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Diana Wolfe
Moonlight Zelda
post Feb 2 2010, 08:45 PM
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Diana Wolfe

Name: Diana Wolfe

Nickname/Alias: Violet Hunter

Age: 18

Hometown: Pyrite, Orre.

Appearance: Diana stands roughly 5’6, and weighs around 115 pounds. The young woman’s lightly tanned frame consists of well toned muscle, though her slender physique often causes others to shrug off possible threat even in tense situations. Purpose and intent usually reside in her stride, almost always having something to do or somewhere to go. Diana’s fairly long hair falls halfway down her back in a single smooth and black wave, although the fact that it barely has any shine makes it clear she does little more than comb it. When not loose, it’s usually in a braid to keep it out of her way. The young woman’s eyes are vivid cobalt, though occasionally with violet contacts, although musings are usually apparent behind them. A now faded pinkish-white scar grooves into her left forearm, where a rouge turned Scyther struck.

Her boots are a rather like what one would expect in the midevil ages, simple brown leather that stops not far up her calves with a small heel. Steel both tips the toes and circles in slanting bands around her ankles for protection, from many different angles. The legs of her black jeans are usually tucked inside them, unless she wants to hide something. A brown belt that matches her boots loops through her jeans, though more or less as just a place to clip pokeballs. As with her apparent nickname-alias combination, she wears a sleeveless violet shirt. Accompanying this ensemble is a waterproofed backpack, its color not quite identifiable, only between a dark mauve and black. A pair of amber-colored goggles is also tucked inside the pack.

That is not to say, however, that she prefers only the more practical things. If need be, or on whim, she isn’t objective to changing her basic appearance. Technology advances for storing things at the Pokemon Centers, and being able to access said things at any of them, also helps with that.

Sprite courtesy of 2gamers.

Personality: In a nutshell, one could say that Diana is a mix of things. She has a wide variety of interests, including anything from physical activities to creative arts, with a bit of mild interest in archeology. Cracking the nutshell, on the other hand, is a little harder than most people would think.

She isn’t excessively friendly, per se, but she will help out without hesitation if she sees the need for it. In most cases the young woman is a bit standoffish, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. When she does so, it is usually in an offhand tone that spurs a wide variety of reactions. However, she isn’t worried about physical confrontation due to the belief that she can take care of herself – More often than not reinforcing it with the backup of her training. Needless to say, she doesn’t allow herself to be pushed around or walked on. “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.” More or less one of her favorite phrasings to apply to situations.

Even so, her complete trust is not easy to gain. Growing up in Orre made it clear that the world was not black and white in terms of good or bad. Shades of gray were mixed into everything. Thus, a fair amount of wariness usually asserts itself in her manner, knowing first hand the power of deception. If someone loses her trust, it takes much to regain it – If at all.

Those that are considered her friends may expect a watchful eye, even if she denies it. If necessary, she’s willing to take injury to protect said person. Although the young woman’s attitude may put some off, despite that it is more or less a guise. Her stubborn streak can make her comparable to the now fabled mules, although it does come in handy at times. Underneath the whole façade, Diana is quite capable of being caring, even if she’d rather not show it. That is why her protective moments tend to confuse those that aren’t very familiar with her, to some extent.

She doesn’t mind large crowds, finding them easy for her to blend into unless attention is drawn. Training, her own and her companions, is also important to her. Not quite to the do-or-die extent, but when her companions aren’t feeling up to it, that doesn’t stop her from training on her own after making sure they’re all right. The young woman also enjoys dancing of most kinds, oddly enough. Diana is also no stranger to romance, even if she now berates herself for such emotions after dropping her guard and being taken advantage of in the past. She isn’t barring the possibility of a significant other indefinitely, but it would take more time than it would to garner friendship.

Diana uses everything she can in battle, be it a Pokemon or human one. If the surroundings can be worked with in combat to achieve a slight advantage, it’ll be done. If one of her previous strategies fails, she’s been known to improvise. Thinking on her feet is a trait she tends to use regularly, knowing that no strategy is fail-safe. After all; Proclaim yourself the strongest person on the block, and your door will getting beaten down with challenges and soon defeat.

