many students still know very few about all this.
Maybe it should be a class, but only in last grade of elementary school or something. Education about that is unimportant for immature kids of 5th or 6th grade.


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post Jun 9 2010, 11:56 PM
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the A-Team rejects

Seriously, the lack of sex ed is absurd. We might as well stop teaching our kids to wash their hands after using the toilet. Who cares if it lessens the spread of disease and helps prevent you from catching those diseases in the first place? It's obviously immoral.

It's a good thing there's so much sex on the internet to remedy this. Parents, make your kids watch a little bit of porn each day, but make sure the actors are using condoms. srsfacts.gif


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post Jun 16 2010, 02:18 PM
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Active Squad

I agree with most everyone here, I'm thirteen, and I don't think I would ever do or have sex, safe or not.
No sex before marriage. (And no, I don't watch pornography.)
The thing is when you're thirteen and you haven't done it you don't know anything about sex except what it is, which does often entail how one would have sex.
Meaning, you probably want to find out what everyone is going on about.

I talked with a girl, and I found out (don't even ask me how the conversation took this turn) that she knew how to masturbate, and what sex was when she was around six.

Does anyone else find this completely horrific?

I'm going into Eighth next year, and I've never had a Sex Ed. class, I think it should definitely be earlier.
Are they just putting it off till eighth because they (as in schools, government, etc.) are worried children at that age don't know about sex and they're worried about starting a problem earlier?
Seems likely, but I estimate approximately everyone on my seventh grade class in the past year knew what sex was.


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post Aug 23 2010, 03:37 PM
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Active Squad

If you tell someone not to do something, they'll want to do it. It's human nature. The way to start steming the tide (in my opinion) of teenage pregnacies is to teach children and teens about sex and how to use contraception like condoms and giving them someone to talk to about contraception and relationships.
Something sensible would be to give out condoms in like secondary schools, because actually, no one wants the embarasment of asking for condoms, ect, when they can go ahead unprotected. (and to be honest it's less embarrasing to be getting morning after pills...)
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post Aug 28 2010, 01:30 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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The Letter V

I learned A bit of sex Ed when I was 10. A bit young? Not really.
The only thing I regret was having a teacher that MADE it funny. Its a serious matter. Not something to laugh about.
Got it again this year.

And they give out condom's in my school now (High schoot FTW!) to 13 years olds. How young do they think tell will do it at? Well, All the boys want to do is made water balloons out of them.

I'm glad the other teenagers in my school don't want to go straight into sex and stuff....Because I would seriously hate that.


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post Aug 28 2010, 02:05 PM
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Invisible Kyurem

I did it at 11. Then again at 13.

I don't see what's wrong with it, but kids need to realise it's not cool and having sex at 14 doesn't make you cool


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