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Sawyer Lewis
post Nov 25 2009, 07:19 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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RP Team

Oh look, a badly drawn reference image. (click to show)

FULL NAME: Sawyer Nathaniel Lewis
AGE: 22, born in winter.
HOMETOWN: Pacifidlog Town in Hoenn

Sawyer is an awkward looking man. He's tall, but not wide like one would think he should be. A rake is a good reference. He's actually pretty average. He's kept himself slim through regular means, working, walking, moving furniture for his mother, etc. This just means he isn't toned at all, but doesn't have much of any excess weight on him. His appearance isn't very important to him, so he generally always looks like he just rolled out of bed. White hair is short and would probably curl were he to let it grow out any longer, currently the longest sections hang past his ears, not touching his shoulders. While strange, he does have heterochromia, meaning his eyes are of a different color, the left being green, the right being brown. He's very self-conscious about it. Skin is tanned and weathered slightly by the sun and ocean breezes.

His style of dress is simple at best; jeans that fit, a belt to hold his Pokeballs, black shirt, and his signature brown-leather jacket. It's styled very much like one you'd think a pilot would wear, mostly because it is a pilot's jacket. It belonged to his father. Accessories include an old backpack that can probably survive a bomb detonating inside of it given how long it's survived, a necklace and bracelet made of turquoise, and Ziggy, his Zigzagoon, who is normally perched on his shoulder or peaking out of his backpack.

Hard working and kind. They're easy ways to describe the guy. He doesn't find himself all that interesting and often takes pride in little things, like getting somewhere on time or helping out his mom, not things like beating gyms or winning in battles. He's actually pretty sure that any wins he's accumulated is due to luck, pure unadulterated luck. This is just due to the easy-going lifestyle he's chosen to live. Sailing really does teach a guy how to relax. But while he knows how to really relax and let life take him where it wants to, he also knows when to take the wheel in his hands, plant his feet, and get to work. He takes work seriously and often finishes his deliveries earlier than scheduled when the ocean permits. He feels guilty for weeks when he happens to be late.

Though the outer Sawyer is laid-back and what people would call "a cool guy," the inside is a mess. He's self-conscious in his skills, thinking he isn't good enough. It's probably why he works so hard, to prove something to himself. His inner critic is terrible, but he makes a point to only direct this criticism to himself, not his Pokemon. His looks aren't important, but he is also very conscious that people often stare at him strange when talking to him on occasion, this means they've caught the discoloration. The eyes are partially why he's given up on trying to look nice. They're normally what people are going to stare at in his experience. He also over-thinks things he's already done, going over what was stupid and what he figures was an alright decision. It's easy to catch when he does this, it's the times he happens to look cranky. Normally annoyance and anger and most everything else rolls off him like water off a duck. Tends to be awkward in most social situations, and has always been. Never really got to fully socialize as a kid and make his own mistakes after coming home from his too-short first journey as a trainer and having to help his mother. He may have grown up too fast.

In regards to his relations with people and his Pokemon, he's a "good guy." His Pokemon are part of the family and it's not uncommon to find him spending his downtime either taking a run with Lola (electrike), grooming Zigs(zigzagoon), or just sitting and watching the stars with Crono(hoothoot). His relationships with people are often shaky at first, until he gets a feel for them at least. This may take a while since he's often at a loss for conversation. But he tries. Once you've made friends with Sawyer, it's hard to ever be anything else. Kind and helpful, he is never against lending a helping hand, even if he has to put his current project on hold to do so. This applies to friends, family, and if needed, strangers. He's a guy that's going to help the lost child find their mother, or save a damsel in distress just because he's in the area.

Sawyer Nathanial Lewis was born on a cool day in winter in Pacifidlog Town. Well, technically he was born on a boat headed to Pacifidlog. His mother gave birth in transit. He was born healthy, and a bit cranky. But all babies are born cranky, so his parents didn't hold it against him. He grew up a healthy, regular boy. Or at least as regular as you can get living in a town that literally sat on water. The novelty quickly outgrew itself and he instead spent a lot of his time on the "land" portion of the little island town in order to run around like all small boys without fear of falling into the ocean and getting eaten by tentacool. His father was an air courier, someone who used a small airplane to deliver mail between islands and the mainland. He always wanted to live up to that, and dreamed of flying a plane when he was a kid. But this changed when he was about eleven. A zigzagoon had found its way onto a ship, then wandered off when it made a short port at Pacifidlog. It then proceeded to find its way into their attic. Or at least that's the only story that makes any sort of sense in regards to a zigzagoon being on an island. A week of attempting to coach the little guy out eventually led to success and Sawyer promptly chased the little guy out of their house to "rescue" his horrified mother. Well it had nearly eaten half her pantry, she had some reason to be angry.

