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Alex Kestrel
post Dec 31 2009, 11:25 PM
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RP pokemon

Name: Alex Kestrel
Age: 17
Hometown: Born in Floaroma Town, moved to Gigarte.
Appearance: Alex stands 6' 5" and weighs about 179 lbs. He has short brown hair that is about level with his earlobes and dark brown eyes. His skin is a lightly tanned colour. He wears a white cotton t-shirt with a black stripe across the chest and faded blue jeans that are just barely too large for him and as a result of this is always wearing a black leather belt cinched tightly around his pants to keep them on his waist rather than below it. On his feet he wears brown hiking boots. On particularly sunny days he wears a brown wide-brimmed hat on his head to keep the sun out of his eyes. When traveling between cities and towns he usually has a short beard due to the lack of good amenities in the wild, but shaves it off whenever he reaches civilisation.

Personality: Alex is a laid-back person content to not do much except train with his pokemon and walk around just thinking about random things. He loves journeying with his pokemon and tries to help them be the best they can be. Around people he is reserved and hardly speaks until he feels comfortable in the situation. He frequently leaves the well trodden paths in the hopes of finding a few berry trees but usually ends up empty-handed.

Biography: Alex grew up on the outskirts of Floaroma Town and would occasionally head to the Valley Windworks to play with the Drifloon that would have been blown there by the wind. On days when the Drifloon weren't around he would go to the meadow and lie amongst the flowers and watch the Combee zip from flower to flower collecting the pollen to turn into honey.

His mother and father had a Roselia and a Victreebel to help them in their small shop and tend to their garden which contained various Berries. On days when he wasn't in the meadow or playing with the Drifloon Alex would help his parents tend to their garden and learnt about the uses of the plants and Berries that they grew and sold.

At the age of ten he traveled south to Sandgem Town to get his first pokemon from Professor Rowan which was his Turtwig. He decided to name it Leif and the two of them headed back north to visit his parents, on the way through Jubilife City he won a free Poketch from a contest that was being run for only one day. Afterwards he headed home to introduce his parents to his Turtwig and get a free lunch. Getting some Honey from them Alex went to the Floaroma Meadow to catch a pokemon or two. In the meadow Alex was lucky enough to catch a female Combee that had approached him curious about the source of the Honey's scent.

Up until he turned sixteen he travelled across Sinnoh training his pokemon and gathering Berries. At the age of 16 Alex left Sinnoh for Furoh. After the hours long trip he arrived in Port Barley and bought a map of Furoh to help him not get lost. When he heard about Gigarte and how the flowers there rivalled those of Floaroma. When he arrived there he found the flowers were better than the ones of his hometown and he decided to make his new home in Gigarte which reminded him of his home.

Starting Pokemon:

Nickname: Leif
Type: Grass
Species: Tiny Leaf Pokemon
Nature: Hasty
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Attacks: Tackle, Absorb, Withdraw, Growth
Ability: Overgrow

Nickname: Bea
Type: Bug/Flying
Species: Tiny Bee Pokemon
Nature: Timid
Gender: Female
Level 10
Attacks: Gust, Sweet Scent
Ability: Honey Gather

Items: A backpack with various compartments to store the items he gets on his travels, a Poketch with the Berry Searcher and Dowsing Machine Apps, a berry pouch, 5 pokeballs, 2 potions, tent, sleeping bag, map of Furoh

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is...Waldorf

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post Jan 1 2010, 10:46 PM
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And a Golurk

Nice touch with the facial hair, but it's not as bad as the lack of bathrooms oh.gif.

Anywho, approved. Make a post in the Current Levels thread. Enjoy!


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