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Elizibeth ("Lizzie") Verillo
post Oct 5 2009, 05:32 PM
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Lizzie's Lovlies

Name: Elizabeth (Nickname: Lizzie) Verillo
Age: 12
Hometown: Floraoma Town

Appearance: She has shoulder length straight brown hair with grey-blue eyes. Wears a purple sweatshirt with a pattern on it. Her sweatshirt is slightly unzipped, revealing a green undershirt. The long pants she wears are black and she has white shoes, slightly dulled from travailing.

Personality: Lizzie will be warmer to any Pokemon that she has just met versus people she has just met. This might be because she has not met many new people in Floraoma, her hometown. Lizzie is curious, though, she might, therefore decide to open up to people she finds interesting after a while. She is also rather proud, and, therefore gets offended easily. She tends to hide it because of her shyness, but sarcastic comments can be squeezed out after a while. She tries not to show her soft side to most people, and uses sarcasm to mask it. Lizzie will do her best to prevent her friends from suffering and will look after them despite her claims that she will benefit from them being there in one way or another.

Biography:Lizzie's father, Hugo Verillo worked in the Fugo Ironworks. He lived alone in Floraoma town until he met a flying pokemon trainer called Bertha. She was flying to Floraoma on her Fearow after a boat trip from Olivine city to Canalave city. Her Fearow stopped in front of Hugo's house when she first arrived in Floraoma. Hugo helped the woman out by showing her the way to her friend. Bertha originally planned to stay with her friend for a while, and maybe battle a few of Sinnoh's gym leaders, but after getting to know Hugo better, she dicided to marry him. They had thier first, and only, child, Lizzie on a summer day. She grew up in a flowery world, which may be why she does not have too much of an interest in them. She was interested in the grass pokemon around the town, however. They moved around, learned new things, and sometimes evolved. Lizzie found that interesting. Carl, a boy in her neighborhood, and the son of her mother's friend, liked to fool around. He accidently said something he shouldn't have and provoked Lizzie, who was easily provoked. Thier rivalry started with simple competitions, such as an "insult war" or short races. Carl's confidence and good sportsmanship intimidated Lizzie and made her feel a little shy. As time went by, thier rivalry moved to the Pokemon TCG. They started to include pokemon in their rivalry when Carl received his first pokemon from his uncle in Kanto who was a breeder; a Bulbasaur. Lizzie, who was seven at that time, then asked her parents for a pokemon. They thought she was responsible enough, as she would often play with and help the wild pokemon when she was not competing with Carl. They bought the pokemon from the only breeder they knew, (Ironically, also Carl's uncle from Kanto) and at Lizzie's request, something that is "better than" Bulbasaur. Carl had a week to show off his new Bulbasaur and its attacks until Lizzie's Charmander arrived. First Lizzie and Carl provided demonstrations on the attacks their pokemon could do. the competitions evantually evolved into battles. Outside the rivalry, Lizzie and her Charmander would often play together in their backyard, or near the Valley Windworks. It was on one of these days when she found a little Riolu that was injoured. She picked it up and rushed home with it in her arms, sticking her tongue out at Carl when he playfuly asked her why she bothered rescuing a weak pokemon. Riolu eventually got better, but Lizzie got too attached to it to want to release it back into the wild. Riolu did not really seem to want to go back, anyway. Carl was interested in Lizzie's new pokemon, but she dismissed him as "just jelous because I have two pokemon and you only have one." Their rivalries went on, until it was time for them to officially start becoming trainers. After a tied race to see who would be able to find Professor Rowan first, they both received a pokedex from him, as well as the six starting pokeballs. There, she parted ways with Carl , who wanted to see his uncle in Kanto, (And possibly complain about the Charmander he sent to Lizzie) Meanwhile, Lizzie headed to Sunnyshore to check out the library, and to decide where to go next. On the way, she encountered several wild pokemon with Riolu bursting out of its pokeball at every encounter. Lizzie decided that it wanted to be close to the action, and not stuck in a pokeball all the time, so she let it stay out. After more walking, Lizzie realized that Riolu, being much smaller than her, and possibly not used to the world could get lost or tired easily. She picked it up and let it ride on her shoulders to free her hands. Upon arriving in Sunnyshore, Lizzie went to check out the other regions. She read about Furoh And decided to start her journey there. All that was left was to find a boat and head off...
Starting Pokemon:

Riolu- Level 3 (nameless)
Gender: Female
Quick Attack

Charmander- Level 10 (nameless)
Gender: Male

Items: Poke ball x4

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is...

Bertha. (Either that or Eat Me.)

Other Notes: I can't think of any at the moment...

I made spliced a sprite for her. As you can see i'm not too good. (She looks fat X-X) I also can't do transparency.

The wiki page is more up to date than this post and may be found here

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I'm trying to evolve/hatch: (Views are fine.)

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Master Houndoom
post Oct 7 2009, 09:15 AM
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