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post Jul 17 2008, 04:37 PM
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Gym Team

Name: Etnie (he dosen't remember but his real name is Hiroyuki Ishida)
Age: 19 (Age is unknown to him)
Hometown: Unknown (Celadon City is his birthplace)

Appearance: Etnie is about 6' 1'' and weighs about 160 lbs. He has white hair, green eyes, and a scar under his left eye. He has a large pair of headphones around his neck that are usually playing music just loud enough so that he can hear it without having to wear them. He wears a black and red short sleeve jacket on top of a white t-shirt, along with baggy dark blue jeans with plenty of pockets. He also has black shoes and a small backpack

Personality: Etnie is laid back and extremely care-free. He jokes very openly but usually doesn't talk very much about who he actually is or his past. He Has a very extensive knowledge of pokemon and is always willing to learn more. He is level headed and is usually very calm but if you can manage to get him angry you would regret it. He likes to be with friends and usually keeps a close eye on them, but he is also fine going out on his own.

Biography: Etnie was born in Celadon city, His mother worked at the local Department store and he has never met his Father who left when Etnie was young. He is an ex-member of Team Rocket and was once a high ranking leader in Team Rocket. He quit and decided to leave for Furoh where he would hopefully find somewhere he could live and be happy. *note- I have a fully written version of his life before Furoh but it is quite large so I will put it at the bottom of this post and continue it in the next post*

Starting Pokemon:
nidoran m.gif Nidoran (male) lvl 5
hippopotas.gif Hippopotas (female) lvl 5
makuhita.gif Makuhita (male) lvl 5
grimer.gif Grimer (male) lvl 6


Backpack contains: 9 pokeballs, 2 potions, 1 revive, Lots of human and Pkmn food, A bedroll, Flashlight, rope, A small knife, a map of Furoh and a pack of batteries.

On his person: A pokedex, the 3 pokeballs that contain his pokemon, about 5,000 pokedollars, and his old Rocket I.D. card that he keeps secretly in his jeans.


Life before Furoh- His mother was very protective of him and she didn't want him getting too interested in pokemon but one day while his mother was tending her garden, she pulled up an Oddish and was frightened. Etnie walked over and picked up the Oddish and wanting to keep it. Etnie's mother refused and ordered him to release it but Etnie hid the Oddish in his room. He secretly trained and played with his Oddish weekly without Etnie's Mom figuring out. All was good for a while and Etnie was very happy, but one day after Etnie got back home Oddish started to evolve in his backpack while trying to sneak back up to his room. The new Gloom let out a stench after evolving and Etnie's Mom became aware that he had kept the pokemon. She became furious and said that she was going to take the Gloom to the pokemon center to give it away tomorrow.

Etnie refused to let that happen and later that night snuck out of his home with Gloom. He grabbed his bike and decided to head down cycling road to get away from Celadon. Once he arrived at the end of Cycling road he jumped a fence and decided to set up a small camp for the night in the nearby woods. He awoke to find a scyther staring at him, Etnie and Gloom were frightened at the sight and jumped up. They had accidentally gone to far into the woods and were in the Safari zone. The scyther was angry at them for intruding on his territory, and was ready to fight. Gloom quickly released a sleep powder attack and immobilized the scyther. At this point a Pokeball came from behind them and hit the scyther capturing it. Etnie turned to find two strangers standing behind him. These people were Team Rocket members looking for rare pokemon. The srangers were impressed by Etnie's pokemon and asked him to join T.R. Etnie knew they were criminals but he thought that this would be a good opportunity to finally get away from Celadon.

The T.R. members took Etnie back to Rocket Headquarters where he and his Gloom were put in training. This is where Etnie actually started going by the name Etnie, because he didn't want anyone to know his real name. Gloom and Etnie flew past the training and were soon some of the best members of Team Rocket. Etnie decided to evolve Gloom with a Leaf stone upon completing the training in hopes of becoming even stronger. Over the years Etnie and Vileplum advanced through the ranks of T.R. and eventually were going to serve directly under Giovanni. Etnie was curious as to what Giovanni was doing in the T.R. labs so he decided to go and see what was going on. Etnie was shocked to find out that Giovanni was torturing pokemon into evolving and fighting. He knew they stole pokemon but he never imagined that they were treated like this. In shock Etnie was going to run out of the Lab and grab Vileplum and leave, but Giovanni stopped him from leaving. Giovanni told him that he had seen what he was not meant to see, and that he and Vileplume must be disposed off.

Etnie ran and found a way out of the Lab. He grabbed Vileplum and left. He wanted to do something about Giovanni but he was too strong and he couldn't go to the police and tell them what happened because he would be arrested for being a Team Rocket member himself. He decided to leave Kanto in search of a new life. He also decided to release Vileplum into the wild hoping that she would live a better life than what they have so far. He used some of his money he got from working for T.R. and bought a boat ticket to Furoh in hope that he could start his life over. After years of being with Team Rocket he almost forgot completely about his past. The only thing he remembers before Team Rocket was running away from home because of his mother. His name, His hometown, His friends, he had forgotten it all.

(hands hurt....too much typing...ARGH... I cant believe I can actually put this much text into a post)

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