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Vincent Lance, Yet another duplicate of my character....
post Apr 16 2010, 04:50 PM
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Cold as Ice

Name: Vincent Lance
Age: 17
Hometown: Twinleaf Town

Appearance: Vincent was born with icy blue hair, easily his most noticeable feature. Most of the time, no one notices he stunning aquamarine eyes behind the hair, or his sharp nose and tight lips. His hair drapes down over his neck, spilling over his ears and eyes when he doesn’t have it combed. He stands about six foot even, with long arms and legs, lacking a broad torso like some other trainers. Thin and pale, you can tell Vincent prefers the cold.

His typical outfit is a pair of brown shorts with a white T-shirt, and a burly white coat over it. He’ll wear the coat even in the summer, a curious trait of his that no one understands. He also owns a pair of long pants (the same color and material as his pants) and a beanie for his head when it gets too cold, even for him. The only other outfit he owns consists of a black suit with a blue vest and tie, with matching black dress pants. He only wears them on special occasions, though.

Personality: Typically level headed and calm, Vincent could be described as lazy and uninterested in normally interesting things. He’s not easily excited, instead preferring to view things in a logical and strategic manner. When faced by adversity, he remains calm, smart enough to know how bad a situation can go when you lose your cool. He doesn’t talk much, either, especially to people he doesn’t know well, but can be chatty when he can relate to the current topic.

He’s wise, though his intelligence is not as stellar. Vincent is smarter than average, to be sure, but his common sense is greater than his knowledge of facts. When in battle, he’ll base his strategy around finding a weakness, exploiting it, and taking the best opportunity to retaliate. He rarely combines attacks, but will when he has an ample opportunity to show his (less dominant) artsy side, to which he is secretly ashamed of and has no interest in developing.

Biography: Born in Twinleaf Town to a scientist father and a coordinator mother, Vincent practically grew up around any pokemon imaginable. Whenever his father or mother caught a pokemon, they would use them for training or experiments, but when they finished, Vincent got to play with them. None of them remained with him for long, so he never made a lasting relationship with any single pokemon. Not until he was ten did he catch his first pokemon, a female Ralts to which he didn’t give a nickname. Following that day, he decided to follow his father and mother’s examples and catch rare pokemon.

At thirteen, he had successfully caught over eighty different types of pokemon. His original Ralts had evoloved into a Kirlia, Vincent not wanting to let it evolve into Gardevior. After this time, he decided it was time to go on a journey to collect badges and become a better trainer. His mother and father waved him off as he took a bus to Oreburgh, where he obtained his first badge on his first attempt. Filled with an exhilaration he had not felt in a long time, he decided to continue on, eventually collecting all eight badges in the Sinnoh region and placing 4th in that year’s Sinnoh League tournament.

Satisfied, Vincent called home for the first time since he’d left. His mother picked up the phone, talking to her son for the first time in almost half a year. Vincent told her about all his exploits, ending the half-hour conversation with a simple ‘I love you’ and ‘I’ll come home now.’

But when he got home three days later, his mother wasn’t there.

She had divorced his father over money issues. His career not going far, Vincent’s father was struggling to make ends meet, and his mother’s coordinator lifestyle demanded funds. Frustrated, Vincent felt as though it was his fault, and decided to continue his journey in spite of himself. To add an extra challenge, he left his original team of six (consisting of Kirlia, Combusken, Weavile, Mantine, Meganium and Beedrill) at home with his father to study, and instead opted to adopt a friendly Charmander and attempt the Hoenn League fresh. Nine months later, Mr. Lance’s phone rang. It was Vincent, calling to inform him that he had acquired all eight badges and placed second in the Hoenn League Tournament. He also said he’d continue on to Johto next, and start over again. So, Vincent’s father received his son’s next team of six (Charizard, Cradilly, Skarmory, Walrein, Froslass and Manectric) for further study. All the while, his father’s research was finally taking off, and Vincent’s was receiving a small fraction of his father’s income to fund his already monumentous journey.

Upon arriving in Johto, Vincent captured a rather arrogant Totodile, much to the trainer’s consternation. It took a solid two days before Vincent was able to force his new pokemon to see reason and obey him, and he almost had nothing to do with the sudden change of heart: a young woman traveling on the road challenged him to a battle, and Vincent agreed, Totodile being his only pokemon. When the young trainer saw his opponent’s Dustox, he knew he was in trouble. Totodile took hit after hit, absolutely refusing to obey Vincent’s command. At the verge of losing, Vincent almost screamed ‘Stop being lazy and fight, Totodile!’ That was when a fire ignited in the little water pokemon, too defiant to let insult be added to injury. It latched onto Dustox and refused to let go, its Bite attack fierce and unrelenting. Eventually Dustox fell, unable to heal itself with Moonlight because of the sun, and Vincent won. The trainer, who’s name turned out to be Lanette, offered to raise Totodile along with Vincent, curious to learn more about his style.