Yet, despite her battle tactics, she considers Pokemon her friends and family. She uses her supplies generously when it comes to them, though it does sometimes result in the usually attentive female going hungry. Diana also shares an addiction for peanut butter with her partners, usually going through a jar in less than a week. She also has a bad habit of picking her fingernails, and has had it since she was a kid. The young woman also been known to say, half jokingly and half seriously, that “women can do everything men can, except in high heels.”

Biography: Born during the winter months of the year, they were fortunate enough to avoid the heat of the desert at full brunt. As an only child, her mother unable to have more children after complications and the following hysterectomy, it was safe to say that she got plenty of direct teaching and focus when younger. Even so, it was clear enough she inherited a good portion of her personality from her father, though equal feelings for Pokemon. As Pokemon were a rarity in Orre, more so in their household, she spent much time around her parents’ nidoqueen and golduck. Eleanor, though the former was recently evolved, proved quite protective of her human’s young – Even more so when Diana’s mother started taking in foster children.

Most were usually older, but Helen’s Eleanor insisted on tagging along when they took Diana somewhere. Of course the task of fitting an imposing poison-ground type into various buildings or places took some creativity, but they managed. If they couldn’t, however, Lloyd – Her father’s golduck – went instead. Even so, having “siblings”, per se, helped drastically with her temperament. Considering she had been a bit spoiled in terms of attention as an only child, the difference was night and day.

By the time she was six, started in school the previous year and such, she was almost automatically begging to groom her teacher’s two mightyena and its pups during breaks. The regal wolves and their young quite successfully finished instilling a love for Pokemon in her, though they’d turn into piles of mush when they got their ears scratched. Needless to say, though, neither her parents nor siblings let her slack off when it came to school. Since it either came down to what you know or battle in Orre, with few exceptions, it was made sure she learned all she could during her academic years.

When Helen and Raphael adopted Innes, one of their middle-age foster children, into the family, another two additions were made around the same time. Lloyd and Eleanor, apparently having achieved full maturity, also had two eggs. Surprisingly enough, the yet-to-be parents allowed both of the human young to touch them without conflict stirring. With Innes being twelve and Diana ten, they seemed responsible enough not to accidentally damage them. But, while it did take some time for the two to warm up to each other, they were fairly close within a year. Also during that time, their newest family members hatched.

One male and one female nidoran, affectionately named Innes (II) and Artemis. The nidoran Innes was half jokingly and half seriously named such because his temperament was just like the original human’s; Protective, but not afraid to fight, and still capable of brotherly affection – Another words, glorifying the apparently natural right to look out for, rough house with, amuse, and quite soundly embarrass when he wants to. Artemis, on the other hand, was named in reference to the mythological goddess of the ‘other world’ that seemed to exist only in either fantasy books or extremely old history texts. The small female lived up to her namesake quite well, acting the part plus some. Warrior-lady combination, also something Diana seemed to agree with, was Artemis’s key trait. Gender-role-reversal seemed to play a part in whom the Poison Point duo chose, though, landing them with complete opposites.

The quartet’s bond immensely increased with the first Shadow Pokemon outbreak the following year, daily or semi-daily events usually leading to them looking out for one another. It was also during this time that they began taking martial arts, so they wouldn’t be forced to rely on their Pokemon companions constantly when things went amiss. Even when the fiasco did die down, the skills they’d gain would prove useful afterwards as well. Between Cipher and Snagem, it would be safe to say that the already shambled Pyrite fell into the semblance of ruins. Although the town wasn’t particularly wealthy in the first place, both syndicate’s actions drastically increased the crime-rate. Disgruntled at their actions, both of them joined the Kid’s Grid that had been established recently.

Although the human Innes had just turned thirteen, both he and Diana were soon accepted without much trouble. Continuous and increasing amounts of actions only served to increase her loyalty to the little ‘organization’, helping out where she could while still trying to make time for school all of those still attending had been shuffled into. Raw dislike was steadily increased, as if holding a brand to an open wound. The thought of entirely closing off a Pokemon’s heart, making it little more than a lethal machine, only served to anger the population that cared for them as friends. Which was probably half of Pyrite when considering different age groups. Didn’t work out very well for the recruitment rate of Cipher.

