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Tyson Ealdwine
post Jun 9 2010, 10:55 AM
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Name: Tyson Ealdwine
Age: 18
Hometown: Azelea Town


Tyson stands at 172 centimeters with a well tanned body and adequate weight for his size. His face is clear from any scars or marks that distinguish him from the rest of the crowd, along with silver colored eyes. However, he can be recognized by his hairstyle, which consists of blonde spiky hair on the top but with a somewhat small braid going through his back. He may untie untie it but moments like that are rare.

Tyson sports a blue t-shirt, very rarely along with a black jacket, and really dark blue jeans. He also has a pair of black and red snickers that have been with him for a good amount of time. Enough time to even refuse swapping them, actually. Whenever they begin to wear out he simply goes to a shoemaker to fix them up to their previous awesomeness. Two black wristbands also decorate his, well, wrists with a matching black neckpiece.

Rash is the word to best describe Tyson. If a building is on fire or about to get destroyed by something he will be the first one to rush into it, whether it is to help someone or simply failing to hold his curiosity. Needless to say that this trait led him to several problems or made him meet new people.

Speaking of people, Tyson is pretty social and he won't hesitate to strike a conversation, even with the old "Nice weather, uh?". He's a nice guy but pretty direct too. He'd rather shoot down someone's dreams rather than leaving them live forever in illusions.

Tyson is capable of keeping his focus, almost ignoring everyone who tries to piss him off. When someone actually does annoy him they are likely to get out of the scene with a black eye or something broken. Despise this, he tries to avoid fights and remain calm, since the situations mentioned before are rarer than someone hating lasagna. I mean, who couldn't love lasagna?

Tyson lived with his grandparents, after his parents died in a car crash when he was only 2 years old, for 15 years straight in Azelea Town before moving to Arasam. During his time in Azelea Town, Tyson met up with a lot of friends, met up with his first partner and that's about it.

It all started when he was 11 (believe me, those 10 years of his life were really that boring) when he got challenged to go through the "Path of Courage". The objective was to go into the old haunted house and bring back an object that was specified before the event started. This was an old tradition in Azelea Town that took place during Autumn, most of the times during October. The path was decorated with fake ghosts to scare the contestants and the rumors of recent "walking plants" had already cut the competition in half.

The night of the competition had arrived and, rash as Tyson is, he immediately went straight to the haunted house, ignoring almost every fake ghost. As soon as he got there something surprised him. A small, walking, leaf appeared on the scene and attacked Tyson, knocking him down to the floor. After some swift dodging (and some razor sharp leaves leaving small cuts on his skin) Tyson managed to catch the leaf and reveal it's true form, a Chikorita. Turns out the small Pokemon had been stuck in the house for a few days and so it didn't hesitate to attack the innocent visitors. After some thinking and with the approval of his greatparents, Tyson was allowed to keep the Chikorita, gaining him his first partner and friend.

A few years later the family moved to Arasam. Tyson's greatparents were having some health problems and what's better than fixing those problems in some relaxing natural hot springs? This was when Tyson got his first job helping in the springs. Tasks like cleaning the floor, gathering the used towels were easy for him and the money was good enough to help his greatparents.

There was only one day when Tyson had to do some extra work and that was when an Hippopotas, somehow, managed to enter the springs and refused to leave. The situation reached to a point when Tyson actually had to capture the Hippopotas to take it out of the relaxation spot.

Now with two Pokemon in hand and 3 years later, Tyson's grandparents insisted on him taking the journey he never had due to the fact that he was always busy taking care of them.

Starting Pokemon:


Female Bayleef, Calm, Overgrow, found in an old haunted house, level 22

Tackle // Growl // Razor Leaf // Poisonpowder // Aromatherapy // Grasswhistle // Synthesis // Reflect // Magical Leaf
Lícia (click to show)


Male Hippopotas, Lax, Sand Stream, found at the hot springs of Arasam, level 24

Tackle // Sand Attack // Bite // Yawn // Take Down // Dig
Gobi (click to show)

Captured Pokemon:

Hitmonlee (Turhan)

Male Hitmonlee, Brave, Limber, found in Barley in a dark alley, level 22

Tackle // Helping Hand // Fake Out // Foresight // Revenge // Double Kick // Meditate // Rolling Kick // Jump Kick // Brick Break // Focus Energy // Mach Punch // Bullet Punch
Hitmonlee (click to show)


Male Elekid, Bold, Static, captured on the Furoh Safari Zone, level 20

Quick Attack // Leer // Thundershock // Low Kick // Swift // Karate Chop // Ice Punch
Oniden (click to show)


Male Absol, Serious, Super Luck, captured on Starfall Field during the PokeCon, level 20

Scratch // Feint // Leer // Taunt // Quick Attack // Razor Wind // Pursuit // Magic Coat // Zen Headbutt
Ceress (click to show)

  • Pokegear (Map, Cellphone, Radio, Videophone (!) and access to his bank account balance)
  • Lava Cookies (made by his grandma herself!)
  • Potions x3
  • Traditional Map in case the Pokegear malfunctions
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Spare Pokeballs
  • Pokemon Encyclopedia since he lacks a Pokedex
What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... Waldorf (I miss Bertha already sad.gif )

Other Notes: Tyson is somewhat skilled at cooking and house care. Don't let him know I told you this, tho.

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post Jun 9 2010, 12:29 PM
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And a Golurk

Aside from a few errors (remain his calm?), it nothing a quick read through won't fix.

Approved. You know the drill wink.gif.


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