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Celino Molenaro.
post Jul 6 2010, 09:44 AM
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Name: Celino Molenaro.
Age: 22.
Hometown: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh.

Appearance: Celino looks much younger than he really is; for this reason, he can be considered an “accidental trap”. He has, essentially, the appearance of a fifteen year old. Celino stands at 5’4” (152.6 centimeters); he is approximately 123 pounds (55.8 kg). He has semi-tan skin, and his face is just a little bit tanner. It isn’t very noticeable. His face is a bit round. He has somewhat large set eyes that are the colour of the sky at twilight. He has extremely light blonde hair, to the point where it could be considered white; he prefers to call it platinum blonde. There are two locks that fall between his eyes, but don’t go further than the bridge of his narrow nose. Several other locks frame the sides of his face; it’s rather spiky in the back.

Celino dons a long-sleeved black shirt with a somewhat high collar. It has no buttons. Over this is a burnt sienna orange, zipper up vest. The bottom has gold trim; it is only on the bottom. However, the hood is yellow with white trim; the collar of his black shirt is surrounded by the hood, so it is still visible, even when the hood is up. He wears dark orange, cargo shorts. They are slightly poofed, though they are cuffed around the knees. There are several pockets in them, though they usually remain empty. Celino always wears a white paper boy hat. He got it a few years ago, so it’s suffering from wear. He has had to get it sewn up a few times; the threads are deep crimson and light orange.

Celino always carries around a white messenger bag. It houses all of his Pokémon, Pokéballs, and the rest of his items. He wears it slung over his chest. He also has an electrical map attached to the strap. He doesn't like to use it often, but keeps it because it was a gift.

Personality: Despite his “problem”, Celino is a very exuberant child – if not a little naďve. He enjoys helping every Pokémon he can. He also enjoys helping people, but he’ll usually drop everything he’s doing at the moment to help out an injured Pokémon. He’s come to term with his deafness and doesn’t usually think about it anymore. The hardest part for him is getting people to read his handwriting when he communicates with them. (He carries around a paper and pencil, and with that he writes out what he wishes to say if people cannot use sign language; he also uses the pad of paper so other people can write down what they need to say if he’s having trouble reading their lips.) Celino is still very carefree. He tends to find the better things in life very easily. He's actually very awkward around anyone he doesn't know. It takes awhile for him to fully trust someone because of his constant moving around. Even then, he won’t tell them the most deep of secrets.

He's not all virtuous though. Celino is kind of selfish. He will take anything he can get, unless it puts his own life or his friends' lives in jeopardy. Once he gets, he doesn't give back or share. He is very much a leader, but he is a very, very harsh one. In turn, he doesn't like to be bossed around; you have to be nice to him. He is very rebellious.

Celino aspires to win all the contests in Furoh, as well as start a successful daycare business to honour his father.

Biography: Celino was born deaf to a wealthy man and woman, named Lovino and Carmella Molenaro respectively. A decade before Celino was born, Lovino had started a successful business. It was, simply, a daycare and breeding headquarters. The building was stationed just outside of the Floaroma Arches. Here they raised Pokémon, watched eggs, and bred excellent, ready for battle or contest-worthy Pokémon. They would breed anything or watch over even the most ornery species — for a small fee. It wasn't as costly as the other daycares, so business boomed. It put several other daycares, save for one, out of work.

Celino was born in the late fall, close to the beginning of winter. Since they’re very far north, the first snowfall had already begun. There was about a foot and a half (a half meter) of snow blanketing the ground. Floaroma’s signature flowers had been completely covered and were ready to bloom and flourish next season. Because he couldn’t hear, he would be very calm around people he didn't know. However, it was hard to teach him how to behave; they bought tons of books on sign language. They taught him to be fluent in it, as well as learning it themselves.

From the first bloom in Floaroma Town he saw, Celino instantly fell in love with the scent and view of the multi-coloured flowers. His mother often took her son to her hometown — to see both the flowers and his grandparents. Whilst his mother sat and talked with her parents, Celino ran through the vast fields; it happened every time he went.

However, one time, Carmella lost track of time. Night fell while she was still inside her parents’ house. Celino was out exploring past his designated boundaries. He fell asleep in a high field of flowers. Needless to say, his parents sent out a full search team of Mightyena to find him because he didn’t answer the calls for him.

Worried sick, his father bred Lucario together. He gave the egg to Celino to look after; he said that when it hatched, the Pokémon within would be his technically. He couldn’t battle with it until he was ten however; he was only seven at the time. Celino looked after the egg, never letting it out of his sight. He even slept with it on his nightstand next to his bed. He would take it outside, set it down, crouch, and stare at it determinedly all day. Due to the immense care Celino provided, it hatched not too long after he got it. He named the chubby Riolu within “Blue”, one of the simplest signs, for the cover of his fur. Blue was, essentially, Celino’s protector. Lovino knew the aura abilities a Lucario has to communicate with its master; that’s why he chose a Riolu in hopes that the Riolu would evolve and one day be able to “talk” to Celino. It would be the first sound Celino “heard”.