Diana’s first major mission with the Kid’s Grid consisted of going down to The Under, passing information along while throwing Venus off their backs at the same time. Despite the risk of being caught, which would only anger the grunts and higher ups even more that she was a kid, she actually found the adrenaline rush enticing. Sure, the aftermath usually left her exhausted, but nonetheless eager for her next mission. This also started her interest in exploring and archeology when she took a wrong turn after almost being tripped up, finding a shiny amber stone amongst the pile of rubble she’d taken cover behind. Upon further inspection by her father, and being sent to the region’s leading professor, it was confirmed to be an Old Amber. The ancient Pokemon was eventually resurrected and passed onto Raphael, though allowed to be borrowed when Diana needed transportation.

That certainly proved useful, especially in the timeframe it took to get rid of both syndicates the first time. Although life didn’t quite return to ‘normal’ afterwards, it was as good as it’d get for a while. What with the entire region working on recovering from everything that had happened, it took another two years for that to finish working out. By the time she’d started junior high, though, something happened that almost no one expected: Orre, as barren as it was, actually had a select few wild Pokemon beginning to crawl about it. Something that hadn’t been heard about in decades, even. Now when not busy with school or continuing her martial arts, the thirteen year old Diana spent more time around Duking and helping with his attempts to find them in person. Her first real capture was an aron, which she gave to her brother for his fifteenth birthday.

Not too much happened in the next three years, all in all, giving them all rest and time for individual pursuits or interests. Unfortunately enough, the organization that should’ve been cowering with its tail between its legs made a comeback a few months after she turned sixteen. However, some luck remained on their side. As the recently converted shack Mirror B. had been using was now a functioning base, Diana was able to join ONBS with reference of Marcia.

Oddly enough, Diana received her second Pokemon not long afterwards. A young riolu, whom introduced himself as Kimball. The knightly fighting type was distant at first, not sure what had made his previous master cast him off. When said person returned, the young woman promptly lashed into him for just handing her a pokeball and running. Yet, was silenced when he said that Cipher was after the less common ones again, though further shocked when he said to keep Kimball as he’d failed him. Dale, as she soon learned was his name, made a point to meet up with her regularly. At first his reasoning was to see Kimball, though it shifted to ‘see both of them’ within three months. Despite it not being the best time to start a relationship, Diana conceded quickly enough, though it didn’t help that she was flustered at the time she accepted Dale’s proposition of a date.

Though her brother didn’t quite approve of him, he left it alone since his sister could take care of herself. After all, she’d said it herself after joining ONBS: “I don’t do touchy-feely; I do ouchy-bleedy.” Of course, the both mocking and sarcastic way she said it had made both him and her father burst out laughing, but brushed it off. Putting her actions where her mouth was happened not even seven months after they started seeing one another, it seemed his hand accidentally ‘slipped’ after a sparring match. Yet, while it may have been one, what fell out of his shirt wasn’t as forgivable – A Cipher ID card.

Needless to say, that did not go over very well. There is a difference between ‘bumps’ and ‘mountains’ in road-blocks that often appear in relationships. The tension, among other things, put all of their Pokemon companions on edge – Including the already agitated scyther that Dale had recently obtained, saying he was supposed to pass it onto a sibling. Had she not reacted in time, Diana probably would’ve either lost her head or had her throat slit by said Pokemon. Surprisingly enough, Kimball took the initiative to knock it back when a blade made contact anyway. A deep gash across most of her left forearm wouldn’t tend to help one’s temper, though. Dale’s wrist was snapped in result, partially as reflex and partially as unleashing her ire. Little was done to keep contact afterwards, though she continued deleting the occasional email as her P*DA’s couldn’t be changed.

When the second Shadow-uprising was sufficiently halted, she and her family proceeded to move to Phenac by her seventeenth birthday right after her highschool graduation. The entire next year was spent pursuing her interests and exploring, also beginning to save up for a ferry ticket that’d she’d heard about. Between battles with Kimball and Innes, as well as odd-jobs and working at the PokeMart, she’d have enough – Plus plenty extra for things needed on the trip, as well as small treats – by the time she turned eighteen and was a legal adult in Orre’s eyes.

