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Rocky Johansson
post Aug 15 2013, 02:01 AM
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Name: Rocky Johansson
Age: 18
Hometown: Unknown (He's a nomad from a large family of nomads, who never stay in one place)

Appearance: Rocky sports a very muscular physique. He's not too tall, just standing at 5'10". He has long wavy golden blond hair that falls to his shoulders, usually tied up out of his face using a bandanna as a headband. He usually has some sort of scraggly beard and mustache, as when he is on the road he doesn't maintain much care of his personal hygiene. He has bright blue eyes. He's got fairly tan skin, especially because of all the time he spends outside in the sun.

Rocky typically wears a tank top and khaki shorts in warm weather, which accentuate his strong biceps and strong calves. If it's colder, Rocky will wear lightweight shell pants and a water proof fleece, because hiking in the rain is miserable if one is soaking wet. Rocky wears a pair of Timberland boots to protect his feet from sharp sticks and rocks while hiking on trails. Rocky can typically be seen carrying his large backpack with him, and noticeably the head of a guitar sticking out.

Personality: Rocky simply likes to have a good time, whether its hiking all day to catch a good view of a valley, stay up all night at a campfire telling stories and playing his guitar. Coming from a nomadic background, he knows not to grow attached to people, as most people he meets he never sees again. He doesn't know how to plan effectively, and easily gets sidetracked from his goals. Perhaps the reason he gets so easily sidetracked is that his goals aren't too important for him, as he lives in the present. He respects all types of people, as many people do not respect nomads, hoping that if he gives a stranger his trust that stranger in return will give Rocky his trust. Rocky cares deeply about his Pokemon, and doesn't like battling Pokemon too much for he fears his pokemon will get hurt. Rocky is a great storyteller, being able to take very unbelievable material and making it seem real. He also has a great singing voice, very full.

Biography: Rocky was born to two parents that roamed throughout the entire pokemon world. They knew how to survive and live off the earth, find clean water, and camp out at night. Their greatest companions were their Pokemon, companions trained to win Pokemon Battles and impress Pokemon Contests. Without such a strong bond to the Pokemon they trained, life on the move would be more dull and incomplete.

Rocky traveled with his parents immediately after he was born, being carried on his mother's back throughout Kanto and Johto. Once when travelling through Sinnoh, just recently after Rocky learned how to talk, a Chatot followed the nomadic camp, repeating what the newborn had just learned to say right back at the toddler. Chatot followed the nomads, showing great interest in Rocky. Rocky learned to say, "I love you Chatot!" in which the Chatot continued to follow Rocky. That Chatot, still to this day, follows Rocky in his endeavors, as Rocky has begun to train the Chatot.

Rocky grew up, listening to storytellers at the campfire each night, about many myths explaining why their world exists. He grew up believing Kyogre was the ruler of the seas, and Groudon, possessed with the ability to move landmasses. He believed Cerebii was the guardian of the forests. These stories he heard as a kid became the inspiration to find these Legendary Pokemon are real, that they are not just a myth. Thus, he follows stories, visiting natural landmarks, and searching for clues.

These clues once led him to Petalburg Woods in Hoenn, where searching for Cerebii, a Treecko was attracted to the strumming of Rocky's guitar as Rocky and Chatot where relaxing at a campfire. Treecko began to dance to the strums, in which Rocky was prompted to catch the pokemon, and began training the Treecko. Treecko and Chatot are currently the only two pokemon Rocky owns.

The latest rumors and stories have pushed Rocky to search for legendaries in the Furoh region. Knowing his chances of meeting such a legendary are very slim, Rocky could not turn down an offer to such a new adventure, as he has never traveled through Furoh before. His quest to prove legendary pokemon are real is about to begin...

Class: Trainer/Explorer

Starting Pokemon:

Level 10

Level 10

1x Backpack
1x Guitar
1x Journal
2X Box of Matches
5x PokeBalls
5x Potions

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is...Scheherazade
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Master Houndoom
post Aug 16 2013, 01:21 AM
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Team Rogue: Houndoom
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I rather liked it. There are nitpicky spelling errors, so I'd watch that in the future. Otherwise, go forth and post to the Current Levels string, and enjoy PANE!


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