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Waker Faland
post Jun 21 2009, 05:20 PM
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aw yeah

Name: Waker Faland

Age: 15, about a month away from 16

Hometown: Ecruteak City, Johto

Appearance: Waker's a little short for his age, at 157 centimetres (5'2). He's highly active and it shows in the way he's growing - his limbs are beginning to stretch out and he's slowly growing taller. His face is rather plain, and his eyes are a bright shade of light blue. Waker's hair is black and somewhat messy - his bangs part in the centre-right of his face and fall to the sides a bit. The rest of his hair is cut rather close to his head, but is still a bit shaggy.

Waker usually wears a large brown jacket over whatever shirt he currently has on. The shirts range in colour, but are usually some shade of tan or beige. His pants are either black or light brown and they are often somewhat loose - which occasionally leads to one of Waker's many, inevitable falls. His trainers are black with two red lines in the centre. Waker's sidebag is a light tan colour.

Aww, he's smiling!

Personality: Waker is mute. Born without vocal chords, he uses a notebook and pen he carries in his bag to communicate, although he occasionally forgoes this for flailing his arms and making weird hand gestures. Despite his inability to talk, Waker has a very happy, optimistic personality. He is always smiling and trusts people, almost to a fault - although his recent experiences in Furoh have started to make him more and more wary of people. He likes to run and rarely uses other modes of transportation. Unfortunately, he is rather clumsy and trips over things, ranging from stray pebbles to sleeping Geodudes.

Waker's main goal upon arriving at Furoh was to win every Contest he could - a Coordinator in the making.

He used to be hard to upset, but since his arrival in Furoh, little things have begun to bother him. After the disastrous Contest at Barely, Waker realised that he could no longer live like he had, not knowing anything. Since then his love for contests have taken a back seat to his desire to stop anyone who hurts, captures, or enslaves Pokemon.
He takes defeat very well and simply tries again, though his Pokemon sometimes don't feel the same way.

Contrary to popular belief he's not frustrated by his muteness - he simply accepts it and moves on, although he would dearly love to be able to speak one day. After his adventures in the 2009 Holiday Event, however, he's begun to look at his disability as just that - a disability. He seems to be prone to small bouts of frustration at his helplessness every once in a while, although his Pokemon quickly cheer him up and remind him of what's really important - who he is, not what he can't do.

Biography: Waker grew up as an only child in a small house in Ecruteak City, Johto. Raised around ghost- and poison-type Pokemon, he quickly became used to their odd quirks and unique battling styles.

Due to his inability to talk, Waker was occasionally bullied as a child by children who visited the city from Olivine and Goldenrod. Unable to call for help, Waker endured the attacks until he was six - when he received an egg from the Day Care people south of Goldenrod. The egg soon hatched into a male Nidoran, Waker's first Pokemon. The Nidoran - Azzy - quickly showed the bullies what they were dealing with, and Waker was left in peace.

Wandering around the city one day with Azzy, he stumbled across the Kimono hall. He'd not been allowed to enter it before - his father said it was too girly for a boy like him - and, curious, Waker peeked inside, catching a glimpse of a mock contest the Kimono sisters were holding. Excited, Waker ran back home to his mother and begged her to help him train for a contests. Overjoyed, Beth went out the next day and returned with a female Nidoran, much to Azzy's chagrin. Pora became an official member of the family and Waker's training began.

Shortly before his twelfth birthday, Waker was attacked by a wild Poliwhirl on the edge of the forest north of Ecruteak. Unable to fend off the Poliwhirl without any commands, Azzy and Pora watched helplessly as Denai, Mesa's Gengar, rushed in to save Waker. After the attack, Waker began asking his father to teach him how to battle without using verbal commands. He's still very bad at battling, but he hopes to improve one day.

A short while before he turned fifteen, Morty - the town's Gym leader - suggested Waker should go on his own Pokemon journey. Beth saw this as an opportunity to let Waker experience real contests and perhaps even become a master Coordinator. She spent almost an entire year convincing his father the let him go. Mesa finally gave in, and Waker's journey to Furoh began on a ferry in Vermillion City, bound for Port Barely.

Starting Pokemon:

Azzy, adamant Nidorino (level 21)

Known Moves: Peck, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Fury Attack

Azzy was Waker's first Pokemon - hatched from an egg he received from the Day Care Centre south of Goldenrod. Although his evolution has mellowed him out somewhat, he's still a bit headstrong - which probably isn't a good thing for anything he dosn't like, considering that his head has a very pointy horn on it. Azzy is highly protective of Waker and Pora - but he tries not to show it. Raised for Cool contests, Azzy acts as cool as he possibly can in any given situation. He seems to like Pora, who argues with him quite often.

Pora, gentle Nidorina (level 20)

Known Moves: Growl, Scratch, Poison Sting, Fury Swipes

Pora is smarter than the rest of the party - she was practically born for Smart contests. While she does have a gentle nature, Pora can become highly protective when Waker or small, young things - such as Verity's Igglybuff, Candyfloss - are in trouble. She disagrees with Azzy and sometimes Waker, making her opinions widely known. It seems as though she likes Azzy, but refuses to acknowledge him unless he's injured. After evolving she became just a tad more sarcastic than she had been previosuly - if she continues this trend the next time she evolves, the boys are going to be in some deep trouble.

Locke, male Ekans (level 4, lax nature sealed)

Known Moves: Shadow Rush, Shadow Hold

A young Ekans poached by the villainous Pokemon Hunter, Maria. He was converted to a Shadow Pokemon and used in a raid on the Port Barley Contest Hall.

