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Matthew Fletcher
Troy Bolton
post Jul 7 2008, 11:18 PM
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Name: Matthew Fletcher (Matt)

Age: 18.

Hometown: In beautiful Goldenrod City!

Made by Mistah' Blue Sky

`~`Appearance: `~`

Matt wears plaid unbuttoned overshirts with solid tone undershirts, as well as moderately dress-y black pants. The latter seem to be quite old, as they have tattered and reveal his ankles. His auburn hair is unruly, not helped by Combee's insistence upon using it as a nest. Matt sometimes wears a messenger bag, but most times his Phanpy holds it on its trunk. He also has a fedora, only donned in times of crisis, as well as times when he wants to impress the fairer sex. For the occasional contest, Matt spruces himself up, using a wide variety of gels and honey to force his hair into shape, as well as ditching the plaid for his 'lucky' overshirt, which sports a Gastly motif. It was made by his late mother, and reminds Matt of her.

`~`Personality: `~`

The kindest word describing Matt would be...lackadaisical. He prefers to take life as it comes, and not giving a crap about what anyone wants him to do. That being said, Matt is BORED. He'll jump at any challenge, which has gotten him in sticky situations more than once. Matt has one anger point-those who steal Pokemon. If he even catches a whiff of Team Rocket, Galactic, etc, he will do whatever in his power to stop it. He's not afraid to enlist others in his quest, either.

Matt is rather easy to get along with, if you can get past his sloth. He is generous, and has helped many younger trainers get on the right path. Whenever parting ways with a trainer, he'd give one piece of advice, "Just relax and enjoy the ride."

`~`Biography: `~`

Matt comes from quite an upstanding family of Goldenrod- in fact, Matt's parents made the PokeGear. His father was an inventor- a brilliant man, but as the term goes, he was married to his work. His mother was the helper of the Day-Care couple, and often brought Matt along. This was where Matt was introduced to Pokemon.

The first Pokemon he met was by chance- when Matt was eight, he raced his mother to the day care. After taking a shortcut through tall grass, he was jumped by a wild Pidgey. His mother was too far away to help, but a Gastly came to his aid, hypnotizing the Pidgey. Upon reaching the Day Care, the couple noted that Matt's saviour, the Gastly, was an abandoned Pokemon. It had no Pokeball, as part of the abandoning process deals with breaking the Pokeball, and would soon 'un-die' if not stabilized. Thankfully, Matt's mother had a spare Moon Ball (Kirk was a good friend of Matt's father) and caught it.

Years passed in relative tranquility, and Matt had no urge to go on the trainer's challenge, preferring to help the Day-Care couple, who he treated like grandparents. Then, at the age of 17, tragedy struck. His mother was jumped by Team Rocket, who suspected her of carrying rare Pokemon. Tragically, she disappeared, along with her Gastly. Matt blamed himself, and so did his father. Matt and his father, Fabio, had never been close- Fabio believed Matt should follow the family business- and they had a falling-out, Fabio casting Matt out.

Matt lived with the Day-Care couple for a while, but the paparazzi was always swarming the place. One night, Matt made up his mind to leave. The wife was fast asleep, but the husband- Neil- was still awake. He knew what Matt intended, and passed him, among other things, $1000, and a Pokeball containing a Phanpy. After a tearful goodbye, Matt left, his destination- Furoh, where he was sure he could start over.

Along the way, Matt took a quick stop in Sinnoh, where he witnessed a Combee being attacked by a Taillow. He and Phanpy chased it off and nursed the hurt Combee back to health. When it was healed, it tailed him, and he couldn't say no. Also in Sinnoh, he received a Croagunk from a traveling man, when it was still an egg. Of the three, he prefers Phanpy. (But don't tell Croagunk that. It would be heartbroken).

In Hoenn, Matt became interested in Contests. He had broken a leg and was stuck in Verdanturf Town, and was driven stir crazy. He realized he had a bit of a knack for contests, and rose to the Supers before heading to Furoh.

Now, in Furoh, Matt is a wanderer. He fights in gym battles and participates in the occasional Contest, seeking who knows what. Perhaps someone can give his life purpose?

`~`Current Events: `~`

While lounging by a river, Matt happened upon a messenger with a flier for the "Harrington Cup". It promised fame, glory, a secret grand prize, and an impressive second prize of 10000 Poke. But before Matt could even start toward Petropolis, where the event was taking place, a Mankey stole the flier. As it held the directions, Matt fought it off and unwillingly caught it, stalling for time.

In Petropolis, Matt literally bumped into John Gatsby Madigan. He 'suckered' Gatsby into trading his deranged Mankey for his Shinx, Shock. Afterwards, the two battled, resulting in a draw when the two new traded Pokemon refused to battle.

