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Khezu Moga
post Jul 15 2010, 01:06 PM
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Khezu Moga


Fortree City


When one meets Khezu for the first time the first thing that's likely to go through their head is that the poor boy was beaten down to the ground by a Zangoose. Riped pants, more than used snickers and an simple black t-shirt covering his torso are the first things that would let someone with that idea before even looking at the cuts and bruises on his hands, both covered by bandages most of the times. He also has a necklace similar to the item Mystic Water in but different in both appearance in meaning. This necklace holds a small teardrop-shaped orange glass with dirt from his hometown to remember him of where he came from and who he fights for.

Standing at 172 cm Khezu's arms and legs are strong enough to support his bodyweight when climbing buildings or trees with his free-running capabilities. He has deep blue eyes that contrast with his dark brown hair which is in a mess more often than not.

Khezu is quite tanned. The days spent playing with the Pokemon found around Fortree has earned him the skin color he now holds but also gave him a thing that would be with him for the rest of his life. A large scar that goes from his right shoulder to the lower left part of his back holds the memories of an old encounter with a really angry Shiftry and its Razor Leaf.

Khezu also has a formal wear as seen in "Dança da Morte" where he had to pose has an employee. This suit is composed by a completely white shirt and pants along with some shoes and a brown vest. Covering his messy dark brown hair is an also brown gatsby and on his neck lies a classy bow.

No-one would exactly describe Khezu as the social type. In fact, being born on the wildest city of Hoenn made him a bigger friend of Pokemon than humans, thus he can't deal with people really well, unless it's to stick a punch in their face. However he tries to remain calm when confronted and during a battle he's aware of it's surroundings and how to use them in order to attack or claim victory. If he knows a battle's ahead he'll take the necessary time to study the surroundings before leaping into action.

Other than that he's a friendly guy that will still laugh at the way he falls and will mostly try to avoid trouble, unless he is provoked by something or someone.

Khezu will often wander off in his own mind, leaving some people talking to themselves most of the time. A loud shout or a well timed slap in the face will snap him out of it, though. Not a permanent solution but it works for the time being.

Due to his encounter with a Shiftry that left him with a scar he has a natural fear of Grass types, especially the ones that know the skill "Razor Leaf".

Khezu was born in Fortree city, the only child of a modest family. While his mother worked in an herb shop his father worked has a lumberjack and so, during his early years, he stayed home under the care of a Gardevoir, her mother's most trusted Pokemon. Life was boring back then with little to do during his free time but when he was finally allowed to go out by himself Khezu didn't waste much time sitting around.

One day, when he sneaked out from home as usual, he found an injured Aipom on the ground next to one of the many trees of the wild city. Of course, since his mother worked in an herb shop Khezu always had an extra medicinal herb or two hanging around in his pockets and it didn't take much to heal the hyper monkey back to its full energy, along with a somewhat bitter taste. Turns out the Aipom had been expelled from his society for being too weak and so it started to train in the forest by his own, being later attacked by wild Pokemon.

Days passed and it didn't take much for the two to become great friends, Khezu officially dubbed the Aipom "Slinger Shot" (or as he calls him "Double S") due to a move the Aipom was able to pull out. It involved creating a Shadow Ball, a skill the Aipom learned through his training, and then using it's tail to throw it at an high speed, just like a slingshot. However the Aipom still couldn't totally master the technique so it became exhausted right after using it.

The play sessions with the Aipom also taught Khezu something valuable. They taught him the art of jumping, running and climbing to several trees or buildings, all with the help of a monkey. The two became partners and did everything together, including getting in trouble. One day they walked straight into a Rhyhorn herd in the fields and they got attacked by the largest of them. The Rhyhorn charged at them with full speed but due to the violent nature of the species the duo managed to outsmart the beast, defeat it and capture it. The Rhyhorn was abnormally large, almost bigger than Khezu himself, and so it could be easily ridden.

After turning seventeen and hearing about the Magma and Aqua issue, Khezu learned about a city still being controlled by Magma, Noverus. He traveled there and was soon recruited by Team Aqua to take a part in the fight for the command of the city.

Team Aqua

Starting Pokemon
Bold means TM move, Italic means Egg move.

Slinger Shot (a.k.a. Double S)

Scratch // Tail Whip // Sand-Attack // Astonish // Baton Pass // Tickle // Fury Swipes // Shadow Ball [Unusable till level 25 + exhaustion]
Male Aipom, level 20. Run Away ability.

Spoiler (click to showhide)


Horn Attack // Tail Whip // Stomp // Scary Face // Thunder Fang // Ice Fang // Fire Fang
Male Rhyhorn, level 21. Rock Head ability.

Spoiler (click to showhide)

Captured Pokémon


Leer // Ember // Howl // Smog // Roar // Bite // Odor Sleuth // Dark Pulse [Level 30+]
Female Houndour, level 20. Flash Fire ability.

Spoiler (click to showhide)


Sky Attack // Tackle // Growl // Foresight // Hypnosis // Peck // Uproar // Reflect // Mirror Move // Night Shade
Male Noctowl, level 20. Tinted Lens ability.

Spoiler (click to showhide)

  • 5 Spare Pokeball
  • 4 Potions
  • Some extra food
  • SS' and Tank's Pokeballs
  • A formal suit for special occasions
  • Aqua Uniform
  • Pokegear (Cards include Map, Cellphone, Radio, MP3, Tracker, Camera, V.R.D. (Voice Recording Device) and Calculator)
  • Some fruits and PokeRation
Other: Khezu hates being in the same location as girls that are around his age. The reason for this is unknown.

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post Jul 15 2010, 04:00 PM
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Weak Livered Milk Drinker
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And a Golurk

A regular rhyhorn can carry Khezu just fine, but I guess I have no objections to his size.

Approved. Edit your Progress Tracking post. Make sure to mention the levels that were carried over. Have fun!


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