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The Berry Smart Group, For those who always feed PKMN the berries they love
post Jun 25 2009, 06:19 PM
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Darling, don't be afraid
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Alpha Sapphire Team

I've seen quite a few people putting "I click right berries" on their signatures and journal so I thought it would be a bit easier for those who want to get the word out to just be known as GPX+'s Berry Smart Members.

The name is kind of fun, huh? smugnod.gif

Our Pledge.
To understand pokemon and give them what they love is what we're here for.
To feed the right berries to match their types will show them who we care for.
Each individual has the power to quickly help each and every pokemon grow,
And the right berry helps them grow the quickest, as everyone here should know.
Each pokemon is as unique as it's trainer, each has it's own nature and personality,
And by clicking the right berry, we will help each one be the best that it can be.
So come along and know what's right, for the sake of all our friends out there.
Here in the berry smart group we can show them just how much we care.


Know Your Berries.
Lemons are yellow, and SOUR like ASPEAR
CHERI is SPICY like peppers, my dear
CHESTO is blue, and tastes rather DRY
PECHA is SWEET like a fresh peach pie
RAWST is green, and tastes very BITTER
But to some Pokemon, that just doesn’t matter
So remember this poem, and then puff out your chest,
Cause from that moment on, you’ll be the ‘berry’ best! srsfacts.gif


Contest #1
Art Contest
Winner (click to show)

Contest #2
Graphic Contest
Winner (click to show)

Contest #3
Poem/Story Contect
Winner (click to show)

Who are Berry Smart people?
Berry Smart people are those members who took the time to do some research or who are knowledgeable in distinguishing a berry by it's name, look and taste. Pokemon are sometimes very picky eaters so they appreciate those who feed them right. If you are a member who is proud to say you know your berries, than you are Berry Smart!

How do I qualify??
+ You must know the five berries by heart
+ You must feed hatched Pokemon the correct berry
+ Fill out the form below completely to be accepted
+ I will add new members when I get the time
+ Do not put a button/banner on your signature before you are accepted
+ You need at least 1,500 Proper Berry interactions total before you can join. This is to make sure newbies have familiarized themselves with the site and clicking before proving that they are familiar with the berries and know them by heart.
+ Note: I realize that when you are in a mad clicking frenzy, you might accidentally click on the wrong berry. It happens to everyone. Just make sure you don't slip too many times!

Reply to this topic with this filled out.

Forum Name:
GPX+ Profile Link:
Are you Berry Smart and read the rules?

Group Members.
Click the spoiler tab to see other Berry Smart people.

The Group (click to show)

Signature friendly!
Banners by Founder (click to show)

Banners by Members (click to show)

To input buttons/banners/userbars that has a link back to this group, use the following code:
[url="http://forums.gtsplus.net/index.php?showtopic=13826"][img]YOUR IMAGE URL GOES HERE[/img][/url]

Just a link (Thanks to Zanopotato)
[c][topic=13826]~The Berry Smart Group~[/topic][/c]

For your Journal (Thanks to Zanopotato)
[c][ft=13826]~The Berry Smart Group~[/ft][/c]

IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO GET IMAGE CODES, you can do one of two things:
1 Right click the userbar/banner/button you're interested in and click on the option Copy Image Location. You then paste it where the code says YOUR IMAGE URL GOES HERE.
2 Save image and upload it onto your own server or a free one like tinypic or imageshack. You then paste it where the code says YOUR IMAGE URL GOES HERE.

This post has been edited by Toda: Aug 24 2011, 06:52 PM

I was once a berry smart person and a mass clicker (when it was hard to do).
Now I am an old man and don't understand your technology.
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post Jun 27 2009, 10:11 PM
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Winged Psycho Juggler Vamp Kimono Mismagius Ninja Moon Etc RPer
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The Phantom Parade!

Joining up, since even when having thirty-two tabs open in three different windows because I'm scrambling to play a little something I like to call "Clicker-Flood Click-Back Catch-Up", I've managed many a time to amaze myself by not messing up when it comes to feeding the pokemon the proper berry. omg.gif

Forum Name: BrainpanSonata
GPX+ Profile Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/BrainpanSonata
Are you Berry Smart and read the rules? I'm a die hard old school pokefan from back when the original games came out, I know the berries by heart (Pecha berries are my favorite because I love sweet foods like candy and soda), my only little quirk about berries is that pokemon who eat anything always get Pecha berries (see previous statement about why Pecha berries are my favorite), and I'm coming close to hitting the 3000 mark on total interactions. I have reason to believe that I am Berry Smart.


First-time novelist seeks dedicated, literate RPers for help with her work. Click this link if interested.

Scrubs RP is looking for RPers to join up! If you're a fan of Scrubs, or are otherwise interested, click the link in the previous sentence. (The RP has started, but we could always use someone to play Elliot or Carla... OC interns and long term patients also accepted.)
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