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Johnny Madigan, Updated September 10th, 2008
Laughing Jackal
post Jul 21 2008, 03:16 PM
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Johnny Madigan
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Name: Johnny Madigan
Age: 19
Hometown: Lenoilia
Gender: Male
Astrology Sign: Leo

Appearance: John has bright red, shaggy hair. He is well built, and stands at 6' 5".

First Time Leaving Home: He wears a tan trenchcoat and blue jeans. He ventures around in cowboy boots with spurs on the back. John never wears an undershirt and he always leaves his trenchcoat open.

John's True Outfit After Leaving Home a Second Time: John now wears tights that consist of one side being snow camouflage and the other side is rainbow colored. He also wears a rainbow colored headband.

John is a really laid back guy, but also wants to be a Pokemon master, looking to become friends with others, and with his pokemon. One of his goals in life is to get out of Lenoilia, win badges, and catch one of the many legendary pokemon. John tries to stay as humble and tries to care for many people. John is also a hopeless romantic. He also loves to have fun, make jokes, and is a huge daredevil. If theres a risk involved, you pretty much don't even have to ask John, he'll already be doing it.

Biography: John grew up in the underground of Lenoilia, dreaming to get out and explore the world with his pokemon Disco Inferno, which he got when he became a pokemon trainer when he was ten. After becoming a trainer, he trained hard and finally became a Pokemon ranger like his father and took over for him. One day while rounding up Pokemon, John was ambushed by Team Rocket, and lost his father's Arcanine that he had been entrusted with. John was heartbroken, and destroyed his Pokedex on a rock when he was frustrated. After that, he gave up on Pokemon training and spent a good amount of his teen years on the ocean surfing on the waves. He also was a troublemaker. He and a band of hooligans would go around and cause havoc, just to get a thrill out of it. One day when he was wandering with his Charmander Disco Inferno by himself, he ran into an injured Shinx. After bringing the Shinx to a Pokecenter, the nurse there told John that he should probably look after the Shinx. John listened to the nurse and caught the Shinx naming it Shock. Ever since hes been training and getting ready to leave home and go out by himself, and now he was ready to leave Lenoilia on his quest to the Pokemon League.

After John left his home in Lenoilia to go and try and make it into the Pokemon League, he briefly stopped in a Pokemon Resting Tower in town, after his Shinx was kindnapped by Ghost Pokemon. John investigated the Tower, just to discover that the Ghost Pokemon just wanted to have fun. John befriended the Pokemon, and reclaimed his Shinx. After doing so though, one Gastly chose to fight John, and if he won, he could capture the Gastly. John was victorious and caught the Gastly, naming it Joker. He then left and ventured onto Petropolis.

After entering Petropolis, John noticed a flier that a crowd was gathered around. John acquired the poster and decided he would join the Harrington Cup. After doing so, John ran into a man named Matthew Fletcher. The two conversed and then decided to trade Matthews Mankey, Cobalt, for John's Shinx, Shock. Afterwards, John realized he might be in for more than he could chew with the Mankey. John and Matthew then decided to battle, ending in a draw, when the two newly acquired Pokemon refused to battle one another. The two chose to become friends, and went out to eat, with another shifty man, named Etnie. The three ate and conversed when John noticed a talking Squirtle. John approached the girl that owned the Squirtle, and spoke briefly, before deciding to leave. He then set off to the Pokemon Center that he had been looking for and laid down on a couch, just be be awoken once more by the Squirtle from before.

Now that John was awake, he chose to bond with his newly acquired Mankey, and went for a walk. As the two walked, they began to bond when John gave Cobalt a blue headband. The two then heard a cry from on top of the building, so they climbed a fire escape to investigate. After reaching the top, they noticed a crying Cubone. John tried to befriend the Cubone, but it refused at the time. Cobalt and the Cubone battled, and in the end, John caught the sad Cubone, naming it Cue-Ball. He then returned to the Pokemon Center to rest.

John was awoken suddenly the next morning by Matthew, telling John that if they didn't hurry, they would be late for the Harrington Cup. The two raced to the competition, and made it just in time. Matthew was the first one to battle, and won. It was then John's turn to battle. During the battle, his Charmander Disco Inferno, evolved into a Charmeleon, and propelled John to victory. John returned to the lobby where John and Matthew spoke once again. Matthew got a package and gave John a PokeGear. John then chose to flirt with the nurse, receiving her number for his troubles. Matthew and John then went for a walk, and quarreled a bit, and then promptly returned to the lobby. While waiting for his second match, John chose to go for a walk, and discovered a sanctuary hidden from people in the park. While in the sanctuary, John encountered a Venonat, and effortlessly caught the Venonat. John's cousin Andrew then contacted John via PokeGear. John and Andrew decided to let Andrew train and observe the Pokemon for the time being, in return, John would receive the newest version of the Pokedex. The two traded using a PC in the Pokecenter, and then John returned to the couch he was on before, waiting for his next match once again.

John and Matthew continued to feud, and John left the Coliseum once more to try and catch more Pokemon. He was successful when he ran into a Wurmple. He sent out his Cubone, Cue-Ball, and beat the Wurmple, and then caught it, adding it to his Pokedex in the process. John and Matthew then had their doubles match against two seasoned competitors, and it ended up being John pitted up against the two opponents after Matthew ran out of usable Pokemon. John was able to stick in it though, and he came out victorious and moved onto the next match of the Harrington Cup.

John then went back to him home in Lenoilia, planning to set sail to explore the vast seas. The night before he was going to set sail, he saw a blue Mew flying through the sky. Without hesitation, John left his home and followed Mew across the oceans and across the vast land, determined to never lose it.

John's Completed RP's:
- The Harrington Cup
- The Big Day

John's Current RP's
- Prospecting For Pokemon

Pokemon (In Party):

Pokemon: Charmeleon
Nickname: Disco Inferno
Gender: Male
Level: 16
- John's first Pokemon, given to him when
he became a trainer

Pokemon: Mankey
Nickname: Cobalt
Gender: Male
Level: 9
- Acquired in a trade from Matthew Fletcher

Pokemon: Pikachu
Nickname: Rock'n'Rolla
Gender: Female
Level: 11
- Caught while chasing after Mew.

Not in Party:

Pokemon: Gastly
Nickname: Joker
Gender: Male
Level: 9
- Caught in Lenoilia's Pokemon Tower

Pokemon: Venonat
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Level: 10
- Caught in a park in Petropolis

Pokemon: Cubone
Nickname: Cue-Ball
Gender: Female
Level: 8
- Caught on a roof at night in Petropolis

Pokemon: Silcoon
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Level: 10
- Caught near the Coliseum in Petropolis

John's Incomplete Pokedex


- 06 Pokeballs

- 5 Ultra Balls

- 3 potions

- 1 Poketar

Extra Information:


-All that is known of Mr. and Mrs. Madigan at the moment is that Mr. Madigan used to be a Pokemon ranger and used to own an Arcanine, which was his prized Pokemon. Everything else about them is still unknown.


- John's cousin, Andrew. He is a scientist-in-training and a full fledged nerd, stationed in Kanto's Fuschia. He has a love of rare Pokemon, and Bug Pokemon. Everything else about him is still unknown.

John's Battles:

Matthew Fletcher - Draw
Piers Brown - Won
Henry Beaker - Won
Leopold Monk - Won

Record: 3-0-1

Gym Battles:

None Available At The Moment

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