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Jax Sorben, Greatest Trainer Ever!
post Aug 1 2008, 11:30 PM
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Read this real quick! (click to showhide)

Name: Jax Sorben
Age: 17
Hometown: Born in Viridian. Living in Barley

Appearance: This is where I put my appearance right? Why is that important!? Don't yell back ok ok ok. Alright well anyways I'm 6'4'' ahem 5'10" with blonde hair... well actually it's mostly silver due to the sunlight but in-- whatever, doesn't matter. I have devilishly handsome gray eyes, people tell me they look emotionless but I think they look awesome! Well that's it... what? I have to add my weight too? I'M NOT ACTING LIKE A GIRL! I weigh 154 lbs! I'm not done yet either? This gonna take hours! What I usually wear? That one's easy. I always wear my totally freakin sweet bandanna that my father used to own, oh! And his old gym badge to give me luck. I dislike jeans and pants though and mostly always wear shorts with sneakers and my shirt with my future gym badge on it. Too much info? Alright I'll move to the next part.

Personality: My personality huh? Alright well let's just say that I'm freakin amazing at nearly everything I do. I've never lost a pokemon battle against anyone that isn't my dad! I'm a driven individual and some may admit that I'm pretty much the smartest kid they've ever met... I mean smartest adult. People tell me I act a lot like my dad... I don't know if that's true, but I'm definitely aspiring to become a great gym leader like him! But wait! Let's not forget to mention that I have a certain way with the ladies too, I guess they can't keep their eyes away from me, or their hearts. Huh? That was necessary... no! Get your hands away from the keyboard! It's staying! I love you all, if this doesn't make it out to the public then my dad killed me. I WARNED YOU!

Biography: Oh crap, biography. This is gonna take forever huh? Hold on I'm gonna get a snack. Alright let's get this started. I was born in Viridian city to a successful and ridiculously attractive ex-gym leader and a woman whose beauty surpassed all. At least that's what dad tells me. They fell in love the moment she crushed him in their battle. They got married soon afterwords and she became pregnant with me, thus ending her dream of becoming a pokemon master.She died giving birth to me... a worthy sacrifice I might add. Sorry I'm tearing up a little let's jump forward a few years.

To deal with my mother's death my dad did what any smart man would do. He packed up his bags and we moved to Barley in Furoh. He took a few things with him. I mean a FEW! You know like a couple bucks and me... Smart move dad. OW! Don't hit me, this'll take longer if you do that. Anyways I grew up following my mother's dream to become the greatest female trainer in the world. Why'd she have to be so specific? I was always under strict tutelage from my father who would beat me if I messed up. I swear he does! SAVE ME! Ouch okay stop.

After 17 years of pokemon training and mental preparation I'm ready to embark into the world so I can become the greatest female trainer in the entire world! Then I can meet a hot gym leader and settle down with her, right dad? Ok well let's wrap this up... crap! I forgot about Flash! Let's focus on him for this next segment!

Flash is my pikachu, he is SOOOO cool, second only to me. His mother Spark was the first pokemon my father caught when we moved to Furoh, she was also my first pokemon and I used to train with her. She was the one that got me hooked on pokemon battles and the such. Anyways about two years ago she gave birth to a small pichu. He was timid at first, but then my dad and I trained him up to be a strong pikachu! Now he is my best pal and goes everywhere with me, he's gonna be goin' with me on my way to the top. He and I will crush the world! Hey look, I didn't even touch my sandwich.

Starting Pokemon:

lvl 10 Pikachu(M)
Nickname: Flash

x6 Pokeball
x4 Potion
A sweet frickin bandanna.

Hey look! I'm done, and it only took... 3 hours. What!? Time for bed? But dad I'm about to become a great trainer! Besides this was your stupid idea! Whatever, I'm pressing enter. Proofreading is for girls.
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