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Cheri Puckett
post Jan 2 2010, 11:49 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Pane Stuff

Name: Cheri Puckett
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Hometown: Lilycove City, but later moved to Petropolis
Appearance: Cheri has thick amber hair that stretches half-way down her back, and it is tied up with a green band. Her ovular eyes contain a caramel colored iris. It is sometimes covered with clear contact lenses. Once in a while, Cheri will put on her plastic pink glasses, but only if she's alone. Cheri's face is decorated with a light touch of make-up with a hint of pale pink lipstick on her lips. She has high and detailed cheekbones with a tiny pointed nose. Her skin is smooth to the touch and has the color of peach.

She is of average height and weight for young women her age. Her body is as slender as a fitness model. She dons a simple floral dress that waves as the wind rolls by. White in color and painted with rosy lilies, Cheri's slippers are worn on sunny days; when the sun is scorching Cheri will have a handy white parasol. When the rain clouds are out, Cheri is seen with her iconic yellow umbrella and boots. Plus, she wears a brown trench coat to protect her from the rain. In the winter time, she puts on a knitted hat, a warm magenta sweater, and some jeans that will last against the icy cold. However, Cheri will always carry her ivory colored purse around her left arm.

Personality: Cheri appears to be a sweet person. She is kind to those around her and wouldn’t mind helping others once in awhile. One of her many goals in life is to create world wide peace. She knows it is cliche and impossible, but Cheri knows it wouldn't hurt if she tried. She loves children and would love to be able to have one in the future. Cheri loves parties and dancing. She is curious by default and often spends her time exploring places where she should not be. Cheri is dedicated to her passion of cooking and proves it through her delicious snacks.

However, the art of cooking brings the darker side of Cheri. Most people hate to admit it, but being competitive can reveal their bad side. Whenever, their is a competition Cheri feels she has to win, or else she is a failure. Therefore, she will do anything to win, including cheating. Many of her opponents will often find that one of their ingredients are missing. Cheri would deny being the thief, but she knows that she's the culprit. In cooking school, Cheri learns that chivalry is also dead. When she gets mad, anyone in the vicinity should be prepared to get beat by a verbal assault. If you ever see Cheri cry, many will find out that the young woman secretly wants something from them. As a wealthy-born girl, Cheri likes to believe most people are willing to do things for her, but sadly it's not true. Cheri has her good and bad qualities.

Biography: Cheri was born on May 5; she was a native of a large city called Lilycove City. Her parents were curators of an art museum and cherished Cheri dearly. Her parents were called Henry and Lucy Puckett; the father owned a Mothim and her mother owned a Vespiquen. Cheri had an elder sister named Ion, who at that time was in business school. Ion had a difficult past for she was adopted from a dying orphanage. Ion easily stood out because she was different. Over time, Ion won back her parents love. The Puckett family lived in a grand mansion. In her home, Cheri would learn many things that would hopefully enrich her life and creativity.

At a young age, Cheri was educated by her mother, who taught several subjects. What was most important was the fact that Cheri would embrace her inner “power”so to speak. Her parents loved art, so therefore it was only natural that Cheri was taught the basics of non-creative subjects. When it came to pokemon, Cheri was given a Squirtle. Day by day, the child would explore the world of art and pokemon. On the weekends, Cheri had play dates with several children, who could understand what she was going through. They were all sons or daughters of famous artists. The tiny children would play in the mansion's garden with their fellow pokemon friend. Cheri believed she had the most perfect life in the world.

Several years later, Ion was able to become a successful manager of a berry shop. On several occasions, Cheri would come to Ion’s shop with her Squirtle, and her sister would often scold her for doing so. Ion never liked the fact that her parents were spoiling her younger sister, and she was basically jealous. When the young girl was eight, Cheri had found a knack for baking simple honey snacks, and Henry made sure that she would continue to hone her skills. Life continued as Cheri began her journey as a beginning pastry chef; her parents decided to send her to the best academy. The academy was called Academy for the Creative Arts of Creations. Here Cheri would improve her skills and make many friends. At this school, the girl realized she had to hide her Squirtle; only certain students at the academy were allowed to carry a pokemon on hand. It was a huge shock for her because her mother had never mentioned it.