Needless to say, Vincent and Lanette became close friends after that, both working hard to train Totodile to behave, and succeeding after a short time together. But, eventually, she decided to go back home, and Vincent said goodbye, saying that if she ever needed a place to stay, his father lived in Twinleaf, and that she should look him up. Thus the two separated. Soon after, Vincent acquired all eight badges in Johto and, not bothering to wait for the next tournament, moved on to acquire the eight Kanto badges as well, using yet another new team, and sending his most recent one (Croconaw, Gliscor, Steelix, Gengar, Bellosom and Ninetails) to his father.

But this time, he challenged the Kanto League tournament and placed first. Overjoyed, Vincent went straight away to challenge the Elite Four, Will being his first opponent. His Infernape, Lucario, Crobat, Lapras, Altaria and Leafeon all fought hard, and through sheer skill and trust, and by the skin of his teeth, Vincent defeated Will and was ushered into the next room, where Koga waited. Koga defeated Vincent swiftly and mercilessly, sending Vincent home to Twinleaf Town, his journey over.

But his father wasn’t there, and Vincent’s house sat empty.

A note hung on the door that read [For sale by owner] with a number following the message. Vincent called the number, and his eardrums nearly exploded when the man answered his phone. His father tried to communicate to him, but the sound of Pokemon laughing and playing in the background overwhelmed the majority of the conversation.

“DAD, WHERE ARE YOU?!” Vincent nearly yelled after as few minutes of failure to say much else.

“TAKE A BOAT RIDE SOUTH FROM SANDGEM! THE FERRYMAN WILL KNOW WHERE TO GO. I’LL CALL YOU BACK!” And just before he hung up, Vincent could swear his father yelled “NO, DON’T EAT THAT!”

So Vincent walked to Sandgem. It took him the better of two hours, but when he arrived, a speedboat sat near the only pier in town, with a burly man standing at the helm.

“Sir?” asked the trainer.

“Aye, you must be Vincent.”

“You know me?”

“I reckernize ya from the descripshun yer Papa gave me. You need a ride?”

Vincent climbed aboard, too confused to say much else. The ride was short, but the destination took Vincent completely off guard. A huge laboratory, about a quarter-mile in width and six stories high, sat on the middle of a lone island just a couple kilometers, invisible to the naked eye from shore. The walkway from the pier was solid cement, and the building itself and whitewashed stone. The boy ran his finger across the outer wall, trying to imagine how much of his inheritance went into the building. His father answered the door before Vincent could ring the bell.

“Son!” he cried, embracing his boy in a hug. “Glad to see you!”

Noise was emanating from behind his father. “Are my pokemon making all that noise?” Vincent inquired.

“Well, yes, and of course my own pokemon are there too.”

Lanette came to the door and smiled, happy to see Vincent again. “Hello, Vincent!”

The boy was equally pleased to see her. “Hey, Lanette! I see you took my suggestion, then.”

“Yup. My family wasn’t home when I arrived, so I figured I’d need a place, right?”

“Come inside, son. You pokemon have missed you.”

The reunion was heartfelt, but short. Vincent reunited with all of his pokemon and what was left of his family, only to decide to leave again. A new league, one he had not heard of before, was awaiting his arrival, and per tradition, he would start with a new team. So his father went him off with two mystery eggs (which hatched while he was traveling to Furoh) and a small fortune to keep him afloat on his latest journey.

And this time, he brought Lanette with him. He had, despite how little they had been through, grown quite fond of her….

Starting Pokemon:

snover.gif Snover level 10
Adamant Nature
Moveset: Icy Wind, Leer, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed(egg move)
Subnotes: Defiant, refuses to give up easily, loves food. Offspring of a Female Abomasnow and a Male Breloom.

nincada.gif Nincada level 10
Naive Nature
Moveset: Scratch, Harden, Sand Attack, Bug Bite(egg move)
Subnotes: Affectionate, friendly, sympathetic, and slightly lethargic. Offspring of a Female Ninjask and a Male Yanmega.

Items: 1x Premier Ball, 1x Quick Ball, 1x Lure Ball, 1x Dusk Ball

What is the biscuit's name? "The Biscuit's name is Waldorf."

Other Notes: He’s open for an RP, and is here strictly to get the badges. No fun, it’s all srs bsns. Loves the cold, hates losing with a passion, but is a good sport nonetheless. Self confidant, but not boastful. Secretly loves Lanette.

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This is my story series. I'm done posting the second book! Read it!

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post Apr 16 2010, 08:19 PM
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And a Golurk

Approved. Go post in the Current Levels thread. Have fun!


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