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Team Deception, The Villains of Furoh!
Living Arrow
post Jul 30 2009, 11:44 AM
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Team Rogue: Pidgeotto
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From: Amazingstoke, UK
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PANE: Darryn Kellor

IMPORTANT NOTICE (click to show)

Team Deception


When, fifty years ago, the Four Founders of the Furoh League made they way to the land they would soon call their own, they did not realise that a Fifth explorer travelled in the shadows of their wake. He watched angrily as the others divided the land mass into quadrants that each would name their homes, leaving not one space for him to settle as an equal.

Twenty years passed and in that time the Fifth had managed to sow the seeds of his own design into the very fabric of the newly founded region. While they set up cities and towns that reflected themselves, the Fifth spread his followers around the entire continent, getting them to bring him information that would allow him to make the most out of each particular area and supply him with the resources that would allow him to create his very own region – one to rival all the others.

With an information network that ran from shore to shore and even to the island of Fidona, the Fifth began plans to overthrow the Furoh League that made a mockery of the beautiful lands that had existed before their arrival. Instead, he planned to overthrow the Champion with the most powerful Pokemon in Furoh and create his very own league within a single united nation of his own ruling.

Currently, Team Deception operates as a gang of One Hundred smaller groups known as Units. These subteams undergo a wide variety of missions from common bank robbing to the attempted capture of legendary Pokemon. Of course, not all Units are as skilled as others and so their missions are set appropriately for their abilities. Money, fame, Pokemon – all of these targets are desired by Team Deception to add to the ever-growing bank of resources that the Team is slowly gathering to take on the Champions and their Gym Leader or Contest Hall followers.

Each Unit receives their own specific orders from the Fifth and are generally designated one Pokemon per member. Some members, however, have their own Pokemon as they are failed trainers that have joined Team Deception in the hopes that one day they will gain glory or grandeur. Each Unit is designated a number equivalent to their skill and strength as a team. Below are the registered Units and their members that have surfaced in the more recent history of the region.

Team Deception lives up to it's name. There is not a set uniform, only a logo, A T with a D intersecting it. Sometimes the uniforms are black with a red logo on the chest (and if it looks like an R, no one brings it up). Some are blue with no shirts (males) or midriff shirts (females) accentuated with bandannas. Some are red and black with hats that look a bit like a volcano. Some are white with striped sleeves. If mistaken for another Team, they make no attempt to disavow anyone of the assumption, in fact, they encourage it. Some have even introduced themselves as another Team.

You'd be surprised at how well and how often that works.

One unit (Unit 6) dresses all in black, nondescript suits. Another (Unit 100) dresses in white with red logos on their chest. (They see this as an insult. So does their Meowth).

Upper Echelon units tend to shy away from any uniforms, dressing in civilian clothes of their choice. These are considered the smartest, most effective units.

It is not impossible that other agents are not part of any unit, but are spies in other organizations, but none have been discovered.

Registered members

Unit 17: "Helms" (Pokemon Team Unknown)

Unit 21: "Boss" (Name Unknown) (Feraligatr, Typhlosion, Meganium, Skarmory, Natu) (Avg. Level: 32)
"Vice-Captain" (Known only as the Collector) (Houndoom, Persian, Umbreon) (Avg Level: Late 20s)
This unit was temporarally put in charge of Unit 84

Unit 28:
Omar: (Houndoom, Rhydon, Floatzel)
Miriam: (Marowak, Scizor)
Ace: (Flygon, Machamp)

(The rest of their pokemon teams have not yet been revealed.)

Unit 84:Dane (Houndoom) / Verity (Persian) / Horace (Umbreon)
Average level: 20
All Pokemon have been levelled earlier than normally, leaving them slightly weak.

Unit 90: (Unit 90 is comprised of Player Characters, so no using them!)
Justin Smart
Nate Guzman

Darryn Kellor ~ ~ PANE Moderator ~ ~ Lori Pardare
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Master Houndoom
post Sep 28 2009, 02:53 PM
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Team Rogue: Houndoom
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Uprising Mod

If you want to do something new with Team Deception, please run it by Living Arrow, myself, 2gamers, Umbrae Calamitas, and/or Bogart before hand, so that we can both approve it and add it to this post and the wiki article.

[align=center]Uprising Mod

Jaima Kuonji and Meiko Omura||Branwys Muphenz
[spoiler=Jaima's Gym Badges][/spoiler]

Jay Lange||Olivia Prewitt

As of January 29, 2010, at approximately 7:50am CST, 2gamers helped me complete my pokedex!

:houndoom: I claim Houndoom! :houndoom: [/align]
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post Jul 19 2010, 07:08 PM
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Weak Livered Milk Drinker
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And a Golurk

New Rules on Team Deception:

I’ve divided the organization into two parts: the Lower Echelon and the Upper Echelon. Here’s a description of both.

Lower Echelon: This portion contains units 51-100. They mainly serve as a distraction to the organization’s true motives. Their prowess is not as efficient as the more elite units. As a result, the police and general public generally disregard their activities as small time criminal mischief. This proves advantageous to the organization as a whole: when a big crime goes down, no one will ever suspect the bumbling fools of Team Deception.

Upper Echelon: Units 1-50 are the true driving force behind Team Deception. They are the ones that hunt for the legendaries, deploy big heists (in secret), and take out rivals and troublemakers. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, what with the Lower Echelon providing a proper facade.

With that, some rules:

1. Players will be able to freely use Lower Echelon groups. Keep in mind that they focus on smaller crimes like theft, assault, etc.

2. Upper Echelon groups are generally reserved for mod use only. Only top-quality players may ask mod permission to use such a group. Please include what you plan to do with such a group. EDIT: In the RP world, no one knows there are two halves to Team Deception. Only the Lower Echelon is known

3. Before you even consider using any portion of this group, look up the word “deception” and apply it. Even the lower units are smart enough not to shout out their identities in public. Should we see a similar deviation, we will take it out on the RP grades of anyone involved.

QUOTE(Explanation by Unbrae Calamitas)
People, at least some people, know that Team Deception exist. For instance, law enforcement officials, like Officer Jennys from around Furoh, are aware of Team Deception's actions of debauchery (such a fun word!), thievery, and general meanieness. A Team Deception member - even a low ranking buffoon - knows better than to go to a trainer and go "I'm a Team Deception member and you're going DOW-UN! Down! Down! Down!"

However, let's face it. These low ranking members are low ranking because they are ridiculous. They won't announce who they are, but some will know, others will figure it out, and some will just assume. It's possible for people to learn the truth of these low ranking members through other means (and by the truth, I mean that they are Team Deception - not that they are scapegoats for the higher levels). So, people know about them, but Team Deception will try to be deceptive, and succeed in at least a little bit.

Suffice it to say that if you have a Team Deception member announce who they are, points will be lost.

Edit by MH: As well as lives. Lives will also be lost.

No, I'm kidding...

or AM I?!


PANE x2 (click to show)

Credit for 2gamer's Seel of Approval (click to show)
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