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Daxtertik's Profile, Lemonade Johnson
post Jul 31 2008, 07:08 PM
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Name: Lemonade Johnson
Age: 15
Hometown: Gigarte

Appearance: Lemonade is taller than most kids he knows and skinnier too. He was mostly wears clothes that are green and yellow. He's got dark-brown hair that is curly and is never kept. His signature articles of clothing are two green and yellow wristbands on his left arm that his father gave to him just days before he died. On hot days Lemonade wears a bright green hat with an Elekid print on the front.

Personality: Lemonade loves to battle. It doesn't matter who or what challenges him, he is there. When he battles all else is blocked from his mind, even to the point where it frustrates his friends. When he's not battling he spends time at home helping his widowed mother in any way he can. After all the house work is finished he takes his pokemon outside to get in a little training and have fun. When he feels uncomfortable he talks a lot and stutters mildly.

Biography: Lemonade was born in Jubilife town and lived there for 7 years before he moved to Gigarte. Just a few hours after he and his family settled in a boy a 4 months older than him asked if he could come battle pokemon with him. Lemonade wanted to so badly, but sadly had no pokemon of his own. His dad, Rick, lent him a lv. 2 Squirtle to go play with. That was what hooked him on pokemon.
6.5 more years had passed when his dad had to leave just 1 week before Lemonade's birthday for Kanto for some business for where he worked, but he couldn't be home in time for it. Another bad this was that he had to take the now evolved Wartortle with him. Lemonade was deeply saddened at this because the Wartotle was the only pokemon he had ever batttled with, other than a Rattata. So the night before Rick had to leave he gave Lemonade two wristbands and a pokeball. The pokeball wouldn't open until it was Lemonade's birthday, so he had to be patient for it.
The next day his dad left for Kanto, the flight went smoothly until the landing, the plane missed the airport by 20 miles and hit the side of Mt. Moon and there were no survivors. When Lemonade and his mom got the news, the were devastated, but Lemonade still wanted to battle.
The day he turned 15 the ball opened and he had a brand new Riolu. He, Rattata, and Riolu became great friends, and go everywhere together. Lemonade just wants to keep fighting for the memory of his father and does anything to protect his name.

Starting Pokemon: Ratatta Lv 6
Riolu Lv 5

Items: 2 Pokeballs-Lemonade paints the red part green and white part yellow. 1 Poketch. 1 Pokegear

Leveled Up Pokemon:

rattata.gif: Lv. 11
riolu.gif: Lv. 17
aipom.gif Lv. 12
starly.gif ?

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Lemonade Johnson, the Yellow and Green Freak

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Inspired by Dark's Gliscor
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