After the battle, Matt invited John, and a shady man, Etnie, to dinner. He slipped up several times, revealing far too much of his past. He paid for the meal and promptly left. The trainer made it to the Pokemon Center, and was greeted with a free night at the center's inn. He bonded with Shock over night, allowing it *just this once* to sleep in the bed with him, in a totally platonic way.

The next day, Matt woke up to his angry Pokemon. He had overslept again, and the Cup- which he hadn't entered yet- was in 20 minutes! The trainer hurriedly got dressed, running through the Pokemon Center haphazardly. He woke up Gatsby, and the two sprinted to the Coliseum, barely making it on time. The trainers went to a waiting room together, and chatted about their past.

All too soon, Matt was called to be the first trainer to fight. His 'personal guide', Charles Tieger, guided him to the stadium, where he fought a Stacy Webster of Viridian City. He won, tenaciously, and made his way to the stadium's seats, where the MC announced Gatsby's victory as well. Looking to congratulate Gatsby, Matt went to the lobby, where a messenger gave him 2 PokeGears, courtesy of the Fletcher butler, Javier. He gave the other to Gatsby.

While the two fiddled with their Gears, Matt realized that his next battle would be against Gatsby. After some more idle chatter, including a remark about an unwashable trenchcoat, Matt and Gatsby went for a walk. After receiving a call from his sister, Patrice, the two had a small argument, and headed back to the waiting room. Matt went to the coliseum, and received a call from the aforementioned butler, Javier. A strange chat resulted in a Porygon materializing from the PokeGear, which Matt easily caught.

After another spat, Matt and John fought, with Matt's Pokemon knocked out. According to Tieger, he would have to fight again. After taking Matt's Pokemon, Charles had left with the excuse of healing them. As it turns out, the Coliseum had been stormed by mystery troopers, of whom Tieger was one. Tieger escaped with Matt's Combee, but Matt managed to get out and call the police. He set out, knowing he would find Tieger again.

Through a series of confusing and otherwise classified events, Matt and another trainer, Gram, managed to destroy a Team Rocket base- not to mention Scott's Diner- near Petropolis, Matt managing to catch and name an Oddish, Lavosh.

He then got it into his head that he should put an effort into collecting gym badges. In the course of some superfuntimes, Matt traded Shock temporarily for his sister's Poliwag, Maresa, and managed to crash the entire PokeGear system.

`~`Starting Items- `~`

Lemonade x6
Moon Ball x2
Pokeball x1
Assorted Poffins, Pokeblocks
Teru-Sama, Oak's Parcel

`~` Gained Items- `~`

Ultra Balls x3
Luxury Balls x3

`~`Current Pokemon: `~`

phanpy.gif Phanpy- Level 11- Neil

Obtained from Pokemon Breeder Neil at Journey's Outset

croagunk.gif Croagunk- Level 10- Unnamed

Obtained as an egg from a traveling man

poliwag.gif Poliwag- Level 10- Maresa

Obtained in a trade with Annoying Sister

porygon.gif Porygon- Level 11- Sera

Sent through a PokeGear from family butler, Javier.

oddish.gif Oddish- Level 10- Lavosh

Captured while Fearow a-huntin'

Traded or otherwise lost:

mankey.gif Mankey- Level 5- Cobalt

Unwillingly caught while finding Ganersyn Coliseum flier- traded for Shock

combee.gif Combee- Level 4- Tiff

Rescued from a Taillow in Sinnoh, stolen by Charles Tieger, Mystery Trooper

shinx.gif Shinx- Level 9- Shock

Obtained in a trade from John Gatsby, traded to Annoying Sister (can be called upon)

`~` Important NPCs `~`
Javier, the Butler
Age: 36
Fun Fact: a Trick Master...!

Teresa. the Sister
Age: 15
Fun Fact: Was held back a year of Trainer's School.

Fabio, the Parent
Age: 42
Fun Fact: Is balding, but attempts to hide it via his own fedora.

Sylvia, the Rival
Age: 17
Fun Fact: The only important NPC not introduced!

Additional Notes-
-Matt's Contest shirt was made by his mother in commemoration of the Gastly's rescue of Matt.
-Matt is in good standing with many of the breeding/Day Care people across the world, due to the kind words of Neil.
-Though Matt doesn't like to do it, he can call the family butler, Javier, for funds and whatever supplies he needs. Matt tries to limit these encounters as much as possible, as it makes him feel dependent on the Fletcher name.
-Having a nerd father makes some geekiness rub off on the children. Matt is moderately good with computers- notably, hacking the PokeGear.

Made by Shia.
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