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Darck's profile
post Jul 24 2008, 08:59 PM
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The Demon of Darkness, GTS+ PL Dark Gym Leader
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Dark gym

Name: Darck Firebird
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Hometown: Formerly Solceon Town, now Celadon

Appearance: Darck has always had long black hair he kept tied back in a ponytail. Darck wears his favorite pair of loose black jeans, a large picture of a Weavile sworn into his left leg, his jeans look slightly torn and obviously worn, his plain black t-shirt fit forming for his slightly more masculine torso. Ever since he was a kid he wore steel toed black leather boots and he always will. He always wears a silver chain necklace with a broken poke ball attached to it

Personality: A very much loner since he left Solceon only his pokemon keep him company. He’s a bit of a hot head and he wont back down from any challenge unless he feels the challenger is not worth his time.

Biography: His parents died in an accident leaving his Aunt and Uncle to raise him, being around pokemon kept him happy and energetic sadly one day after his 13th birthday a wild wounded Gastly came across his parents abandoned home, deciding to use it as a new resting point, during the night the wild Gastly disturbed one of his Fathers poke balls, What came out of the disturbed poke ball was a very seasoned and well trained Weavile that his father started with years and years ago. Darck heard the noise between his fathers Weavile and a Gastly fighting and quickly rushed to his old house, finding the two fighting. He scared off the Gastly, but it was too late the Weavile didn't recognize Darck and turned its vicious claws on him. The Weavile left a scar on Darcks chest in the shape of an X. Darck loving his Fathers Weavile and not hating it for the scar it left, grabbed his poke ball and broke it, releasing him once Darck did this Weavile felt no threat from him and left through an open window. Darck ever since he was a little boy had always wished to start his own journey with a Sneasle of his own, but when he found out he could not he decided to take a well bred Totodile from his Uncle and start his journey, Along the way he’s come across many Sneasles, none of which he deemed worthy of his time or his poke ball, he continues his search for the perfect one, the one he will make his partner. Along the way he hopes to lose his loner persona and take on friends, friends that he doesn't keep in poke balls. After his Uncle gave him a Totodile that knew Dragon dance and Ice fang, he went forth he found a pokemon egg abandoned on the side of the road he knew it was close to hatching and wondered why anyone would just leave it there so he picked it up and days later it hatched into a potentially great Charmander.

Starting Pokemon:

Totodile: 15
Charmander: 2
Absol: 10

Items: Darck carries with him 6 poke balls on a belt (3 occupied) along with 6 more Poke balls, 6 Great balls, 2 Ultra balls, and one Dusk ball that he's saving for his Sneasle.

He also carries a sleeping bag, dehydrated food for those long trips away from towns, 6000 poke dollars, a canteen full of fresh water that his totodile finds. He also carries potions and a first aid for both himself/travelers and his pokemon. Having known many people are pokemon poachers he also carries with him a small pocket knife used for cutting nets, and a pair of brass knuckles in case someone attempts to steal his own.

Pokemon Personalities:

Totodile is a very Jealous pokemon he values his strength and acknowledges Darck's trainer ability but gets very upset and feels the need to prove himself even more when Darck chooses another pokemon to battle with.

Charmander by far the happiest of the two she's affection crazed and will do anything to make Darck happy. Her Flame burns brightest when Darck is trainer her to become stronger

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