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Raine Garten, A Breeder in the making.
Vena Sera
post Jul 27 2010, 11:59 PM
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Name: Raine Garten

Age: 19

Hometown: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh

Appearance: At 162.5 cm, Raine just barely edges himself from 'short' to 'average'. He weighs roughly 125 pounds, a little on the thin side with a light, fragile-looking build. His shoulders are somewhat sloped and his hipbones are easily noticeable when he's not wearing a shirt (which is rarely the case). His elbows and knees stick out a little and are prone to bruises and scrapes, especially when Raine is working or training.

Raine's hair is a sandy-brown colour, falling messily over his face no matter how much he brushes it; he usually pushes it out of the way with a dark blue-green headband. His eyes are a mossy green and his skin is tanned; this is especially evident on his narrow face and arms. Raine has a single tattoo - a stylized pink lotus flower on the left side of his lower back.

Caring very little for complicated things, Raine's usual outfit consists of a long-sleeved shirt (the same colour as his headband) underneath a plain green button-down shirt. His pants are a dusty brown, hanging loosely off his legs; there are two large pockets on the lower part of each leg. Raine's shoes are a darker brown and are specially made, a cross between trainers and boots. He also carries a simple brown shoulder pack that he uses to store the majority of his items in.

Personality: A bit of an odd duck amongst his family, Raine is a loner. Ever since he was old enough to walk Raine has been away from the others, preferring to spend his time with Pokemon over humans. Around other people - excluding his oldest sister - he's rather shy but kind, keeping his distance while still being friendly. Around Pokemon, however, he is a whole different person; the times he's with his Bulbasaur are one of the few times he can be seen laughing. Due to his practice of avoidancy Raine has under-developed social skills, leading to conflict with other travelers. He also has mild aphephobia and reacts somewhat extremely when touched, usually becoming very distant. Raine is never the first to start a conversation; however, he is an amazing friend once his shell is broken. He makes no big deal about his sexuality - he is openly gay but has no desire to have a relationship with anyone.

Above all, Raine's passion is raising Pokemon - there is nothing he loves more than watching an egg hatch and helping to shape a young Pokemon's future. He especially loves Grass- and Flying-types, due to his strong connection with nature; hearing so many stories of Shaymin as a child has instilled a desire to meet the Legendary somehow. Raine dislikes large cities and prefers small, cozy towns that lie close to the wilderness; forests are his favourite haunt. Growing up in Floaroma has given Raine an appreciation for flowers and berries and he always keeps seeds on him, in case he finds a particularly barren patch of land.

Biography: Raine was the last child born into a family of five - two sisters (River and Skye) and his parents. As co-owners of Floaroma's Pick a Peck of Colours Flower Shop, Raine's parents were always tending to their customer's flower and berry needs, passing down their interests and knowledge to their children. Raine's oldest sister, River, moved to Solaceon shortly after her eighteenth birthday to take up an apprenticeship at the Day-Care Centre, constantly writing her family letters about how wonderful raising Pokemon was (almost giving the poor Delibird a heart attack in the process). His interest piqued, Raine left Floaroma the next year, moving in with Raine and the Day-Care couple in the house above the centre.

Spending the next few years surrounded by Pokemon, Raine finally found a sort of peace - he'd never been truly happy in Floaroma, despite the multitude of flowers around him. Recognising his skill in raising young Pokemon, River and the elderly couple presented him with a gift on his seventeenth birthday - a small blue egg with green spots. Under Raine's constant attention the egg soon hatched into a Bulbasaur, promptly named Thorn. From Thorn's birth the two were inseparable, doing nearly everything together; the Bulbasaur was driven to tears when Raine had to make a short run to Hearthome for fresh Poffins. With the affirmation of his talent the couple began to let Raine breed his own Pokemon - mostly regional starter Pokemon that would be sent all over the world for trainer beginning their Pokemon journeys. Raine did keep one Pokemon, though - a Pidgey he named Starr.

After a year, River decided it was time for Raine to move up and on. With the help of the Day-Care couple she called in a few favours and managed to get a ferry ticket to Furoh, an island region far to the south of Sinnoh. The Day-Care couple told Raine of the Loch Ranch, a vast collection of fields surrounding a professional hatchery that lie in the shadow of Furoh's largest mountain. The next day Raine had packed, and the day after he was on the ferry, bound for Furoh.


Thorn, male Bulbasaur (level 10)

Ability: Overgrow

Known Moves: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Leaf Storm

With Raine being the only human Thorn has ever had contact with, the Bulbasaur is in the same boat as his friend when it comes to socializing; the key difference between them is that Thorn warms up to strangers faster. Incredibly attached to Raine, Thorn rarely lets him leave his sight, lest the Seed Pokemon break out in tears.

Starr, female Pidgey (level 10)

Ability: Keen Eye

Known Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust

The outgoing one in the group, Starr is always on the lookout for an adventure or the chance to make new friends. This puts her at odds with Raine - he does appreciate her trying to help, but diving at other people's heads in an attempt to get them to talk to Raine is going a little too far.

Items: Contained in Raine's shoulder pack.
    • A plain green Pokedex
    • A likewise plain green Poketch - features include the time, a step counter, and a Day-Care monitor
    • 2 each of the following berries (in a special pocket in his pack):
    Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, and Aspear

    • 5 Oran berries
    • Four extra Pokeballs, all painted green
    • A Sprayduck watering can
    • 2 packets of different berry and flower seeds
    • A brush and a comb (for Pokemon)
    • A green blanket with a Budew design
    • A large bag of sour gummi apple candies
What is the biscuit's name? The biscuit's name is…Waldorf.

Other Notes: Raine has a strange love for sour gummi apples and usually has a bag on hand - Thorn seems to have adopted this not-so-healthy habit.

Edit: Fixed a few spelling and grammar problems.

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post Jul 28 2010, 07:57 AM
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And a Golurk

Leaf Storm is fine at that level.

Approved. Go post in the Current Levels thread. Have fun!


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