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Malcolm Smith
post Sep 27 2009, 03:47 AM
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Name: Malcom Smith
Age: 16
Hometown: Celadon city, Kanto

Appearance: Malcom's roughly 5 feet and 5 inches tall with light brown hair, neatly combed. He has light skin with very few freckles, but it's ever so slightly tanned. He wears blue jeans and a green jumper, along with glasses which keep slipping down his small nose. Although he wouldn't call himself skinny he's not overweight either, and seem to be roughly average. He's quite proud of his brown eyes.

Personality: Malcolm's a pokémon addict who spends his time researching pokemon. He dreams of collecting rare and undiscovered pokémon, and has gone on several journeys to try to find one (all unsuccessful). He sees pokemon as pets, not weapons, but will battle for the sake of a gym badge or whenever else it seems to be necessary. Although quite shy he's very confident around his pokemon, but never really had many true friends. Even so, he's incredibly loyal and caring and will do whatever he can to help someone out wherever possible. He never forgets a favour, and will always make sure someone's kindness is repaid.

One day he wants to be a pokémon professor, but in the mean time he wants to find out everything he can about them in preparation for his goal, as well as to satisfy his natural curiosity. He always believes that he will succeed in this goal, along with every other task he sets himself. Some might describe him as an optimist because of this, but since he only sets himself tasks that he has at least a reasonable chance of completing. In reality, he's more realistic than an optimist.

Biography: Almost rom birth Malcolm was raised in a household where pokémon were strictly forbidden. His mother had gone missing shortly after he was born when she went out to sea to find pokémon, but she was never heard from again. Malcolm's father always blamed pokémon for her disappearance, and made sure that Malcom knew to stay away from pokémon and that there would be trouble if he ever got involved with them. There was no malice in this, and his father didn't hate pokémon, merely feared them. For ten years Malcom knew pokémon as dark creatures, and didn't understand why his friends loved them so much. Whenever they spoke about pokémon Malcolm would leave them and go home to read. One day, however, he took a wrong turn and ended up outside Celadon city's store, a towering building that he'd only ever seen from a distance before. He was intrigued by it so stepped inside, and was opened up to a whole new world of pokemon.
Since then he's secretly read about pokémon and trainers, and a few years later gathered up the courage to buy some pokéballs. The next day he ran out into the fields instead of going to school, and caught a Pidgey. Over the next few weeks he'd train Pidgey on some days instead of going to school, but eventually the school started noticing that he rarely showed up and called him in to question him about it. Eventually he had to own up and tell his teacher the full story about his pet Pidgey. Since she knew Malcolm was a good student really, his teacher said that if he stopped playing truant then he could have a Pichu from her cousin, a pokémon breeder. At the end of the year once he'd attended every day he received a pokeball and, true enough, it had a Pichu inside.
Until he was sixteen Malcolm continued to train the two pokémon but it became harder and harder to find the time. One day however, whilst in the fields training, his father came along and saw him. He exploded with rage and dragged Malcolm home, making him leave the pokémon behind in their pokéballs. Malcolm secretly went back and retrieved them, thankfully no one else had found them by then, but he never got on well with his father after that. It wasn't long before he left home in search of pokémon and on a quest to find out everything he could about them. For a short while he toured Kanto, visiting points of interest and searching areas he'd heard rumours of pokémon existing, rare or otherwise. Wanting to get a completely fresh start with his life and his passion for pokémon he moved to the far off Furoh, where he had heard pokemon existed in abundance.
Starting Pokemon:
Pichu, level 10, female. Knows Volt Tackle, thundershock and tackle.
Pidgey, level 7, male. Knows gust and tackle.

Items: Three pokeballs, one potion.

What is the biscuit's name? The biscuit's name is Bertha.
Other Notes:

In Furoh

Malcolm arrived in Furoh aboard the S.S. Lynnette. Whilst there he had his first real pokemon battle, against a trainer named Elizibeth Verillo, which ended in a draw. He also caught a Magikarp magikarp.gif aboard the S.S. Lynnette, but didn't recognise what species it was so nicknamed him "Fishy". Shortly after this he met up with a girl named Kamon among the market stalls at Barley. Someone named Timothy was arguing with her, and when Malcolm intervened he was challenged to a battle. The battle was interrupted by a man named Govannon, who then recognised Pichu as his former pokémon. When Malcolm requested to accompany Govannon to a volcanic island Govannon reluctantly accepted.

Malcolm was then invited to Castle Vonmoto. He went whilst Govannon remained in Barley, and in Castle Vonmoto he met several trainers. However, the activities didn't go as planned since an avalanche struck not long after the guests had arrived. The groups struggled to escape and Malcolm and co. ended up in a hall of robotic legendary robots. The robots had been possessed by ghost pokémon and they were forced to fight their way out, before finding the teleporters and rejoining the rest of the guests. A second avalanche hit and trapped almost all trainers and pokémon. The legendary bird Ho-Oh saw this and melted the snow to save them. When he left he dropped Rainbow Feathers, one of which Malcolm picked up. Pidgey now wears this feather amongst his own on his head.
Shortly after these events Malcolm met up with Douken Sota and Castor Garnet, and caught a Togepi as part of a challenge. However, Togepi ran away and Malcolm went looking for him, missing the second part of the challenge (a battle).

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Master Houndoom
post Sep 28 2009, 03:48 PM
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Approved with a severe caveat. Volt Tackle is a powerful move, and I'd prefer to see it used later. The recoil damage almost makes up for it, but please wait until the pichu is in his mid teens to twenties before it is used.

Also, I would like to know why Malcolm decided to travel to Furoh.

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