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Dawn Catherine Moriarty, Otherwise known as 'DC'
Red Kitten
post Jul 13 2009, 12:40 AM
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DC's Team (PANE)

Name: Dawn Catherine Moriarty (She usually goes by “DC”)
Age: 18
Hometown: DC was born in Lavender Town, Kanto and lived there for most of her life. She recently moved in with her aunt and uncle in Arasam in order to explore and hone her skills as a Pokémon trainer.


Sprites by Me (edited/recolored):

DC is about average height and long legged, with a build that is more on the slender and athletic side and is somewhat lacking in the curves department. She has thick, shiny red hair with natural blond highlights, which she usually wears in a ponytail or braided to keep it out of the way. When DC wears her hair down it is wavy and hits the middle of her back. It is always parted to the side. She has a very slight tan as a result of spending plenty of time outside. DC's eyes are a deep blue and quite lovely when they are made up. However DC rarely uses makeup, especially while exploring or Pokémon training. She is rarely seen without at least a few cuts or bruises.

DC’s usual attire consists mostly of athletic equipment. When it is warm she wears running shorts paired with a tank top and sneakers. When it is a little chillier she has long sleeved shirts, thermal spandex leggings, and a fleece jacket. DC is interested in fashion to a point, and wears a greater variety of outfits when she is not camping or training. She has more pairs of shoes than she'd like to admit. One of her favorite pairs, for instance, are leopard-print stilettos with four inch heels. For casual swimming she favors bikinis and owns several, and for more intense swimming she owns a wetsuit. She also owns a pair of durable, black hiking boots for when the terrain demands sturdy shoes. DC is rarely seen without the old gray backpack that is home to all her supplies.

Personality: She may not seem like much at a glance, but DC is a disciplined and serious worker. She loves exercising, especially running, and is a health food freak. Her behavior is often reserved or quiet, but on the inside DC cares very deeply about her honor and will do anything to defend it. She definitely has a cocky side to her, but she mostly keeps it bottled up. Bravery is a quality that she values in herself and other people, so she looks up to those who are courageous and tries to handle daunting situations as fearlessly as she can. DC does tend to beat herself up when she feels she hasn’t preformed to the best of her ability, and her self esteem is battered from years of doing so. She is usually fairly calm, but does have a defensive side. One of the traits that she is most proud of is her high tolerance for pain. DC doesn’t mind getting dirty either. She has a few stereotypically female qualities but is mostly a tomboy.

DC doesn’t have a lot of friends, because she prefers to have a few close friends rather than a large group of unreliable ones. To an acquaintance DC seems serious and perhaps a bit intimidating, but as you get to know her you discover that she has a witty, fun-loving side underneath. When someone earns her trust she is a fiercely loyal friend. DC is also dedicated to her Pokémon and spends a lot of time grooming them, exercising them, and tending to their wounds after battle. She even meticulously plans out healthy diets for her Pokémon that cater to each specific type! DC secretly hates being alone, but having her Pokémon by her side 24/7 has helped a lot with this. She is still hoping to make a few human friends in Furoh though.

Biography: DC came from very modest beginnings, which fuels her drive for success today. Her parents divorced when she was young due to their clashing personalities. Her father was serious and stern, while her mother was carefree, fun loving, silly, and a bit immature. DC and her younger sister named Rose lived with their mother in a small house in Lavender Town, visiting their father occasionally at his new house in Saffron City. While they didn’t have many nice possessions or fancy things, the family of three managed to get by until DC’s mother remarried. The extra income helped, but the new addition to the family made things tense, especially since he and DC didn’t really get along.

DC dreamed of training Pokémon for as long as she could remember, despite the fact that no one in her family had ever been a serious trainer. She spent time riding and caring for Ponyta and Rapidash at a nearby farm, and even joined a Rapidash polo team. DC especially enjoyed working at the Lavender Volunteer Pokemon House, a non-profit organization that takes in abandoned Pokemon. DC also worked at the PokeMart in Lavender Town to earn some money to put away, although the town's quiet nature made the job rather boring at times. Despite all these Pokemon-related activities, DC never had a Pokemon to call her own, until a certain Charmander showed up at the shelter. She fell head over heels in love with the little orange lizard instantly. DC named him Devil and from that moment on spent every second of her spare time with him. The pair began to battle wild Pokémon and a few other beginner trainers. In their travels in the tall grass outside Lavender Town, DC stumbled upon a Pidgey that fought harder than any other Pidgey DC had ever seen in the wild. She was weak but had guts, so DC decided to capture her and affectionately named her Cheepie.

After turning seventeen, DC decided to go live with her eccentric Aunt Susie and her new husband Felix. Felix was once a professional Pokémon trainer, so both DC and her family decided it was best for her to live with him for a while in order to learn more about Pokémon training. Besides, Devil was beginning to grow larger and more powerful, and his energetic attitude mixed with his ability to spit flames made him a potential danger to the household. She does miss her sister because the two were close, but DC also feels that a fresh start will be good for her.

charmeleon.gifpidgey.gif Party Pokémon shroomish.gifnidoran m.gif (click to show)

Stored Pokémon (click to show)

4x Potions
9x Pokeballs
1x Paralyze Heal
1x Antidote
1x Awakening
2x Revive

What is the biscuit's name? The biscuit’s name is Bertha.
Other Notes:
Current RP: Fishing Anyone?
Past RPs: Amongst the Coming of a Storm Part I; Amongst the Coming of a Storm Part II; Amongst the Coming of a Storm Part III; Risen to Recovery (discontinued)
DC in the Current Levels thread: Click here.

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Troy Bolton
post Jul 16 2009, 01:59 AM
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Bet On Me
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Active Squad

Easily approved. Enjoy PANE, and please be sure to post in and regularly update the Current Levels thread!

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