Five minutes later both boy and Pokemon where in the water, the zigzagoon attempting to not drown, Sawyer attempting to save said zigzagoon. Once rescue was achieved thanks to his father, who had been laughing at the whole ordeal since day one, the duo were friends for life. Nearly dying together really accelerates the bonding process. A few months later and a fond farewell from mother and father and Sawyer was off on his obligatory Pokemon journey. It was going to amazing.

Four months and he was back home. It had not been amazing. On the short-lived journey he'd caught his other two partners, Lola, an Electrike, and Crono, a hoothoot. Lola was his first capture, a capture that had nearly KOed Zigs in the process. She was a tough girl, and three Pokeballs later she was part of the team. Sawyer has since gotten used to the constant static electricity. Crono was a hoothoot that had nearly given the trio a heart attack when they were camping one night. A short battle later and the creepy owl was part of the family. Sawyer is still convinced that he's the creepiest bird to ever exist ever, but he means it in a loving way. The reason for returning home was simple; his father had had a plane accident. A storm had thrown the poor plane off course and his father's pidegot hadn't been able to keep it in the air. A small rescue crew from the port had found him a day later with a broken leg, but thankfully nothing else aside from some bruises and scrapes. Sawyer was intent on helping the family through the trouble area, then going back to his journey. Unfortunately this bird never left the nest again. For a few years he did odd jobs around the house, helped his dad out while he figured out how to walk a dock with a cane, the crash giving him a permanent limp. Eventually though, at about fifteen, he got work on a messenger boat. The same work his father did, only on a boat. He was just an assistant, but he learned fast. At seventeen he got his own boat and boating license and started sailing, delivering mail from island to island and back and forth between the islands and the mainland. He had found his love. He loved to sail, water pokemon, maybe not so much, but he loved to sail.

For the next five years he did his job and when he wasn't on the job, he was either home, or taking a boat trip. Be it to the mainland to get some exercise and let his Pokemon run around for once without fear of falling overboard, or just to get his feet on some solid ground and take in the sites. He never did pick up on his adventure to be a "pokemon master" again. He just kept close to home, even though he was technically living on his boat, and made due. When the word of a "new challenge" drifted through from Furoh he didn't take much interest in it, at first. But it was always sort of nagging him at the back of his brain. Eventually though he figured he couldn't just sail around pretending to be a trainer on a boat forever. So he packed up his gear, told his family he was going on a trip, and made the journey over. Perhaps a fresh start was what he needed to kick himself into gear.

ZIGS zigzagoon.gif
female === Lvl 7
+ tackle
+ growl
+ tailwhip
+ ---

LOLA electrike.gif
female === Lvl 7
+ tackle
+ thunder wave
+ discharge (an egg move)
+ ---

CRONO hoothoot.gif
male === Lvl 6
+ tackle
+ growl
+ foresight
+ ---

x 3

What is the biscuit's name? Waldorf?
+ Sawyer actually wears glasses. He thinks he looks ridiculous in them, he actually looks rather dashing, but he never wears them unless reading.
+ Zigs wears a large ribbon at the base of her tail. The color changes every now again when Sawyer changes it. Crono has an aquamarine bracelet around his leg, not because Sawyer gave it to him, but because he kept stealing it due to it being shiny.
+ Why doesn't electrike learn thunder shock? This is lame. It stores static in its fur, it should learn it.


The Venasaur will lead the way to the PARTY
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Troy Bolton
post Nov 25 2009, 10:35 PM
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Bet On Me
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Badly drawn, she says. Badly drawn like Barbara Streisand is a bad singer.

No problems here, so I can easily say...


Welcome to PANE! Post in the Current Levels thread located in the PANE Discussion forum, and then START! YOUUUR~! JOURNEY!

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