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The Petropolis Grand Invitational - Main Thread, Battle Tournament of the Century!
post Sep 19 2014, 09:10 PM
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And a Golurk

Darius froze as Tag suggested that he could become a better dragon trainer than the infamous Bane of Blackthorn. In fact, he was speechless for almost a month after being bequeathed with the battlecry of Lee. Such honor lifted his spirits further. It sounded like Tag needed a bit cheering up himself.

“Their victory is but a minor setback for us. They may have Entei…and Suicune,” Darius was a bit hesitant in addressing his failures but carried on, “but they are mistaken if they think we will abandon Entei and Suicune so easily. I shall continue gathering strength to my side. With a team of dragons, I will find out who these people are and strike with the might of dragons! These fiends will cower into shadow at the mere mention of my name!”

Darius’s little speech did more to pump himself up than Tag. The dragon trainer was already marching out of the arena, drawing his sword and raising it over his head.

“We shall do our ancestors proud! But first, onward! SU GRAH DUN!”

Darius had no idea who he was going after, but the day’s events had filled him with a new purpose. He wasn’t bettering himself for the sheer act of getting better. Now there was a dark force, a shadowy legion bent on causing more chaos for the rest of Furoh. They had made one mistake in their plans: they got Darius Dovakin involved.

And so, the adventure continues…


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post Sep 23 2014, 03:25 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Taggarty Lee

Bolting upright, Francesco Rojas looked around in a panic, only to have shushing hands placing him back into the surprisingly uncomfortable slab that passed for a cot. His chest heaving, he looked down to see his clothes thoroughly ripped; his whole body appeared to be in a state of aching, and he frantically looked around.

"Lori! Jill! Doctor!"

"Hush, hush" a nursy placed a hand on his shoulder, easing him once more back into the bed and quickly soothing his thrashing. "They're all here; we managed to get you out once we saw the collapse."


Cesc blinked owlishly as he rested his head back on the hard pillow.

"The tunnels you were in collapsed. As soon as we noticed, we dispatched a crew to see what had happened. We could hear something roaring, and we managed to excavate you all, as well as the Pokemon that were down there with you. Luckily, most of you only suffered some superficial damage thanks to that Salamence. The trainer Adelaide Robinson, however, appeared to be in really terrible shape. She's been sent off to the hospital complex in Petropolis, but we expect her to recover just fine."

The co-ordinator breathed a sigh of relief, gently settling into his bed. He didn't need the nurse to tell him that he just needed some rest.

He lay in the cot for a little while, until another rescue worker came over. Silently, he obeyed the commands, noting Lori and Jill nearby, as the Nurse had promised. Off came his shirt, and bandages were wrapped around his body and a few spots on his head. He hadn't been hurt badly, save a few cuts and bruises, surprising for a cave in. Once the rescue worker left, he swung his legs over the side of the makeshift bed, feeling his feet on the earth again. Looking over at the little box where his belongings had been put he noticed a set of familiar pokeballs.

"My friends..." he smiled, blinking back a tear. He new exactly the look of his pokeballs, right down to the seals he had placed on the frame. He would have to find and thank his makeshift team for fighting so bravely for him down throughout the day, but for now, he was just happy to have his own Pokemon back.

As he reached out towards the belt, he stopped as a shadow stepped into the doorway of the makeshift tent where he'd been lying.


"Bran." A confused smile crossed his face as he straightened his back to look at her.

"...can we...can we talk?"

"Sure." He shrugged, "It's not like I'm going anywhere anytime soon."

"Well, that's precisely it. I think I might be."

Cesc's eyes scanned the small, seemingly fragile face of the girl he'd been dating up until recently. It hadn't been a long engagement, but it still felt very special to him. He couldn't place his finger on why, but it did.

"Where're you going?"

"Castelia. Home. I can't..."

"I understand." The young man sighed as he cut her off. "I had hoped-"

"-that we could patch things up before I left?"

"...just patch things up. I don't wanna think about the second part."

"That's just it, you don't ever want to think about the things you don't want to hear." Normally, at this point, Branwys would cross her arms, jut out one of her hips and stand her ground, her voice firm and commanding despite her stature. But here, her arms hung loosely by her side, she looked utterly defeated. Just like how he felt, but he had no desire to show it. Not to anyone. Ever.

"Can you blame me?" He slowly slouched until his elbows rested on his knees, causing a few aches to shoot through his body. "I'm not good at that."

"Yeah." Branwys' expression softened considerably as she moved over, sliding into a seated position on the bed and placing her hand on his resting arm. "So...no hard feelings, okay? I feel like I've lost a lot here...I wouldn't want to lose you too."

"So we're-"


The awkward silence hung in the air quietly, punctuated only by the sound of other patients in the tent breathing lightly, and the forced silence of the people working in the tent, who for some reason didn't mind Branwys sitting in the tent with Cesc making everything worse. Surely they'd kick her out for disrupting his healing or something...

"But I'd hate to lose one of the only friends I made here. It's not the end, right? I'm just going home. Maybe someday, if it all works out, we can-"

"Sure." Cesc tilted his head slightly away. "I'm not gonna wait though."

"I didn't say I would wait." She leaned over and placed a little kiss on his cheek. "Aside from everything and everyone on this continent trying to kill us, we had some fun times. I'll remember those."

Turning to her, the young man reached over and wrapped his hand around Branwys' much smaller one, clutching tigthly.

"Me too."

"Goodbye, Cesc." She smiled, tears welling up in her big eyes as she started to slip off the bed.

"Don't go." he groaned softly, squeezing her hand tighter. "Just...stay with me for a little bit."

It had been a rough day. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. The two broken people looked at one another quietly before Branwys settled back into the bed, leaning over to rest her head on his shoulder, holding Cesc's hand tightly. The two stared at the ground before them in silence, breathing softly in unison while the workers in the tent continue to shuffle around them, tending to the rest of the wounded.

"We're gonna be okay." Branwys whispered softly, nestling into Cesc's shoulder. "We're gonna be okay."


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