With his mouth bound by restraints, he can no longer use his (non-venomous, but still rather painful) bite. He can, however, still 'hug' people - Waker is usually at the tail end of this situation. Locke seems to fluctuate between extremes - from lethargic moments hanging sleepily from Waker's neck to becoming insanely violent and attacking everything in sight. Locke resists most of Waker's attempts to purify him, although he has stated to warm up to Waker - which is a relief on his part, since the hugs aren't nearly as painful now.

Waker's side bag contains: Poke Ball x 2, Potion x 2, Antidote x 3, Poffin Case (three poffins left), a Seal Case, a Ribbon and Badge case, two berries with no in-battle effects.

He also carries around his jacket, a barrette for Pora, and a bandanna for Azzy.

He has a new Pokedex (standard red), but keeps his father's old one with him. He also has a new, light blue PokEtch that he wears upside down, due to being technology-dumb. He always has a notebook and pen with him, although his old set was badly damaged during Hall of Infamy (thankfully Verity has a notebook and pen on her, even if they are a bit girly). He also has 2,000 Poke.

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is...Bertha!

Other Notes: It may be a little hard to understand him at first, but with patience (and being able to read his handwriting) it'll become easier to tell what he's trying to say.

Due to growing up as an only child, Waker looks up to any older boy he meets as a sort of brother figure. Despite the fact they they aren't related, Waker considers Spencer his actual brother sometimes. Waker also feels this way about his cousin, Storm - although Storm lives in Hoenn and rarely makes an appearance.

Waker has been poisoned a total of three times - once by his father's Muk (he never tried to hug it again), and twice by Azzy - both on accident. He's just waiting until he becomes immune so he can sell off his blood for money stop buying antidotes.

Updated on 5 April 2010 because of a new picture.

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Troy Bolton
post Jun 21 2009, 06:44 PM
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Everything's fine, except: How exactly does he command his Pokemon? o_o Nevermind, I misread a line. Approved. >>

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Living Arrow
post Apr 15 2010, 11:52 AM
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PANE: Darryn Kellor


Name: Ven Rivers
Age: 13
Hometown: Lilycove City

Appearance: Ven is the average height for his age at an even 152.4 cm and is slightly underweight. His unruly hair is a deep red and his eyes are a bright green; his face dotted with freckles. Ven often wears a pink button-down shirt underneath an overly-large dark grey sweater. He wears dark brown slacks and black shoes with white bottoms. Ven is forced to wear glasses as his parents don't yet believe that he's responsible enough to wear contacts yet - which he thinks would make him look like more of an adult.

Personality: Ven can be easily described as a nervous wreck - he is constantly undermining his achievements and worrying over every last detail. He admits to being a coward, although he can hold his ground if he feels that those he cares for are threatened. He is incredibly indecisive and dislikes fighting - a major problem for an up-and-coming Trainer.

Ven dislikes it when people talk down to him or make unfair judgements simply because of his age. He tries to act like an adult, but his façade easily fades when he gets scared - which is often. Extremely well-read, Ven depends on his book smarts to help him on his journey through Furoh.

Biography: Born into a well-to-do family in Lilycove, Ven was raised from the start to be a prodigy. He was enrolled in various clubs and activities in school and made to enter hundreds of academic competitions, nearly driving him to an early heart attack and leading to the development of his nervousness. Afraid of failure but even more afraid of the future, Ven snuck out of his house one day shortly after he turned seven, determined to stow away on a boat to Johto to, hopefully, live a stress-free childhood. While walking across the bordwalk, however, he slipped on a slippery bit of kelp and fell into Lilycove Bay. Unwilling to spend time on swimming lessons, Ven's parents had never taught him the basics of surviving in the sea, and the boy was sure that he was going to drown.

Before he gave up completely, something rough pushed him up toward the surface and held him there, waiting until he caught his breath before slowly dragging him to the shore. A wild Carvanha, swept to sea during a storm on Route 119. After failing to find a way back upstream, she had begun to swim farther out to sea when she noticed Ven fall into the bay. Driven by some hidden maternal instinct, she had rescued Ven and resolved to stay with him.

After convincing his parents that the Carvanha was not going to eat the family Skitty, Ven was allowed to catch her. The Carvanha - nicknamed Sharda - immediately set out teaching Ven the way of survival. As the two began to grow, Ven's parents eventually began to let Ven have more freedom, finally letting him decide his own fate when he turned ten. After a short period of intense internal debate, Ven chose to start a Pokemon journey. After three years of preparation (read: reading as many books as he could get his hands on), Ven set sail on the SS Aqua to Furoh, Sharda making sure he didn't get seasick or have a nervous breakdown along the way.

Ven’s current aims:
Ven's first goal upon arriving in Furoh will to see if he can evolve Sharda. He spent nearly a year reading up on Sharpedos and is about as excited as a thirteen-year-old can get about evolving his Pokemon.

Sharda, hardy female Carvanha (level 15)

Ability: Rough Skin

Known Moves: Bite, Leer, Rage, Focus Energy

Sharda (click to show)

Ven's blue-grey bookbag contains:
    • two notebooks
    • a standard Pokedex (pink)
    • three pens and four pencils
    • two spare Pokeballs
    • a book (How to Care for Your Aquatic Pokemon: From Azumarill to Qwilfish)
    • a spare shirt (pink)
Other Notes: His favourite colour is pink. He's sort of an odd boy.[size="6"][/size]

Darryn Kellor ~ ~ PANE Moderator ~ ~ Lori Pardare
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