A few years after that, when Celino turned nine, his father began to travel all across Sinnoh to help and promote the joys of him caring for one’s Pokémon. Celino begged and begged to go with him, and eventually he said yes. So he, Blue, and his deaf son set on a mini-adventure. First stop: Eterna City. This is where Celino discovered his unknown love for bug Pokémon. He was absolutely fascinated by them — all of them. Every day for lunch, they would usually buy food and then eat in Eterna Forest. Bugs all around him, Celino couldn’t help but notice how interesting they were. While most people would be freaked out and disgusted by them, Celino played with them. Blue didn’t like them very much. One day, Celino’s father had started packing everything up to leave the forest, since they had just eaten lunch. Celino was out and about but not too far. Blue was following closely, keeping an eye out for anything and everything. There was a small hissing sound and then a rustle of the bushes. Blue noticed the sound, but Celino only noticed the movement. He moved away the bushes and peered inside. He recognized the Pokémon immediately as a Nincada as he’d seen one or two before. He grinned and took it; however, it struggled and tried to scratch Celino. Succeeding, Celino dropped the Pokémon, and it scurried away.

Every day, when they ate lunch, Celino would put food for it in front of the bushes where he first saw the Nincada. He would do it before they ate lunch, and when his dad was packing up, he would go back to see if the food was gone. It always was. Eventually, the Nincada grew very fond of Celino. One time, it actually came out of the bushes whilst they were eating and sat next to him. And with that, they each grew on each other. Cut, the Nincada’s new name, had officially joined the team.

Celino was around fifteen when his father took him around Sinnoh again. His father said that Celino could travel wherever he wanted to go, no matter where it be. A few stops and they were in Hearthome City. It was absolutely huge and Celino’s father was glad that his son couldn’t hear the hustle and bustle of the city; the poor kid would have probably been overwhelmed by the noise.

They advertised their daycare, but Celino was really drawn to the Contest Hall and City Gym. When he checked out the gym, it being all dark, he really tried his best. He attempted to go in and search around for the leader, but without being able to see, he was truly lost. He quickly ran out. He tried the Contest Hall next – which was much better than the gym in his opinion. There were beautiful Pokémon everywhere, and he was dazzled. Blue was, also. Cut was decidedly too scared of the people and decided to stay in his Pokéball. Celino saw the strangest sight, though. A woman was yelling to a very pretty Pichu wearing a blue bow around its neck. The bow was almost the size of his head. He could tell the woman was yelling because everyone was staring and her facial expressions told stories. The poor Pokémon was taking it excellently though, standing up to his trainer just like that. He yelled back in what Celino figured was ChuTalk.

With an angry look on the Pichu’s face, the woman walked away, obviously tired of the Pokémon. The Pichu stuck his tongue out after her before turning away and huffing. Celino crouched down in front of him, blinking. The Pichu stared. Celino opened his arms. Hesitant at first, the Pichu shoved his pride away and hugged Celino. Thus, the third and final member of the team was completed with Pride – a very apt name.

Still buzzed by all the excitement from the contests, Celino watched his father partake in one himself. He was extremely hyped up and all three of his new Pokémon cheered Lovino on. In the end, Lovino came in second place. He was happy with that, and so were his Pokémon. They had been content with just being able to spend the time together.

Seeing that, Celino decided what he wanted to do. Upon returning to their estate near Floaroma Town, he began training his Pokémon to do excellently in contests and battles alike. He taught them the commands for basic moves and for their names. Whilst he was doing this, a plan began to buzz in the back of his mind; he had been told he was allowed to go anywhere he wanted to. So he would. He pulled out a map and began searching. He finally decided upon Furoh. Something about it seemed unique. So, several years after, with his bags packed, Celino finally bid farewell to his parents and his home. He took the advice of his father, the love of his mother, and the loyalty of his Pokémon.

Starting Pokémon:

Riolu, Blue. Male.
LV. 9.

Moveset: Quick Attack, Endure, Foresight, Counter.

Being the first Pokémon in Celino's team, he was given to Celino to protect him. He is very protective and very serious. Blue will probably hurt someone badly if they were to try and hurt Celino. He does not kid around and he rarely smiles. He only smiles in the time when he is alone with his trainer. Celino trusts Blue whole-heartedly. Blue does better in battles than he does in contests.

Nincada, Cut. Male.
LV. 4.

Moveset: Scratch, Harden.

Cut is the shy one of the group. It is said that the only human Cut trusts is Celino, and for good reason. Cut is pretty weak, but he makes up for it for making his trainer happy when he's not so hot. He prefers not to bask in the limelight, and when he must, he will try to get out as soon as it's acceptable for him to leave it. Cut does well in both battles and contests equally.

Pichu, Pride. Male.
LV. 5.

Moveset: ThunderShock, Charm, Tail Whip.

Pride is the very, very prideful one, which is where he gets his namesake from. He is very rebellious and doesn't like to be bossed around at all. He is, however, either a loner or a leader. It just all depends on the people around him. Blue is only partial to Pride. Because of Pride's previous trainer, though, he is very insecure and doesn't take to trusting anyone, be it humans or Pokémon, very easily.

  • Pokéball x5
  • Potion x3
  • Pad of Paper x2
  • Pen x3
  • Pencil x2
  • Pokétch x1
  • Map of Furoh x1
  • Poffin Case x1 (Poffins helping Cuteness x3; Beauty x4)
What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... Waldorf!
Other Notes: - As I mentioned earlier, he is deaf. He gives commands to his Pokémon by signing their names and then a special sign for the move to be used.
- Also, because he is deaf, he does not speak. However, he can say basic things – this includes all of his pokémon’s names in case they cannot see him.
- Due to loads of practice, Celino is very excellent at reading other people’s lips. He usually doesn’t need to resort to them having to write out what they need to say.

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post Jul 6 2010, 12:56 PM
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