One day in school, there was a random room search; there was a thief of the campus. Various staff members and administrators would go through every room and search for the missing item. Many students received a big wake-up call when the teachers found out that they had broken the rules. The biggest infraction among the students was that most had a secret stash of pokemon, and Cheri was no exception. The strict adminstrators gave the teenagers two options: 1. Students may send their pokemon home to their parents or 2. Students may release their pokemon into the wild. Cheri waved good-bye to her Squirtle as she left the creature at home with her parents; she knew things would be okay because she could always find time to visit her friend. After that she began her walk back to school. It was a chilly walk home; Cheri would have to walk through a mile-long path through a forest. She paused in the middle of path when she heard a rustling noise from a bush. Feeling curious, she examined the bush and found a pokemon much to her dismay. They must have been abandoned. What am I going to do with you? It was a Charmander, and it cried as she hugged it. Realizing that she was going crazy, Cheri walked home and gave the Charmander to her bewildered parents. They stared at each other shockingly as they watched their daughter go on her merry way.

Cheri graduated at the age of eighteen; she was now an official pastry chef. She arrived home to find changes had been made. Her parents gave up their museum and were focused on the birth of their grandchild. Ion, the new mom, was going to get married. For once in her life, Ion was truly happy for herself. To prove her skills Cheri made the wedding cake. The cake had three layers; each had a white vanilla taste and had a ribbon of coconut flakes. Petals of cream encircle the entire thing, and on top was a toy doll of the bride and groom. Cheri laughed along her nephew as he presented the ring to his-getting-married parents. It was a wonderful wedding, and Ion confessed to Cheri about her jealously. All would be forgiven as Ion left for her honey moon, and the shop was given to Cheri to take care of. It was a big responsibility, but of course the chef knew she would be fine.

The technical business would be handled by one of Ion’s co-manager. All Cheri had to do was make sure everything was growing in the shop, and that costumers were coming in. One night, as Cheri prepared to close the shop she felt a presence stalking her. The shop was a mile or two away from home, and her car was being fixed. She ran hastily towards her home, yet that feeling did not disappear. Then she saw it; it was a wild pokemon. It was a Bulbasaur. Oh, wow! Just a Bulbasaur. However the creature would not let the woman pass; it was determined. With the help of her Charmander, Cheri was able to capture the mysterious Bulbasaur. It was a bizarre moment, but life went on. During this period of time, Cheri made it to her twenty-first year of age and heard about the alluring journeys of other trainers. Secretly, the young woman had a yearning to leave and start a grand adventure of her own. Perhaps, she too could open her own bakery in this region, or maybe Cheri could become a pokemon trainer. All in all, Cheri began to plan her escape and waited for her sister to return. Of course, sneaking off wasn't an easy thing; Cheri felt guilty for keeping a secret from her parents. Ion returned and decided to close her shop. She felt it would be best if she stayed at home to raise her son. Henry and Lucy Puckett gave Ion a home in Petropolis City as a wedding gift; Cheri decided to live with her elder sister and family. Cheri felt her sister would let her start her own journey; she had no chance if she stayed at home with her parents. One year later, Cheri left Ion and her family to start her own adventure.

Starting Pokemon:
charmander.gif Charmander Lv.7 Male
squirtle.gif Squirtle Lv.7 Male
bulbasaur.gif Bulbasaur Lv.6 Male

Pokegear- Includes a Map, Radio, Phone, and tells time.
A large purse
5x Pokeballs
3x Potions
3x Sitrus Berries
1x Jar of Honey and Peanut Butter
Various numbers of eating utensils, which includes plastic sporks and knives

What is the biscuit's name? Waldorf

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Master Houndoom
post Jan 4 2010, 01:05 PM
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