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Kanoa Kaipo
post Jul 13 2010, 09:04 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Taggarty Lee

Name: Kanoa Kaipo
Age: 18
Birthdate: March 1st (Pisces)
Hometown: Hearthome, Sinnoh

Appearance: Kanoa is of average height for an 18 year old, standing at 5'11", but is a bit skinny for his age, appearing almost kind of lanky and awkward, but cute. He has what appears to be a decent tan, though it's really just a Mediterranean skin tone. His eyes are a bright green (though these are just colour contacts, his eyes are actually a dark brown colour). He wears his black hair at a decent medium-short length, but leaves it eternally messy. No matter how he tries to comb it, it just falls as it pleases about his head. He tends to wear 'skater' style gear. Baggy black cargo pants with a chain from the right belt loop to the outside of his left pant leg, black socks, grey and black sneakers, long sleeve black shirt, with a white tee shirt over top, and a black beanie with a white 'pokeball' insignia on it. (The beanie more than likely perpetuates his messy hair.) He likes to sport a pair of black fingerless gloves, but sometimes goes without. Both his ears are pierced: 5 gold loops in his left ear up along the side, and one gold loop in his right ear lobe. Around his neck he wears a set of dog-tags, one has his name etched in it, along with his address back in Hearthome (he tended to wander off and get lost often as a child), the other is embossed with a skull and crossbones on it. Kanoa is also in possession of a constant five o'clock shadow.

Personality: Kanoa's name means "Free one" and he most certainly is. Opting to do as he pleases rather than following most rules, Kanoa is sometimes hard to keep down. Capricious and changing his mind often, he enjoys wandering and milling about aimlessly. However, when rules are in effect, he often spends time trying to find how to bend them, simply because they're there. The only time he follows any set rules is during pokemon battling. He isn't particularly cheerful and outgoing, but he isn't particularly quiet and shy either. He tends to walk a strange balance through life, shifting to whatever is needed to balance situations out. Kanoa is naturally gifted and picks up things quite easily, and thus gets bored most of the time with most tasks. As an odd side result, he abhors losing, so it's quite natural for him to galvanize at the last moment. He does, however, tend to be a bit of a sore loser. However, Pokemon Training is an exciting new challenge for him, thus he's decided to dedicate himself to it.

Biography: Born in Hearthome, Sinnoh to a wealthy family, Kanoa attended many years of Private Schooling at some of the best academies and boarding schools Sinnoh had to offer. While offering him an education, it also gave him his penchant for mischief and his desire to engage in rule-breaking. He had to move around schools a few times before ending up in boarding school, due to being expelled on account of fighting on school grounds.

In direct opposition to his parents wishes, Kanoa adopted a pokemon at the age of 18, Skorupii, from the local shelter (This was only because his mother had mentioned her dislike of the scorpion pokemon.) At this disobedience, Kanoa was kicked out of the house. Having had an allowance for some time, Kanoa had a decent amount of money on him from his rich parents, and he never felt the need to particularly spend it on anything (especially when he could just shoplift, or sneak into movies he wanted to see). In order to make sure ends would meet, he sold most of the possessions he'd taken with him from Sinnoh, and kept the money as he traveled. Before he left Hearthome, he visited the shelter one more time to say goodbye, and was given a newly hatched Budew as a gift and a traveling companion.

As he was traveling, he received a call from his parents, who apologized once they saw that Kanoa had taken quite seriously to being thrown out, and he accepted the apology, explaining his new dream to be a pokemon trainer. His parents relented, and offered him their support, lending him financial as well as moral aid.

While traveling, Kanoa learned several of the basics of Pokemon Training and Pokemon Battling. Realizing that with each passing moments spent with his two new friends, Skorupii and Budew, he was growing more and more attached to the notion of being a pokemon trainer. Skorupii and Budew grew at a decent sort of rate along with him. Despite this, Kanoa is still quite a novice as a trainer, though his instincts are pretty decent, and he has no qualms with keeping his cool in a match.

Before long, Kanoa ended up in Noverus, having heard of ongoing pokemon battles and the constant struggle for superiority by the various factions. Having been drawn to the thought of making a name for himself as a pokemon trainer (hence his penchant of actually following rules set out by pokemon battle guidelines), and figuring it was a good place to start, he decided to rent a studio flat over in the Suburb area of Noverus (thanks to his parents signing co-lease). Once moved in, but deciding against overly furnishing his place, he pulled up three flyers, one representing Magma, Aqua and Rebellion respectively. He closed his eyes and thew a dart, and lo and behold, it pointed at Magma. With that, Kanoa Kaipo signed up to be a Team Magma operative. However, his loyalty is not based on politics or philosophy, so it is subject to change at any given time.

Preferred Faction: Team Magma, currently.

Starting Pokemon:
Level 49
Adamant Nature
Sniper Ability

~*Night Slash, Bite, Poison Sting, Leer, Knock Off, Pin Missile, Acupressure, Pursuit, Bug Bite Scary Face, Toxic Spikes, Bug Bite, Poison Fang, Venoshock, Hone Claws. Crunch, Cross Poison, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang~
Father: Drapion
Mother: Drapion

Coco Wheelie
Level 34
Hasty Nature
Natural Cure Ability

~Absorb, growth, Water Sport, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Worry Seed, Poison Sting, Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, Grasswhistle Giga Drain, Toxic Spikes, Sweet Scent, Ingrain~
Father: Roserade
Mother: Roserade

Obtained Pokemon:

Shiny Breloom
Level 45
Impish Nature
Poison Heal Ability

~Absorb, Tackle, Stun Spore, Worry Seed*, Helping Hand*, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Headbutt, Poison Powder, Growth. Giga Drain, Seed Bomb, Spore, Mach Punch, Counter, Force Palm, Sky Uppercut, Mind Reader, Dynamic Punch~
Father: Sunflora
Mother: Breloom
Egg Moves*

Level 45
Rash Nature
Infiltrator Ability

~Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis*, Zen Headbutt*, Air Cutter, Mean Look, Acrobatics, Swift, Poison Fang, Haze, Air Slash, Screech
Father: Noctowl
Mother: Crobat
Egg Moves*

Shiny Petilil
Level 34
Modest Nature
Leaf Guard Ability

~Absorb, Growth, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain, Synthesis, Magical Leaf, Stun Spore, Giga Drain, Aromatherapy, Helping Hand
Father: ???
Mother: Lilligant

Switchfoot Pogo
Shiny Lotad
Level 41
Naive Nature
Swift Swim Ability

~Counter*, Sweet Scent*, Astonish, Growl, Absorb, Nature Power, Mist, Natural Gift, Mega Drain, Bubblebeam, Zen Headbutt, Rain Dance
Father: Meganium (Paternal Grandfather: Breloom)
Mother: Ludiculo
Egg Moves*

Skateboard (usually at his flat)

Magma Equipment:
Rocket Skateboard
Standard Magma Grunt Outfit
Customized Magma Elite Outfit
Magma Elite Pin
Fingerless Gloves with metal hand/finger guards and improved grip.
Steel Toed Boots
Elbow Pads
Shin guards/Knee Pads
Aviator Goggles
Protective Vest

Other Notes:
Kanoa has decided that he enjoys Grass and Poison pokemon the most. He wants to specialize primarily in those types, and will not catch a pokemon outside of those types.

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post Jul 13 2010, 10:26 PM
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And a Golurk

Approved. Go post in the Progress Tracking thread. Have fun!


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