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Mizuki Yamashita
post May 30 2009, 10:28 PM
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Name: Mizuki Yamashita
Age: 16
Hometown: Barley

Mizuki has long black hair (down to the waist) with gold highlights and loves to wear a cute clip to hold up her bangs and a hair tie to make it a ponytail. If she feels lazy, she'll just wear a headband. She wears circle lenses - either pink, light blue or light brown and occasionally wears her glasses, which shows her dark brown eyes. In terms of clothing, Mizuki prefers not to have any yellow or purple in her wardrobe - and sometimes even pink. Her tops could be split into two distinct categories - long shirts (also could be classified as really short dresses) and the short sleeves T-shirts. To accompany the T-shirts, she wears mini skirts or short shorts - even in during the coldest season (indoors). She has many pairs of leggings in different lengths to accompany her shirts and skirts. As for her shoes, she likes both walking athletic shoes and heels. Her height is slightly above average, and she looks just a little skinny compared to the average. No matter how hard she tries to gain weight, her metabolic rate keeps her in shape.

Even though she looks like a shy girl at first glance, Mizuki can be very VERY talkative. If she meets guys that she takes interest in, she'll become even more shy, but will try her best to get close to them. Mizuki loves to make friends, but because she does not like being in crowds, this fault limits her chances of making friends. She will usually hide no secrets from her closest friends and will do her best to help and protect them. If Mizuki is angered, she will make sure that he/she will pay for what they did. She prefers to collect data of her opponents before the battle, however, if it is their first time meeting, she'll make careful observations during the battle and adapts fairly quickly. She prefers to use long range attacks and limits the short range attacks, unless they are quick and can strike 95% of the time (which means that she favors speed with attacks).

Mizuki plays the piano since she was 2 (okay, when she was 2, she would just play with the notes, but she officially started to actually learn the instrument at 3). Because of the nature of this instrument, she stays in her house for the majority of the day and therefore have no close friends. When she finds the time, she'll go out and take a stroll at the beach and sometimes will fish. At 7, her parents had to move overseas to perform to the public worldwide and left Mizuki all alone by herself. To make Mizuki not feel as lonely, her parents gave her a torchic and a piplup as reminders. Mizuki never felt comfortable with pokemon becuase she was hurt by one when she was 5 and so she would stay as far away from the two and return them to their pokeballs often. One day, when thet two pokemon were released for breakfast, as soon as Mizuki placed the two pokeballs down, they grabbed them and hid them in the house. Mizuki became more scared of the two pokemon and wished that her parents would come back sooner. Piplup and Torchic never harmed Mizuki and tried continuously to prove to Mizuki that not all pokemon are mean and harmful. As time passed Mizuki turned 11 and she found more and more qualities of both pokemon. Soon afterwards, they became very close friends and Mizuki had totally forgotten about the incident 6 years ago. She began to study more about pokemon and became very fond of dragon and flying types.

At 14, she began working at a small cafe. Actually, it shouldn't really be called a job, since she just performed pieces as background music. When she turned 15 though, she did began work as a waitress and often went into the kitchen to learn how to make different desserts. Torchic and Piplup have become her testers for her homemade cakes and the three enjoyed themselves. The day Mizuki turned 16, her parents came back home and she was overjoyed. Her parents were glad that Torchic and Piplup had been good companions, however, the couple wondered why the two pokemon had never evolved. They suggested that Mizuki should officially start training them and was soon on her way to find more pokemon and become a good trainer.

Starting Pokemon:
Torchic [lv 7]
~focus energy

Piplup [lv 8]

x5 Pokeballs
x2 Potions

What is the biscuit's name? The biscuits name is Bertha!

Other Notes N/A


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Troy Bolton
post May 30 2009, 11:45 PM
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Bet On Me
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No complaints here! A nice read. Enjoy PANE!

Profile approved.

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