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Joey J. Sweet, J.J.S.
post Jul 20 2009, 09:30 PM
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Gym Leader
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Sweet Team

Name: Joey Jamie Sweet
Age: 17 years old
Hometown: Pyrite Town, Orre Region

Wiki Profile
Current Levels

Appearance: He usually wears a thin gray long sleeve shirt under a black scrubs top, with a
silver dog tag. He wears the matching black scrubs bottoms, over the black, worn leather boots. He’s
very short and pale with dark brown hair and eyes. His facial features were balanced between soft and
angular, although he never seemed to smile. If anything, his expression never changed from emotionless.
His hair was kept short in the back and about mid-ear at the sides. His bangs were most comfortably
rested above his eyebrows.

Personality: He’s not very vain about this looks, he thinks he’s ugly and therefore he’s very shy.
If there’s a chance for him to put himself down, he probably will. He has wrecked self-esteem. He’s
also very quiet and reserved. The only ones he really seems to open up to are his pokémon. He’s known
to be kind, fair, and generous, and he keeps to himself. After leaving Pyrite Town, he’s learned to open
up more and appreciate the world. He's also a very neat person, and not growing up with much, he tries
to respect all his possessions and keep things organized.

Biography: Pyrite Town is a very dilapidated town run by criminals and desperate men. Joey was
never quite Pyrite material, but his parents lacked the money to move. Once he turned 13, he had to
work in the local hotel. The manager put on a friendly face for customers, but it was a façade his employees
knew well. During the day, Joey worked as a greeter, which proved to be a slow job. To pass the time, he
wrote stories in his notebook. At night, he was regulated to cleaning the questionable hotel rooms that
were empty. One night, while he was taking out the trash, he found a Pidgey rooting through a dumpster.
The small bird was easily won over with half of Joey’s sandwich. Curious as to what would happen; Joey
rolled a white and red ball towards the Pidgey for it to be play with. It disappeared inside after unknowingly
pecking the button. Joey kept it for a pet ever since and named him Claw. When Joey was 15, he was fed
up with the hotel and travelled to Agate Village via a stolen beat-up hover bike, leaving his parents behind.
However, it gave out about 3/4 of the way there, and he walked the rest of the way through the desert to
Agate Village. There, he befriended a Seel and Igglybuff. After two years of recuperating in Agate, he
decided to move to a place called Furoh. He read about the contest halls in a brochure at the local
PokeMart and decided they were worth checking out, so he stocked up on supplies and hopped on the next
boat out of Gateon Port.

Draw-String Backpack (click to show)

Pokemon (click to show)

The Biscuit's name is Bertha.

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Me (click to show)

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Troy Bolton
post Jul 22 2009, 01:25 PM
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Bet On Me
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Active Squad

Profile approved! Please post in and regularly update the Current Levels thread! Enjoy PANE!

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