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Shining Moon - Ragnarok Online, Renewal 30/30/10
post Jun 19 2017, 01:37 AM
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Shining Moon is a new midrate server. It's very customized with more custom content to come.

Website: Removed
Wikipedia: Removed
Forum: Removed
All features: Removed
30/30/10 - MVP Card drop rate is 3x however.

All official content up to 16.1, and more to come.

Available Instances:

Infinity Space,
Last Room,
Central Laboratory,
Bios Island,
Morse Cave,
Temple of the Demon God
& more.

Including 2 custom instances with their own storyline.

Over 300 custom headgears.
And alot more moving ones!


Soul System:
The Soul system is about monster souls.
You have a 1.5% chance to seal the soul of a monster into a crystal when killing the monster. However only when the monster is in a -15 ~ +15 level range.
Example: ( You are level 100. Any monster within 85-115 level range will have a chance to get their souls sealed upon killing. )
Upon sealing a monster soul you will aquire a crystal in your inventory, which you can check to see what your current grade of the monster soul is.
Or by visiting the Master of Souls in the special room in the Main Office.
Max level of the grade is 10.
Even after reaching level 10 grade the sealing of monsters will not be useless.
You can overwrite your current saved monster soul by killing other monsters and have their soul become your id.


Dual Class

Class Change is a unique feature here in Shining Moon.

When you reach third job, including babies e.g. Arch Bishop/baby Arch Bishop you can go to Prontera (Main Office) and talk to Class Master NPC and purchase a second class for 25 million Zeny.
- When you purchase a third class you get 118 skill points (49 first job, 69 second job).
- When you purchase Doram you get 0 skill points.
- When you purchase expanded class you get skill points depending on your class e.g. Ninja gets 50.
When you switch your class it will automatically save your stats, skills, exp, equipment position, hairstyle, hair color, cloth color, and hotkeys, statpoints, skillpoints, current exp, current job exp.
If you keep your equipment from either your first or secondary class in your inventory that you wore before switching class, it will automatically re-equip your items.


Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter is a custom feature of Shining Moon. You can complete achievements that reward Monster Hunter Coins. These coins you may exchange for tradeable or untradeable rewards. Each character may complete these achievements only once.

- Each Monster Hunt achievements awards 5 Monster Hunter Coin.png Monster Hunter coins.
- The Coin exchanger is located inside the Main Office.


custom Achievements & Titles

Over 200 custom Achievements and over 40 custom titles.


Nightmare Biolab
All the original 3rd class biolab monsters with their drop.
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post Jun 19 2017, 11:18 AM
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