Two weeks before she was supposed to leave for Gateon Port, she almost tripped over what appeared to be a stray Pokemon. The young pichu had been trying to fish something out of the water-ways that circled around Phenac, and almost ended up falling in before anyone noticed her. While strays were highly uncommon, it was at least good her fur color almost blended with the usual stone so she didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. That would only cause a massive fight. When Diana had retrieved the shiny object that the pichu had been trying to reach, she had immediately hopped up onto the human’s shoulder and held out her arms for the shortened jade pendant. Of course, when she sneezed right in her ear, it became apparent that the pichu had a cold. An easy enough thing to fix, at least. Even so, in the few days it took for her to get better, Diana had begun calling her Lin – Whom had to explore everything in sight, be it under a bed or on a bookshelf. That, or quite contently sitting on various body parts of Diana’s. Even so, Lin sort of became Diana’s pet-companion at the time, more or less because the pichu seemed rather delicate. Innes and Kimball didn’t seem to mind, though, the latter even going as far as to help her out when needed or wanted – Including opening a bag of marshmallows.

After officially catching Lin in an imported Quick Ball, they proceeded to spend two days in Gateon as their ship had been delayed. More or less just enjoying the change of pace, taking in the sights, and having a battle or two. Lin, as much as she wanted to participate, was kept out of it on Diana’s better judgment. Few people had young Pokemon, and likely wouldn’t be able to make a fair match for the electric mouse. Even so, their entire group had their interest piqued even more upon hearing collected tales and rumors from sailors that had been to Furoh and back.

One thing was for certain: Things would never be dull.

Skills: Diana is a medium-grade martial artist, trained reflexes and kicks being her strongest physical point. Her training so far has also influenced her strategic methods, as well as increased her awareness. Various types of exploring also capture her interest, though she has the most knowledge of crossing desert terrain. She also enjoys drawing, and dabbling in a few forms of writing (though still learning the Unknown language).

Weaknesses: Living in the desert region of Orre most of her life, she isn’t a very strong swimmer yet. She wants to improve on that, but is finding it difficult at the moment. It also isn’t advisable to put her in charge of cooking the more complex human foods – The kitchen might blow up. Diana also has bad night-vision, which is generally why she obtained her violet contacts.

Quote: 'Tis better to keep your mouth closed and be suspected a fool, than open it and remove all doubt.

  • Waterproof backpack
  • P*DA (Upgraded with some of the newer region updates.)
  • Worldwide Pokedex (Rather large novel/handbook that contains everything from daily care, information, to breeding and battle tips. Weight also makes it a handy bludgeon when striking with the binding.)
  • Explorer’s Kit
  • Three-subject notebook, with pencils and pens
  • Cologne Case: Joy Scent, x3
  • PokeSnacks/Food
  • Potion, x5
  • Pokeball, x3
  • Luxury Ball, x1
  • Heal Ball, x1
  • Full Heal, x3
  • Berry Bag: Oran (3), Pecha (1).
Other Notes: Kimball is still working on persuading Diana to at least open one of Dale's emails, even if she doesn't reply until later. As much as she loathes to admit, she knows that he's right that they might at least be able to become friends again. It would just take some time.

Diana keeps her pokemon companions in separate types of pokeballs so she can tell them apart at a glance -
  • Innes has a Moon Ball
  • Kimball has a Friend Ball
  • Lin has a Quick Ball.

Starter Pokemon

Nidoran M
Level 11

- Leer, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick -
- Confusion* -

Mother - Nidoqueen
Father - Golduck

*Confusion - Egg move

Innes - Full Profile (click to show)

Level 10

- Quick Attack, Foresight, Endure, Counter -
- Mind Reader*, Detect* -

Mother - Lucario
Father - Medicham

*Mind Reader/Detect - Egg moves

Kimball - Full Profile (click to show)

Level 7

- Thunder Shock, Charm, Tail Whip -
- Wish*, Thunder Punch [UNUSABLE UNTIL LEVEL 15]*, Volt Tackle [UNSUABLE UNTIL LEVEL 25]* -

Mother - Pikachu
Father - Ampharos

*Wish, Thunder Punch, Volt Tackle - Egg moves

Lin - Full Profile (click to show)

Captured Pokemon


"Boxed" / Inactive Pokemon
Inactive Pokemon (click to show)


Progress - See Spoiler

Progress - Leveling (click to show)

Roleplays Particpated In:
The Ubiquitous Umbra of the Unending Underground, Uber Goober!
- Activity lacking because of health and other issues.

What is the biscuit's name? Waldorf. ^_^.gif
(Moved this down to the bottom because of this CS's sheer size, XD.)

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And a Golurk

Obviously, this is approved. I would recommend keeping the riolu telepathy on the low side; that's an ability reserved for lucario.

Go post in the level tracking thread and enjoy grin.gif!


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